Daily Chat : Saturday 29th December 2012

Daily Chat : Saturday 29th December 2012

Hi everybody :) hmmmm the weathers a bit naff here again in Derbyshire, as its raining :P :( just for a change.

I hope your all well :) and focused on your quit, ready for the New Year celebrations :) :)

Jillygirl, were all missing you gal and our thoughts, love and huggs are with you :) :) take care now.

Andi, I hope your having a great time at your Sisters :) hmmm I think your coming home tomorrow, arnt you :o :)

Kaz I hope your night went well and you didnt give your friends toooooooo much of your choc eh :D :D

Rite thats enough of me rabbiting on, just remember, you new quitters or wannabe quitters, come on and let us know how your getting on with your quit :) or want to know how to start to quit ! just come and ask, as easy as that :) :)

Speak soon Pete :)

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  • Hi Pete, I love your pic, that kitten is soooo cute :), have you been up to much today? i've not :D :) decided to actually have a lazy day, hubby's even making the tea :), lasagne with garlic bread yummy :) hope you have a great day :) xx

  • Hi Sue :) am so glad your having a lazy day gal, cos you need it sometimes eh :)

    Hmmmmm i'm busy trying to get my head around Windows 8 on my computer, at last i've found out how to rip my fave music to it,so i am happier now :) :)

    you enjoyyyyyyy your tea gal :) speak soon.

  • hi peeps,hope everyone is well,i today have reached the 6 months mark and am pretty pleased about that as i set no targets,now i know its permanent in my mind i cannot see any reason to start again and that's that, i of course know i am only ever a walk to the shops away from starting again,the only advice i can offer is when you stop stay stopped and that's it,you all stay strong peeps and have a happy and smoke free new year

  • Hi Ken,

    A massive well done to you pal for getting to 6 whole months smokefree :) :) and so you should be pretty pleased with yourself :) :)


    I cant wait for the day that i can say that, speak later :)

  • Hi Kengreen, congratulations on reaching 6 months :) sorry i'm not saying much else, i have a horrendous headache, so i'm away to lie down

  • Hey Sue am so sorry you have a headache gal :( sorry i cant help you much with that, but just get them feet up and relaxxxxxxx Sue, do you hear me Woman :) :) perhaps speak later eh :)

  • Hi everyone, had some painkillers and a lie down, it seems to have eased now, thank you for all your wishes and help :) I haven't tried 4head mad, think i'll give it a try, sorry you get migraine, there sooooo bad, my thyroid causes mine, i was gonna go a walk but it's blowing a gale outside so think i'll leave that for another day :D :)

    John, Amor and Vida sound like there having a great time :), will they be flying around there tree soon, they must love that, there easily the best loved, best looked after lovebirds in Britain :)

  • Hi all! Hope everyone is okay. Glad that your headache has gone Sue, they can be so debilitating. Aww bless the Lovebirds, they look ever so cute John.

    Am a bit under the weather at the mo, got a virus thingy! High temp and washed out. Good excuse to lay on the sofa watching Come Dine With Me and other programmes. I'm not back at work until Wednesday, so I'll be all better by then. There are so many different bugs going about at the moment.

    I'm away now to watch some more telly and perhaps have a snoozette, I'll probably do my menu planning and shopping list for next week too.

    Laters xx

  • Aup Chickles, have not spoke to you for a bit eh :( so you say you've got the bugg, which one's that then, the full grown man flu, the - i've got a headache tonight, or the -I'm washing my hair tonight one :D :D :D

    Hey gal you get your feet up on that settee, and enjoyyyyyy :) :) you keep warm now, take care and speak soon eh

    Pete xx:)

  • Hi all, just had tea and done my dishes, so sitting chilling in front of the telly :)

    Sounds like your birds love that music John, they have good taste :)

    I hope your better soon chickles, like mad said get plenty of rest, stay warm, you'll soon be better :)

    Hope you all have a great night :) xx

  • Thanks Mad, Pete and Sue...it aint man flu Pete, cos I can get up and make my own drinks :) It's not a cold as such, it's a 'feel naff and washed out' bug...with a bit of a sore throat thrown in. Have slept that much, I can't snooze at the moment, plus the telly is proper rubbish at the moment as well.

    Menu planning has been done, I think I might have a hot bath with some of my new Christmas goodies for the bath! I may even ponder some New Year resolutions...

    Hope everyone is having a good night!


  • Chickles, you have a nice soak in the bath gal :) and get to bed with a nice cupa hot chocolate and a hot water bottle :) :)

    Nite nite gal and you take care xxx :)

  • That sounds like a brill idea Chickles, i might have a bath myself to ease my sore joints, well a shower, i don't have a bath cause i can't get in and out of one, i'm hoping the tv gets a bit better, your right, it's rubbish just now

    Take care

    sue :) xx

  • Yeah av noticed :D :D

    Think its time i went zooooooooooooooooom

  • Hey Sue i do hope your headache is better :) :)

    Tell you what gal just bin out to my garage to get a erm erm cupa lager :D :D and its a beautiful full moon tonight, it looks gorgeous :) :)

    I've chucked the tv outa the window, just listening to some music :) got Blue Velvet by Bobby Vinton on at the mo

  • Hi Pete, how you doin, hope you've had a good day :) and had some relaxing time :), my headache is nearly away, so staying off the computer just now, till it goes completely

    Take care :) xx

  • I might see about that mad, i really miss having a long soak, it does help my joints :)

    Hey Pete,what does Mrs Pete think about you throwing the tv away, she might not be to happy :o :D

  • Sue er in doors aint bothered, cos she's watchin tv in bed upstairs :o :|

  • :D :D :D good one Andi :)

  • Oy where did you come from :P :o :D

    Ohh its so nice to see you again Andi, it is :) :)

  • Hope she never wants to see the downstairs one then :D :D

    we have a clear sky here so can see the moon too, it's not half cold though, a cosy bed sounds like the best place to be :)

  • Got some good pollyfiller and some nails for the tv Sue, will sort it tomorrow :D :D

  • It must be good polyfilla Pete, to fix a tv :D :) where did you buy that then, i could do with some magic stuff :D :P :)

  • Hiya all, just finishing packing then off to bed. Clear sky here too - moon and stars - just checked and it was full moon last night - damn, missed it! :D :D That's what you get when you don't have to keep going outside for a fag these days - you miss things like full moons and stars!!! :( :o :D :D

  • So how do you fix a tv with pollyfilla and nails then Pete?

  • Cor it's a bit of a mare using these foreign computers - they put the letters and symbols in the wrong places. :( :o

  • Hiya Andi, the sky must be lovely and clear there :) at least your not standing out in the freezing cold for a fag :D :) :)

    Sweet dreams Andi, see you tomorrow maybe, if your not to tired, luv ya :) xx

  • Thanks Sue, Yeah, am getting tired now so will go to bed as got to get up early for my train in the morning. Hope you get a good night too cos you haven't had too brill a day. :( :) Not sure I'll make it on tomorrow as I've got to go to friend's for dinner soon after I arrive home. Her daughter is my god-daughter and apparently there's some news I've got to be told before she goes back home to Coventry! Big mystery!!! :o :D

    Anyway I shall say nite nite to you, Pete and everyone else, sleep well and see you soon. Luv you all. :) :) :)

  • Nite nite Andi, its good to see you again and know that your alright, :) :) and coping without fags :D :D :D

    Hopefully speak soon gal, you take care now and luvs you too :) :) xx

  • Hope you have a great time at your friends tomorrow Andi :) :)

    Pete i'll have to go now, i'm getting really tired, nite nite Pete, Andi, and everyone else, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xx

  • Nite nite Sue, ha ha ha just listening to Runaround Sue by Dion :D :D sweet dreams to you too Sue, luv & huggs heading your way gal xx :) :)

    Speak tomorrow :)

  • John, it helps to be mad pal, am sure it does :) :D :D

    Good night John, Amor and Vida, take care :) :)

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