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Daily Chat: Tuesday 1st October 2013

Daily Chat: Tuesday 1st October 2013

Welcome to Day 1 of the Stoptober campaign Everybody :-)

Today is the first day of the rest of your lives, how are you going to spend it?

1. By celebrating your first day, first year or another day of being smokefree?

2. By building up your strength and willpower by overcoming those cravings - or symptoms of recovery as we like to call them :-)

If you don't feel brave enough, or your day hasn't gone as well as you planned give us a shout and we'll help you to take the next step forward so that in a couple of weeks time you will look back and say "I did it!" :D

Remember to practise those breathing exercises as they will come in really handy when those cravings try and take a hold of you.

Stay strong and remember that you can, you will and you are doing this :-)

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It's me back again...day 1...I know I will do it this time! Good luck everybody! Dawn xxx


Morning Dawn and welcome back :D, as long as you have your positivity, breathing exercises and the support from us then you know you are well armed :D

I'll go and update our Wall of Winners for you :D


Thank you Emjay, I have to do this this time as Docs have told me I have early stage COPD so really must stay focused! xxx


Go girl! You can do it Dawn, put your mind to it and you can get through those cravings and stay stopped. I found this website really helps whyquit.com/ and this one too ffn.yuku.com/directory#.Ukr...


Hello Dawlo

How are you doing and please keep us posted - still on Day 1 ?

Because hang on and tomorrow will be day 2 - then you are seriously on your way.

Yes - not saying I have what you have but I have always had a bad chest / asthma and smoked for 33-34 years and could often hardly get any air into my lungs at night. Well it is now 2 months and got to say that the lungs are recovering fast and I think I can get about 30%+ more oxygen - the asthma is hardly bothering me at all now !!

Be POSITIVE about this and your health will IMPROVE BIG TIME & FAST.

This is just about getting through each craving as it comes - I would get stuck in them for hours but the flippin things do pass.



Hi Dawn..you been reading my mind lol. Hi Emjay..yes I have decided enough time has passed since we lost Paul,that it is time to leave Nic behind..my youngest son is joining me ..we have set our quit for when he gets in from work.3pm..so will still be today, I am busy washing curtains,cleaning,getting rid of all nic bits and installing 'yes we can' and positive signs,food,etc.

I have just put todays cig money in my save it jar..downloaded my quit buddy app on my phone as well as stoptober app...so as set as can be.

big hugs to all xx


hi peeps,just stopping by,15 months and 2 days clean of that filthy muck now :) would like to pass my encouragement on to all of those that are new to here and may be here for the stoptober event,you can do it and if you can do it for a month you can do it for life :)


Awesome Ken, what a fantastic achievement and an inspiration to us newbies : ) Well done


Hello everyone and GREAT to see a small army of us about to do battle & take on those CRAVINGS....

absolutely IT CAN BE DONE and now is as perfect a time as any to give-up those horrible cigs.

Best advice I received from this site was: BE POSITIVE in your QUIT and see the CRAVINGS as part of the RECOVERY PROCESS - each time you get through a CRAVING the easier it will become and the stronger you will get - okay this is going to take a few days BUT it is so worth it to be FREE OF THIS ADDICTION and get away from all the damage & suffering it has & will cause.

No Pain = No GAIN !!!!!! (sorry - had to add that !!!).


Best wishes




Afternoon Everybody,

great to see so many 'old faces' back :D

Dawn, you know we are all behind you 100% At least by stopping now you will be stopping your COPD from progressing any further. If there is anything we can do, just shout :D

Kengreen, lovely to hear that you are doing so well. Thanks for the encouragement for everyone, it's a breath of fresh air to know that you can come out the other side with a smile :D

Jonathan, your positivity really is paying off. Just make sure you are ready to open and close that door on those pesky cravings. They always seem to come knocking unannounced! In through the front, out through the back and no time for stopping for a cuppa ;-)

Talking of which....



Thanks so much EmJay - I am feeling a bit like an old timer already and it is great you are still watching out !!

Got all the doors & windows open - so some are passing through without me even knowing about it - one of the joys of being 2 months in.

Love the pic - THANKS AGAIN



Hello everyone, p.c. mended now. strange how you can miss thing isnt it. almost as bad as missing ciggys when you first quit. Well its been busy on here especially today, with Stopober.Lovely to see the old faces back on here. Ken, Jan, and Dawn. I see Bee l has been busy so will be catching up with all the links she has put on. Jonathan i missed you, i see your still as strong as ever. brilliant. right will call back later. xx


Hello glad you are back!


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