DAILY CHAT     SATURDAY  /     21/07/2012

Good morning all. ,

Hope everyione is in good spirits this morning.

The sun is out , lets hope the weather forecast is right for once.

The piccy for today is either me or Pete. you decide. thought it might amuse you all. :D

Whatever your plans are today, have a lovely smoke free day.

See you all soon. xx :)

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  • Morning Jillygirl love the pic :D it cheered me up, i'm feeling a bit better today, just as well i need to go to the bank this morning, got in laws coming for a visit tomorrow from America, should be fun, hope i still feel better lol, hope everyone has a great smoke free day and nice weather for a change :) xx

  • Good morning everybody, and yeah its a beauty day here tooooo 8-) 8-)

    Jillygirl - are you trying to tell me something ?! :o hmmmm i see i will have to keep a close eye on you young Lady :P :P

    Suepagal - its great to see you on here again gal, and i'm glad that you are feeling better today, :) :) hmmm going to the bank eh - ouch. :(

    Andi where are you today ?? ahhhhh just googled you, can see you running down the beach in your cosy going for a splash in the sea, you have a splash for me tooooo :D :D

    Speak soon, going in garden now while its nice, might don my shorts today !!!!

    Pete :) 8-)

  • Hi Pete , I knew yoou would bite at the piccy ha ha! enjoy your day . xx :)

  • Morning Pete just got back from the bank, the weather is lovely here too, bet it's bad tomorrow lol, have a nice day in the garden :) i'm away to have lunch now will speak later :) x

  • Hi Sue glad your feeling better. Enjoy your day and tomorrow with in laws. :)

    see you later. x

  • Hey Everybody :-) Happy Saturday!

    I've been treated to a lovely overnight stay at Chevin Park Hotel last night and so just had a lovely walk around Kirkstall Abbey, it's beautiful. Weather is not too bad either!

    Hey Sue, lovely to hear from you, you take care of yourself and you know where we are if you need us :-)

    Jillygirl, thanks ever so much for starting our days off with your fab Photies :0)

    Lisa-Jane, how are feeling today. Have the hiccups subsided? :-)

    Andi, enjoy your day and keep smiling :-)

    Pete, be good :0)

    I'll pop on later, trying to read and type on my phone in the sunshine isn't as easy as you'd think!


  • Hi Emjay, it sounds like you are enjoying yourself gal, and so you should :) erm never been their, sounds a nice place, i thought that Jillygirl would have made you a cuppa while you were there eh :D :D

    I went to the cyber pub last night with Jillygirl, tell you what, it didnt cost me much at all :D mind you she is hopeless at playing pool, and she cheats, huh typical flippin Woman :o :P

    Huh i see you have told me to be good,!! ;) arnt i always ?? you enjoy gal :) :)

    Pete :)

  • liar liar! anyway I like snooker better. and better still darts.

    Think some of the others would have turned up though wouldnt you. What have you done with andi hope you didnt call round last night after the pub. he he. ;D Next we Sue is joining us. :)

    Just think how you will look with all those women around you. D

    Hows the garden, bet you got quite a lot done today. put yer feet up now and have a tinnie.

    see you later. xx

  • Hi Emjay, You were only about 1 mile away from where I live., Glad you enjoyed it. .I live very near the airport. anyway Pete and I went to the cyber pub last night. he he. :D

    see you later. x

  • Hi Jillygirl wish i'd seen that i'd have come ha ha :)

  • Your on for next week ! 2 against 1 :D :D :O

  • 2 against 1 --- easy :D :D

  • Play darts this time :D :D

  • Still thrash you :D :D

  • Me and jillygirl will beat you :D :D x

  • :P :P

  • 180 ! :D No prob.

  • Actually you'll probably beat me, i'm lucky if i hit the board :D :D x

  • Evening all, this is looking a bit like the old days!! Nice to see you back Sue - if only til the in-laws arrive. :o

    So, cyber pubs and darts eh? Used to play darts a bit myself in my youth - wasn't much cop though. :D :D

  • Hi andi , dont tell Pete you wern`t any good at darts. 3 against 1 now. :D

    He will have to call for garry for support.

    Anyway hope your ok love. Going to put another post on for Pete in a minute.


  • Andi !!!! your awake then, :D :D huh about flippin time anall, lazy --- erm so & so :P :P

    ANDI -- you ok gal ?????

    I am, sorry WE are here to help each other, if we can :) :)

    Anyway still thrash ya :D :D

  • Hi Andi it's good to be back i missed all the banter :D i'm just out with the inlaws for lunch tomorrow then they go back home, hope you've had a great day :) x

  • Hiya Jilly and Sue, not too exciting a day - gym, run/walk, caught up with a friend who only lives up the road so went for a little walk with her this afternoon (by the sea - where else!). The weather was dry, mostly cloudy and extra layer still needed at most times today. Forecast is to get hotter as the week goes on, getting to mid 20s by Wed. 8-) It would be nice to do a riverside or forest walk for a change but I think it will take a while for the rivers to get back to normal level and the mud to dry up! :o

    She hasn't done spinning for a couple of years so we have booked to do a session at 9 tomorrow then go to a local market after. :)

  • Hi Andi sounds like a good day, wish i could go for a nice long walk by the sea, at least the restaurant i'm going to tomorrow is beside the river tay, lovely views :) hope the weather keeps up but i think our weather is gonna get worse, think i need a holiday to a nice sunny place :) have fun tomorrow :) x

  • Hi andi, youv`e had a good day by the sounds of it. have a good day tomorrow.

    see you later.

  • Well andi and sue what do you think of the ladies darts team dresses. put blog on so Pete can have a peep. :D

  • Jillygirl, if i am playing against you or Andi, Sue, or anybody else in that dress :o :| you have WON,

    Nice pear of pinns :) :D

  • Better than my nora battys eh! :D

  • Going to have a break and see if won lottery. If I do We are all of to the pub. ( Dont hold your breath). See you a bit later. :)

  • No way my legs look like that with all the chocolate i eat :D :D x

  • Could be a bit like my legs with all my exercise (apart from at the top - but that might also be to do with age! :D :D ) Don't know if her ankles are as good as mine though. I definitely DON'T have Nora Batty ankles (either in stockings or bare!) :o :D :D

  • Why whats up with the top then, ????? :P :P

  • Anyway i have to go to bed now, as in noddin alot

    Andi i'm sure you have got a cracking pair of pins gal, cus when i googled you on the beach, i thought hmmmmmm not bad for her age, as in FIT :P :P :D

    Love you all, and i'm sure you all know that :) :) chat tomoz, and sweetdream to you all

    Pete :)

  • Night Pete sweet dreams x

  • Night Pete, Sue, and andi. see you all tomorrow. :)

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