DAILY CHAT /    SATURDAY    04/08/2012

Good morning everyone.

Well the pc gremlins are out in force this morning. This is about the 5th time of trying to open up.

Firstly Pete etc. what do you think of the bike, been trying to catch up with you 3 winners in yer poshhhhhhhhhh! cars. :D :D :D

Weather is a bit iffy at the moment , hope its fine near you Pete as my daughter is down your way on a walking weekend.

Told her if she sees a strange fella in a car with a big ribbon on it to give you a wave. :D

No plans for today, Has anyone else got anything planned.

Off for my special k. now. see you soon if the gremlins let me. :)

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  • Morning easyrider Jillygirl, luv the bike gal, was just wondering where the sidecars gone to ?? :o :D I'm afraid weather is a bit naff this morning so far, and the gremlins are here too Jillygirl :X :P rite i'm off to put the shopping away see you in a bit :) :)

  • Gave the side car away to grommit. :D

    I`m off to do some shopping now . see you later on.

    Think andi must be doing a coast to coast ride in her new car. :D

  • Hi Regntcy, how are you feeling today?? come and have a chat with us and let us know how you'r getting on with the quitting !! :)

    Also if you would like to put your quit date on Emjay's Wall Of Winners - in the questions section, so that Emjay can keep track of you :)

    Hopefully speak to you soon :)

    Pete :)

  • Good morning everybody - bit cloudy down here too with showers this morning.

    Love Jilly's dress - is that the one your hubby bought you last week? - was it a reward for quitting smoking? :D :D

    Been to gym this morning followed by spinning - 3/4 hour class! :X :o I could feel yesterday's bike ride when I sat down on the bike! :o :o

    Just cooling off a bit now before hitting the shower. :) See you later. :)

  • Good morning Andi, 3/4 of an hour ''spinning'' gosh gal, am feeling dizzy just thinking about it :D :D and you leave biking out for a bit and give your erm ---- a rest eh :P :P

    Suns just started to come out here 8-) but forecast dosnt look good :(

    Speak later :)

  • hi andi , time you had an easy day. No it wasnt the dress it was the hair do. he he. :D

    see you later on .

    its taken me three goes to send this. flippin gremlins they are worst than piggies.

  • Friday's my rest day! :o :D

  • Hi everybody boy are those gremlins driving me nuts today, this is the first time i've been able to get on :D the weather here is lovely :) only thing is its that warm at night that i can't sleep, shouldn't moan though, not after all the rain we've had :D

    hope you all have a fantastic day :) xx

  • I'm going a bit goggle-eyed now - watching the lympics is just so addictive - have to get a bit of fresh air (and hope it doesn't start raining.) :)

  • Hi there - is anybody home? All been veeerrrryyyy quiet today!! :|

  • Yep

  • Andi - i think you may have got a bit of a stuttttttter gal :D :D

  • Hi andi ,

    Just been on rightmove searching for bungis. got carried away 3 whole hours.

    yes it is quiet . Pete must have done a runner.

    I`m going to watch tv for a bit . will bob in later. :0

  • For your information, i havent done a runner, cus am lookin for my ( flippin ) cus somebody's nicked it :P :P

  • Blimey its been quiet on here today :o :|

    Mind you somebody has pinched my ( flippin ) they bloomin have, you wait untill i find out who's got it :P :P huh cant have note on this bloomin site, you cant !! :D

  • Alright then, what's your ( flippin ) ? :o

    Uhoh, we're on a go-slow so I'll probably crash in a minute! :X

  • Just found out who nicked my ( flippin ) it's Jillygirl!! :P :P going on about the gremlins !!

  • It's a man thing :o

  • \is that what you call it. :D

  • Yawn yawn, think i will call it a day now :)

    nite nite Andi & Jillygirl, and everybody, try to have a good nights sleep, luv ya xx

    Pete :)

  • Oooof! I'm not quite sure what a (flippin) is myself..... Enlighten us Pete :D

    In fact, I don't even know what a bungi is either Jillygirl :-/

    You said that Friday was your day f rest Andi, but you were still off out and about doing sporty kind of stuff yesterday. Do you ever sit still :D

    Sounds like you've been blessed with the weather Sue, we've had a mixture if sun, rain, thunder.... Don't know whether we should be wearing wellies or flip flops! :X

    I've been on grandparent duties whilst trying to catch some of the lympics today. Did anybody catch the rowing? I was shouting at the telly to spur them on :D

    Hope everybody is having a stress free weekend so far. Remember to stay strong and think positive :D

  • Dint hear you spuring me on when i was rowing :D buttttt i'm down to 11st now :) so a couple more days, and i will hopefully be back to my normal weight !!

    Emjay - a ( flippin ) is a word i use, instead of other words :) and Jillygirl's got it now cus of the gremlins on this site !! :o :|

    I think - bungi - is short for bungalow :D :D

    Nite nite Emjay, luv ya loads gal, xx

    Pete :)

  • Hi Emjay, I'm an expert at sitting still - I daren't count the number of hours I've spent on the couch just lately!!! :o :D

    PS Planning a run in the morning. :D :D

  • Hang on Pete, tell us what your (flippin) is first..... You'll sleep better that we know :D

  • 10 hours agoReport

    hi andi , time you had an easy day. No it wasnt the dress it was the hair do. he he.

    see you later on .

    its taken me three goes to send this.flippin gremlins they are worst than piggies.

    Now you can see where my flippin went toooo, by the way is that how you spell worst?? :D :D

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  • Ok everryone . no I dont know what i have got of Petes. :O may be its a screw loose. :D

    Yes bungi short for bungalow.

    Hope every one is ok. signing off now . nite nite luv ya all. xx

  • Well I did crash earlier I think it always seems to happen when Emjay's doing a post! :o :P

  • Nite nite Pete and Jilly, sleep well. :)

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