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Daily chat: Tuesday 27th November 2012

Daily chat: Tuesday 27th November 2012

Good morning everybody.

All our thoughts are with Jilly today as she embarks on her difficult journey involving lots of hospital visits. Good luck Jilly. :)

I hope you all have a good day no matter where you are in your quit journey.

There are some people out there who are still at the thinking stage. When you finally make that momentous decision and take that giant leap, please come and share your experiences with us - whether they be good or bad - and don't forget that if you have any questions we can usually find someone who can help you find a solution. :)

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Sorry I missed you all last night but my friend phoned from America and by the time she got off you'd all gone to bed. :o :D


Good luck Jilly


Good Morning Everyone,

I love the message Andi :D It's so true as well. Between you all on here, you have helped each other out ever so much. It seems that you are also helping lots of others who may just read through all the blogs and questions posted . You really are all so supportive of each other, you're fab :D

Hey Wonder :-) How are you doing? Lovely to see you on here :-)

Jillygirl spent her first night in hospital last night, hope she got a good nights sleep in and hung her "No snoring" sign up at the end of her bed :D She messaged to say that her heart scan went well and she has a good strong heart, but we kind of knew that anyway didn't we? Big positive vibes being sent to her for a successful op today and hopefully she will have the outcome that she's hoping for. As soon as I hear anything, I'll let you all know xx

I'm just away to pop the kettle on now, Jarvo keeps making noises to say that I don't make enough cuppa's... Pete will probably say that she's always asleep when I make it!

Speak to you in a bit :-)


Morning all...3 weeks today!!! Hope your'e all OK.

Sending love and best wishes to Jillygirl!



Well done to you Dawn, you are definitely getting there. Don't forget to reward yourself! :-)


Good morning

Prayers, thoughts and lots of hugs & kisses to Jillygirl xxx

Thanks for letting us know how Jillygirl is going on EmJay.

That is a really good quote of the day Andi and so true.

Well done on getting to 3 weeks Dawn, you are doing really well. How are you finding it? Are you struggling at times or are you finding it quite easy? I hope you had a nice, long weekend. I know I certainly did, can't wait for Christmas now as I'm having 2 weeks off :)

Sue, I promised you a present when I got back to work as you have so generously given everyone of us a present.



PS, It's nearly lunchtime so I hope there is some soup left over :)


Hi everyone

Big hugs and kisses to you Jillygirl, i will be thinking of you xxxx

love your thought of the day Andi, it's so true :) hope you had a good chat with your friend, it must have been lovely to hear from her :)

How you doing wonder, hope things are good with you :)

Thanks for keeping us updated about Jillygirl Emjay, sounds as though things are going well, if your putting tea on i only take milk in mine :D :D :)

That's brill news Dawn, congratulations on 3 weeks as a non smoker, :)

Kazz thank you for the lovely pressie, it's all so beautiful, hope you have a great day :)


hope i'm not to late with the soup :) xx


Hi all,

Well Dawn, another week under your belt. Have you over taken your summer attempt yet? I think it was your holiday then that was your downfall wasn't it? (You may now be thinking that I'm an elephant! :o :D :D )

Sue, I'm sorry to say that that's one of my least favourite soups - I can't stand the taste or smell of celery, don't like cooked carrots and cabbage doesn't agree with me. :D :D My fave is Heinz tomato and when I was ill when I was little that's all that I would want to eat. :)

Kazz, hope you're having your lunch time run - don't forget to leave a bit of energy to do some work with. :D :D


Hi Andi,

No I haven't taken over my summer attempt yet and yes it was the holiday

that was my downfall. I stopped for about 6 weeks before that, so still a little

way to go.



You'll get there, you're doing really well after you're initial hiccup this time so I guess you'll be looking at 6 weeks as your BIG milestone and hopefully this will make you even stronger to survive Christmas and New Year. :)


Yummy! Thanks Sue. :)


Thanks for the soup Sue, it is just what I need. I only had a muesli bar for lunch so the soup is appreciated. Pete wont be happy though, my bowl was huge compared to his! Ha!! :D


Hi Andi,

No I haven't done my run yet :) I am sat at my desk writing Christmas cards :D When I was ill when I was little, my mum used to do 'chucky eggs mashed up in a cup' :) I know that's not soup but it was lovely.

My previous attempt with Champix was 3 months Dawn so that is my next goal, oh yes and before that 9 weeks because Pete said he's going to get me a treat if I get to 9 weeks. :) It will probably be a half eaten cake and he will blame it on the cat .... again! :)


I would like to wish jillygirl good luck on her with her operation today xxx


Afternoon Everyone,

Dawn, you are now half way through to being on your way to your first milestone. In fact, as you are now entering your 4th week, you can let it feel as though you only have 2 weeks to hit your target :-/ Little steps at a time and you'll get there :-)

Kaz, you are pretty organised aren't you? Writing out your Christmas cards... You're almost at your 8 week mark now and so it won't be long before you get your treat off Pete :D You're doing well :-)

Sue, I can't believe that it's Tuesday again already, this means that its 9 weeks stopped for you today, how good is that then? :D I'll pop the kettle on again in a mo for another cuppa to celebrate :D

Andi, I went out on my lunch and braved my Day 2 of Week 2, can really feel it at the moment :D Looking forward to you getting that ankle sorted in the New Year so we can train in unison ;-)

Hey Delina, lovely to see you here, hope you are okay :-)

Right, kettle going on time... I'll not have that Jarvo one calling me for not brewing up!


Wow, I thought you were joking when you said you were going in your dinner hour! :D It's raining again here - thought we'd done with that for a few days now. :( My pt session has been brought forward to today as he's got things that he has to do on Thursday so I'll see you all later. :)


Hi Emjay, I can't believe I'm 9 weeks stopped today :), as you know i never remember :D :D

Think i'll go and get a cuppa as well, to celebrate :D :)

I think i need changed on the wall of winners, think i'm still down as April :o :) xx


Funny you should say that Sue, I've just said to Claire that you were on there twice! I've amended it now though :D

Have a lovely session Andi :-)


spooky :o :D x


Looks like there are quite a few things to celebrate so lets get the biscuits out as well :)


Thought this would be better Kazz

us.cdn3.123rf.com/168nwm/ch... :D :)


Oh definitely much better Sue, you can't beat a few choccies in the afternoon and I think we all deserve one or two.

Well done you on 9 weeks, do you get a treat off Pete for reaching 9 weeks? I think he said I could have one because he sent me a cake with a huge piece missing so then he felt guilty :) and so he should. xx


Yes make sure you do see him about it Sue, you can't give one without the other :D

The party link didn't work, we need a good party I think so please resend it xx


Hi Kazz, I don't think i get a treat, I'll need to see Pete about that :o :D :D

Hope your not working to hard :) xx


Looks like a fun party, that's me in the purple outfit :)

Well, I am going to try to find something for tea in the freezer then I'm off out for the evening.

Have a good evening everyone, enjoy your tea and I will speak to you tomorrow. Don't forget to find out what treat you are getting off Pete for your 9 weeks as a non-smoker Sue :)



Hi Kazz, I won't :D :D enjoy your night :) xx


I think we're all that shape from eating all those chocolates and chocolate cake! :o :D :D

That's me with the balloon. :)

I had to rummage in mine too Kazz. Have a nice evening and speak tomorrow. :)

Sue, I can't believe it's 9 weeks already - excellent! :) So if you're now 9 weeks then Pete was 5 weeks yesterday and no-one made any comments. :(



ooops! i forgot about Pete :(

CONGRATULATIONS Pete, your doing great, keep going :)



OMG! I've just seen the Beeb's Christmas ad. :o


Is that good or bad Andi


Well, it's quite a good ad but it will drive us all mad very quickly! :o :D


Hope i don't see it then, I'm mad enough already :D :D


Ah, but are you as mad as mad? :D :D


emmm don't think i'm quite that mad :D :D a close second though :D :D


Not playing with you and Andi anymore, your calling me names


Sue, I've got to go out now so I'll say nite nite to you and everyone else.

Pete, sorry I missed you again tonight, speak soon.

Sleep well everyone. xxxxx :)


see you later Andi, have fun

nite nite sweet dreams :) xx


Hi everybody, and bye everybody :( :)

Andi & Kaz enjoy your night gals :) :)

Rite then Sue, hmmmmm 9 weeks eh, cop a load of this


snog snog :D :D

and this is for afters :) :)



Thanks for the cake Pete :)

will chat tomorrow

nite nite sweet dreams, Luv ya :) xx


Nite nite Sue and sweet dreams to you tooooo gal :) :)

A big big well done to you :) :) for getting to 9 weeks Sue, I'm only on 5 weeks, but i aint half catching you up quick gal :D :D

Sorry am late on here again :( hopefully be earlier tomorrow night :) :)


A very good night to everybody else :) :)

I am sorry i havnt got to chat with you all, but i ''will'' when i get time :) :)

Nite nite everybody :)


I popped quickly back on Pete, i'm really sorry i can't stay up for you, can't get my stupid sleep fixed :( hope i can be up tomorrow xx


Nite nite to Kazz, chickles and madmad, hope i didn't leave anyone out :o :)

hope you all have a great nite

see you all tomorrow, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xx


Nighty night Sue and everyone! Didin't get here until late...hopefully catch up tomorrow at some point.



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