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Daily Chat: Wednesday 24th October 2012

Daily Chat: Wednesday 24th October 2012

Morning Everybody :0)

I popped on briefly this morning to put up the daily chat and it seems to have disappeared... Hope it's gone off to chase those cravings away :D

I'm on my phone at the moment so apologies if my photie doesn't post my picture.

I'm just getting myself ready for heading up to Scotland but will be popping on and off so may join you for a cuppa later :-)

Remember to practise your breathing techniques as the way you breath can determine how you feel. Breathing exercises can be used to calm you down, give you energy, clear your mind. Practise makes perfect :0)

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Hi Emjay,

I've been busy with housework and shopping this morning, just what i love :o

Then i had terrible problems with my laptop, just couldn't get it to go on at all, so gave it a good kicking, now it works :D :D

Hope you have a great time up here at your friends wedding :)

away to get a cuppa,will chat later :) xx


Good afternoon everybody.

I came on early this morning and was going to open up but I had no broadband (swear, cus, breathe deeply!!! ) Finally got round to phoning my service provider to get a message saying there's been a fault and they've now fixed it. :X Anyway so I still haven't had a chance to catch up - am wondering what all those spears are all about that you all keep going on about - are they special "Pete-seeking" ones and if so, where do I get some? :D :D

Emjay, you'll be pleased to know that it's 2 months since I last ran (when my foot started hurting). I've now decided to start again right from scratch from day 1 of C25K and do it slowly so hopefully I don't get any more injuries. My gym doesn't restart till next Monday so I went out this morning for my first run! :) Decided to keep to a soft surface so went round the local golf course - didn't like getting wet feet though! :(

The sun's just come out - first time since I came home so I'm off out in the garden to do some weeding before the cold sets in at the weekend.

See you later.


Hi Andi

I've been playing with the gremlins today, first my laptop refused to work, then health unlocked refused to work :D :D so got more housework done

It will take you a while to catch, but you should come across the spears, then take your pick :D :D, i think only Kazz has the heat seeking one though, i use mine to spear my cravings :D

Enjoy your gardening :) xx



hey guys, I have tried many times to get online but I just couldn't sign in!!

hope everyone is keeping well Im fine just been mega busy.but im still smoke free...124 days what ever that is in months.. ive lost count now..

just recently ive had a few cravings,but its at really silly times and doing silly things

!!what amazes me is how even though the physical addiction is not there any more.. i still can have a craving.. usually when im shopping??? yet the one place I thought id struggle is on the computer when im working out designs etc.. but thats not phased me at all??? really weird.


Honestly, if it's not one thing it's another! Not sure what HU's been up to this afternoon but thought it would be ok by going home time.

Nice to see you back on here a bit more Lisa - know what you mean about those pesky cravings. Was away for a whole month and hardly thought about them at all. It was really weird cos I hardly saw anyone smoking the whole time. I was glad that I wasn't smoking cos I'm sure it would have been sooooo hard. It would have been those times when you couldn't have one for hours so you made up for it by chain smoking when you could just to get the nicotine levels up! :o :o As for the airports - wonderful not having to seek out the sinbins - although most overseas airports seem to have them when the uk doesn't! :)

Since I've been back though I have been thinking about it more - probably cos I can still smell it ingrained in the carpets and it's back to normal-ish days.


Hi everyone

I've had loads of trouble getting on here today, think i need a new computer, maybe Santa will bring me one :D :D

I hope everyone has had a great day, and evening :)

I'll need to sign off now, i'm not feeling very well, caught a bug of some kind

Sorry i won't be up for you Pete, i really enjoy our chats, i hope you've had a good day and stayed strong, my spear is here if you need it :)

nite nite everyone, nite nite Andi, Pete, Jillygirl, sweet dreams, luv yas xxxxxxx


Hi everybody, yeah flippin late home again, 23.30 when i flippin clocked out of work tonight, :X :X

I'm going to have it out with my boss when i get in work tomorrow, erm today, so Sue i might need your spear please :) :(

Aw Sue i'm ever so sorry your not feeling to good gal, i hope you didnt catch the bug off me, with chatting last night :o I've missed our little chat tonight gal :( but dont you worry cus am used to talking to myself gal :D :D

Rite going to read the blogs now, not many today :(

Nite nite Sue luvs ya too gal, and sweat dreams xxxxxxx :) :)


Aup Emjay, i should think you at Scotland now, but just wondered if you remembed to take your headache tablets with you, cus you know what you were like after you went to that Hen party :o :| you Women just dont know when to stop drinking :D :D


Hey Lisa-Jane its nice to see you again gal :) sounds like your doing great there gal, i think its about 4 & 1/2 months now :) :) since you quit, a massive well done to you gal.

Was just wondering if you have had any accidents lately gal, :D :D speak soon :)


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