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Daily Chat : Tuesday 30th October 2012

Daily Chat : Tuesday 30th October  2012

Good morning everybody, its a cold morning here in Derbyshire, just a touch of frost but the sun is shining 8-)

I do hope you all had a good nights sleep, and have charged your batteries up ready to kick them cravings outa that door :) :)

Well Mondays done with, the worst day of the week, but as it happens I'm now a week into my quit, and its been the easiest day so far :) :)

Those of you who have quit, but erm stay in the background, why dont you just come and tell us how you are doing :) whether you find it easy :) or hard :( do you use NRT ?? or have you gone cold turkey ? like some of our members have done :)

Mondays gone now so you can come out :o :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away! :)

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Good morning Pete and everyone else.

I wondered if you might open up today Pete. Like the caption - I can't do that kind of picture so mine are really boring. Glad to hear you're still upbeat and better now you've got a whole week under your belt again. :)

Weather's beautiful but chilly here too (3 degrees). Went for my run this morning and it was lovely seeing and running through the mist hanging over the grass. :)


Good morning Andi, its great to see you gal :) :)

Hey your Daily chats arnt boring gal :)

I think we ought to get together, cus i can do the pics and you can do the words :) :D hows about that :o


Might work if you weren't always working or sleeping. :D


Huh flippin cheek, take that :P :P

Was going to tell you how to get pics on here, but sharnt now :o


:P :P


Is that all you can come up with :o

I thought Jillygirl and I were the only ones with 1 brain cell :D :D

Rite time to go and hide i think :o :|



P E T E S E E K E R ====== >>>>>>>



Ouch flippin ouch, a forgot to put my books down the back of my trousers :o :o wished i'd never thought of flippin spears now :(

Mind you i could always change my name to fred then it couldnt seek me could it :D



F R E D S E E K E R ============>>>>>>>>>>



H A R R Y S E E K E R ===========>>>>>>>>>


You name it - I've got it in the arsenal!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

You'll NEVER find anywhere to hide!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :D :D :D :D


Andi, just wondering gal, you havnt took any tablets this morning have you :o :D


:D :D :D :D


Rite as you said Andi, i'm either working or sleeping, so time for me to sleep now :(

Thank you so much for the laughs this morning gal :D :D luvs ya, you take care now :) speak tomorrow if you have the time, and the tablets :o :D

nite nite for tonight :) xxxx


Actually I'm very lucky for a person of my age and don't have to take any tablets. :P :o :)


:P :P


Nite nite Pete, sweet dreams. xx :) :)


Just thought, if your a lucky person for your age, then so am i, cus i dont take any tabs, well erm not often, only when i've been down the pub, as in the next morning if you see what i mean :o

Rite got to go now, otherwise i'll be sleeping on the job :D :D and sweet dreams to you Andi, for tonight xx


morning peeps,all's well here a bit chilly here as i got the balcony door open,kitty cat is playing out there under a watchful eye ;) big plans for today got to buy a pair of pliars you all stay strong :)


Morning ken, goodness! what are you going to do with a pair of pillars? ;)


Good morning one and all,

Well you have given me a laugh this morning :) so thanks for that. I don't actually mind Mondays, Tuesday is my worst day of the week as the weekend has just gone and the upcoming weekend seems so far away. You certainly told Pete this morning Andi, love those spears of yours :)

Wondering where Sue is at the moment, she is very quiet which isn't like her, maybe she has gone away or is busy at the moment... or her computer broke she did say she was having problems with it.

Love the picture Pete, that made me smile.

It's dull here in Cheshire today and was raining earlier but it's not that cold.

Hi Jillygirl if you are reading this, I hope you are staying strong and taking care of yourself, thinking of you xx

I wonder if Pete is snoring :D I'm glad you are feeling good today Pete, has your boss gone away as well :D I am certainly having a much better week this week than last so maybe you are right and it is because the cats away.... I mean my boss is away :)

Speak to you all later, keep up the good work and as Ken said, stay strong.



Hiya Kazz - pleased to be of service in the mirth department! :) It does get a bit daft at times but if it keep those cravings at bay then heigh-ho! ;) :)


Good Morning Everybody, Good night Pete!

You folks have been very busy this morning haven't you :-)

Pete, good to hear that you have had a good day (or was it night? - I get confused with your shift pattern!) We are behind you all the way. Just remember that the other times that you have practised at quitting have not been a waste of time. Hopefully you will remember what worked and what didn't and can use past experiences to help put an effective plan and strategy in place to stop those cravings from using any of those 'Pete seeking' spears that the girls are using to find you ;-)

Andi, you are just so motivated and very good for getting back into your exercise regime. What time were you up and out this morning then? It must have been an early one for you. If you can, please send me some of your motivation because I am rubbish! :-/

Morning Ken, sounds very tranquil where you are, 'kitty cat playing out on the balcony'... Hope it's not a toothache that you have and thats why you are wanting those pliers!! It was 4 months to the date for you yesterday wasn't it? I bet you are well chuffed :-)

Hey Kaz, Sue will probably be on anytime soon. I'm not too far away from you and have the same kind of weather. Was hoping to go on a nice walk in my lunch hour but never brought my other shoes in... You still exercising around that ping pong table? :-)

Big waves and positive vibes to our Jillygirl :-) xx


Buenos dias!

Was wondering how your hour's walk went yesterday (as per your blog at the weekend :o ) I was out the door just before 7 - got to make the most of the daylight hours & the non-rainy mornings. :) Just been to my local running shop and got 2 pairs of trainers so I don't have to worry when one pair's wet any more - I should always have a dry pair. :)


Ahhh Cómo estás Andi?

You are well motivated, getting up at 7 to go running in the rain! My plan is to go tomorrow now and try and make up yesterdays 3 miles / hour elsewhere in the week... Watch this space :-/ I bet you are feeling really refreshed from it too.


Hello ? ..... I haven't done that running in the rain yet - it's a lovely sunny day here today! :)


Ooof! Read that wrong and got confused with wet trainers :-/ Anyway, stop boasting about the sunshine, we're all snug in our office watching the blustery autumn wind and rain through the window :-)


Hi everyone,

What a carry on i've had with my computer, i kicked it, jumped on it and threw it out the window :D :D it still wouldn't work :o so i had to go get another one, managed to borrow my daughters old one, hope she lets me keep it :-/

I slept in again today, not much sleep last night, hope i get more tonight, you could pack the bags under my eyes to go on holiday with :D :o

The weather here is freezing, dull and grey, but no rain, not very cheery, can't expect much more when it's nearly November i suppose

Love your spears Andi :D :D Pete will have nowhere to hide now :D It's great you've got back to your running, don't know where you get the energy, i wish i had some of it :D :)

Hope you all have a great smoke free day, remember your spears if those craving come calling

Stay strong :) xx


Hiya Sue, was wondering where you'd got to. :|

Think we could have a bag competition! :o :D I seem to be waking up about 5 and not going back to sleep again (that's after waking 2 or 3 times previously during the night :o ) so nothing's new there. :D :D

Made the most of the weather this afternoon and cut the grass. Not sure if it looks better now cos it's so wet the lawnmower won't suck it up, it just leaves a soggy mess all over the grass. Yuk! :( I then went mad and dragged out the incinerator and burnt up a load of old papers so now I stink ................. of SMOKE!! :D :D


Hiya Andi

I seem to be the opposite with my sleep, when your waking up i'm roughly falling asleep :o what a pair we are :D :D :)

I don't have grass to cut, mind you i'm glad of that in this weather, miss it in the summer though, i love the smell of cut grass :D :)

i didn't do much this afternoon, got a house full ill people, so keeping away from them, i don't want the dreaded lurgy :D

Hope you get the smell of smoke washed away, and we think that's all gone when we stop smoking too :D :D


Good evening

EmJay I haven't been round the ping pong table for a few days, I think that's a good sign but I do need to do some exercise as I'm hardly moving away from my desk all day now. These dark nights don't exactly encourage me though, or is that just another of my excuses :D

Sounds like you've had a busy day Andi, so I would imagine that will be the last grass cut for this year then? Don't make a habit of making me laugh every morning or I will come to expect it :) you are Pete were funny this morning though, I thought should I step in before they come to blows as the spears were already flying :D

Hi Sue, I'm glad you managed to get your computer sorted out, I feel lost without mine when it packs in. I hope you don't catch the lurgy, wear a dust mask in the house :)

My sleep patterns vary lately, sometimes I fall asleep straight away then like Andi wake up around 5, read my book for a while then fall asleep again and then when the alarm goes off I don't want to get up. Saying that, I never want to get up, I am not a morning person. Then sometimes I lie awake for ages before I fall asleep. Seems to be worse since I gave up smoking but I've just seen EmJay's breathing exercise for that very reason so I will be giving that a whirl tonight.

I am off to visit my mum tonight who has the dreaded lurgy so I will be wearing my dusk mask. So if I don't catch up with you later, I will speak to you all tomorrow. Have a good evening.



Hi Kazz.

I know what you mean about exercising at night, i wouldn't want to go out in the dark and cold, i'd use the wii instead, in the warm :)

I hope your mum is not to ill, and that she gets better soon :)

have a good night with your mum :) xx


Hi folks.

I'm tired so need to go to bed and try and sleep, my fingers are crossed :D :D

nite nite all, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xx


Night night Sue, hope you get a good nights kip in xx

Enjoy your night with your mum Kaz :-)

Andi, I put petrol in the car earlier and for some stupid reason it missed the car and went all over me, resulting in me stinking of petrol! Good job I don't smoke, I'd be up in smoke myself! :-/

Hope everyone's evening is going as nicely and craving free as possible :-)

Big waves at Jillygirl xx


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