DAILY CHAT/ MONDAY/ 28/01/2013

DAILY CHAT/  MONDAY/  28/01/2013

Good morning, Monday again, beginning of the week. Perhaps its the start of your quit regime. Whatever stage your at stay positive. If you slip up dont give up think of it as a practice run for the next time. If you need help just log on here there is always someone to help you or have a sympathetic ear. Have a laugh too.

I posted a site for anyone new about cigarewtte ingredients. Might make you think. :)

It certainly helped me. :)

Have a lovely day. xx

rjrt.com/tobaccoingredients... -

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  • Yesterday i was sure i would get through today without any..today I know i havent..the old me would be thinking black and white and that i will never do it blah blah..the new me is thinking its ok,you can still do it today or reset for tomorrow..whichever feels the right time. Considering i was not aiming for quit until no smoking day ,I am feeling positive i can do this very soon..I have cut down my 20 a day habit by more than half in the last week ..on saturday and sunday I ended up having 1 and 3 ...yes the moral is do not have just one..we all know it and its true.

    I am not giving up ..I am stopping a habit that I am fed up with

    Today is a read ,listen,exercise day.

  • Good for you love. You have the right attitude. You will get there. I know I used to think I have done it for one day so why spoil what I had just managed. Not easy but got there.

    Enjoy your busy day, reading listening and exercising.

    Catch up later. :) xx

  • Hey all, eventually got on here today, had a busy morning.

    I nearly bought fags today, was really needing a fag (or thinking i did) because i have had a stressful weekend fighting with the hubby about money, just had a horrid weekend,

    Then this morning while i was trying to keep busy i had 4 'international' calls which piss me off on the best of days but my god they got it today, i started off saying yes it was me then i SCREAMED down the phone, it certainly made me feel better!

    So thats 2 weeks tomorrow for me, im getting grumpied and grumpier, the champix doesnt seem to be having any effects on me now and the cravings are there a lot now rather than mainly in the afternoons, why would this be happening?

  • We did block these calls but its just not working, maybe i will phone and complain, might make me feel better lol

    Im trying not to use my ecig too much because i dont want to end up addictedto it like what my hubby is

    If my cravings are still like this next week I think I'll go to the doctor and ask about it.

  • Aww sorry to hear things are not going well. You still seem to have loads of resolve to carry on not smoking though, which is really, really good when you're under pressure. Keep it up. Perhaps some of the people on here who have been stopped for a lot longer could give us some tips on what to do to beat the cravings when other things get really stressful as I know this will happen to me sooner or later and that is when our good intentions are put most at risk.

  • Hi Sarah, wow! 2 weeks is brilliant especially with all the stress you are under. Thats probably why your cravings feel strong at the moment. Try and think positive I know it can`t be easy but if you can cope through these hard times you will certainly beat the habit.

    You are doing brilliant. Things will get better love just take time. :) xx

    Keep coming on here for a good old moan, we have all done it. :)

  • Thanks jilly, maybe your right about the stress, maybe i just need to tell stewart all the shitty/contradictions he's been throwing at me lately is not good for me trying to stop smoking

    He was looking at holidays foreign last night, as far as i was concerned we couldnt even afford a weekend in Inverness never mind 2 weeks in Majorca!

    He also told me last year our next foreign holiday would be to florida and if i stopped smoking it would help pay for it, he then tells me we aint going there.

    He said he doesnt mind spending money on a nice holiday but then says we cant go to florida because it is too much money.

    Im all for not going on holiday and saving really hard for a good holiday, jesus im sitting in the frigging cold all day to make sure we have enough money for other thinfs, also stopping smoking is going to save loads, and all of what ive not been spending on food/lights/heat/washing should account for something but yet he goes and spends, spends, spends like there is no tomorrow.

    Sorry just had a tough weekend

  • Has your hubby any family, that you can mention the way he is towards you. You could do with some support.

  • Im the baddie as farmas his family are concernee, they are all the same i doubt, i dont see 2 of his sisters very often and when i do its a strain.

    I got £40 cashback from the shop today, kept aside what i need for the week (£6) and put the rest in my pickled egg jar that I super glued the lid on so I wont go dipping into it when I needed money, its got quite a bit in it already with loose change and quite a few notes now :)

    Cant wait till its full and I can smash it open or put it in top of my wardrobe for safe keeping ;)

  • Could always smash it over his head. Only joking.

  • Believe me i was nearly doing something like that yesterday!!!!

    We are going in someday next week to sort out our savings a/c, he got mad when I said Id been putting the money in the jar coz it gets no interest (this was after he was saying out a/c got f all interest) cant frigging win! Atleast I can SEE it going up in my jar and its NOT being spent by him on worthless crap.

  • Told you he'd lost touch. Does he not know that the interest you get on savings accounts these days is either zero or about 1/4 of 1%. You have to be saving an absolutely fortune to get a decent amount of interest on a bank account.

  • I know!!!! But he thinks that 0.5% is better than nothing!! MEN

  • I wish I could, he would just have a fit.

    I spent my birthday vouchers on xmas pressies!

    I want to have the jar so I can see how much I have saved and then after a while I can buy a new carpet and decorate the sitting room as well as a holiday

    Wishfull thinking I know.

    Stopping smoking causes so many frigging hassles

  • He doesnt realise how frigging good he has it I tell you!

  • Dont listen to her JC, cos one has to have something to enjoy in life dosnt one :) :)

  • Hi everyone,

    a bit wet and windy here today, it's better than snow though

    Hi thenunn, you'll get there, that positive attitude of yours will help you :) that's what helped me initially, being determined to stop, enjoy your day :)

    Hi Jillygirl, I hope your weather is better than mine, it's freezing here, so keep warm :)

    I need to go out shopping soon, been waiting on my hands getting their feeling back into them, hope they behave the rest of the day :D :D have a good day Jillygirl :) xx

    Hi Sarah, your doing amazingly well, i know it's not easy for you at the moment but things will get better, come on here and have a moan and a laugh, it does help :)

    As far as Champix goes, i don't know much about that but i'm sure someone will help you, i hope you have a good day :)

  • Hi everyone

    That list of what is in a cigarette certainly made me think Jillygirl and still does every time I get cravings. I couldn't believe the amount of poisons in them it's disgusting. Great pic :)

    You are certainly heading in the right direction thenunn I think you will have given up at the rate you are going before no smoking day :) You are definitely psyching yourself up to do it which I think most people need to do before they quit.

    Hi Sarah, sorry to hear that you are going through a tough time at the moment and that the cravings are back with a vengeance. I'm so glad you haven't given in to them after 2 weeks it would be such a shame after all your hard work. 2 weeks is fantastic but I think it's still early days as far as cravings are concerned. As Jillygirl said, it really will get easier. If you have a cigarette because you are stressed it wont solve your problem, you might think it will make you feel better but that will only last for a few minutes then you will be wishing you hadn't had it and if you started smoking again you would only want to quit again so what's the point of having to go through the last 2 weeks all over again. I have to be honest, I really struggled last week to the extent that I bought a pack of 10 but luckily I talked myself out of smoking them by thinking about what I just said to you and about how much they cost. We can do it Sarah, it will be worth it.

  • Nooo Kazza, don't tell us you bought some ciggies, you've been stopped ages haven't you? See this is when I get all like down and think oh what's the point, it takes for ever to never want to smoke again and I get all downhearted and :-( sad and depressed and stuff. That was absolutely brilliant to talk yourself out of smoking though after you've gone and bought them, I definitely don't think I could have done that.

  • Hi sinfree, I've given up now for almost 4 months. Most of the time the cravings if I get them hardly bother me at all but sometimes they come back with a vengeance, I think it is dependent on my mood. I felt exactly the same as you, when I heard of people starting again after months or even years I used to think what's the point if you still want to smoke after all that time. The cravings aren't always bad and as Mad says some people don't suffer with them at all. Maybe taking NRT which I am doesn't help after a while as it keeps the nicotine in your system. You have to think of the benefits which I am sure Jillygirl would agree with. Health problems in the future and the cost for me is the big issue. I know one day I will not be thinking about smoking all the time but until them I will do my best to stick with it and come on here for advice and support. It is scary sinfree but you can do it. I totally agree with Pete, stick with the Champix. They say give up smoking in 2 weeks but for me it was 3 and it was only today that Pete smoked 9 instead of his usual amount. I think different people react differently to it.

  • Aww thanks Kazzachoc. Strangely for some reason when it gets to about this time 10.00 onwards in the evening I suddenly feel a whole lot better, very relaxed and chilled. I don't think its winding down for bed or anything because I never go to bed before 12 and I would normally have 2 cigs between about 9.30 and going to bed. Did you carry on with NRT while you on Champix then?

  • Thanks Mad, you are so right, I don't want to be back where I started I will just have to go through all this all over again and I don't want to do that.

  • You are right kaz, im glad now that I didnt buy a pack, I would have been back to square 1.

    The only reason I didnt buy a pack was bexause the lady who served me knows ive stopped and prob wouldnt have served them to me anyway!!

    I know what you mean about having to start all over again, I stopped for 6 weeks a coupke of years ago and felt totally worthless when i had that first one but then had to have another because i felt so crap.

    I think once i get past that 6 weeks i will feel a real sense of achivement in myself though, just wish this horrid feeling would pass

  • thanks friends your messages really help :) Ive just been to boots and got some fresh nrt patches and the lady gave me a quit kit ,handy little squidy thing in there and a calender..i could have gone to gp but ive done that in the past and it didnt help..this way is doing far more good :)..I feel like im chomping at the bit ,but not quite there .

    Sarah,sorry to hear of your troubles I hope things improve soon..and they're right having a cig wont help ,in fact it will do the opposite ..you are doing SO WELL ..if i throw you a cushion will that help :) .jan

    Kazzachoc..Ive just read your paragraph and it is so so right ..Im going save it to re read..if i hadnt given in on saturday after a blazing row with my son I wouldnt be here now ,Id be on my 3rd quit day ..I know that. I have a stop smoking book here and the best line in it says something like ..The only reason you want a cigarete is to stop wanting one and every time you have one the circle is repeated,by not having one you break that circle .

    Have a great day everyone..we are all worth it :)

  • Aye nun come and get that pillow fight started :D

    This site is really encouraging, there are peopke who have just started on their journey and people who did it nearly a year so it gives me hope that i will get to that point too and the many others.

    We are all in the same boat.

    I am waiting on a quit kit coming, i put my name down for it about 3 weeks ago.

    Might just have to get one from boots on saturday, see what goodies i can get for free lol

  • I agree mine went in the bin. Been more appropiate in a classroom

  • I don't even know what 80 percent of those ingredients are or the effect they have on my body. It certainly makes me think. Thanks for the information. :)

  • Hi everyone,

    Sarah- Sorry you're having a hard time, it's hard enough stopping without arguing with your hubby. Sit him down and tell him how you're saving everything you can! Re money I have a list of what's going out, then I subtract it from what's coming in every month and that's what I have left. I don't know if you've already done it, but sit down together and do a list of incomings and outgoings, and then see what's left. If you do it together, you know what's left then, plus when you do a list, there might be areas where you can save money and it might help stop the arguments.

    Kazz- A big well done for not smoking the cigarettes! That showed super won't power!

    Been to see the nurse for my yearly check-up...she took gallons of blood, well 3 phials lol, to check Cholestrol, Thyroid, Blood Count and Blood sugars...hopefully all will be fine. Am back to see the Doc on Friday for the results.

    Re British Telecom, the 'underground' engineer was here today, and he located the fault as being on the public footpath outside my house. The 'digging' team, who will dig up the path and sort the fault, are here later this week! Gosh, I'm getting there lol In the meantime my phone and broadband are still working!

    Jilly- Blimey those ingredients in the dreaded white sticks do make you think!

    Sue- Hope you're hands are feeling better and you got your shopping done!

    When I get cravings i now think I am not going to let a white poisonous stick rule my life! I most certainly couldn't let my daughter down, she would be very disappointed in me if I started smoking again, and I would be very disappointed in me too. 5 months I've been stopped on 1st February and I so aint wasting all that hard work by smoking, even if it's only one.

    Am away to get tea sorted... a creamy chicken thingy with rice and rostis!

    Laters all


  • Hey jilly and everyone..

    Hope all is well with everyone. Things have been very hectic over the past few months which is why I haven't been on... However every now and again I have a quick read through.

    Things have been tough recently split up with my parter and have had bad news after bad news but nearly 7 and a half months I've still not smoked.. I was finding it fairly easy up until these last few weeks. Being around people who smoke isn't really a struggle, it's the random times the cravings just pop up that annoy the hell outta me. Are they ever gonna go?? Or is this a battle that I'm always gonna have to face....

  • oh, 7 and a half months is a long time, it always scares me when people say they still get cravings that far down the line. Have hope, my husband stopped smoking about 10 years ago and he says he never gives smoking a second thought these days, he's even lit cigarettes for me when we've been out and its been really windy and it just amazes me that he can do that but has absolutely no interest in smoking. It didn't take him 10 years to stop getting cravings by the way :-) and well done you for getting this far.

  • I didn't get cravings and the smell and thought for the most part makes me feel sick but every now and again I still catching myself thinking where did I put my fags!! Or how nice it would be just to sit and smoke?? Reality is if I had one now I'd probably make myself ill!!

    It's just weird how the cravings have been really strong these last few weeks. Here's hoping I can one day be like your hubby crave free!!

  • Just wondering if Pete has managed to stop today at all? Beginning to think that Champix is a bit of a con myself, I haven't smoked since Saturday but even so, its still all I ever really think about and have had two lozenges again today.

  • Aww I dunno madimad, I'm really fed up today. Its so tiring stopping smoking. I'm seeing my stop smoking adviser tomorrow but am thinking that I may knock the Champix on the head, it seems like rubbish to me. I was pretty OK yesterday but today have been so fed up, I don't even particularly want a cigarette, I'm just fed up but then I tend to be a pretty fed up person quite a lot of the time so normally I just smoke to cheer myself up, doesn't work though haha.

  • It scares me too that nearly 8 months someone is still getting cravings and wanting a fag when things are not good....... but i suppose talking on here helps.

  • Has Pete even neen on today??

  • Dontthink pete hasbeenon today. Hopehe isnt working ovwr again. Lets get pete to go up to sarahs and have a man to man talk with stewart. May be not.

  • Signing off now .get Bath and an early night, ready for the chemo tomorrow. Nite god bless all of you. Xxx

  • Nite nite jillygirl and sleep well :) love and huggs going to you gal :) :) xxxxxxx

    I do hope everything goes ok tomorrow with the chemo Jillygirl :) speak soon :) :)

  • Rite all :) champix !!!!!

    day 11, at flippin last i think its found my 1 brain cell :o :| :) cos i've only smoked 9 fags so far today :) and not my usual 25-30 :) :)

    So tomorrow is the big '' 0 '' day for me :) :)

    Sinfree dont you give in yet gal :( please stay with it a bit longer eh :) :)

  • Ok then. That's really good, bet you feel loads better for not smoking all those ciggies today, my goodness I can't imagine smoking all those cigarettes in a day. I'll see how things go tomorrow. It's weird I'm not really having cravings so much as dark moods that last for a couple of hours or so then just suddenly disappear. Oh well, lots of good luck for tomorrow, hope it goes well for you.

  • sinfree, I think feeling down is part of giving up smoking. I felt like that, I did last week but I have heard others say the same or that life just doesn't seem like so much fun. It's been said that giving up smoking is a type of bereavement, you are losing something that you have spent a good chunk of your life relying on to get your through the bad times but also something you have enjoyed. Again, this will pass with time. How long that is I don't know as we are all different but it will pass.

  • That's what made me give in the last two times I've tried to stop, the awful feeling that life's just not worth having without cigarettes. I'm glad to say that at least up to now I don't feel that way this time and its a silly way to think anyway, so I'll be watching out for that thought when it comes along, as I'm sure it will at some point. Plus I'm older now and have finally come to the realisation that we don't last for ever. I'm very lucky in that I don't have any illnesses, no bad back, and am in good health really so I should stop taking it for granted and be grateful plus I have a brand new grand-daughter to look forward to in May.

  • Ive been told by a reformed alcoholic that the drink was easier to kick than the fags.....

  • Mmm I do wonder but then I'm a bit of a misery at the best of times I have to admit :-)

  • I am a grump a lot of the time but the last week its got worse

  • I think you're doing really well Sarah sticking to not smoking considering all the hassle and lack of support you have at home, you keep going, you're entitled to be grumpy. :-)

  • Hmmmm i know what you mean JC, not much talking of food either :( :( thats not like the Girlies we know eh JC :o :|

    Just wondering whether they are planning something :o :D :D

  • Past your bed time, good nite, tommorows another cakeday.

  • Good luck for tomorrow Jillygirl, we are thinking of you xxx loads of hugs xxxxxx

    Yes maybe we are planning something :D That's for us to know and you to find out :D

    That's great news about you cutting down to 9 ciggies today Pete, I don't believe there is an exact time the Champix kicks in for everyone I think it varies, it certainly did for me and looks like you and sinfree are the same. As I said, I cut down from 20 to 5 a day without thinking about it but carried on as I thought eventually I would hate the taste and smell of cigs and then end up smoking none but it didnt work like that. I never hated the smell or taste of them and just had to set a quit date and when I did I felt great and didn't get any cravings.

  • Hi ya Kaz, thank you so much for the info, I dont want to use any NRT with the champix, so I dont get the nicotine :) but i will keep my mouth spray by my side just incase :) :)

    Erm i just feel as I dont want one, but then i have had some bad cravings as well :(

    I will se what tomorrow brings :o :|

  • That's the way it should be taken, the whole point of Champix is that you don't have the nicotine. Plus it's great that by the time you finish the Champix course the nicotine is totally out of your system.

  • Sarah, you hold in there gal, cos your doing just great :) :) whether you smoked or not, you would have had a s--- erm a bad weekend, cos it had to come out !! so dont you blame it on you quitting gal :) i must admit your Stew is way way out of touch, like the gals have said, you dont get anything from the banks now :P :(

    As your doing, just put your savings in a jar and watch it grow, cos am doing that this time, I'm going to draw the fag money out each week and stick it in a jar :) :) it just might help boost my determination to quit :) :)

    Hey you take care Sarah and try to keep calm :) :) nite nite to you and your kiddiewinks :) :)

  • Good nite everybody, gosh am worn out reading all your blogs :o :D

    You all sleep well and luvs ya all, I dooooooo xxxxx :) :)

    THANKS Pete :)

  • Night night Mad, sleep well, speak to you tomorrow xx

  • Night night Peetie Weetie, sleep well and I hope you have a good Champix day tomorrow :) xxxx luvs ya xxx

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