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Hi everyone hope you are all well ,still not smoking yayayay not been to well glad I had 2 weeks off work but feel so much better today. Giving apple cider vinegar capsules a go try and help my poor skin .Went to the stop smoking clinic today they do a ten week or twelve week course on champix ,nurse feels I have a positive altitude to not smoking again and said I can stop at ten weeks so 2 weeks of the dreaded pills then no more woo hoo .Saw a friend for the first time in a while she is an ex smoker she told me I'm looking younger and have a very good attitude to not smoking again, so there is light at the end of this tunnel and I'm beginning to see it .Been extra lucky I think no cough or headaches they both stopped within two days of stopping just had the other aliments lol Well that the update for now take care my quit family xxxxx

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  • Hi Bevie, glad you're feeling much better today and I agree with your nurse, you're doing brilliant and a great attitude definitely helps👍🏼 I'm interested to know how you get on with the apple cider vinegar as I have a bottle of it in the kitchen but haven't tried it yet😳 

    Great quit, well done hun👏🏼😊

  • I will let you no how I go all natural ingredients so can't do any harm lol 

  • It's been mentioned a few times sis... What do you do with apple cider vinegar?? But more importantly why do you do it?? 🤔😊

  • Well a friend of mine takes it for arthritis and swears by it so I bought a bottle to try but tastes horrible😆 so it sits in a cupboard but I think I'll try it again as supposed to have lots of healing properties. Why are things that's good for ya always horrible😉

  • I burped and could taste it and boy does it stink when you open the bottle just get them down me asap lol x

  • Argh think I should have got capsules coz drinking a glass of it is awful👿

  • The girl in the shop uses the sachets she said they were disgusting that's why I got the capsules x

  • Pity my friend didn't tell me that💊

  • Lol they do buy one get one for a penny in Holland and Barrett and they are included so got 400 for 8.60 

  • I see a trip to holland tomoro then coz that's a bargain👍

  • It sure is and you choose whether to take two or six a day 

  • You and bevie are not doing much to convince me...... 😂😂😂

  • Give it a few days I will report back lol 

  • 😂😂😂

  • I was gonna say give it a few weeks but Bev's pills must work faster😂

  • Only started them today lol 

  • Oh bevie that is and briar are like a cider vinegar double act 😂😂

  • Forgot to say it supposedly lowers cholesterol too so we shall see👋

  • Oh flippin eck I'm gonna have to go get some now.... Do you take it in water or neat? How much do ya have... A teaspoon or what?? 😊

  • A tablespoon in a glass of water 3 times a day and yep we might as well all suffer together😈

  • Lmao.... I'll give it a try and let you know... Is that hot or cold water?

  • I used cold but ya can use either 😀

  • 😂😂😂 no you take 2 capsules with your meal Don't get the sachets they are meant to be yuk lol 

  • Oh god do I take capsules or liquid.... Does liquid work quicker??

  • Pmsl now you are confused take what you feel like for me I couldn't do the sachets because the smell so take capsules lol

  • Flippin Nora..... I'll see what's cheaper 😉😂

  • It's the liquid that's why I have it😂

  • Lol 😊😊

  • Hi Bevie, loving the positive attitude, how good are you doing :) yeahhhh . People are starting to notice, that does give you a boost. So things are looking up. 8 weeks that has gone fast. Keep strong and doing what your doing you are a winner :) xxx

  • Thank Maddy56 think it time to quit loving the freedom and saving the money feels great x

  • You know I'm away in my caravan on my own, hubby gone home for week and back Fri. I have no car and no shops near me. What I'm trying to say is , 3 months ago I would have felt like I was stranded and scared I would run out of cigs. No more , it's nice to not let cigs rule our life's . I enjoying the fresh air and relaxation :) x

    Maddy x

  • Or you would of brought loads of fags ,I hear you only get 16 in a packet now so glad I quit x

  • Good for you maddie have a lovely smoke free caravan hols 😊

  • Thanks droopyj. I am thanks just what the doc ordered x

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