Daily Chat: Wednesday 6th June 2012

Good Morning Everybody! :-)

The sun is shining today and I do believe that June is going to be a lovely month to either stay smokefree or to get cracking on with setting a quit date and then look forward to a lovely smokefree summer :-)

I'm going to set up a blog, or maybe a question, (not sure which way is best yet) so that we can have everybody's quit dates etc easily to hand. We can always add to it and every now and again (as it drops off the bottom!) I shall copy it into a fresh new post :-) We'll know where everyone is up to then. It also gives the opportunity for some of our quieter members a chance to let us know how they are doing :-)

I'm back in the office now, I have full access to the internet as I seemed to have been experiencing the worse network problems at home, this included TV, telephone and broadband and so I could only access here via my mobile which is so fiddly!

Hows everybody doing today then?

Remember to stay as positive as you can and the world and all around you will be eaier to deal with :-)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing

Soooo..... chat away!

44 Replies

  • Hi emjay, Good idea about dates. I have done 9 weeks tmoz. Dont know about the sun, just had a heavy shower. Never mind it may change. hope everyone ok. see you later. xx

  • Hi Emjay, I completed week 5 last night so from today it's start of week 6. I'm still finding it quite difficult to believe - and running!! :D :D :X

  • I stopped on the 3rd of March so that's 3 months and 3 days or 95 days or 2280 hours or 136800 minutes or 8208000 seconds...but most importantly about 2000 roll-ups that I've not smoked. :) Not that I'm counting.

  • Hi ya Cathryn49, nice to see you here, my names Pete, i think its the first time i've seen you gal!! :)

    I luv your counting, or not counting, :D magic gal, but i've just done a quick calc in my ed, and i make it 2002 roll-ups you hav'nt smoked, never mind gal, you warn't far out!!!! :D

    3 Months & 3 days, just fantastic gal, you stick with it!! :)

    Pete :)

  • Hi Emjay good idea except as usual i've forgotten when i stopped, think i need a brain transplant lol :)

  • Aup Suepagal, ''Brain'' whats one of them then???? :o hope your ok Sue, and kicking them piggies outa that door gal.

    Your quit date was Monday 16th April 2012, soooo if my eds working right thats 7 weeks and 2 days gal, :D :D yipppeeee, nice one Sue, you stick with it, your doing great gal !! :)

    Pete :)

  • Thanks for finding my quit date Pete maybe you could go find my brain now, hahaha hope your doing well and staying strong, you can do this no problem, we all believe in you :)

  • Afternoon Everybody :-)

    It is absolutley pickling it down here! Cracking weather for ducks, maybe even for Lenne :-)

    I'm just about to upload the 'Everybody's quit date'. Sue, I'll have a little nosie about for yours :-)

    Good on you for counting Cathryn... there's no harm in that! :-)

    Andi, you are doing fantastic in keeping all your exercise regime up :-)

    You've almost 3 months under your belt now Jillygirl. Thats brilliant! :-)

  • Hey pete, hope you're okay :-) Thaks for the reminder of Sue's quit date, you are a star :-)

    You just getting home from work?

    I keep getting logged out of this site... so frustrating!

  • Hiya Emjay, i'm super gal, i hope your ok tooooo :)

    I just wandered !! when you log on, do you tick the box to keep you logged on?? :o

    Do you have to log on to each page on this site??

    Does it happen when you log into, say your Email, or any other sites??

    As for putting the quit dates down for us, in a blog, yes a very good idea of your's Emjay, you Ladies are getting quite bright now, ;) arnt you!! :D

    Mind you saying that, i've forgotten my quit date, i'm sure it must be months now!!!! :D :D

    Speak soon Pete :)

  • You know when it is!!! :P (Revised) 31st May 2012. :)

    ps you never replied to my answer to your "pretty please" last night. ;-)

  • You are funny Pete! :-)

    Yep! I'm logged in all the time and it's only this site that I'm having trouble with. Everytime I want to post, or switch pages I have to sign in all the time. Going to get our lovely Mr IT folks in work to take a look as HealthUnlocked are saying it isn't them.

    I'm away home in a minute, more fun and games with Tivo then!

    I'll pop on and speak to you all later :-)

  • Hiya everyone! Loving this weather, I went out for a walk in it. The ground was looking a bit sad and dry and all the snails came out for a party so that's nice!

    Hope you're all having a fab wednesday xx

  • Hi Lenne, you sound in good spirits today gal :)

    Dont you talk to me about snails!!!!! :X huh got home from work, went into the greenhouse to have a chat, and water them all, and to my horror!!-- well those flippin slug pellets i put down are absolutely s--- erm useless, cus i think all the snails around here have quit smoking, and are now snackin on my plants.

    So now i'm giving them all flying lessons, tell you what?? there not very good at it, :D :D

    Pete :)

  • Hi Lenne glad you've had a great day, we've got rain now after a few days sun but it's not that bad, could do with a party so might come and join the snails lol :)

  • Hi everyone hope you all had a good day. I just worked out that over 3 months I have been without a minimum of 2100 piggies. Frightening isnt it.

  • Hi Jillygirl i worked this out as well, i've not had 1020 piggies, agree that is scary, i'd hate to work out how many i've had, thank goodness we've all stopped now :)

  • hi sue , I think i need carol vorderman to work out how many piggies ive had in my life time. from 17yrs to 63yrs old . dont know where to start. just glad i have finished. lets all keep up the good work.

  • Hi Jillygirl i'm the same as you so i guessed i'd be about the same as Andi, my brain has gone awol lol we should all cheer each other for giving up and staying stopped :)

  • Evenin' all. Sue, I've just worked mine out - say 42 years at average 20 a day = 306,600!!! :o :o

  • Hi Andi that's mind boggling, i'll probably be about that as well

  • Aup Andi, i think you've lost the plot gal!!!! :D :D

    The other girls have been workin out how many ciggies that they would have smoked from thier quit date!! :o :|

    Byeeeee :D

  • like i just said to sue , havent got the brains for all this adding up. but well done andie.

  • I think i had better shut up :( :(

  • pete, you were right about our working out from when we quit. The bit about carol vorderman was if i worked it out from when in started smoking at 17yrs old. Being an old diddy and a nutty one at that I thought may be you have the brains to work it out. Your not as nutty as me. See you soon young man. x

  • Hi Pete you just missed a bit, we were adding up how many we've not had when i said it would be scary to think how many piggies we had smoked so we started working that out as well, think it was a shock when we got that number :)

  • hi sue I think we are really confusing pete now. bless him.

  • Hi Jillygirl yeh think we have

  • Shouldn't be too difficult. :o

    Better scarper :D :D

  • I am off too, see you tmoz andi. Hope pete still talking to us. night night.

    and night to sue. xx

  • Every time I come on in the evening everyone's obviously on line so we go on a go-slow then my computer crashes - it's the same every night :( When that happens it just sends me straight to the cupboard for the chocs or whatever I can lay my hands on - GRRRR!! :o

  • Hi Andi same happens to me as well so i'm on my phone now, but i'd eat the chocs anyway :)

  • I'am definitely confused, think im going to go up that wooden hill, and have a think!!!!

    Andi you dont need an excuse to go to the cupboard for chocs gal , just dooooooo it :D :D

    Oh yes and ha ha , as the comment earlier

    Good night everybody, and i wish you all very sweet dreams :)

    Pete :0

  • my pc same, i find if i go straight on to windows explorer it seems to work, but if i go onto aol. its slow or crashes. as you can see up early again. Are you on one of your runs this morning. Not going out first thing as ankles swollen already, must be going to be a warm day. Off to docs but dont think he will be able to help. Ah well gives me something to think about instead of them piggies. catch up later. x

  • Morning Jilly, the other early-bird here! All got a bit silly on here last night didn't it? I find it hilarious though - and we're all mature people! :o

    Not going running this morn - have you seen the weather forecast? :P I have got a PT session at 8.15 though. :X It's not actually raining at the moment but I'm sure it will be before very long - Yuk!

    Hope your visit to the doc goes ok, see you later. x

  • morning andie. weather could go either way today. hope it picks up for you. Yeah your right did get silly last night. and as for mature people I agree with you. mind you anyone reading these blogs wouldnt think so. catch up later as you will be getting ready to go out now.

  • Hey Pete! Where are you? Hope you haven't gone out to hide in your shed with a secret stash - look how far you've come mate - stay strong and don't let all us women gang up on you. :D :D You know we can't manage without you - don't say you've gone to bed already, it's only half past eight!!! :) :)

  • I will be ''back'' tmoz, look i'm up for 4 am, and i doooooooo need my beauty sleep!!!!! believe me.

    Nite nite

  • Night Pete sweet dreams

  • Nite Nite Pete. Be happy. :)

  • nite nite pete luv ya!

  • I'm off to bed folks feel totally drained and still have a lot to do tomorrow, dads insurance etc nite nite :)

  • Sleep well you lovely people xxx :)

  • Evening Everyone :-)

    I've updated the post with everyone's quit dates and as soon as it falls off the edge I'll repost it :-)

    You folks are all so funny, you have me in stitches. Pete has certainly been getting some stick but it's obvious that he loves it and I'm not in any doubt that he gives as good as he gets! The poor fella is on the shift he hates too, bless him. Night night Pete, hope your shift flies by for you :-)

    Sue, you have done your Dad so proud. I hope knowing this helps to keep you strong. Positive vibes being sent you for tomorrow :-)

    Lenne, you are doing brilliant and you're such a bright sparkling little star. You're a proper winner :-)

    Jillygirl, over 2,000 smokes that you've not had, that is fantabulous! How much in pennies and pounds?! Give yourself a pat on the back :-)

    Andi, I find the same with my network lately, I give it the grrrrrrrr factor! How could you ever begin to imagine the time spent in smoking over 300 odd thousand piggies... Crazy! A few extra chocs are so deserved. Enjoy them :-)

    Lovely to have you joining in on the chat today Cathryn. Hope to see you tomorrow :-)

    Enjoy the rest of your smoke free night everybody.

    See you in the morning xx

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