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Daily Chat : Wednesday 31st October 2012

Daily Chat : Wednesday  31st October  2012

Gosh thats October done with :o time just seems to fly by nowadays, or is it because i'm an old codger now and getting slower :o :|

I hope you've all got your treats ready for tonight, cus them spooks will be calling around Har Har Harrrrrrrrrr :o :o

Jillygirl i hope your ok gal, and keeping fit :) were all thinking of you and are rite behind you, if ever you should need us :) and hey, say hi to hubby for me wont you and just wondered if you have told him about turning his watch back yet !! or you just leaving him to do his own thing :o :D speak to you soon Jillygirl and take care :) :)

I wish all you new quitters good luck on your jurney, and for those who have started their quit, keep strong, focused and positive and you will get through it :) :)

But if anybody needs help :o :( there is always somebody about on here to help you, and if we cant, then i know 2 gorgeous young Ladies who can - Emjay & Jarvo who are our support advisers and they will soon put you straight :) :)

Rite am off for a ca- erm a cup of T, see you soon :) :)

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Morning Pete, i love your picture today :) got no treats in yet but it's always quiet round here, it's too cold for for the spooks :D :D

I need to get a cuppa myself so i defrost :D :D :o see you in a bit :) x


Good morning Sue, and how do you feel today then gal ?

I hope you had a good nights sleep :)

Ohh we get the spooks around here, but there only little ones thank goodness :) so a couple of choc bars each, keeps em happy :)


Hiya Pete,

i'm fine this morning thank you :) hope your work went okay last night :) and that those cravings are not bothering you :)

Oops, there's one ---------------------> whooooosh got it :D : D

Pheww, that was close :D :D


Yeah it flippin was close, just heard it wizz past my ear :o :P

Its getting dangerous on this site for me, who the flippin eck thought of spears anyway !? :o :| hmmmm rite will go to my garage and invent something to combat those pesky spears, :P


Good morning all. :)

Nice piccie Pete - I don't seem to get any trick or treaters here thank goodness. When I've got treats in in the past I've had to eat them all myself :o so I don't waste my money on it now. (Bah, humbug!! :D :D )

Sue, sorry I didn't get back on last night. I seemed to be on the phone a lot then every time I tried watching a bit of telly I fell asleep so was in bed before 10. That's the trouble with getting up early :o but I had a better night last night. :)

Just back from spinning so have got to disappear for a bit. See you later. :)


Good morning Andi,

You got any of them Thorntons chocs left ??

You've got to disappear for a bit, a bit of what :o ooooh powder your nose you mean, that flippin spinning plays havoc with ones makeup dosnt it :D :D

Rite back to my garage


Pete i was spearing your craving not you :D :D

morning Andi,

i went of the site early myself last night, needed bed early :)

don't think i was up as early as you though, spinning classes already, that's good, only exercise i've done is lift my teacup :D :D


Good Morning and a Happy Halloween too :D

Wednesday already, mid week and heading fast towards the weekend. It's funny how time goes by isn't it? Unless a craving hits of course and then they seem to slow time right down,or even make certain moments a bit of a blur!

Andi, you're like little Miss Energetic! Spinning... you have definitely come back firing on all cylinders! I am going to attempt my very brisk 3 mile walk after work tonight... :-/

Pete, thats a cracking picture :-) and thanks for the compliments, we do try our best :D

Sue, hope you are well rested and now sat enjoying your cuppa :-)

For any of you who are experiencing cravings, try and see them as a positive sign and that the more you have, the sooner you will learn to deal with them. Remember to practise your breathing techniques and that way you'll find them easier to use at the times you need to use them most.

The more times you allow those pesky cravings in at the beginning of your quit, the weaker they will become. Just don't let them steer you into the wrong direction of those awful white sticks who quite often lead you to believe are your friends.

Remember to stay as positive as possible through this stopping smoking journey and we'll combat this together :D

If anybody fancies another cuppa, I'm away to pop the kettle on :-)


Good morning Emjay, and i hope that you are well :)

As for the compliments, what do they say, credit where its due :) :)

But as for you going on a brisk 3 mile walk tonight :o the only brisk walk you will get tonight is from your car to the front door :D :D

As for a cuppa, i think im full up today with tea :o ;)

Rite just going to put the finishing touches to my invention for those spears :) :D


Good morning

Great Halloween picture Pete, I love it :)

Well all I can say after reading through this blog is ... SPINNING!!!! at this time of the morning!!?? I can only just drag myself to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. You must have so much energy Andi, it makes me feel tired just thinking about that.

I'm glad you both had a better night's sleep last night.

I don't get any trick or treaters where I live either, they would be lucky this year as I have lots of sugar free sweets in. I've not eaten any sweets for 2 days now which is good as I was eating them by the lorry load before, every time I got a craving. Now I just spear the little critters : )

Did anyone notice that Pete said he was going to get a can then changed it to cup of tea :) :) not that I'm grassing you up again Pete :P Anyway, this time of the morning is like your evening because you've just finished work so if you want a can then you have one, I am presuming that would be a can of coke or something similar :)

It's dull again here today but not that cold and not raining at the moment.

How are your family Sue, are they still suffering?

Speak to you all later xx


Good morning Chocy, erm Kaz, sorryyyyyyyy :D :P

Ha ha ha ha sorry Kaz but i had to laugh at the comment you made about the can of coke :o :| cus on my second attempt to quit, i also tried to quit the lager as well, soooo that day i'd got a patch on which makes me a bit windy, and i was supping fanta orange, well there was wind coming from flippin everywhere gal, i had to stay out doors all that day :D :D

You sound as if your doing really well Kaz :) and knocking the sweets on the head as well, you keep it up gal, just wondered though if you had tried the wii exercising yet :D :P


Hi everyone,

The family are a bit better, thank you Kazz, i hope your mum is feeling better :)

I'ts dull grey and cold here, like you i had to drag myself out of my cosy warm bed, it took some doing :D : D

didn't notice Pete saying that :D my brain is still sleeping :D

hope you have a great day Kazz, and don't need to walk round the ping pong table :)

hi Emjay, i'll be round with the biccies soon 'D :D

Have a great day, stay in the warm :) xx


Rite i will say a very good day to you all, cus am off to bed now :P

I wish you all a good nights sleep, and happy dreams xxxxxx :) :)


Nite nite Pete, sweet dreams xx


Night night Pete, for every day that you stay smokefree, I'll walk a mile :D

I see Kaz is giving as good as she gets ha ha :D You fit in well around here Kaz :D


:D :D :D :D :D

See that flying pig????? :D :D :D


Back again. :)

I don't know, all this talkabout my energy - I haven't really got any yet. I'm just so creaky and feeling blobby at the moment so what I do is go through the motions and work up to everything slowly. That way, in a couple of weeks I'll suddenly realise that I can start turning things up a bit. ;)

That was very astute of you Kaz to work out about Pete's can cos I was having a total blank on what he was talking about then. :o Mind you, I'm not exactly sure what he's on about most of the time. ;) Watch out for tomorrow though cos he did spend rather a lot of time in his garage this morning. Perhaps he was doing a bit of wizardry. :D :D


Hi Andi,

I'm certainly hiding from Pete tomorrow, who knows what he's come up with :D :D

i might go to aqau aerobics tomorrow, if i can get up :D, i'm having a lazy day, tomorrow i'm really busy, then Friday going to my daughters, looking forward to that :)

Just nipping out to get some milk will be back on soon :) xx


Back, just in time to miss the rain :D

Think i'll go work on my own spear in case i need it tomorrow :D :D

and a suit of armour :D :D

hope you all have a great day :)


Night night Pete, sweet dreams.

No Pete I haven't yet done my Wii fit I am building myself up to it just as EmJay is building up to doing her 3 mile walk, you can't just jump in and do it you know, it takes a lot of thought and you have to psyche yourself up :D I will think about it again today and probably tomorrow :)

Thanks Sue, my mum was feeling better last night when I went round. I'm glad your family are feeling a bit better, there does seem to be a bug of some sort going round at the moment.

You do realise EmJay that you have just said you will walk a mile for every day that Pete stays smoke free in front of witnesses. As he he is on his 10th day now does that mean you have to do 10 miles straight away or are you starting it from today? :) I will join you and think about doing a mile a day for every day that Pete stays smoke free.

Yes Andi, Pete has been spending a lot of time in the garage, maybe he got thrown out of the house again for drinking cans of fanta and wearing a patch :D

Until later xx


Hi Everyone, just a quick note to say I haven`t forgotten any of you. I miss you all and know your 110% with me. I think you are all such wonderful people.

hugs and cuddles. :) xxxxx


Hi Jillygirl,

it's lovely to hear from you, hope your getting lots of rest and relaxation :)

Your in my thoughts every day :)

Love and (((((hugs))))) xx


Thanks Sue, I think of you too. bit of a whirlwind at the moment. but hey if I can beat the piggies the wild boar dont stand a chance, especially with all of you and those spears. :D

You take care. love ya. xxxxxxxx


Hi Jillygirl,

too right, spears, us and your strength together, they don't stand a chance :)

Take care of yourself Jillygirl, we need you back on here to keep Pete in check :D :D :D

luv ya :) xxxxxx


Afternoon all.

Jilly, nice to see you pop up this afternoon, of course we're all thinking of you every day and know that you're lurking in the background. :) You obviously need some extra hugs today and you know you've got them from us all - shame they're only virtual. :) :)

Went out for a blast down the beach between showers and did a bit of shopping. Doesn't the summer (what we had :o ) seem such a long time ago now? The waves were massive and there's hardly any sand left on the beach.


Hi Andi hope your ok . Glad your keeping an eye on everyone. Thanks for the extra hug. When I get through all this I told hubby we will have to go on a tour of britain catching up with everyone. Your all so wonderful and genuine. love you all. xxx :)


Hi Andi.

Glad you had a good afternoon :), I like down at the beach, when it's not raining, but where did all the sand go :o did you have that much wind down there, or was it Pete visiting when he had is fanta orange :D :D :D

I better get outta here before he gets me with his wizard spear :D :D


It's very windy here today. I don't know where the sand goes in the winter - I always find it amazing that it's there when you want it in the summer. :o :D Pt does a circuit class on the clifftop on Wed evenings and I've been threatening to go all year. :o I might bite the bullet and try it next week - may be a bit stronger then! :D :D (They do say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. haha :o


Dinner's ready - will try to look in again after. :)


Ha! Pete is going to regret telling us about the Fanta orange, we wont let him forget that one in a hurry :D :D

Hi Jillygirl, it's so good to see you on here, we miss you and we all send you loads of hugs xx

I'm getting tired just reading all about your exercising Andi. I have just had my tea and am now watching tv and thinking about doing Wii Fit :)

I hope you are all having a good evening.



Hiya Kaz, glad you're keeping the sweet consumption down. Have just woken myself up again :o Have you now finished thinking about that Wii Fit? hahaha Souds a bit like Emjay's walking and running! :D :D


Just so I havent left out my favourite guy, hope you had a good day at work Pete. You take care of yourself. :) hugs and cuddles. xx



Thanks Andi, yes I am doing well not eating the sweets. I did consider going out trick or treating on my own tonight to get a few free sweets but then I thought I would probably be told to clear off and grow up :) No, I'm still thinking of doing the Wii Fit. I not sure now if Pete said if I did Wii Fit there was more chance of him climbing Mount Everest or that he would climb Mount Everest :) I notice EmJay didn't reply to my question of whether she was going to do the 10 miles as she said she would do a mile for every day Pete stays off the ciggies :) Girl after my own heart I think :D

Did you nod off in the chair? You must wear yourself out with all the exercise and everything else you do. Can't understand you keep waking up at 5am, you should be sleeping all night. Maybe you are like Margaret Thatcher she only needed 3 or 4 hours a night :)

Oh yes, I keep meaning to ask, why does everyone call cigarettes piggies ? I'm intrigued (or nosey) :)



Hi everyone,

I gotta go now, got visitors, i swear this house is like piccadily circus just now :D :D

I'll try and get back on later, if i don't manage nite nite, sweet dreams, see you all tomorrow afternoon

luv yas :) xx


Nite nite Sue, sleep well. xx :)

Kaz - piggies! It just goes back to a typo ages ago and just stuck. :)

Cor, wind's howling and rain's crashing on the window now - good night to be tucked up indoors. :o Don't think anyone will be trick or treating in this! :o :D :D


Night Sue, speak to you tomorrow, sweet dreams.

Ah right, thanks Andi, makes sense now :)

It's raining here. You can't beat being all snug and warm in the house when it's windy and rainy outside. Well, I stopped thinking about it and I did it! That was down to you Andi, when you said am I still thinking about doing Wii Fit. I thought to myself, oh just get on with it. All I was doing was sat watching the tv. I only did half an hour and now I'm shattered, I'm so unfit. I might have another go at it again next year :D... only joking, I'm going to try and do it regularly from now on.

I've not had any trick or treaters or even heard any children outside. As you say Andi, it's the weather, but I thought children would have ignored the rain for a few free sweets, must be the adults making them stay in as they don't want to go out in the rain :)


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