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Daily Chat : Saturday 1st December 2012

Daily Chat :  Saturday 1st December 2012

Good morning everybody, well thats another month gone :o

Grey and raining here in Derbyshire :( I hope your all having better weather where you are :)

I got a message from Jillygirl yesterday, for those of you who didnt see it, here it is :-

She's got the all clear for the op, and go's in on the 23rd of December and her op is on the 24th. :)

Although it means she will be in hospital over Christmas, this is what she wants, to get it out of her body as quick as possible

She also said that she would hope to be back on line on Monday, so she will be able to have a chat then Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

I've told her you are all asking & thinking about her

Jillygirl sends her love to all of you. :) :)

You all have a nice and smokefree day :) :)

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Good morning Pete, i love you picture :) wish that was me, all cosy in bed, it's freezing here, but sunny, so it doesn't look to bad as long as i don't go out

That's brill news for Jillygirl, will give her the best start ever next year :) :)

I didn't get on last night, i had visitors, could have done without them, i was sooo tired, but i had a good time in the end :)

What are you up to today? i'm not doing much, just getting a washing done, and sitting on the computer while i can, hubby's off today so he'll want it later, will have to go on my phone then

hope you have a great smokefree day :) xx


Before hubby pinches the computer, here's your cake Kazz, enjoy :D :)



Good Morning folks :D

It's quite a grey Saturday here but not raining (yet)...

It was lovely hearing from Jillygirl Pete, I'm so happy that she now has a date and will get everything back in as much working order as possible. As you say Sue, it'll be a great start for the New Year for her :-)

I'm making a start on Christmas shopping today and then have an early Christmas night out do tonight (Alkaseltzer breakfast tomorrow!)

For those of you buying Christmas prezzies for any young 'uns in the family... Home & Bargain have quite a lot of Disney toys in at a fraction of the price - like £2.99- £20.00 instead of £8- £60.00, bargain!

Hope everyone is doing the things that they want to be doing today :0)

Remember to be as positive as you can and welcome in any cravings with a nice big smile as they are the early signs of recovery from stopping smoking :D


Hi Emjay, I hope your well :)

So your starting Christmas shopping then, well good luck to ya gal, Andi was asking whether you were going running today, but i dont think you will need to cus of all the walking you are going to do shopping :D :D

You have a nice night out tonight gal, and if you need any more tabs tomorrow morning :o i bet Kaz has got some spare :D :D

Oh my CO reading was 6 again so probably wont get much lower :)

Bye for now :) :)


Good Morning Emjay,

Hope you have a good day Christmas shopping :) I might put up my xmas tree today, i'm trying to get in the mood, maybe that will help, hubby said he'd help me with it, that's a first :o :D

Have a great night out tonight, make sure you buy lots of Alkaseltzer today :D :D


Morning all, its another beautiful sunny day in Liverpool, very cold but bright. Hope you all have a nice happy day, whatever you do.



Good Morning Madmad,

We have the same weather here in Dundee, think i'll crawl back under the duvet :D

Have a brill smokefree day :) :)


Hi Mad, its nice and sunny here too now 8-)

We had a frost last night and i woke up this morning to rain :( but when i walked up the back path to my van to go shopping, it was like a skating rink :D ice under the water :o not good :(

You have a nice happy day too eh :) :)


Good morning everyone.

Well it's a beautiful morning today - would have been amazing to watch the sunrise on the Head. 8-) It was minus 3 on the car thermometer and everywhere's white as Jack Frost's been working his magic. Just back from the gym and will be off out and about before the clouds and rain come back later.

Emjay, will you do your run today or do you plan to run off that hangover tomorrow? :D

Pete, lovely pic for opening - looks so cosy - I used to have a cat that looked like that. :|

Sue, glad your back today - nice to have visitors though. Has hubby had his shave yet? :o

Have a good day everyone and keep those spears ready to zap the cravings - especially if you're Christmas shopping cos all those smokers will be standing outside the shops and you'll keep getting good whiffs of their smoke. Just remember that you're not one of them any more. :) :)


Aup Andi, you go to the gym on a Saturday :o :| now i know your mad, think your madderrrrr than i am :P :D :D

You have a nice day gal, and flippin rest that ankle of your's do you hear me, cus i reckon you will soon catch Emjay up on her running in the new year :) :)

Speak soon :)


Good Morning Andi,

I bet it looks lovely with all that frost covering everything, not so nice to go out in it though, you better wrap up warm Brrrrr :D :D

Hubby shaved yesterday he couldn't wait to get rid of it :D :D

I don;t know how you manage to get up and out in this cold, I want to hibernate :o :D and been to the gym already, that brill :) wish i could do that, i just can't shift my weight :(

Hope you have a great day :) :)


morning peeps,forgot to write something yesterday so here it is,i passed the 5 months smoke free milepost yesterday witch im very pleased about as i set no time limit at the time but now i know (hope)its for ever .im not sure how long the feeling of something missing/to many hours in the day goes on for but it is manageable just,i hope you all have a nice smoke free day and my good wishes go to jilly girl.


Well done Kengreen, I'm sure it is for ever now :), can't wait till i get to the 5 month mark, a way to go yet though, I'm the same as you, i have set no time limit either

Have a great day :)


Aup Sue, are you taking it easy today then, cus its about time you did gal :)

Hi ya Ken, a massive well done to you for passing the 5 months mark thats just super pal :) and i want you to tell us when you've passed your 10 month mark :) :)

I'm sure its forever now Ken, and i reckon you can call yourself an '' ex-smoker '' now yippeeeeeeeeee :) :)

Speak soon

Pete :)


Hi John, ha ha that blog photo will be me in the morning too :D cus i have a lie in on a Sunday :) :)

Well done to getting to day 3 not smoking, and it helps me to keep busy as you are with your Christmas cards :) you will have to show us some when you have finished them :)

And i wish you a nice day too John :)


Hi John,

congratulations on getting to day 3 :)

It;s good that you have something to occupy your time, i found that really helped me, and like Pete says, would love to see them when their finished :)

hope you have a great day :)


Hi Pete, yeh i'm having a lazy day today, just doing a washing, i'm still tired from yesterday :o :D

How's your eye today, are you still getting the cream in it, i hope it's a lot better today :) :)

Have a wonderful day, whatever you doing :) x


Hi Sue, am glad your having a lazy day, cus it will do you good gal :) :)

As for my eye, hmmmm it's about the same really, swellings gone down a bit though, so thats good :)

Sue put your feet up and you have a wonderful day toooooooooooooo :) :D


you take it easy today as well Pete, give your eye time to heal :) x


It's a busy Saturday on here today :)

Thanks for that gorgeous cake Sue, and there is plenty to share as well, love the maltesers, must have taken you ages to make :)

Well done Ken for 5 months that is fantastic and as Sue said, I can't wait until I'm able to say that, well done to you.

Love the pic Pete, I have a lie in on a Sunday as well, Sunday is definitely a day of rest for me. That little kitty looks so warm and snuggly :) I hope your eye is feeling better today.

Enjoy your Christmas shopping EmJay, I hadn't thought about all the smokers that would be stood outside the shops :) but as Andi said, you wont be one of them now and neither will we :D I've got loads of tablets left if you need them tomorrow Emjay, I was saving them for the Christmas festivities but I think I can spare a couple ;)

Well I've just got back from seeing no smoking advisor. I made an appointment a couple of weeks ago to see him because I was struggling plus I wanted to get my NRT on prescription. I don't think I will be going back, he didn't have a clue what he was doing. My CO reading is between 0-6 :o good job I'm not bothered about it :D

Speak to you later, got to get some chores done now.

It's a lovely, sunny day here and there is some warmth in the sun, no frost this morning which I was surprised about.



Aup Kaz, is this you doing your house work :D


As for your quit smoking adviser, he sounds a complete pl----- erm pratttttt

When i have my CO reading took

I have to take a deep breath in and hold for 15 seconds

When the machine bleeps 3 times

then blow into it

and it gives you a readout :) easy or what :o ;|

My average is 6, but i live with 2 smokers, so she said it would probably get much lower than that :)

So if you live with no smokers you should get a reading of about 1 or 2 :) :)

Please go back next week, even if you have to tell him how to take your CO reading :)

NRT cost a lot of money !! what i did was get a 3 month prescription for £29.10 and now dont pay anything for my NRT :) :)

Does that make sense to you :o if not, clip me around my ear and i will try to tell you in English ok

I've just come in for a cof erm cof erm allright then a flippin cannie

Speak soon :)


Hi Kazz,

i'm glad you liked the cake :), i might get one for Christmas :D :)

Where did you see this clueless advisor, i thought they were all trained :o :D, you'll need to find a better one somewhere else :)

When i first stopped i went to my GP, who was really helpful, now i go to my local group, there great there, and no how to take a CO reading :D :D

Have fun doing your chores :D :D, do what i do, tidy to music, it's much more fun, and a fast record means work done faster :D :D x


Hiya all! :) See you had a busy morning so must have been out enjoying yourselves this afternoon. :) Even Pete but he's probably snoozing now if he started on the tinnies over an hour ago already. :o :D Did you have a row today Pete, if so, how far did you go? Maybe you could pop up Leeds way in a week or two and try out rowing on Jilly's tarn - that would give her a good giggle before her op - especially if you had to break the ice to get in! :D :D


Andi, whats tinnies?


Hiya Mad :)

A tinnie is a cannie down in Derbyshire :o :D

Its a can of lager or beer :) :)

I hope you've had a good day :)


Ah! I,ve learnt somethink, never heard of that one.


What planet are you on??!! :D :D


Hiya Andi, that gave me a giggle :D :D

hope you had a great day :) xx


Maybe you could join him! :o :D :D :D



Aup Andi,

Is that the tales of the river bank :o :|


Glad that gave you and Andi a good laugh, I have never heard that expression before.


Andi it would take more than one cannie to put me to sleep gal :P :P


Ooooooh unless its one of those 8 pinters then i would perhaps need 2 :D :D


Duh! They are guinea pigs! (I don't think that they're aquatic mammals. :o )

Sorry, I'm on my way out now - that makes a change! ;-)

Missing you all already. :( Have a good evening and see you tomorrow. Nite nite. :) :)


You enjoy yourself Andi :) :)

Have 1 for me if you like :D :D


Hi all,

have a great night Andi, don't do anything i wouldn't do :D :D :D

I've heard of tinnie before Pete but I thought it was an Australian word :o :D :D


Aup Sue, you ok gal :) :)

Down here in Derbyshire we call them cannies, but deeeeeeeep down south where Andi comes from they must call them tinnies, but to me its a ''can'' of lager

May i ask what you call them up North :o :)


Hi Pete,

here it's a can of lager as well, some people do say tin though, me, i used to say a pint when i was in the pub :D :D


Now then Sue you are talking gal, cus when you go down the pub you dooooo get a pint :) :)

Hmmmmmmmm does that mean you had pints then ?? :o :D :D

Am just off to write a blog for Jillygirl, see you in a bit gal :) :)


I used to drink pints when i was younger :D :D i changed to whisky when i was older, now i don't drink, i went off it when my mum died, i've never got back to it, i don't like it now :)


I'm off to have my shower, will be back in a bit :)


Hey Sue you've had your shower then :) :)


Do you know what Sue, i think your pins look better tonight than they did lastnight gal :) :) :D


You know what, i wish they were mine :D :D, actually i wish that whole body was mine :D :D


Sue am sure your not far off that picture :) :)


When i was 18 maybe :D :D :D


Sue i have sent our Jillgirl the message and now am noddin i am so sorry Sue, just cant keep my eye's open :( :(

Hey i luv ya gal, and you know that, i would help you in any way that i could :) :) you try to get some sleep tonight eh, nite nite Sue and luvs ya xxxxx sweet dreams gal :) :)

Speak tomorrow :) :)


Nite nite Pete, will see you tomorrow

sweet dreams, luv ya :) xx


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