Daily Chat: Saturday 7th December 2113

Daily Chat: Saturday 7th December 2113

Good morning everybody :) gosh how time flys :o

Aup Emjay, its lovely to have you open up yesterdays chat :) ermmmmm, just wondering though, have you left some of your brain cells back in London ? cos it was Friday the 6th December :P :D :D

Sorryyyyyyy, I knew you were just testing how observant we all are :o :D Hmmm, nobody else has mentioned it though !! That tells me that I have more brain cells than Jillygirl, Loopygran and Sinfree put together :P :P :D :D :D

Sue where are you gal ? cos I need to hide behind your settee, pretty smartish toooo :D :D

Jillygirl, I hope you and hubby are alright :) and hope he's managed to build them there draws :) Soooo you've got a few holes in ya rolling pin then !! at least its not dented to the shape of hubby's head eh :o :D :D

Loooooopygran, just loooooove your new name gal :D :D :D I hope you are keeping well toooo :)

Sinfree, I'm so so glad you have found some pressies at last :) erm, I didnt hear you speak of finding mine yet though :o :P :D :D

A massive big warm welcome to all you new comers on here :) :) If you want to ask a question, moan, rant or rave, orrrrr, to say how well you are doing on your quit, then you've come to the right place :) just come on here and let us know :o :) As simple as that :) and boy, are we simple on here :D :D :D

Rite am off up that wooden hill again, cos got work in the morning, erm, today :o see's you all later :)

Have a wonderful, smoke free day, and flippin enjoy it :) :)

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  • Hello Pete ,lovely opening you are getting brainy aren`t you. I hope your getting extra money for all this work your doing. Well hubby building up wardrobe today. Yep hes got his hammer now. rolling pin is worn out. good job it wasn't our noras. :D :D


  • Hi Jillygirl :) I hope your well :)

    Hmmmmm, am not sure how to handle this !! as I thought you would be after me, for what I said :o

    You've got me allllllll flumuxed now :o :| mind you, thats quite easy to do nowdays :D :D

  • Good morning Pete and Jillygirl,

    That was a lovely opening Pete, like Jillygirl said, I hope your getting plenty money for all the hard work your doing.

    I'm glad your rolling pin is getting a rest Jillygirl :D :D hope wardrobe building goes okay :)

    I'm hoping Nairn has a nap soon, he is tired, then I can get a cuppa, so kettles on if anyone wants one :)

  • Hi ya Sue, sorryyyyyyy Loopygran :)

    Erm, I luv ya new name :) but just wondering where you went to for your hair doo ?? cos did you know it is blue !! If I was you I wouldnt go their again gal :P :D :D :D

  • Good morning everyone, oh I so gave those lozenges some stick last night. Spent all night reading reviews on a camera me and my sis were thinking of getting my mum and dad, had a look this morning to order it and they've put the price up, grrrr. Off to Manchester this after, oh Joy :(

  • Hi Sinfree,

    It's so bad when they put prices up over night like that, but good that the frustration didn't have you succumb to the the dreaded cig :) I hope things go okay in Manchester :)

  • Well I'm back, in one piece, just about. OMG the Tram was ridiculous. We have suffered for years with road works, bridge strengthening, road closures and general turmoil in our towns' streets for this dam tram into Manchester and for what? To put just two carriages on the tram on a Saturday at the busiest time of the year and when there's a match on at Old Trafford. We were packed on that tram like sardines, talk about getting to know someone intimately, I bet I could have counted the pores on the blokes face who was stood next to me. Manchester's Market Street was just a sea of people, the noise of just people talking in shops was deafening. It was sooooo horrible. I have never wanted a cig so much since this time last year. I stood surreptitiously in the Arndale with my e-cig hidden between my gloves and had candid puffs now and then to retain my sanity. For what? to buy nothing, come home and order a camera off the internet, to be picked up locally next week. Tsk!!

  • Aup Sinfree :)

    Erm, surreptitiously :o I do know what it means, but ermmm, just cant think of it at the moment :P :D I mean !! fancy coming out with a word like that on a Saturday !! :o :|

    Hey Sinfree, luvs ya gal, I do, for sticking to your e-cig and not succumbing to the real thing eh :) :) You put your poor feet up now and watch the box eh :)

    Sinfree, life is a mystery !! you knew it would be packed everywhere before you went, but you still went :o

  • haha, and candid is totally the wrong word. Wasn't the word I wanted but I just thought candid camera (hidden) but candid actually means the complete opposite. Oh well, its been a long day. Anyway I was sneakin around inside a busy shopping centre trying to smoke my e-cig cos it was either that or just sit on the floor and rock like a mad person. And yes was asking for trouble to go there on the busiest shopping day in the year but I did it in my duty as a mum, my son needed some help with his christmas shopping and I foolishly stepped in. Should have gone to work like you........um well maybe not as I dare say that will be like a nut house come next week :( Oh my, this really is my most stressful time of the year, hate it, hate it.

  • :D :D :D Hey hey Sinfree, calm down a bit eh :) :)

    Talking about sitting on the floor and rocking gal, there's note wrong with that :o it dosnt mean your mad !! it just means you want a rest, cos your getting on a bit now gal :P :D :D :D

  • :D

  • oh and tomorrow have got to wrestle with stupid tree, find somewhere to put it, decorate the thing and make some kind of attempt at tidying up the dining table that looks like some kind of stall out of a bizarre or something at the moment with all sorts of junk on it.

  • Who put the junk their ???????

  • Wasn't me.

  • It never is :o

  • haha, :D you sound like my hubby. "I suppose its me who put all that rubbish there". Erm well actually, since you mention it......yup. haha

  • My God this X Factor is seriously painful tonight. Heard better stuff from buskers and the like on Manchesters streets today,

  • Flippin turn over then gal !!

    Erm I mean the TV :o

  • S'not me that watches it, its hubby. Whats the alternative though? Casualty, its been on for hundreds of years on a Saturday night :o

  • :D :D :D S'not, just flippin luv it gal :D :D

  • Evening everyone. Oh sinfree, just the thought of you packed like a sardine on that tram has made me reach for my e-cig :-D :-D

    I haven't even started Xmas shopping yet, :-\

    Next week eh !!!! ;-)

    This time of year is such a challenge when it comes to not smoking,

    I'm so glad to be retired, soooo many years in the retail trade, and then to knackered to enjoy it properly !!!!! :-P ;-)

  • Hi ya Sunny :) its great to see you gal :) :)

    Am same as you, aint done no xmas shopping yet !! I think I might give xmas a miss this year eh :o :|

  • I say that every year, that would be bliss.

  • Hey Sinfree, what would happen if we did give it a miss :o :o

  • The shops would go bust maybe? I don't think the world would come to an end though. Mrs Sunnyside has the right idea, just eat lots of yummy things, a few drinky poos, a few party games with family and friends, who needs silly pressies.

  • Tooooooo flippin rite gal :) :)

  • aww man, I feel for those poor people who work in shops this time of year I really do. Their heads must be absolutely buzzing by the end of a day in there. Then they have to start all over again with the madness come Boxing Day. I should think myself grateful I suppose that things aren't quite that bad where I work, well apart from the January madness anyway. The tram was absolutely jam packed and there are so many stops, in the end people just couldn't get on and had to wait for the next one.

  • Sounds a great idea to me, just make a nice dinner with the sprouts and roast potatoes,oh and a nice thick tasty gravy, :-P and praps a mince pie or two !!! Well thatsthat's me sorted :-D :-D

  • :) a woman after my own heart, its the best bit of Christmas isn't it - eating :D Maybe give the sprouts a miss though :o

  • Well i'm going to chance the sprouts, I've got my large bottle of ' Gaviscon ' at the ready :-D :-D

  • Oyyyy, there's note wrong with flippin sprouts gal :)

    They are very good for a Ladies com, erm, compl, erm skin :) :)

  • I eat them, only cos they're there tho, I don't actually think mmmmmm yummy sprouts. Christmas cabbages haha :o

  • Ermmmmm, do you like lumpy gravy :o :)

  • Ahhhh Bisto with lumps - lovely :D

  • I don't make lumpy gravy :-\ but I do like it thick :-D

  • Sunny, I make lumpy everything :D I tell ya gal :D










    You name it, its flippin lumpy

    Even the cat flippin complanes about her lumpy grub :o :D :D

  • Christmas shopping ideas? Just looked on a website that's just been advertised on TV, notonthehighstreet.com

    Looks like a nice site. Some gorgeous little knitted cosies for candles, jars, plantpots etc. Mind you the idea of a knitted candle cosie sounds like a bit of a health and safety issue but hey, we're all big boys and girls aren't we, just use your common sense I s'pose.

  • :D :D :D

    Sinfree, you flippin crack me up gal, you dooooo :D :D

  • haha, they are really cute and have buttons on some of them, I think maybe a battery operated artificial candle might be a safer bet, otherwise little jumper thing may end up like a little black cinder :o notonthehighstreet.com/henr...

  • Just been looking on that shopping site, looks good, will go back on it tomorrow, getting tired now, but it's a NO to the candle knits !! Yawn Yawn,

  • I will have to say nite nite to you all now, cos, well, am creamcracked :o :( Am not getting any younger myself, and BOY do I need my beauty sleep !!

    Sooooo, am going to get some zzzzzzzzzzzzz now :) Sinfree, enjoy your sprouts gal, just think of them as being little malteezers with the choc sucked off them eh :o :D :D A luvs ya ta bits gal, and dont you ever forget that :)

    Sweet dreams everybody :) :)

  • haha, I'll stick with the maltesers with the chocolate left on. Night, night Pete, sleep well and you have a lie-in in the morning - you deserve it :)

  • They even made a peg to put my to-do lists on, especially made for me :) notonthehighstreet.com/ange...

    I love this site, its kind of a UK version of Etsy.

  • :D :D :D :D

    Nity nite grumpy :)

  • :D :D You folks are so entertaining :D

    JillyGirl, hope you managed some chillaxin time today :-)

    Sin, I'm glad I opted out of Manchester Xmas markets today so I could look after the Grandbabies, you done well! :-)

    Mrssunnyside, lovely to see you about. Hope you're okay :-)

    Pete, you are so funny and so in tune, we all luvz ya! :-)

    Sue, lovin' the new name. Happy babysitting :-)

    Just going to have a late nosie about, first chance I've had today!

  • Aha.. My wife sticks a big piece of paper above my side of the bed on the roof with instructions for what needs doing.

    I still don't see it...........so I tell her!!.


  • Maybe if she stuck it to the ceiling instead of the roof... You wouldn't stand a chance of not seeing it :-) Let's not tell her ;-)

  • Shhhst I tell her as little as possible, That's how I have survived for 41 years.

    That and selective hearing , Blindness.


  • Tom there is a peg for your wife to leave notes for the stuff you need to do, it says 'not my problem' :D

  • Ah, If only life was that simple..................


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