Good morning.

Its a lovely morning so far, the sun is out and blue sky. Very humid though , could have thunder later on. Nice and fresh like the air we breathe now wer`e not smoking.

Anything exciting happening today?

Hope your all well.

I am child minding again, so that`ll keep me busy.

Catch up with you all soon. :)

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  • Good Morning everybody, 8-)

    Yep the suns out here toooo Jillygirl, flippin fresh though :o i just love the pics you choose gal, hmmmm looks like we are having cereals today then seeing as the cafes shut :( :( mind you though, i could try making a scooby snack out of those pancakes of yours, they would be scrummy - yummy :P :P

  • Good morning Pete. Hope the night shift went ok and quickly. Looking at the pancakes I really fancy some. May make some with my 10yr old helper . Suppose she will have to beat me at Monopoly first. :P

    Glad you enjoyed your cuppa.

    Catch up later if youve not gone off to work. Take it easy. luv ya. x :)

  • Aup Jillygirl, i hope that your pins are ok today gal :) :)

    If you make some pancakes try this !!

    put some bacon on one pancake and put another pancake on top -

    put beans on that one and put another pancake on top -

    put an egg on that one and then put another pancake on top -

    then squeeze them together and get stuck in, - you may get bean juice and egg yolk down your chin, but what the hek :o :| yum yum :P :P

  • Dont know if my jaws will open that wide. :D :D

  • Oooooo Jillygirl, erm well you will just have to sit on it then, and squash it down a bit :D :D

  • With my backside ! dont need em that wide. got to go chloe waiting. xxx

  • Good morning everyone i've finally managed to get everything done :) my daughter has now moved into her flat, the decorating is done, at least my bit :D, hubby can do the rest, and i've sent the grim reader packing :D :D

    we have lovely blue sky here but rain later, boy has it rained, doesn't last long but looks like a monsoon :D really warm at night as well, weird weather for us

    i'll need to catch up with everything now, love your pancakes Jillygirl, hope you have a great day with your granddaughter, have a good sleep Pete :)

    Hope everyone has a great smoke free day :) x

  • Morning Sue, sounds like your happy gal, i'm so glad you've got all of it sorted out, and the decorating toooo :) :) and you keep kicking them piggies out a that door gal, speak soon xx :)

  • Morning Andi, i hope that you are well :) :)

    Just wondering erm whats joined-up running then ???? :o :o is it something like joined up writing !!!! :D :D

    I hope your calf is standing up to all this running gal :) :)

  • It means running without walking breaks. When you start running you walk some and you run some then you run more and walk less til you can keep running only. :)

  • Ooooooooooh :) there you are Andi, i've learnt something today :) :)

  • Good morning everybody! What a surprise to see anybody other than Jilly at this time of the morning! :o Nice to see you back Sue, I was starting to get worried about you and was going to message you today. :) So if your daughter's moved out I suppose you haven't got the cat any more. :(

    Pete, you can eat a pancake mountain like that only if you don't have any more piggies and you stand in the bath whilst eating! :P :D (You know - a bit like, I think it was, Lizzie Boardman :o :D :D )

  • I only get bean juice and egg yolk down my chin and the front of my shirt, well thats what shirts are for isnt it ?? :o

    i dont get it everywhere huh flippin cheek :P

  • Have just got back from spinning, forecast is a lovely day today and most of tomorrow before the usual Bank Holiday Weekend weather. So I have to make the most of it and go to the beach whilst I still can! 8-) :) :)

  • Jillygirl -

    just been looking on the Rheumatoid Arthritis site, they've been moaning about the gremlins too, its not as good as this site though, mind you there is plenty of help there, read a few blogs. I think they need you there to cheer the site up a bit gal :D :D

    Sue didnt you join that site too ?? :)

  • No Pete i didn't cause even though the gp was convinced i had rheumatic arthritis the test came back negative, i am on the thyroid UK site and they had really bad remains as well, similar to the ones on here x

  • Sorry Sue, got mixed up again gal, thats just me all over gal :D :D

  • Its ok Sue petes brain cell is full with info from andi and the joined up running. cant keep everthing in his head :D :D

  • hey!!!!! just spotted this one, you flippin Woman youuuuu :P

    Anyway your wrong, cus av got 3 cells, cus i can multi-task so there, ner ner ni ner ner :P :P

  • Show off!

  • Hi Andi you must be getting really fit now, don't know how you do it, i'm exhausted just reading what you do :), I'm not allowed to do that cause of my arthritis :( hate my body sometimes :D :D hope you have a great day at the beach, might go there myself later :)

    still have the cat, but hopefully she's taking him soon, i'm fed up of him climbing my curtains :D :D Will chat soon, away to eat :)

    Hi Pete you not sleeping it yet, it took me ages to sleep when i did night shift, i hated it, hope you get a good sleep soon :)

  • Andi yeah I'm impressed - spinning, running, cycling - you'll be in Rio 2016 at this rate. I'm starting to think about cycling as well - maybe in a few weeks I'll even actually get around to doing something about it. Good to see lots of people on here this morning. So day 10 - defo feeling better about this now. Have fun with the childminding Jilly, sure the pancakes will be great

  • Good morning Chris, glad your feeling better now :) :)

    As for cycling, erm i tried that when Andi first started, gosh pal i was walking bowed legged for 2 days after, those flippin saddles just arnt made for comfort !! :( :(

    But Andi says that you can get the shorts with gel in certain places, that may help, but i've also found out that you can get the saddles with the gel in too :) so may give it another try soon, but at the moment i'm sticking to my rowing machine, its safer :D :o

    Have a good day pal :)

    Pete :)

  • I think you should stop dilly-dallying around and just get on with it!!! :P

    The more you do it, the sooner you'll harden up! :o If I can do it without cycling shorts I don't see why you can't. ;-) :D

    (no pun intended!!!) :D :D :D

  • By gum your all busy bees this morning, It must be the pancakes giving you all energy.

    Nice to see you back Sue. Chris stick at it love. your doing great.

    Andi my goodness educating Pete. thats a first! :P

    see you later off scootering. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh!

  • Aup Jillygirl, do you remember that advert on telly for refreshers, - they had an old gal on a scooter !!?? its the fizzz that gives you the wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :D :D

  • Pete - yeah forgot about the saddles - god I remember that, it flippin hurt - I need some of that there gel mate too. Better get a bike first though!

  • Hi Chris, just had a thought, if you work in London, you could go out in your dinner hour and get on one of Boris's bikes for a bit of practice. :| (Would you become the office bike then? :o ) :D :D

    As Pete says - I'm outa here! :D :D

  • I shall bid you all good day, cus i'm off to nodd land, well i hope i nodd off anyway, so will speak tomorrow, and luv you all, cus you are such lovely people, thank you :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Good Morning everybody.

    Lovely to see how busy it is here this morning :-)

    Fingers crossed that nobody opens the door today to those PC Gremlins :X

    All this pancake talk has made me feel like my weetabix wasn't enough now :-/

    Lovely to hear from you Sue. Hope the sun is shining for you, inside and out :-)

    I'm still contemplating the idea of putting my trainers on towards the end of the week Andi, reading all your athletic posts is definitely inspiring me :-) I bet you are really excited about your holiday. India is my favourite country, so I am well envious. How long are you going for? I would be counting how many sleeps I have if I were you :D

    Enjoy your day of scootering Jillygirl :D Thanks for opening up for us each morning. You're a lovely way to start our day :D

    Pete, hows the shifts going? I hope you are loving driving there using your set of new wheels. I've opted for a corsa, not quite the old VW Beetle or VW Camper Van I would like but maybe one day eh :-) Hope all is well otherwise for you. Have you got yourself back on track or have you put yourself on a bit of a back-burner whilst you have some thinking time? We all believe in you and know that you can do this :-) It really has to come from you though and obviously it as to be because it's what you want for yourself. Remembering that each time you have an attempt at quitting, then relapse, it means you are one step closer to doing it for good the next time. Let me know and I'll go with the flow on how you are and then we'll get you moving when you are ready :D We know that you can do this :D

    Chris, day 10 already. This seems to be flying over for you. What is your biggest motivator at the moment? Keep up the good efforts and sharing with us how it for you :D

    Speak to you all in a bit :D

  • EmJay Hi biggest motivator I think is just feeling better about myself and seeing how far I can go with this - I never managed more than like 20 hrs before and doubted whether I could ever even go a day without smoking. Now at day 10 I'm beginning to believe I can actually do this. Its odd I never specifically planned to stop but I'd known for years I needed to kick this thing. I think I just want to feel better about myself, feel fitter, have more energy and have a better quality of life. I don't want to go back where I was

  • The real positive thing is that once you have stopped smoking and provided that you stay stopped for good, it doesn't just stop there... your body continues to improve the longer that you stay smokefree :-)

    Have you noticed any financial savings at all or have your pennies been zapped up elsewhere? :-)

    You need to make sure that you stay as positive as possible and be ready for when those cravings try and sneak in when you lest expect it. Remembering that having cravings is a real positive sign :D

  • Afternoon all, gosh it's busy on here today - I think everyone's making up for lost time! :o

    Well I went to the beach but there's a strong wind and a high cloud layer so wasn't as pleasant as I thought it might be so came home after 40 minutes when I decided I didn't really want sand in my sandwiches! :P

    I suppose I'll have to do my shopping and some gardening instead. :)

  • Hi everyone just done some shopping, now having a break from housework, wish i was on Jillygirl's scooter, would be much more fun :D :D

    sorry you didn't get a good day at the beach Andi, it's quite windy here but sunny, but yeh i'd get sand in my sandwiches so decided not to go :D

    bet your having fun with your granddaughter Jillygirl :) i might get a scooter and join you, don't know if i'd stay on though :D :D

    Brill that your on 10 days smoke free Chris and that you have good motivation to stay stopped :) i find that's half the battle, if i can keep my motivation going i find it a bit easier to stay away from those piggies :)

  • Andi Hi - sorry I missed the Boris Bike one - you're right I could hire one - I'm a bit out of practice lass and probably would keep falling off, or get a puncture, or run someone over or any other excuse I can think of - I know - next week. Shame about the beech today - I did think this morning why am I staring at my computer and Andi's down the beech - surely I've gone wrong here

  • Yes I can't spell beach either, time to go home...

  • Hi Everyone, Childminding done phew! No more scootering , Chloe does the scootering whilst I walk as fast as possible listening to "Come on granny" . Bless her she did offer to massage my feet when we got back. Anyway decided to make thos pancakes instead, very nice too.

    Chris think of all the money your saving by quitting, could go towards a bike, well errr maybe the saddle. I vote you have andi as your personal trainer. :)

    Andi sorry you didnt get long on the beach, but at least the shoppings done and prob the garden. More time to spend on the beach next time. :)

    Sue your welcome to join me scootering. like I said I dont do the scootering, but I have been know to do a bit of skipping. Grand kids think it`s hilarious. Hope you managed to get to the beach.

    Lenne glad the recipe is ok for you. hugs to you too. :)

  • Hi Emjay Seems like hu have sent those gremlins packing. Much better when you can go on site without all those probs. :)

    How about we have a recipe day where we put a recipe on (healthy of course) we could get some good ideas. Let you decide if you think its a good idea. Also we could include those healthy nibbles we posted before. How about Claire taking charge of us all with that. not seen her today is she ok. :)

  • Hi everyone, just cooking dinner - did the shopping but not the gardening - decided to sit in the windy sun and try to finish my book instead. As usual, about 6 pages from the end the phone rings etc etc - just a tad annoying. :o :D

    Jilly, hope your noras didn't fall down while you were doing all that skipping! hehehe :D

    Sue, you've now got a spare bedroom - should have waited to do the decorating - or was that all part of a cunning plan? :D :D

  • How annoying when your near the end of a book and that happens. same as when your in the bath. People always phone on the home phone not the mobile.

    Talking of baths going to get mine soon , so will sign off for now. May bob in just before bed. otherwise take care

  • Hi everyone the plan Andi was to paint my sons room all the colours he doesn't like in the hope it would shift him :D :D don't know if it's worked though, i stopped doing his cooking and washing, that didn't work, might have to go back to the drawing board x

    Didn't get to the beach, but it was really windy so didn't fancy it much, so just sitting watching telly now, don't know if i could do skipping Jillygirl, i've got two left feet :D :D might be safer to stick to the skipping x

  • Hi Sue you sound like that advert where they paint the sons room so he moves out.

    Trouble is they know where they are better off. But what can a mum do?

  • :D :D i know, i've run out of ideas now x

  • OK folks signing off for now. nite nite. :)

  • Nite nite Jillygirl x

  • I'm off to watch some telly nite nite everyone x

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