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Daily Chat : Wednesday 28 th November 2012

Daily Chat :  Wednesday 28 th November 2012

Good morning everyone and I hope you all got a good nights sleep :)

Firstly, Jillygirl I'm so so glad it all went ok yesterday, we are all with you and loads of hugs and love going to you and your family :) :)

A massive well done to Sue, 9 weeks quit yesterday :)

A big big well done to Dawn, 3 weeks quit yesterday :)

And well done to Pete, ( who ever he flippin is ) 5 weeks quit yesterday :P erm sorry I meant :)

Emjay please keep us updated on how Jillygirl is :) :)

I'm off to the Docs if I can get in today, because my right eye has swollen up for some reason :( so perhaps speak to you later :) rite thats enough of me babbling on so will leave you to it, hope you all enjoy your day :) :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away! :)

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Good Morning Pete, sorry to hear about your right eye, hope you get into the Doctors and get it seen to, work should let you off it's your health, if they don't i'll beat them up :D :D

i hope your feeling good this morning Jillygirl, love and hugs are on there way to you :) xx

we have blue skies this morning so it looks nice out there, hope it stays that way :)

I'm away to have breakfast, hope you all have a great day :) x


Good morning Pete, Sue and everybody,

(Too many keyholes! - pardon, who said that! :D :D )

Sorry you've got a bad eye Pete, hope you get in the doc's pdq or maybe try the chemists. I'm sure you won't be able to do long drives with it in that state.

Hope Jilly had a comfortable night.

We've got grey skies here but dry. Have been for a spin this morning and of to Aqua class later so busy morning for me.

See you later. :)


Luv you toooo flippin Andi,

For your information Andi, it was Keyhole Kate that used to look through keyholes :P and she used to be in the comic called Sparky :)

Huh thats sorted you out :D :D


Morning Andi, you are having a busy day, i've just had breakfast :o :D have a great time at aqua class :)

I'm off out shopping, see ya later :) xx


Aup Sue, hmmmmm would that be going shopping for my Christmas present then :D :D and hey, dont you spend tooooooo much of hubbies hard earned cash gal :o :|


Morning everybody. Hope your eye is OK Pete!

Sending best wishes to Jillygirl. It's freezing here in

London but not raining thank goodness. Anyway hope you

all have a great day.



Hi Dawn,

Thank you for that, and good luck with your quit :) :) and keep warm



Good morning

Been fighting again Pete? :D Or as Andi said, peering through too many keyholes :D


I hope you get your eye sorted at the docs.

Congratulations on 5 weeks Pete, you kept that one quiet :) Maybe you are like Sue and don't count the days and weeks, but luckily EmJay & Jarvo do :)

Best wishes to Jillygirl for a very speedy recovering from her op, hugs & kisses xxxx

Having another lazy day then Andi :D :P I think you need to do more exercise :)

Morning Dawn, hope you are ok.

I saw the treats that Pete gave you for 9 weeks Sue :D I'm glad he didn't miss you out. Are you sharing that cake? Not sure I would have wanted that chimp covered in red lipstick kissing me though. Now I'm beginning to worry what my treat will be, I'd be more than happy with just the cake :o

It's a lovely Autumn day here, sunny, blue sky but a bit on the chilly side. A good day to go out for a nice jog, not that I am going, just saying it is a nice day for joggers :)

Have a great day everyone, keep smiling xxx


Hi Kaz, hmmmmmmmm

So you think that was a picture of a chimp then !! huh, ok then I hadnt had a shave for a couple of days, and forgot to wipe the tommy sauce off my chops, cant help it :P :P :D

You got that exercising/dancing CD going yet ?? :P :D


I didn't think it was you Pete because I couldn't see a moustache, it was hidden under the tomato ketchup :) Please accept my sincere apologies, I should have recognised you :D :P

Of course I've got the CD on, we are all leaping and bounding round the office in our leotards :) It's a sight to behold I can tell you :D



You just be careful young Lady :D :D



Aup John,

Enjoy your walk to the clinic, just great to hear you got through that John, as Delina said, that was a make or break point in your quit, but you made it through :) :)

Excuse me for asking John but what does ' Amor Eterno ' stand for :)


Pete, El Divo have a lovely song called Amor Eterno, ( Love Eternal ) Take your eye out, put in on worktop and lob the cream in, stick it back in and problem solved. Hope you get better soon,



I am sorry your feeling pain and sadness John, I wish I could take it away from you, I can,t but I send you a big hug.



Good Morning to you all :) hugs to Jilly xx. Hope you get your eye sorted Emjay. Its a lovely day here in Birmingham, the sun is shining, Off to make some home made chicken soup healthy and warming and sort out my xmas decorations as my daughter and grandson wont be happy if they are not up by the 1st dec, hope you all have a nice day :)


Hi Delina, its nice to see you :) hmmmmm xmas decorations, i suppose thats the next job i will have to do, but while i am putting them up, i cant get in to trouble can I :o :|

By the way that home made chicken soup sounds yummy :P :)


Hi John, well done for not smoking, its times like that we are tested to the limit, that must of been very difficult for you, I too have been struggling with emotions for a few days but then I thought no I am not going to undo all the hard work that we all put into quitting, hope your cravings pass Take care :)


Delina, I would love to know how you make your home made chicken soup gal, :) :)


Hi everybody,

Back from the Docs, he thinks i have an infection in my eye :(

Got some oint___ erm cream to put in it :P

It says look in the mirror

pull the cheek out just below the eye to form a cup shape

tilt your head upwards

squeeze tube until about 1/2 an inch comes out

and put the cream in the cup

then blink allot

ha ha ha :P :P ha :X ha 8-) ha ha :| ha :D :D

I've got more chance of becoming a millionaire than i have gettin that flippin cream in my eye :( as soon as i tilt my head up i cant see whats happening, the flippin cream just does its own thing then :X :D

Help !!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :(


That sounds horrid, squirting cream in your own eye :( YAK!

Ask your better half to do it for you.... oops other half :) or just put a big dollop on the end of your finger and stick your finger in your eye, that might do it :D


Afternoon everyone :D

Fun and games and all kinds of antics going on here as usual I see :D

Pete, you had me in hysterics just trying to picture you!



leading to this;


You're going to have to use your good eye now for spying on my 'nodding times now ;-) How does if feel to be into your 6th week quit then? I hope you are as proud of yourself as I am of you, you've worked really hard to have to get where you are on your quitting journey. Remember to let us know when you need an extra boost from any of us won't you? I'd hate to think that all the while you help everyone else out but don't get the full support when you need it most for yourself, just 'cos you won't let us know :-/

Kazz, I'm beginning to wonder how long it'll be before you decide to go for a gentle walk, break into a jog and then join Andi and I on a cyber run together :D Sounds like you are on the 'thinking about running' stage :-)

Hi Delina, lovely to have you join everybody in the daily chat. Overcoming everything that you've felt the past couple of days is what will make you stronger and will help you to stay stopped. You really are doing so well :-) Your chicken soup sounds nice and healthy. It's a nice comfort meal in this weather :-)

Hi John, how did you get on at your stop smoking clinic? Did you have a nice walk? I hope you are feeling a bit better today and are positively distracted through the designing of your Christmas cards. You know we are here if you need us :-)

Hey Dawn, how are you feeling today? Still feeling positive I hope :D

Sue, hope you've had a happy shop and bought some nice things.... or was it more about getting food shopping in?

Andi, I hope you had a fab session this morning and are chillaxing for the rest of the day now :D

I hope our lovely Jillygirl had a good nights rest and is feeling much better today xx


Yeah thats it Emjay, you take the micky out of me aswell, :P :P not bothered am not, huh you know who your friends are dont you :D :D


Hi Emjay, Yes I'm fine and still feeling positive, although I do

sometimes find it difficult in the evening. Going for my CO reading

after work, I was quite upset last week that it was a 2 (when the previous week

it was 1), but my stop smoking advisor said not to worry as it was probably the

20 min walk through heavy traffic that caused it. So am expecting a 2 again

this evening - will let you know tomorrow!

Have a good evening everyone - speak tomorrow!



A 2 is a good reading Dawn, try not to let it upset you. You are doing absolutely fantastic and there are a lot more improvements going on inside your body that you just can't see :D


Thanks Emjay, I feel much better physically and mentally

since stopping so I know things are improving!

Have a good evening


Hiya Dawn, :)

2 is just super gal :) :) especially living in London with all that traffic :( I live in the countryside and the lowest reading i have had is 5 :( :(

Dont you get disheartened, cus your doing so so well :) just ace gal, just ace :) :)


Hi Dawn

I have no idea what my CO reading is, don't let having a reading of 2 get you down. The main thing is that you are not smoking, and that you are feeling better for it. 2 is great anyway, so much better than when you were smoking. You are doing amazingly well Dawn xx


Yoo hoo everyone!

Well done to Sue on 9 weeks, Pete on 5 weeks and Dawn on 3 weeks! Brilliant!


There's one each! (If it works)

Pete, re your eye cream, get Mrs Pete to put it in for you, I've got visions of you using a whole tube, or it ending up as hair gel, ha!

Everybody is doing 'fantabulously' well with the non smoking!

My daughter is making tea tonight, bless her, spaghetti bolognese...I can smell the garlic, peppers and onions frying, tummy is rumbling!

I was very norty last night and ate a whole tube of Pringles, 'Once you pop you can't stop'...how true that is!

I know I should now be off them, but am down to 3, 1 mg lozengers a day. I have tried days without them and am not quite ready yet. I seem to get very 'snappy' and easily irritated. Better for me than smoking!

I should have stopped when I was seriously ill 6 years ago, a long story, but basically I had a narrowed artery artery in my brain (from birth apparently), the weather was very hot, my blood thickened ( I was dehydrated, you deffo need 3 litres of water a day in the hot weather when we have it!) and couldn't get through the artery, which caused me to have a series of TIA's( mini strokes). The result of this was being in hospital for a month and a titanium stent in my brain, it's still working fine! I have tried stopping so many times, but just know that 'this is it'! I am so focused and am so encouraged by everyone on this forum, thank you all so much for your wonderful support! I am fully recovered, thanks to 2 wonderful Specialists, my wonderful daughter, friends and not forgetting the Angels!

My main reason for quitting is because my daughter hates me smoking, then for health reasons, then financially.

Thanks again!



Aup Chickles nice to see you gal :)

Whooooooooops missed my eye again :P :(


You are a very lucky young Lady to come through all of that, well you know that dont you :) as for you not quitting then, perhaps you were too stressed out to even think about quitting, cus i know i would have been !! :o but the main thing is you have done it ''now'' and are doing so so well :) :) so like you say you stay focused and positive and show your daughter that you can hold your head up high and tell everybody, NO THANK YOU I DONT SMOKE

Brill gal just brill :) :)


Hi Chickles, You are so lucky to have come out the other side with your problems and so lucky you never had a full blown stroke. Sounds like you're so enjoying life now and living it to the full and nearly 3 months quit smoking to boot. Well done, you ex-smoker! :)


That must have been a scary time for you Chickles, I'm so glad you got through that without I hope any lasting effects. I don't think it matters if people are ill or not, nothing can make someone give up smoking if they are not ready to as you have just said. You always think that if you were seriously ill you would give up smoking but that's not always the case.

I think 1mg lozenges 3 times a day is brilliant and better that than getting irritible and going back to the old habit. You will give up the lozenges when you are ready. Look what Jillygirl said, she keeps her inhalator with her even if she doesn't use it any more, it's always there in case of an emergency.

Your tea sounds lovely and thinking of the smell of onion, garlic and peppers frying is making me feel hungry. :)


Hi everyone, just got back from Xmas shopping with my friend, had tea and done the dishes, then who should turn up, my brother :o, thank goodness he's away now that he's been fed and watered

Your all doing brill staying off the piggies :) you all deserve a gold star

goldstarfloors.com/resource... :)

have you got the cream in your eye now Pete, or is your hair all slicked back :D :D

I hope it's not causing you any pain :)

I'm sorry this happened to you today John, i know what this is like, i wish i could say something to make you feel better but i no i can't sending BIG HUGS

Thanks for the trophy Chickles, that's the first one i've ever got :)

I love pringles too, but now i'm away to buy my favourite.......chocolate......yummy :D :D

will chat later :) xx


Good evening everyone.

Glad you got in at the doc's Pete - does that mean you've got the day off sick tomorrow? When I was prescribed eye ointment for an infection a couple of years ago I had no problem whatsoever putting it in.




Aup Andi, yeah got in, it was a cancellation so was lucky :)

I squeeze the tube of the eye erm ointment and it curls up onto the tube tip :o and it wont drop off into my eye :( dont forget am an old boy :o :|

As for you having no probs putting it in, huh you flippin would'nt would you :P :P

Bye the way you get younger looking every day :D :D


Hi Sue, glad you had a good day out with your friend - were you there to carry her bags as you've already done all your Christmas shopping? :D :D



:D :D :D that didnt work :P :P :D


Andi ive had the same problem with some links :o :|



Ha! you knew you were in trouble then so now you're trying to get out of it :D too late :P


Hey Sue where's these ear chocs then gal ?? :o


Oooops, I've started eating it :D :D



hi Andi, I was bag carrier/helper, should've told her i still had shopping to do :D :D

would love to see that pic but the link doesn't work :o :D

hope you had a good time at aqua class



Sue i will have the smallest bit, cus you've been out all day gal shopping, av done note much today, mind you i have been shopping :) erm online though :D :D


Think i'll go back to doing that next year Pete, i've totally exhausted myself, it will take me days to recover now........aww well time for a cuppa


think they need a break as well though :D :D


I'll have the rest of yours then laddie :)


Oy not all of it :P :P


mmmmmmmm :|


Yeah, I don't look bad for 68 do I? :D :D :D

Sorry about the pic - I usually check but didn't this time. :(

Aqua class ... mmmmm ... I checked when I was there earlier that it would be the regular instructor. Got to the pool and the woman who came last week turned up again so I left without getting in the water. She was there last week and all but 2 had left before the end of the class. :( Trouble is no-one complains or reports so the powers-that-be don't know and can't do anything about it then so we'll see what happens next week!


Andi , you telling me that you didnt complain :o ??


No fighting over it now :D :D, here's more you can all share

filmcow.com/blog/wp-content... :D :D


Wow, now that is what I call a bar of chocolate :D one for you, three for me, one for you, four for me :D

Thanks Sue. :)


Huh, you might have more bits, but i've got the biggest bit :D :D


greedy! :(


You did say BITS didn't you? :o :D :D




Why what's wrong with her Andi?


Ah right, you think she would have got the message when most people left and changed the routine, some people just don't get the hint though :)


Sue, I think your choc looks like a ceramic tile - do you want to try some of mine? :|



There you go again :) looking younger :) :D


We can all dream can't we? :D :D



Your choc wins the prize Andi :D:D


Thanks Andi, think i will seen the other two are pinching all mine :o :D :D


not pinching it Sue, just borrowing it :) and greedy guts got the biggest bit!


Hey Andi you got any waves like this down your end then !!



Wow!!! :)

(I've got to find some chocolate!) :o


Yeah hurry up Andi we are running out :o


Yeah, I had to run out myself! :o :D :D


:D :D :D :D :D


Run out where? To get more chocolate? You run everywhere, you tire me out just sit quietly for 10 minutes and eat some chocolate :) Lets send Pete out for some chocolate while we relax with a nice cuppa :)


Tooooooo flippin late, av already got some, enjoy Ladies :P :)



ooooo, can i have a piece Pete, pleeeaaasssseee :D :D


Oh thank-you very much Peter but I've had sufficient for today. :)

Are you going to go to work tomorrow?


I dont think so Andi :) :)


To the smallest room if you really must know! :o

Hey, Emjay says we're all going for a run together next year - how about Easter? :)


I would love to do this Andi but I can't cause of my arthritis, i can only hobble short distances :(, I'll come and cheer you all on :D :)


I thought your were joking when you said that Andi, about running out :D :D


This is just getting too confusing for words now! :o :D :D

The running comment was supposed to be for Kazz but everything's getting mixed up tonight. :o :D


Rite am off up that wooden hill, just cant keep up with the pace on here :P :P pant pant so i hope i see you all tomorrow, nite nite and God bless :) :) xxxxxx

Jillygirl, am thinking of you gal and hugggggggggs heading your way gal :) :)


nite nite Pete sweet dreams, luv ya :) xx


Oh :) it's ok Pete has got us loooaaadddsssss of choccie .. bliss.

Sue, Pete, Andi is asking you a question about running, I think you should do it, it will be good for you... :)


Message for chocaholic Kazz!


(Shame the writing's too small to read! :( ) ;-)


I can't do it either because I've got a bone in my elbow :( such a shame


Nite nite Pete, don't forget to do your eye and hope it's a bit better in the morning. Sleep well.

Hugs xx :)


I'm off to bed soon as well, after taking my painkillers

nite nite Andi, Kazz, and everyone, will see you all tomorrow

sweet dreams luv yas :) xx


Nite nite Sue, Hope you get a good night's kip. See you tomorrow. xx :)


Night night Pete, sleep well and sweet dreams xx :)

I love that pic Andi, yes it would be interesting to read the 25 reasons why chocolate is better than a man. If it wasn't so late I would try to see if I could think of my own 25 reasons :)

Well I have been putting this moment off but it has got to be done :( .......... ironing :( can't stand it.

So I will say night night Andi and Sue, sleep well, sweet dreams and I will speak to you tomorrow, I think we should take this show on the road, you don't half make me laugh :D xxx


"I've got a bone in my elbow" Is this some strange north country expression?

Enjoy your ironing Kazz - keep wanting to do mine but always manage to find something else to do instead. :o

Nite nite, sleep well. xx :)


Erm...anyone got any Cheese and Onion crisps?? Am proper peckish, just for a change :)

Many thanks Pete, Andi and Kazz for your kind words. I have stopped smoking and started again far too many times. In all honesty I have probably been stopped smoking for longer than I smoked in the last 6 years. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and it was difficult for me to stop, particularly since my scans, initially 3 monthly (twas quite scary being awake and seeing the inside of my brain on camera when they went inside to look! They went in via the femoral artery in the groin, up through the heart and into the brain), showed that everything was fine. Plus I am on medication that reduces the stickiness in the platelets in my blood. I have been very, very fortunate to have pioneering surgery and very, very silly, by continuing to smoke! But c'est la vie, the past is history, the future is a mystery, now is a gift that's why we call it the present! (my most fave saying).

Am so glad that you liked the trophy Sue, may it be the first of many!

I am going to raid the drinks cupboard for a Bacardi and Coke...cos I can :)



Hiya Chick, I'm trying very hard to reduce my crisp intake but I do love them and find that I'm drawn to see what bargains there are in the supermarkets. I can't stand salt & vinegar but c&o is one of my faves.

You enjoy your bacardi & coke - so long as you don't weaken and have a fag with it! :o :)


I'm sorry Chickles but that sounds horrible, I would have kept my eyes shut :o It is truly amazing what can be done these days, I've never heard of anything like that it is ....... well I can only say it again.......... amazing :)

You were not silly by continuing to smoke Chickles, we all know on here that it is not easy to give up smoking, if it were easy we wouldn't all be here supporting each other and the main thing is that you have given up now.

I love that saying :)

Unfortunately I don't think we have any cheese & onion crisps, we need to get some in for you, I think everyone else has a sweet tooth :)

Enjoy your Bacardi & Coke, I'm still putting off doing the ironing :(

Oh well onwards and upwards.....

Night night Chickles, sleep well and sweet dreams xxx


No Andi, it's not a strange north country expression, it is a serious condition which means that someone with a bone in their elbow can not do any running, jogging, leaping or bounding :)

As you can see I am still psyching myself up to do the ironing...... 1. 2. 3........... go.......

4. 5. 6. :)


Yikes, no weakening here, one, don't want a fag, and two, no shops near to walk to even if I did ;) PLus I can't walk tonight, because I have a bone in mi leg :)

Kazz, send your ironing over here, am sad, I love ironing!

Nighty night Andi and Kazz, sleep well!

Night all!



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