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How long before I start to feel 'healthy' again, without sinus and chest complaints? Am now into week 10 and still not feeling 100%?

A couple of weeks ago, at the end of week 7 of not smoking, I had a tightness in my chest and my heartbeat was a bit irregular at times. Went to the docs, he gave me an inhaler and said to go back if it wasn't any better. To be fair, I have felt a lot better. I don't know if I over did things yesterday, but my chest is aching again today, grrrr. I haven't got a cough, am not coughing up an phlegm, but it feels like a chest infection, if that makes sense. I have recently had acute sinusitis.I am sure that it's my body going through withdrawal symptoms, as I was a smoker for many years!

My question is, how long before I start to feel 'healthy'? I am now on day 64! Another 3 weeks and hopefully I'll be off the lozengers!

Apologies if it sounds like I'm whinging, I certainly don't intend starting smoking again, which I have done in the past when I have felt 'crappy'.

This is my best effort in a long time, I have been trying to stop for a number of years! Stopped for 8 months, started again, stopped for 6 months, stopped for a month on several occasions, started again, stopped for a week, more times than I care to mention!

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Hi Chickles,

Just wondering if you ever suffered with chest complaints or sinusitis before you stopped smoking ??

Erm have you ever coughed up phlegm on the first couple of weeks of quitting, i know it sounds horrible, but it is your body clearing it self out, so you MUST spit it out, am so sorry for saying this gal :(

There is a breathing exercise that Emjay bloged, i will go and find it for you :) :)

Pete :)


Hi again Chickles, found it, but remember you have to spit it out into a hanky or something.

Breathing Exercise (2) How to cough up what's not supposed to be there...

Posted by EmJay ROY CASTLE 5 days ago1 commentReport

When you first stop smoking, you may feel that you have more phlegm and mucus on your chest. This may cause you to feel a bit rattly and as though you need to 'cough something up'... Doesn't sound very nice, I know but this is a good sign.

At the end of the day, you are only coughing up what is not supposed to be there!

1. Stand up with your legs your shoulder width apart.

2. Put you hands on your hips.

3. Take a long, deep breath in through your nose - Very slowly.

4. When you feel like you have taken your fill of air in, take another little bit more.

5. Keeping your hands on your hips, slowly bend over forward. As you do, blow your breath out slowly through your mouth. Making a blowing noise as you do.

6. When you have pushed out that final bit of breath, stand up and give a gentle cough.

Repeat this 3 times.

Because you are not used to all this good clean oxygen, you may feel slightly dizzy - This is just an oxygen rush. However, if you are not used to it, then please have a comfy chair at the ready.

If this cough lasts more than a couple of weeks, it may be worth visiting your GP.


Thanks for that Pete, but the thing is I haven't got a cough at all, my chest isn't rattling, the Doc said it was clear, it's just an ache, and my heart, a bit like the Olly Murs song, occasionally, 'skip, skips a beat'.

I shall try the exercise and see if I cough anything up. I have a feeling I'll be back at the docs next week. It may well be something to do with other medication I take.

Thanks again Pete, much appreciated!

PS Just tried the coughing exercise...nowt came up! :)


I hope by now you are feeling a little better and maybe by next week even better, Maybe the virus would have happened anyway and is not related to stopping smoking, I felt just like Olly Murrs song a few weeks ago and I stopped smoking back In Feb,I put mine down to too much exercise on a pushbike in the cold, or think I picked a bug up. My heart is now back to normal and I no longer feel ill.


Hi Wonder,

Am feeling better thanks. Re the heart, my GP packed me off to A&E, my heart beat was 'fluttery' when I went to see her. To cut a long story short, I had an ECG at the hospital. My heart isn't missing a beat, it's actually gaining a beat! (has a feeling of missing a beat). This can be caused by several things, including the medication for my underactive thyroid. Am just waiting to see if the medication needs adjusting.

The chest is still a bit achey, but I've prob pulled a muscle, or I have chondritis again. It's a relief to know that my heart is okay. They did a blood test too, which was fine!

I have smoked since I was 14 and I guess it will take time for me to be a 100%! Patience is a virtue I don't possess :)

A very big well done to you on being smoke free since February! Super achievement!

I'm now on day 71!

My chart finishes on Day 84...I think I'll get a wall calendar and continue it for a while, I get a sense of satisfaction ticking each day off :)

Am pleased to hear that you're well and thank you!


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