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Daily Chat : Saturday 3rd November 2012

Daily Chat : Saturday 3rd November 2012

Good morning all, its been chucking it down here this morning, but now it seems to be brightening up :) 8-)

I hope you all slept well and are ready for what the day may throw at us :)

I've been for my CO reading this morning, but the Lady that sees me is off ill today, so unfortunately was unable to have it read :( so will have to wait until next week now.

Jillygirl, i hope you've recovered after yesterday and i aint half missing you gal, i need you to keep these other Girlies under control, cus there giving me some stick gal, i tell you :(

I wish you all have a nice smoke free day and get that Christmas shopping done :) :)

Speak soon, Pete :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away! :)

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Good morning to you too Pete!

Yay, 9 weeks today, twirls round in computer chair!

I've been up since 6am, ironing all done, just about to make a casserole. An early tea tonight, my daughter is helping out at an organised bonfire. I'm not going, it's too cold, plus I don't like bonfires.

My Christmas shopping is nearly all done, apart from a few bits to get for my daughter. A bit sad I know, ha! I have to keep busy, so it distracts me from thinking about the dreaded weed.

Am feeling lots better today.

Have a super day all!


Good morning everyone

Exactly the same here Pete, has been raining but now the sun is shining :)

Sorry to hear about your CO reading but you know it will be a good reading because you have been off those ciggies for almost 2 weeks now. How are you feeling Pete, are the cravings under control?

I hope you are recovering well from yesterday as well Jillygirl and have had a restful night's sleep. I'm not sure why Pete thinks you will be keeping us under control, I have a feeling you would be joining in with us :D

Congratulations Chickles on 9 weeks today, that is brilliant, very well done, you are a star, have another twirl in the chair, I quite like doing that :)

You would never see me getting up at 6am on a Saturday, I don't even get up that early when I have to be up for work. It's not sad that you have almost done your Christmas shopping, Sue has done all hers, it's called being organised, so that when you see the hordes rushing round the shops you can just sit back and smile to yourself that yours is done. I'm not planning on doing any Christmas shopping today.

I'm off to a bonfire tonight, I do like them and I enjoy it when it is cold so you can wrap up nice and warm, I just don't like it if it rains, so fingers crossed it wont.

I hope you all have a great, , sunny, craving free, I wont say smoke free as most of the bonfires are tonight :)

Hope to catch up with you all later xxx


* great, sunny, craving free day that was meant to be but I'm sure you knew that :)



afternoon peeps,alls good here sun shining but chilly, well done Chickles that's excellent, got a walk planed for a bit will take in the small lake,sainsberys and home via the local for a pint and then feet up for the rest of the day :)


Hi Pete, hope your ok . Yesterday wasnt too bad thanks, apparently I put up a fight near the end. I was too sedated to know. But you know me always a fighter. :D Feels a bit achey today. Next step is Thursday. Anyway got you a tee shirt to wear when your struggling with all your female company. :D :D


You take care of yourself. luvs ya. xxxxxx


Aup Jillygirl, ohhhh its just great to see you gal :) :)

I'm so glad it wasnt too bad yesterday, you take it easy today and get hubby to do all the running around for you, just tell him it will keep him fit :D :D

By the way just loving the T shirt, but somehow i dont think the Girlies would take any notice :P :D

Just found a T shirt for you tooooooo :)


Enjoy your day Jillygirl, luvs ya loads xxxxx :)


will wear it with pride. thanks. ; ) especially on thursday. ;)


Hello Ken, Kazzachoc, chickles , andi and Sue, thanks for all your messages. BIG well done to you all for staying smokefree.

Heres a tee shirt for you guys to wear with pride. :)



Hi Jillygirl, i'm glad things didn't go to badly yesterday :) and your are a fighter and a strong lovely woman :)

Thank you for the t shirt :) i'll wear it and think of you :)

Have a nice relaxing day today luv ya :) xx


Hi everyone, there's no rain here but it's freezing cold again, there's still frost on the ground

Was out shopping this morning, then got myself a telly for the bedroom, i need somewhere to escape to when hubby is watching the football :D :D

Your reading will be great Pete :) so just think how great it will be next week :) hope your having a bit of a rest today, knowing you you won't be :D :D

That's brilliant your on 9 weeks Chickles :) way to go :)

you've not half been busy this morning, no way could i get up at that time, especially in this cold weather, never mind get all that work done :o :)

Hope your having a good day Kazz :) and enjoy your bonfire tonight :) it's too cold for me to go out, although i do like bonfires :)

i'm out this afternoon to visit my daughter then it's home to stay in through warm with some hot chocolate :)

Have a great day everyone :) xx


Good afternoon everybody.

Sorry you were having rain up north cos we had lovely blue sky and sunshine but the clouds have just come over now.

Good to see you've all been busy little bees this morning.

Jilly, nice to see you today and pleased that you're still fighting! :) Cheers for the tshirt - do they only come in one colour or is there a choice? You know we always like to choose different colours on everything! :( :D :D

Did the coffee morning thing then went and got my hair cut. He decided to cut off that bit round the back and give me a number 4. God, the wind was cold when I left the shop! :o Now, where's my scarf? :D :D


Hi Andi,

Firstly a massive well done to you for 6 whole months smoke free, just got you a little something :) :)


Sorry there seems to be a piece missing, hmmmm now where could that have gone !! :o :P yum yum


Mmmmmmm :P :)


I like the yellow one best - it reminds me of sunshine and the summer. 8-) :)



I think Andi will go for the little No 2 T shirt

Although she will have to get rid of her tummy first :D :D


I was considering this one first but decided on colour first! :P :D (And I don't care about my belly when exercising just blame it for getting in the way when doing some of the exercises. :o )


Brillopads - don't know how you do it girl! :) :D


Jillygirl here's 1 for you gal :) :)



Chickles, so sorry i missed you gal :(

A big well done for 9 weeks quit, and with your Christmas shopping, just like Sue cus i think she's nearly finished her's, and i have got you a little something as well :)


Hmmmm there's a bit missing again, the same happened to Andi's cake :P yum yum i think it must be the cat :D :D


Andi, that's a brilliant achievement, 6 months! way to go!

Hi Jilly, lovely to meet you, am saddened to hear that you're not fighting fit at the moment, but you seem positive and determined! Treatments are amazing nowadays. A friend of mine, her boss has recently gone in to remission from having lung cancer, and she is now back at work!

I like all the T- Shirts, but would opt for black as it might hide my podgy tum from all the sweeties (which I am eating for the sake of eating, cos I don't even like them, ha!)

I haven't had any sweeties today, just some sugar free mints, and I'm going to stuff myself with veggies at tea time!

I think that Pete is cruisng for a bruising with comments like that :) He might have a spear, but I have a sharp pointy stick :)------------------------------------------------------->prod, prod,prod


Hi Chickles and thanks. Lovely to see you joining in here and I see you catch on really quickly! :D :D Poor old Pete, I'm even starting to feel a bit sorry for him (a bit, I say :o ) - all those other blokes leaving him in our den all on his own! :( :D :D


I think he secretly loves it Andi :D


Hi Chickles , lovely to meet you too. thanks for the encouragement. Like you say it`s amazing what they can do now. At least I am going to one of the best hospitals so it gives me a good chance of fighting the horrid cancer. St James at leeds is brilliant. I keep bobbing on here as it cheers me up. glad to see your joining in, take care. :) xx




No you don't - you'll get fat! :D :D


Oh ! :O but I really do, I could think about doing some exercise after I 've eaten it. Hmmm I wonder how many calories it takes to think about doing exercise :)


Hi Jillygirl, thanks for the t. shirts, I would have the first no smoking t. shirt but the Kazz t. shirt is brilliant, I wouldn't have thought you would find one with Kaz on but you did :) That proves you are determined. I'm glad you are not feeling too bad after yesterday and I hope you take it easy today and as Pete says, get waited on hand and foot, you deserve it xxx

That Boss t.shirt you gave to Pete, ooohh no I thought that will only go to his head, but it made me laugh as I sharpened my spear :)

Sounds like you are going to have a nice day Ken, hope the sun keeps shining until you get home to put your feet up.

Andi, I know you have done your coffee morning and also had your hair cut so you probably haven't had time but does this mean you haven't done any exercise today :D makes me feel better thinking that you haven't. It must feel weird having no hair to keep your neck warm :)

Hi Sue, when I read that you had got a tv for your bedroom, it made me think of hibernating and staying snug and warm in bed for the Winter :) I wouldn't mind, I do have a tv in the bedroom but I never watch it as I always read in bed, but I might do that this evening or have a Sunday morning lie in and watch a bit of tv. :)

It's gone dull here now, so keep warm everyone and enjoy the rest of your day xxx

PS. In case anyone missed that.... I want some chocolate cake and I want it right now... please :)


Ok ok then Kaz,

just wondered how long it would take for you to want a chocie cakie :D :D


God am i going to put some weight on today :P :P yum yum :) :)


Hi Kazz was gonna get you a lovely chocolate cake, but couldn't do it :( sorry, maybe some one else will get you one

love your idea of a long lie on Sunday :) think we should both do that, wiith chocolate cake :) :D x


Aup Sue, i hope your having a nice day gal :)

Hmmm well i cant miss you out can i sooooooooo, here's yours gal,


Its funny Sue that there is always a bit missing :P :) yummy


I'm off out now,i'll see you all when i get back :) xx


Aup Sue, I think you're getting a bit confused in your old age dear! :D :D

Kazz, yes I am having a rest day today and am not going to do any exercise. Got to do a bit of clearing up here though cos I've invited a couple of friends round for dinner and Strictly. I'm gonna make a big pot of veggies - a bit like rattatouille (if that's how you spell it Pete? :o ) and they're going to bring some sausages to go with it. Pudding wil be ...........apple cake! (Think I've got some squirty cream in the fridge!) :) :D


Andi, you have flabbergast me gal :o :|

You mean you can cook something like this



Hmmmmmm :)


Right you lot, I've really got to go and do something so see you later. :)


:P :P :P :P


Sounds like the perfect Sunday lie in to me Sue, lie and chocolate cake mmmmm

Thanks for that yummy chocolate cake Pete, I don't want to sound ungrateful but I didn't notice that my cake had the biggest piece missing :( I think you will need to get on your rowing machine, you've had loads of slices of cake today :) I am grateful because I thought you were going to say, that when I have reached 9 weeks or 6 months then I can have a cake, glad I didn't have to wait that long :P

Makes me feel better to know that you don't exercise every single day Andi, you need to give your poor body a rest :) doesn't sound like you have having a lazy day though, maybe you could join me and Sue in a Sunday lie in with chocolate cake :) I wont bother you for any apple cake because it's fruit :( but maybe we could have some of your cream poured over our chocolate cake :D


Hey Kaz, that Sunday lie in sounds good to me as well, although erm dont think the choc cake would suit me, cus av had enough of that, erm i mean thinking about it :o

As for your cake having the biggest piece missing, all i can say is the cat had it :D :P

When you get to 9 weeks gal, i will have a surprise for you :D :D but you've got to get to 9 weeks first :P :D

Rite i've done my bonfire bit for the neighbours and am ready for bed zzzzzzzz again,

So i will say good night to you all, and all i ask is stay strong and positive, cus you can do this :) :)

Nite nite everybody, sweet dreams & luvs ya all xxxx :) :)


Hi everyone, I had a lovely time at my daughters, soooo late getting back though :)

I'll say goodnight to you all, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xx


Nite nite Sue, luvs ya so much gal, sweet dreams to you tooooooooooo xxxx :)


Hiya, my lot's gone now so time for some zzzzzzzzs too.

Nite nite and sleep well - and don't have any weird dreams if you can help it. :o :)


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