Daily Chat :- Saturday 24th November 2012

Daily Chat  :-  Saturday 24th November 2012

Good morning everybody, I hope you all got a good nights sleep :) :)

Well it's the weekend again whooopi dooooo :) :D

looking through last nights blogs, it sounds as if quit a few of you were going to have a drink or two, so I hope you havent got too thicker heads this morning :o :) i you have just see Kaz ers got loads of tablets :D :D

Is anybody doing anything exiting this weekend like skydiving or mountain climbing !! :o me i'm sorting my winter emergency kit out, to put in my van :)

I hope you all have a nice and smokefree Saturday, you enjoy :) :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away! :) :)

148 Replies

  • Good Morning Pete, I was planning on skydiving but the weathers pretty awful so may leave it until tomorrow now :-/

    I'm just enjoying a lovely cup of fresh tea and then I'm going to clean out my little pets and then I'm away to Manchester to catch up with a few friends for a couple of hours and then I'll be back home to Chillax for the rest of the day :0)

    How are you doing? are you off to see your advisor this morning? t's lovely to be online the same time as you :0)

    Big waves to everyone else :0)

  • Morning Pete and All. I have decided I,m playing Einstein today, I want to know if I am addicted to Nicotine or is it just a habit, is it the hands to mouth action or is it all in the mind. Today I am having a none puff on the E-cig day and see what happens, I actually think i,m not addicted to Nicotine as I can go all day without using it, so lets see. If the BBC News has ( a woman in liverpool arrested for murder ) then I,ll know. Have a great day


  • Good morning all, I am packing my hold all ready for monday, then may be run a marathon, :D er! Nah just going to get wrapped up and go for a walk around the tarn.


    Good luck with the Einstein theory mad. I know where your coming from. I still have an inhalator in my coat pocket havent used it for about 3 months. Just a habit of knowing its there.

    Emjay enjoy your day out love. and see you later.

    Pete Hope your all sorted out for the winter. Good thinking at least your prepared for anything then.

    Catch you all later. xxxxxxxx :)

  • Morning all, three weeks today without a ciggy :) not using any patches,mints or spray now and feeling really positive, Hi Mad :) I went without my e-cig the whole day without killing anyone lol more by accident really, took it upstairs the night before while reading my book and left it there, the next day I kept thinking I'll go get it in a minute and never got round to it. Must admit though I was getting a little worried when my last one was running out so I think its mind over matter some times. Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)

  • Well done Delina and good luck with your effort to stop. I agree that for some of us it is mind over matter but it seems really hard for some people, were all different and our bodys react in different ways. I found it really easy to stop but the e-cig took the edge off it I think, I havent used any NRT since day one but I surpose the e-cigs has filled that gap. I dont think about it anymore, its part of my life thats been and gone, I know I will not smoke ciggys again and thats what I wanted.


  • Good morning everyone.

    Congratulations on getting to 3 weeks Delina - great that you're managing without any aids. :) Great tip for Mad as she's trying to curb one of the replacement habits. :o

    Jilly, it's peeing down with rain here so walks don't look like they're on the cards at the moment. :( Don't forget to pack some food! :D :D

    Emjay, your run? I guess rain stopped play again - we WILL run in the rain one day! :o :D

    Pete, I know they said winter's coming next week - down from Sweden so I guess you'll get it before we do. If you get any problems, this may help keep you warm. :D :D


  • Good morning Delina well done on reaching 3 weeks of being a non-smoker. :)

    Andi its very cold and frosty here ice on the puddles. But the sun is shining so going to make the most of it, whilst I can. Like the piccy for pete. here is another one for him. :)


  • Morning Emjay :) :)

    Emjay, its lovely to see you, seems ages since i spoke to you last :) yep bin to see my adviser and had my CO test -- 5 --this week, i thought it was a 12 week course, but she said it was only a 8 week course, so i've only got 2 weeks to go :( :(

    Enjoy your catchup with your friends in Manchester :)

  • Morning Mad,

    Hmmmm so your playing Einstein today then :o :| flippin good luck to you gal, erm, no you dont live near me so am safe :D :D

    I hope you get to the bottom of it :o :D

  • How are you finding it Pete to give up? What are you using to help you and how longs it been now I,ve lost track of your date. Its a mystery this smoking habit, the more I read about it the more it puzzles me. Some find it easy, some very hard, smoking makes some i,ll and others not. I dont understand whats going on, i,ll have to keep reading up on it and try and work it out ( I doubt it ) if the brains of the world ( Prof: Docs: ) what chance have we but there again you never know, sometimes the answers in front of us and we still cant see it.

    Have a good weekend


  • Morning Jillygirl,

    Just bin lookin at your pic, you got funny lookin boats out there gal :o :| is that the tarn ?? or is it one of the frozen puddles you got there :D :D

  • Morning Delina :)

    A massive well done to you for getting to 3 whole weeks gal, thats just ace :) :) your doing so well, stick with it, but beware, them cravings can strike when you least expect them too :o

    Have a nice day Delina :) :)

  • 27 days cold turkey having cravings still and this morning coughed up some more phlegm how long will i be coughing up this disgusting stuff?

  • Good morning seafrontsos :)

    Firstly a big well done to you for getting to 27 days quit, AND going cold turkey, i'm afraid i need help with my quit -- NRT -- erm i think it lasted about 2 weeks with me, but as Emjay has said before, it all depends on the individual, erm do you exercise ?

    because i do, and perhaps that helps to get rid of that muck that we have in our lungs faster :)

    I will have a look through the old blogs, and see if i can find anything for you :)

    Speak soon

    Pete :)

  • Hi again Seafrontsos, just found this :-

    Coughing / phlegm when stopping smoking?

    Posted by EmJay ROY CASTLE 3 Oct 2012Report

    Wondering why you have that awful dry cough? Or why you are couphing up all that horrible 'stuff'?

    Here's a reason why it may be;

    Smoking paralyses the tiny hairs, or cilia, which line your windpipe and helps to clear dirt and mucus out of your lungs. When you stop smoking, the cilia start to work properly again and so you may experience more coughing and phlegm. If you can imagine all those hairs laying flat for so long and now that you've stopped they kind of say "right lads, let's get back to work again" and as they start to move it causes a dry tickle... This is a positive sign of recovery, showing that your body is getting rid of the tar and toxins which smoking has left in your lungs.

    These symptoms may last a while but can be soothed by drinking plenty of water or using sugar-free boiled sweets to help keep your throat moist.

    Remembering that you are only coughing up what is not supposed to be there in the first place

    However, if you're coughing persists and you become worried, please make an appointment to see your GP.

  • hi there i've read that article before, thanks anyway. To your question yes i have just completed wk3 run3 of C25K.

  • Morning Andi,

    Just wondering why you cant go for a run in the rain :o hmmmm cant you just take a broll with you, or do you run that fast that it turns inside out :D :D flippin wimps


  • Morning everyone, I actually managed a long lie today, whooopppy, :D :D,

    Congratulations on reaching week 3 Delina, that's brill :)

    good luck madmad, i think it's a habit as well, i use the inhalator cause of the whole hand to mouth action, yesterday i didn't use it at all, didn't even realise till bedtime that i hadn't :)

    Here's something to keep you warm on your walk Jillygirl

    i00.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0... to keep you nice and cosy :D

    I might just go to my daughters this afternoon, it depends when she finishes work, i can always go tomorrow. we have sunshine here so might go for a walk before the rain comes tomorrow, it's gonna be heavy

    hope you all have a great day, whatever your doing :) xxxx

  • Morning Sue :)

    Ahhhhhhh so those couple of drinks did you good then :o ;D

    Erm did you need to take any tabs this morning then :D :D

  • Morning Pete,

    I'm fine this morning


    and i only had one drink, honest :D :D :D

  • Aup Sue, yeah but how big was the glass gal :D :D


  • :D :D :D :D I'd never be able to pick that up Pete :D :D

  • Here you go Sue, take your pic of the colour gal :D :D


  • :D :D okay i'll have the pink one, that will make things much easier next time


  • Morning all!

    Well done Delina on 3 weeks!

    Today is my 12 weeks! Woo hoo, that deserves several twirls in my computer chair!

    Busy day today, no change there I guess. Cleaning, washing, ironing etc Have friends here for lunch tomorrow. Have been food shopping. Need to give the garage a quick tidy, as well, all the rubbish has gone to the tip, thank goodness!

    I had a couple of Southern Comforts last night, tonight I think I'll open the Tia Maria.

    Have a great day everyone!


  • Morning Chuckles :)

    A gigantic well done on your 12 weeks quit gal :) :) and yes it does deserve several twirls on your computer chair :o :| hey is this you ??


  • Hi Chickles,

    Congratulations on reaching 12 weeks,


    you're not half having a busy day, i'm tired just thinking about it :o :D


    have a great day :) xx

  • Ha ha ha ha love that last pic Sue, talk about multitasking :D :D

  • Congratulations Chickles on getting to 12 weeks. :) Nearly 3 months then. I'm surprised that you find the time to count up how long you've been quit for. :D :D

  • Hi Sue, glad you managed to sleep in. Did you check that pic of mine from last night yet? I feel like getting back into bed now as it's so dark here today it's nearly like night! :o I've had to resort to doing some housework and I might even do some ironing later - only at the thinking about it stage Pete so don't get your hopes up! :D :D

  • yeah but all you iron is T shirts, flippin dead easy they are to iron, well they must be cus i can iron them :P :D


    You have a knapppppp gal :)

  • The last one of course :) :)

  • Saw the first one all over the place when I was on my hols - seems it's really a man's job this ironing, not a woman's. :D :D

  • Hi Andi, I love those pics :D :D :D :D, just glad i knew where my Irn Bru was :o :D :D

    I'm at the thinking stage as well, that's probably as far as i will get :D :D

    sounds like horrible weather where you are, just stay cosy today


  • A bit difficult shoving the hoover round dressed like that! :D :D

  • Well just dream about it then, you know, like you do the gardening :o :P :D :D :D :D

    Think i'd best scarper outa here :) :)

  • You'll find a way :D :D :D and be warm at the same time

    bet Pete says he's the third one :D :D

  • :P :P :D :D

  • :D knew you'd say that :P :D

  • Yeah, we can read him like a book! :D :D :D :D

  • Not my fault, cant help it, cus i've got note up there :o


  • Join the club Pete


    :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • I'm off now as well Sue, enjoy your afternoon, see you later. :)

  • see you later Andi, I'm away out too :)

  • yeah yeah yeah flippin yeah :P :P to flippin both of ya

    got to go out now, speak soon, you you you lovelies you :) :)

  • see you later Pete, i'm away shopping :)

  • Hi

    I was going to go skydiving off the mountain I was going to climb but it's a bit windy so decided not to bother. Yes if anyone has a hangover today, I have loads of tablets over from the 100s Pete sent me last week :)

    Well done Delina on reaching 3 weeks and to Chickles for 12 weeks you are both doing so well, keep up the good work. xx

  • Aup Kaz, I hope you ok gal,

    Erm thought you wernt going skydiving :o


    Good job you've got a big bummmm to land on eh :D :D

    Think it's time i went, - woooooooooooosh

    ;) :)

  • Hi Kazz, that would have been fun :D :D mind you the wind might have carried you to who knows where :D :D

    I'm just in so gonna way to put the kettle on will be back on soon :) xx

  • Aup Sue, 1/2 a sugar please, & a touch of milk in mine :) :)

  • I'd have thought you took 3 with all the whizzing around you do!


  • Andi,

    One has to do what ones has to do, hasnt one :o :D :D

  • Excuse me Laddie.... I have not got a big bum it's voluptuous not big so please remember that for next time :D Spears at the ready! :P

    Yes that's very true Sue, if I could have guarantee I would have been blown away to some warm, sunny beach with white sand and deep blue sea, I would have taken the risk but as you said, I could have ended up anywhere. I would have probably landing in a cow pat in some rain sodden field full of cows :)

  • :D exactly where I wanted to land Andi ... sigh :) even if i did land on my voluptuous bum :D

  • Think it would soon shrink with all that swimming in the ocean there and running barefoot along that beach! Think I might join you too. :) :D :D


  • :D :D :D that would be my luck as well Kazz :D

  • Room for 3 please!


    Pete, if you want to come I'll book you a separate room! :o :D :D

  • That looks amazing Andi :) :)

  • Andi, i will have the pooooooooooooooooooofee :) :D

  • Alright - will this shaggy one do?


  • It does. Perfect beach, gorgeous room. So we are all going to risk skydiving in the wind or will we go by plane to be on the safe side :)

  • Chicken :P

  • I can see you and Andi, but where's Kaz then

  • What about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :o :|

  • you went to get a drink Pete, can you not remember

    us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/... :D :D

  • Remember what ?? :o

  • It makes my mouth water just looking at that pic Sue. :)

    We can also do this -


    Or maybe this is more Kazz's style! :D :D


    Oh look! Jilly's arrived now - Pete's giving her a lift! :)


  • :D :D :D love it

  • Coooooooor i think i need my shoulders massaging now, :( :(

    Who's up for it :) :)

  • your making that to easy for him Andi :D :D

  • She said she'd do it for you once she's done her ironong

    picturesof.net/_images_300/... :D :D

  • (It's still peeing down outside!)

  • still, it should be stopping soon for you, hopefully, we're getting it tomorrow

  • Sue you say tomorrow, hmmmm it's bin p----- erm raining loads here for 4 hours now, so think you maybe get it shortly :( :(

  • Great pics :) Am I flying the jet or on the water ski behind because of course I fly jets and water ski all the time. In fact I do it so often I'm getting a bit bored of it now. Jillygirl will massage your shoulders Pete seeing as it was Jillygirl who was sat on your shoulders :)

    Still raining here as well, hasn't stopped all day and I haven't seen the weather forecast yet for the North West to see when it will stop. Have any of you seen Fred Talbot the weather man. I love him he is so down to earth and at night he says 'sleep well, you deserve it' :) You probably wont have seen him as he's on Granada weather.

  • Kaz this Fred Talbot sounds rite up your street gal, just wondering if he smokes or not :o if he does just say pack em in or i will sort your nether regens out :o :| i think that may do the trick :D :D

    Whats up you not drinking tonight then ?!

  • Andi, i just love your shaggy puffee gal :D :D

  • It's gonna get windy here again tonight. :(


  • Got to get my dinner - I'm starving! :)

  • I've just had half of mine, pud to come, apple pie and custard, yummy :)

  • that's terrible Andi, hope your okay tonight, that no damage gets gone :)

  • Andi -- you flippin get your dins before it gets blown away :D :D

  • Heres Fred Talbot. I want to know if he is the father of Christine Talbot on Yorkshire tv. She is just a news presenter. Like you say Kazz , Fred is a matter of fact guy.


  • Right, all cooking now - be ready in 20.

    Salmon, sprouts (shut it Pete!) and roast sweet potato with onion. :)

  • Yep shut up Pete :D :D :D

  • Yuo cant cook that in 20 :P :o unless you got it out of a packet :o !!

    But i aint bothered, you enjoy gal,

    Sorry Andi just cant keep it shut gal :( :(

  • It was yummy! :P :D :D

    (Did prep in between coming on here of course! :P ) :|

  • Yes that's him Jillygirl :) I've never heard of Christine Talbot. I did hear that Fred Talbot is gay but I don't know how true that is and even so I suppose he could still have a daughter.

    I don't know what I'm having for tea tonight, not sure what I feel like. Might order a take away.

    No I'm not drinking tonight ;) I've got loads of tablets left though just in case I change my mind :)

    I love it when it's really windy and rainy and especially when there's thunder and lightening (should have just said I love it when it's stormy) and I'm all snuggled under my duvet and don't have to get up early in the morning.... bliss :)

  • Fred Talbot? :D Pete? :D

  • Jillygirl, I had a look to see if Christine & Fred Talbot were related but couldn't find anything. Found something about his partner being the man who played Jimmy Corkhill in Brookside, but again how true that is is anyones guess. :)

  • If fred wants to play away, then let him

    :P :P :P :P :P

  • Hi everyone, i've just had visitors arrive, my aunt and uncle from Canada, I will try and come back on later :)

    In case i don't manage, nite nite everyone, sweet dreams

    luv yas :) xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sue, aww thats lovely news, you take care gal, and as you say nite nite to you, and the sweetest dreams ever xxxxx :)

  • Sue thats lovely enjoy your evening. nite nite love. :) sweet dreams. :)

  • Hey Jillygirl, dont go gal, please dont go yet :( :(

  • Hello, she's saying nite nite to Sue, silly. :)

    ps Nite nite Sue, sleep well - hope you found your Irn Bru! :)

  • Andi, are you saying what i think your saying, :o that i'm silly !!

    ok then :)

    Nite nite Sue, sorry gal just lost it for a minute, have to get another cannie :D

    You take care now, and luvsya xx :)

  • Not gone anywhere just having a cuppa. one for you here but suppose you want a tinny. :D


  • Hmmmmm not sure what digestive bickies taste like dunked in lager :D :D hic, hey that was my mouth spray talking :o :|

  • Have a lovely evening with your Aunt & Uncle and night night. Sleep well, you deserve it :) xx

  • Knock knock, is Kaz coming out to play !! :o

  • Think she's watching Merlin. :)


  • Yes I was, I love Merlin. Saturday night tv is good.... Strictly Come Dancing, Merlin then Casualty :)

  • Anyone noticed busker on questions ,not sure what he?she wants to know. :O

    Back in a bit my big brother is going to call me tonight about 8.oo ish.


  • I will go and have a look Jillygirl :) :)

  • No sorry, Kaz is grounded tonight can't be trusted not to drink then go skydiving, snowboarding, mountain climbling or flying fighter jets etc. :)

  • Andi that is the most amazing picture :) :)

    Was that really Kaz :o ??

  • Actually, that's me! :o

  • Oh, I have on every similar, sorry thought it was me :D:D We should go snowboarding together one day and take Pete with us :)

  • Who else would it be Pete? Not sure where Andi managed to get a pic of me though :)

  • You flippin Woman, your more impossibler than i am :o :|

    Huh think you know it all :P :D

  • :D Exactly Andi and that after having a few Southern Comforts, not a good combination :) Great pic :)

  • Exactly, how many :o ??

  • And exactly how many have you had tonight then eh? :o

  • About 8 :)

  • Will that be a bit of a binge then? :o


  • Kaz nice bit of leg gal, but where's the other one :D :D

  • I'm sat on it :) and that would be after about 15 :)

  • You are flippin jokin Woman, 8 if i was living with you gal, i would have let you have 4, cus otherwise i would have to cart you offfffff to bed, and i dont think you would like that :D :D

  • 8 isn't a binge, 8 is just ... erm ... well.... it's a little tipple :) I can still walk in a straight line after 4 bossy knickers :) If I would like it or not depends how you are going to cart me off to bed, if you are going to put me in a cart and bump me up each stair then probably not :D

  • Andi :) :)

    Do you think Kaz is a bit over the top then :o !!

    Cus i reckon that you should let your hair down now and again :) :)

  • I've obviously had a very hard day snowboarding which is why I'm flaked out like that, that's not the Southern Comfort :D :D Can't make it up the stairs because I've got muscle cramps, which is why I has 8 Southern Comforts, medicinal reasons :D

  • You don't have to worry about getting up the stairs cos Pet's offered to take you up. ;-) :)

  • Hey Kaz you mean mediationial purposes :D :D if you want to sleep on your sofa and get a stiffffffffffffffffffffff neck in the morn, then thats upto you gal :D :D

  • You chickening out now? are you worried about your back? And I thought you were Superman!


  • Well it is a 4 seater sofa so there is plenty of room to stretch out :D

  • I will bid you lovely Ladies goodnight :) and will speak tomorrow if you let me, nite nite Ladies, and god bless you, and luvs ya tooooo, dont forget that :) :)

  • Night night Pete, sleep well and we will definitely let you speak to us tomorrow, you make us laugh. Of course I'm speaking for everyone but I know they feel the same way:)

    Luvs ya laddie xxx :)

  • Oops sorry , was going to call back but started watching casualty. As if I havent seen enough of hospitals. Tired now so signing off. love ya all. nite nite sweet dreams. xxxxx :)

  • Nite nite Pete,

    Nite nite Jilly,

    Nite nite Kazz,

    hope you all have a good night's kip, my eyes are drooping now too!

    Hugs and love to you all. xxxxxx :)

  • Night nightJillygirl, I watched Casualty as well, Night night my love, sleep well and sweet dreams luvs ya too xxx :)

  • Night night Andi, well looks like Pete isn't going to carry me up the stairs, he's gone off and left me behind :)

    Sleep well and sweet dreams Andi, until tomorrow xxx

  • Many thanks Pete and Andi...

    Am loving the pic of the chair twirler!

    Laters all have a fab sleep!


  • Good morning everyone,

    Due to work/family commitments I don't usually get chance to write a blog or comment myself, but when I get chance I have read all of yours since quitting on 1st Aug after 38 years.

    It has helped more than I could ever tell you, the strength I got from others experiencing the same feelings and knowing how I felt really boosted my determination.

    Nearly 4 months now, and still have the cravings now and then, but the thought of what it was like in the first few weeks, a quick read of your messages keeps me on track.

    Good luck to Jilly, I know you will be fine with all the love and positive energy being sent your way.

    Thank you everyone, good luck on your journeys

    Sharny :) X

  • Hello Sharny, Its lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your kind wishes for me.

    I am so glad this site as helped you. I know how hard it can be. You seem as if you have conquered this quitting lark and are truly a non-smoker. Please join in the daily chat I am sure the other members would love to chat to you. As you will have gathered we are slightly silly , :D in fact a lot silly at times. :D However it keeps us all focused. I myself feel as if I have conquered the battle with ciggys , now got to fight another with the cancer. However with all the support on here (spears at the ready) I will conquer this too.

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