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Whoops !!!!!!!

Oh dear I have been very stupid. Stopped smoking at the end of January and was doing really well, had a couple during that time but thats all. My dad died on Monday, he was 92 had a fall and died in hospital. He had a good innings and was never ill, not even the odd cold. Anyway to cut a long story short I started smoking again so did my daughter. I dont feel like stopping either, and am smoking quite a lot. Feel like I have failed. Tried many times to stop smoking but for some reason I just knew I would make it this time. I know I have to stop again but dont think I can go through it all again. Already my chest is bad, breathing is awful, and coughing again. I just want to warn everyone to be vigilant, dont fall back into the nicotine trap. Best wishes to all you non smokers hope to rejoin you all eventually. Jan xx

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So sorry to hear about your loss Jan. Sending a hug.



Thank you Cleopetra x


I'm so sorry to hear about your loss Jan, sending ((((((hugs))))))

I'm sure you'll be able to set a quit date again, most of us have started smoking again plenty times, you will get there. Think about how your health has got worse, and how good it was when you had stopped, I'm sure the others and Emjay will come on with some great help for you, we're all hear for you, just take time to grieve, and remember all the happy times you had with your dad, come on here and moan if you need to, we'll all listen. xxxx


Thank you sue52. What has upset me is that my daughter started smoking again, but last time we quit together and I know we will get back on the straight and narrow together.


Sorry to hear about your Dad Jan. Don't really know what to suggest about your smoking. I know what you mean, when you've gone for so long without smoking and everything you have to go through to get that far, it is very daunting to have to start all over again. If you're feeling rough because of your smoking, perhaps you could just try cutting down for now? Perhaps some NRT to stretch out the time between each cigarette. Like Sue said you need time to grieve and all your focus will be on that so certainly not easy to try to stop smoking again. Good luck Jan and keep in touch.


Thank you sinfree, So annoyed with myself, but hope to be back soon x


Hi ya Jan :) :)

I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad :( :( but like my Dad, he past away at 89, I was doing really well, 6 weeks quit, then it just hit me :o :( I just went out to the shops and bought a pack, smoked the flippin lot that day :(

So you see Jan, your not on your own gal :) :) and well, as for it being hard to try to quit again, yep know just what you mean gal, cos that is when I found this forum :) :) Emjay and all the others helped me to set a quit date again, WHEN, I was ready :) :)

Just take your time gal, and when your ready to give it another bash, we will all be here for you and your daughter Jan, :)

I'm just over 7 weeks now, so you see we have to keep trying gal, I know myself that its hard, well, I know its the hardest thing I've had to do !! but if we want to get our lives back, then we must keep trying, and we never fail, we just keep on practising :) :) you remember that Jan :)

Love and huggs to you gal, and your daughter :)

Pete :) xx


Thank you Pete, this site did help me when I quit in January so I will be back as soon as poss. I pop in here every day finding it a bit confusing at the mo. x


Hey Jan, sorry to hear of the loss of your dad xx

You take as much time as you need to get your head around things and if and when you are ready, then we'll be right here for you.

Remember that smoking won't change anything positive for you, but once you have taken the time to adjust to your loss, then please let us know and we'll help get you back on track.

Take care of yourself



Thank you EmJay, There were some awful things that I just can not get over at the moment, such as the care home sending dad to hospital for an xray (which I had insisted on) in a blasted taxi, the poor man could not even stand up sas he was in terrible pain, He should have at least gone in an ambulance. So sad. But I will stop smoking because I know what the alternative will be. Just have to get over the awful way dad was treated. Did not even know about the taxi untill I collected his things and there were two receips from a taxi firm. They had even made him pay to go to hospital !!! Sorry for going on but this was the last straw. But I will be a non smoker again xx


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