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Daily chat Saturday 29th June 2013

Daily chat Saturday 29th June 2013

Good morning everybody :)

I hope you've all had a good nights kip and got your batteries charged and focused on your quit for this weekend :)

Jillygirl, I hope your getting settled down now in your lovely new abode gal :) and hubby isnt causing tooooo much mayhem :o :D :D

Vee, we are all with you at this hard time, and my love, huggs and cuddles are with you rite now gal :) :)

A big welcome to Endevor, Maddy1, and Babykins :) to this lovely quit support site, just remember, if you have a question, not sure what to do, need help or just want a rant and rave, then come on here and let it out :)

If we cant help you, then I know a couple of young Lady's that can, they are called Emjay, and EmmaG :) cos they are the heart of quit support and this lovely community we have here :)

Thats enough of me gassin on, so, well, go on then, have fun this weekend :) :)

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Hi Mad :)

Kev123, is 5 months quit now, and says his better half is quittin toooo with the help of an e-cig :) just wonderin if you could give him some of your knowledge of e-cigs, so then he can be prepared if his better half gets, erm, in trouble :o :) :)

I hope your still puttin weight on gal, have a lovely day :) :)


:D :D :D


Good morning Pete, Mad and everyone.

Well, it looks like we might be managing a dry weekend down south - they're even saying it may be the hottest day of the year tomorrow. 8-) :)

Decided to have a day off yesterday and didn't leave the house so shifted myself this morning and got out for a run.

Have a good day all and see you later. :)


Hi Andi :)

Sooooo you getting the hottest day down south tomorrow then :P :P huh weed be lucky not gettin snow here :o :| :D :D

Am so glad you had a day off the exercise yesterday, cos you do need to rest as well, but I do admire you Andi, cos you've got get-up-and-go inside you, and you do it :) :)

See ya later gal, if you have nothin better to do :o :D :D :D


Good morning Pete, Mad, Andi and everyone,

The sun is trying to come through here and no rain, yipeeeee :D :D

I'm off out today to my daughters, the American relatives are going there, thank goodness there not staying for the 2 days they said they would, i wouldn't have the energy to keep up with them, it must be my age :o :D :D

Have a great day, I'll see you all later :) x


Hiya Sue :) it sounds as if you are back on form again :)

Enjoy your day at your Daughters with your American relatives, and of course little Nairn tooooooo :) :)

Speak later :) xx


morning peeps forgot to say hello yesterdaY but anyway i would just like to mention that it is ONE year today smoke free for me :) very pleased about that, thanks to the folks here in the first few weeks for words of support and encouragement ,nice warm day here going for barbecue by the lake in bit you all have a nice day


Aup Ken, thats just great news pal :) :) and yes, so you should be flippin pleased with yourself, cos you've done it !! you've ''beat'' Mr nic :) :) Hoorayyyyyyyyy.

Just you think how much money you have saved over the last 12 months :) what are you goin to treat yourself to ?? or have you already treated yourself :) :)

Just wonderin, how do you feel about bein smokefree, erm, I mean can you feel and see the changes in you :o :)

You take care Ken, and enjoy your barbie by the lake :) :)

Pete :)


Hi Ken, that's just brilliant that you've now joined our club! ;-) (Pete will get there one day. :o ) Enjoy your barbecue.

Andi :) xxx


:P :P


Pete - ;-)


Whatttttttttttt :o


Happy Saturday Everyone :D

I'm just catching myself up with everything and everyone, pet and human wise at home :-/

Agnes and Gertie are as happy as ever Pete, we've had a few double yolkers ths week :D

Ken, a huge congratulations to you! Well done, shall update our Wall of Winners for you. We are really, really proud of you. I bet you are well chuffed! Enjoy your BBQ ??

Sue, enjoy your visiting today. I think I remember you talking about them last year. Have fun :D

Andi, I'm away on a power walk with the puppy dog, think that's all I can manage!

Mad, the weather is looking a lot kinder than what I've heard you've had the past couple of days whilst I've been in London :-)

Big waves to everyone else and a huge welcome to any new members :D


Aup Emjay its lovely to see you gal :) :)

As for the double yolkers, I aint had one of them since I was farmin gal :o :) :) in the good old days :o :)

The old birds used to knock out 2 a day, then it went to 1 a day, that was the time to get new chicks in,

We used to feed them up, and boy, did we get some funny shaped eggs to start with :o :| and double yolkers toooo flippin yum :P yum :P

Emjay, I am surprised that your not noddin, cos you had a long hard week gal :o :|

You take care now, cos I dont want you doin tooooo much at your age gal :P :P :D :D :D


Hi everyone, just back from my daughters, had a great day catching up with everyone :)

Congratulations to you Ken :) that's brill :), hope you enjoyed your barbecue.

Have a great evening everyone :) xx


Hiya Sue, glad you had a lovely time at your daughter's. Was it a long time since you'd seen the rellies?

I think you're going to be the next one getting to a year - missed your 9 month anniversary this week. Bet that wouldn't have happened if Jilly was about. :o Can't believe it's that long for you now. :)


Hi Andi, It's been a couple of years since i've seen them, hubby's other sister came as well, i was glad to see her, she's been through a horrible time lately, she looks great now :)

I forgot about my 9 months as well :o :D :D It doesn't feel like that already :o can't wait till i reach 1 year, then i'll really feel that i've won :)

Hope you've had a brill day :) xx


Hmmmm, Sue, Andi says your 9 months gone :o erm, you dont look it gal :) huh, you kept that quiet :D :D :D


:D :D :D :D :D


Best idea to stop smoking otherwise could end up looking like the rolling stones, OMG, think it's time they called it a day!!


Haha, otherwise known as the Chelsea pensioners


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