Morning everyone

Beautiful morning and a tad cooler and fresher at the moment than yesterday.

Monday again and they do seem to come round so very quickly but never mind, summer is here and it won't be long until it's Friday again.

Hope everyone has a lovely smokefree day and remember if you're out and about, then suncream, glasses and hat!

Catch you all later.

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  • Good Morning Everyone :D

    I'm back after a short break away. All nice and refreshed and ready to go :-)

    I hope you are all well and are enjoying the sunny sunshine we seem to be getting lately. Lots of blogs and questions to catch up on once I get into the office, looks like its going to take me a couple of 'putting the kettle on' actions to read through everything!

    Speak to you all once I've logged on back in the office :D

  • Good morning everyone :)

    It's another glorious day here again 8-) and it's gonna last all week, woopeeeee :D :) so sun cream needs to come out, like badpenny said,

    It's great to have you back Emjay, hope you had a great holiday, sounds like you did :)

  • Good morning everyone. :)

    Nice to see you back Emjay, where did you go this time? You'll be catching me up at this rate. :D :D

    Enjoy the sun - I'm off to the beach to try and build up my tan. 8-) ;-)

    See you later. :)

  • Have a fab day at the beach Andi :) watch you don't burn

  • Good morning. Hows you doing Emjay? missed you. :(

    nice day again but we have workmen in today. windows and doors. Oh what fun.

    see you soon. xx

    P.S. forgot to say welcome to Quit and Paul keep focused. xx

  • Morning Jillygirl, It must be an busy at your house with all these workmen, it will be so worth it when their finished though :)

    Have a brill day :)

  • yep busy morning. but it will be super when its done. :)

  • :) bet it will look gorgeous :)

  • Hi All. :-)

    It will be 14 weeks for me tonight and on Wednesday it will 100 days since I last had a fag. :D :D This is a miracle after smoking for 37 years. :-) Even through the last few tough weeks I didn't falter and am very proud of myself.

    We had a power cut at work today for 2 hours so off for a needed cuppa :p

    Have a great smoke free day whatever you do :-)

    Sue xx

  • That is absolutely brilliant Sue - magnificent, marvellous 14 weeks smoke free and your courage at not smoking in the face of what you have had to go through these last few weeks is testament to your determination to be a non smoker.

    Have a lovely cuppa and toast yourself - congratulations and very well done.

  • Well done Sue.

    Sally... :)

  • Hi there Suebun, wondered where you'd got to. So glad you haven't fallen off the perch with all your troubles. 14 weeks is just fab - more than a quarter of the year now - be a year before you know it. No turning back now. Keep up the good work. :)

  • Hi BunnySue, It's great to see you here :) and a big well done on reaching 14 weeks, that's brill :) you should be so proud of yourself, as we all are :)

    Have a fab smoke free day, I hope you manage to get some sun later :) xxx

  • Hi bunnysue, you must be feeling really goodnow reaching 14 weeks. :)


    celebrate with this :-


  • Thanks Jilly. Just what the doctor ordered. Hope the move went well

    Sue xx

  • Thanks bunny , the move went well . Just getting sorted now. Need of modernisation like me. :D

  • Whooosh..... and all of a sudden it is nearly 4 bells! How did that happen? :-/

    Sue, I hope you are feeling loads better as I think you weren't too good just before I went on my jollies. What's this I hear then, you decorating too? :-)

    Andi, we went to Poznan, Poland. I would highly recommend visiting. Poland is my 2nd favourite country anyway, but Poznan is somewhere I will be looking to book as soon as I can! I hope you have enjoyed a lovely visit to the beach today. Darn having to work in this weather!

    Hey JillyGirl, glad to see you back on-line and great to hear that your move went well. It sounds as though you are giving your new home a bit of a facelift :-)

    Hey BunnySue, 14 weeks! That's absolutely brilliant :-) Keep up the good efforts and we'll have you to the point when you don't even count anymore :D

    Kath, welcome back! I've spotted your blog and will take the time to read it later. It's my first day back today and I have all kinds of e-mails and notifications I'm trying to work my way through :-)

    Cleopetra, lovely to see you around again. Have you still got a sparkling sink?! :D :D

    There are a few changes that HealthUnlocked are making to the site and apparently all will be revealed tomorrow. Unfortunately nobody will be able to log on first thing in the morning but all should be up and running by the afternoon.

    I'll pop up a separate blog about it now just to make sure most people will see it :-)

  • Hi EmJay,

    Yes, still sparkling thanks to Sin's tip. I'm on to decluttering now. Glad you had a lovely break.

    Sally.. :)

  • Hya Sally, I'm still shining my sink too! haha. I knew someone said they were going to try the site but I couldn't remember who, I don't know how EmJay remembers what everyone is doing. I'm not doing too well with the declutting....erm I haven't actually done any, not even a 2 minute hotspot. Never mind I'll get there. I do swish and swipe every day tho ;) oh and my bedroom is beautiful - fit for a princess.

  • haha, decluttering even.

  • Laughs. I'm a bit slow but getting there. Kitchen cupboards at the moment. I'm glad you saw my post. Do you remember posting links to a website called Zenhabits? Well just so you know, I am finding it quite helpful. :)

  • Yeah, gosh that's going back a bit. I am a bit of a net addict.

  • Sorry I was watching Corrie. Yes it is a good website, I've been subscribed to his emails for quite a long time now. I don't always read them but he comes up with some helpful stuff. The best tip I ever got from there was when he said everyone should meditate every day, even if its just for 5 or 10 minutes. He gave a simple meditation technique, to count up to 10, breathe in - 1 breathe out 2, breathe in 3.... and so on. If you find your mind drifting and thinking about stuff and lose count, just start again. I don't meditate but its brilliant if you can't sleep cos you've got stuff buzzing around in your mind - it works every time. It was a godsend back in April too when I had a really bad experience, it helped me to stay calm.

  • I used to think that I could never clear my mind enough to meditate usefully and then I went to Wales for a week. Every day I would walk up the hill to a castle ruin, sit on the wall and look out to see. It wasn't until I got back to London that I realised I'd been meditating every time I sat on that wall. So I can understand how such a simple technique like you mention can work. I need to find another wall to sit on...lol.

  • Evening all.

    Sin, I finally tried your sink cleaning the other day - didn't think it was any better or worse than the conventional cleaning. I'd quite like to use bleach now and again but they don't seem to put bleach in a bottle of bleach any more. :( :o

  • haha, I'm no Kim or Aggie, I don't know why it didn't work. I tried to get the tea stains off with washing up liquid and it wouldn't budge, soap powder was good. What do you mean there's no bleach in a bottle of bleach anymore. I don't like bleach - it stinks worse than stale smoke yuk. Probably Health and Safety, the fact there's no bleach in the bottle. :)

  • Hi everyone,

    I've not tried your sink cleaning yet Sin, did do some decluttering but just my bedroom so far :D :D

    what do they put in bleach bottles then Andi, i've never read the label :o :)

  • That's good Sue - every little helps. I'm sure you'll soon finish your decorating then you can give my hubby some tips. He started papering our kitchen about 4 years ago - am still waiting for him to finish it!

  • Evening everyone.

    How was the beach Andi?

    Sally.. :)

  • Hi Sally, it was lovely - loads of space today, unlike yesterday when it was packed. I didn't stay as long as I thought I would as I was getting a bit pink down my front and didn't want to overdo it. :o It was lovely in the sea though, even though the temperature must only be about 16 degrees max. :D :D

  • Yeah you do look a bit cooked andi.


  • :D :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Yep, that was me apart from I don't wear sunglasses. 8-) :D :D

  • Heres where you all are then, gosh ave bin all over looking for you :o :| :D :D

  • Sounds perfect Andi.

    Love the pic Jilly.


  • How's it going Pete? Did you have a good day

    Sally ... :)

  • Hi Pete, how are doing this fine day :)

  • Evening all. Wish the breeze would hurry up and come south, it's so muggy. I hope you are all having a fun evening and stress free :-)

  • Hi Sally, sorry i seem to have missed you, i should have gone to specsavers :D :D I hope you had a great day :)

  • :D :D :D

  • Hi Sue,

    Not a bad day, thanks... :)

  • Good evening everybody :) :)

    Sally, yeah, I've had a good day today thankyou for asking, been on a first aid refresher course today, so have been playing with Annie :o :D

    BunnySue, its great to see you tooooo gal :) :)

  • Hi all, I'm off for my shower now, it's so hot and muggy here.

    Nite nite, sweet dreams, see you tomorrow :) xx

  • Nite nite Sue, enjoy your shower gal, not long had my shower and didnt really cool me down, but, its cooled down outside now, so maybe I will get some sleep tonight eh :) you have a lovely sleep now :) :) xxx

  • Nite Sue sweet dreams. :) xx

  • Night Sue. It's only 20 degrees here now, have had my cardi on tonight :(

  • cardiiiiiiii I thought you were a young bit a stuff :o huh next thing you'll be getting you wooly hat out :D :D :D

  • thought it was you that had the hat :D

  • haha, I love my cardi's.

  • Night Sue.

    Glad you are in good spirits Pete. :)

  • Hey Sally, if you got a few bricks laying around, I'll come and build you a wall to sit on gal :) :)

  • Hey Pete. Just seen this as got caught up in tv. That is a very kind of you. Have a good day tomorrow.


  • Ok lovely people I too am going to sign off . stay cool if you can. :)


    Sin if you feel like sparkling sinks tomorrow pop up to my new flat. We have just spent a week cleaning and throwing rubbish away.

    Have a good night everyone

  • :D I would Jilly but am going away on Wednesday in my campervan for a few days. Night Jilly.

  • I'm going now. I have washing up to do, ironing to do, beds to make (yes I did make my bed this morning but then decided to strip it again and wash everything so now I've gotta make it all again) tsk, a domestic goddess's work is never done. Night night everyone.

  • :D :D :D luv it Sinfree

    Sweet dreams to you Goddess :) :)

  • Night god bless sin. xx

  • Nite nite Jilly, hope you sleep well. You too Sin. :) xxxxxx

  • If your all too hot and your showers don't cool you down, you're all very welcome to come down here and have a dip in the sea - that works. ;-) :D :D :D

  • Yeahhhhhh :D :D :D

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, Andi, Sally, BunnySue and everybody, you all try to get a lovely nights sleep now, so your fitting fit for what ever tomorrow brings :) :) xxxxx luvs ya all

    Pete :)

  • Nite nite Pete and everyone else. hope you all sleep well and see you tomorrow. :)

  • Bit late, I know but sleep well everyone..xx

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