Daily chat: Saturday 27th October 2012

Good morning everyone.

And what a beauty it is - the sun's shining - but it is reading zero on the thermometer. :o

Took the bull by the horns and went out for my first run in the cold this morning. I learnt that what gets really cold is the back of you hands and your thighs so it looks like I'll have to do a bit of shopping - everything else stayed warm as toast. :)

Let's hope the site behaves itself over the weekend but I've an inkling they're still working on it.

Pete, hope you have a good sleep in cos you deserve it after the week you've had.

See you all later - and don't let those pesky cravings get to you. :)

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  • Hi Andi

    It's freezing here as well, definitely quilt and hot chocolate time :)

    Your brave going out running in this cold, a gold medal for that :), it took me all my time to get out of bed :D :D :)

    The site was bad yesterday, i couldn't get back on so couldn't say goodnight to everybody :(, hope it's better today, fingers crossed :)

    Have a great day, hope the cravings stay away :) xx

  • Morning Sue, I see the message up above is still there about the site 'limping along'. Glad to see you got your pic on somehow and good news that everything's ok with your grandchild. :)

  • Morning Andi,

    I didn't see that sign, i'm on my phone just now, don't know if i trust my computer just now :D :D i'll try it later.

    Just had a hot chocolate, trying to heat up, heating is on and i'm wrapped up, l look like the Michelin man :D :D glad i don't have to go out today :) xx

  • Good morning Andi & Sue,

    Its lovely and sunny here 8-) but theres a rite cold Easterly wind, a lazy wind, it dosnt go around you, it goes through you :o

    Andi, well done to you gal for braving the cold, hmmmm think you'd best get some long-johns or put 3 pairs of stockings on :D :D

    Sue havnt you fixed your computer yet, i know you'v kicked it, just wondered if you'v tried jumping up and down on it, cus that seems to work for your phone :D :D

    Just got back from freshstart, and last week as a smoker my Carbon Monoxide reading was a staggering 42 :( :( but this week as a non smoker is '' 7 '' whooopydooopydooooo what a difference :) :) the young Lady said that i would perhaps not get any lower than that due to her-in-doors and her brother still smoking in the house :( she also told me that she had never smoked in her life and that her reading was 5, because of the traffic fumes etc.

    Just a thought for you that have to pay for your NRT on prescription like me, i found out this morning that you can pay about £29.10 for 3 months worth of prescriptions, which i think is a good saving :) :)

    Rite will see you all in a bit :)

  • Hmmmm i see them gremlins are back, rite am off after them with my new super spear that Kaz gave me ===========> take that you kretters :P :P

    Nice one Kaz, got about 5 with that shot :D :)

  • Hi Pete,

    That's a brill carbon monoxide reading, and in a week, :) :) it's just great that your a non smoker Pete, especially with your wife and brother-in-law both smoking :), just shows you how strong you are :)

    Glad you got those pesky gremlins, thought i was never gonna get back on here :D :)

    Have a great day, i hope those cravings stay away :) xx

  • Aup Sue, just love your new huggybear pic gal :) :) and thank you for your kind comments :)

    How are you going on, and have you got that flippin computer working ?????

  • I'm just updating my CV at the moment, cus my manager at work and my bosses dad have both said they will give me references for jobs :) so that was nice of them :)

    What are you up to then, not flippin house work again gal :( :P

  • Finally....................hello!! :) :)

    Wot's all this about references - does that mean they're giving you the push? :( - after all you've done for them? Wouldn't it be lovely though not having that drive and silly hours all the time? I'm sure you can find something much nearer home. How about a 'man and van' and 'no job too small'? I know there's loads of them out there but if you're good, you'll always have the work. Think you'll have to do the networking in the pub so you'll have to be very, very, very, very careful once you get in there! :o :D

  • Hi Pete,

    got computer working :), for the moment anyway :D :D

    That's good news, that they'll give you a reference, now you just need a job with better hours, hope you get one soon :)

    noooo housework today :D :D i'm gonna have a lazy day, did enough through the week, what you up to today, once you've done your CV :)

  • JOB hunting, so will be on here most of the day today :) :) mind you have got a few jobs to do outside while its nice and dry :)

  • Aup Andi, you bin for a nod gal :D :D

    And no they havnt given me the push, cus am going to do that myself :) :)

    Am thinking of swopping my van for a car to go taxi driving :o :)

  • That sounds like a good one. I have a friend who's a painter & decorator who did that when his work slowed down so now he juggles between the two. You'll have to be careful though cos all my taxi driver friends have really put on weight due to eating out of boredom in between customers! :o :D

  • Hmmmmm erm rite then i will get one of these for the nice weather days :D :D


  • That's a brilliant idea - I've just been seeing loads of them on my travels - even rode in one a couple of times. Only one problem I see for you though - actually there might be two! Second one is your original problem!!! (in the trouser department!!! :D :D ) and the first one is that it's a bit hilly where you are so you'd be better off turning it into a roundabout for the kids! :D :D

  • Yes Andi, i think it's back to the drawing board on that one, cus i would need lots of gel :D :D

  • Hi Pete,

    taxi driving, that's a good thing,you can pick your own hours, or do Andi's idea, :)

  • Andi,

    Just wondered if your tummy has got any smaller :D :D swissssssssssssssh gosh that was close, didnt know you had a spear too :o :| think i'd best scarper :)

  • Haven't caught up with that one yet but mine's called a "Pete-seeker" so there'll be no hiding from me - I'll ALWAYS know where you're TRYING to hide! :D :D :D

    As for my belly - I think it grew on holiday. I couldn't do ANY exercise whilst away. I didn't overeat but we seemed to eat at about 7.30 in the evening then go straight to bed at 9 then breakfast soon after getting up so I'm sure my muscles will have diminished and been replaced with a rounder middle. :( I know it's there cos when I bend over it gets in the way - feeling a bit like Michelin man! :D :D

  • Ha ha ha ha you just crack me up Andi, hmmmm when you bend over are you sure its your tummy that gets in the way :o :D :D

    Am outa here whooooooooooooosh

  • Rite am off job hunting, so will be back in a bit, i hope you all enjoy your day :) :)

  • Bet you look great Andi :) am sure you'll get your muscles back, if you lost any :)

    keep that spear to hand, i've got mine at the ready :D :D

  • So you'v got a spear as well then Sue, hmmmmm i think i'd better shove some hard backed books down the back of my trousers then, just in case i bend over :D :D

  • Just had a phone call so am going out in the Forest for a walk. Must wrap up warm as it's quite windy out there. See you later. :)

  • Hi everyone , just nipped on site to see what your all up to. Nothing changed much then. :D Sue had a look at photo bet your so happy. Andi see your back on training, I think I will join you , trying to keep as fit as possible. Pete congrats! with the reading thats brill. :) Stick with it love. Good luck with the job hunting.

    I`m not feeling too bad at the moment. got a bronschopy next friday , then meet consultant the following thursday. Meanwhile trying to keep healthy and positive. My hubby says I`ve got rid of the piggies, now its time to get rid of the old boar. I dont think he meant himself . :D :D

    Keep looking after each other and I might not be on site all the time but will still be in touch. love you all. :) :) xx

  • Hey Jillygirl, hugs & hugs to you gal, its great to hear from you again :) :)

    Erm just wondering if your hubby meant me !! when he said get rid of the old boar ( ahh thats how you spell it ) cus a know am boaring but didnt think i was that old :o huh flippin blokes, just common as muck some of em :P :P you tell him from me, that he's lucky cus i've lost my spear somewhere, :o just trying to think who i threw it at last, hmmmm probably somebody bending over, as in easy target :D :D

    Jillygirl i dont half miss you gal, loads & loads of huggs & kisses to you both, well am not kissing hubby, cus he might think i've gone the other way :o ;)

    Hopefully speak soon Jillygirl, am thinking of you always :) :) luvs ya xxxxxx :) :)

  • Hey Pete, Does your taxi go to st.james hospital Leeds. if so your my man. :P

    Well second thoughts your my (cyber) man with or without the taxi. :)


    Catch up with you later . hugs and cuddles. xxxxxxxxxxxxx :) :)

  • I tell you Jillygirl, i would chauffeur you around for nothing in my limmo :) :)


  • Bless you. I know you would. :) :)

  • Hi Jilly, nice to see you and glad you're keeping upbeat at the moment. I guess that just like this quitting thing you have to take each day as it comes and hope the better days outweigh the worse. So are you going to start running or get on your bike then? Haven't been on mine yet.

    Lots of hugs and positive vibes winging your way. Love Andi. xx :) :)

  • gonna have to ask santa for a bike , long time since I had one. Dont know about running , but trying a brisk walk when I can. Take care. xxxxx :)

  • Hi Jillygirl, it's great to hear from you :), i was just thinking about you today :)

    Glad your feeling upbeat today :) your brave to join Andi in this cold weather, i don't want to leave my duvet :D :D

    you take care Jillygirl, luv ya :) :) xxx

  • Who's this duvet bloke then Sue, is he your hubby or a bit on the side :o :D :D

  • Hi Sue , lovely to hear from you. you keep warm . Dont want no colds or flu. Dont worry I wont be going out if its too cold. need to keep fit for the weeks ahead.

    Forgot to tell everyone well done for staying quit. Your all stars.


  • Hey Jillygirl just found the ideal bike for you and hubby :) :)


  • thats the sort of exercise I like. :) :)

  • Hiya, just got back in. It was lovely out there this afternoon. Haven't got any stamina though as after half an hour I was feeling cream crackered - just like the other day when I went for a walk round the Head. :o We went into Burley afterwards which is famous for it's witches. It was lovely as they were having a Hallowe'en day and lots of people entered into the spirit of it and was delightful to see people dressed up and playing games etc. :) Must get my tea now before Strictly starts. See you later. :)

  • Hi everyone some visitors have just arrived, hopefully will be back on later :),

    have a good night, luv yas :) xx

  • Aup erm ---- '' Is there anyone their '' ----

  • I'm very sorry but my eyes are closing now, just got to get some catchup sleep :( :(

    Just thought :o we've got an hour extra in bed tonight :) :)

    Speak to you all tomorrow, and i do really wish you all a good nights sleep, so nite nite everybody and luvs ya all :) :) xxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Pete, sweet dreams,

    speak tomorrow, luv ya :) xx

  • Nite nite everyone, away to try catch up on some sleep,

    sweet dreams, luv yas :) xx

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