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Daily Chat/ Thursday/ 13/09/2012

Daily Chat/ Thursday/ 13/09/2012

Good Morning all,

Hope your all well and ready for another smoke-free day.

Dont know what anyone has planned for today, but I am off out for lunch

with hubby and brothers. No cooking today. Might call in at the cafe. :D

Hope your not working too hard Chris, your doing great. :)

Ken Keep focused and positive . Brill!

Pete hope you didnt work too hard. what you got to do in your garage today.

Andi hope your ok and your hair not too short.

Have a lovely day

Catch up later. :)

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Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

What a beautiful dawn and sunrise today? A bit chilly out there though, 6 degrees by my thermometer - what a difference a few days makes? So hard to believe I was on the beach and Jilly was sunning herself in St Annes/Blackpool only a few days ago. :o

Hair's now pretty short but he stopped just before that time when you can't wait for a couple of weeks before it grows. :D :D

Off to pt now so see you later. :)


Morning Andi, raining first thing here so no sunrise , but it has brightened up now.

thats a song isnt it "what a difference a day makes" :D

your right though suppose its autumn now. Mind you you should be ok for weather on your hols.

Enjoy today and dont exercise too hard. :)


Good morning Pete, Have they been making you work over again. Tell them you want more money for all the work you do. Help pay for the wheels. :)

See you soon.


Good morning Jillygirl, Andi and everybody :)

Yeah we had a breakdown just before we finished our shift, so had to stay and get it sorted :X :( more money :D :D

The boss said i can have next week off cus i've worked so hard the last few weeks :) :) so i've ordered some sunshine for next week :) :)

Andi you watch that foot of yours, no kicking that pt of yours, do you hear me :D :D


Good morning Emjay,

Just been reading yesterdays blog !!

Now then whats this that you and Jillygirl are cooking up ?! getting me to decorate Jilly's cafe, while you 2 sit down watching me, drinking a cupa and munching on bickies !! :o :P

Rite you water me and feed me and i'll do it for note :) :)


Good luck for today :) :) and i hope everything goes according to plan, and enjoy your lunch out gal :) Thank you for replying to my question :) :)

See you soon Pete :)


morning peeps,got a full agenda on today,got to take my cat to the vets for his "little operation"so got to take him to vets,leave him there and collect him later.poor little kitty :( going to potter about in the garage in-between so not got idle hands for to long today going to put new patch on now,you all have a good day :)


Good morning Ken, oooooooo it makes me shiver, your poor little kitty, mind you better him than you eh :D :D

Nice to see your staying with it and keeping focused, so you potter about in your garage as well then, just wondered if you can get your car in too ??

Speak soon and have a good day pal :) :)

Pete :)


Morning all.

Bit of a weird week so far for me. Not sure how I'm feeling!!!! completed the work in Dudley late Monday night literally came home and collapsed in bed.. However was woken back up at 3 am by my partner coming to keep me company so I didn't get Lonley!! And since the Olympics have finished he has been able to stay for a couple of days, :)

the job I was supposed to start yesterday has been put back so today I planned to go out and get some shopping in and cook myself a nice dinner and relax, as it's only me here now..

But ohhhhhhh noooooooooo my body has gone into melt down I've woken up this morning and I have a very sore throat, croaky, runny nose,sneezing a temp and a stinking headache ... Which I might add is not being helped by those three dogs down stairs thinking they are all Michael flatly doing some type of flipping river dance on my wooden floors!!!! Ohh and throwing in for good measure I seem to have developed tennis elbow from all that painting!! I'm just flipping fantastic!! Haha

I am wondering though if this has anything to do with the fact I've not had any type of NRT since Monday morning.. My bodies last shout of disgust!! I've had a few cravings but I think that's only as I saw my nicotine gum in my bag for just in case.

Anyway I've turned the heating up on my water bed.. I have my onsie jammies on and I'm back in bed!! And my plan is to stay here watch some daytime tv with a hot chocolate and biscuits....


Hi Lisa-Jane :)

It sounds like you've got man flu gal, sorry about it but its a lot worse than Woman flu you know :o ;) of course us blokes dont say anything about it when we get it, we just suffer in silence, we have too cus you lot dont listen to us :D :D

You enjoy your hot chocolate and bickies gal, you rest, cus thats what you need to recharge your batteries, speak soon

Pete :)


Good Morning Everybody,

The sun is shining with a kind of winter chill here, heating is on in the office :-)

Ken, hope you managed to get the rest of your NRT and were able to book another appointment in advance so that you are not left short next time. I'm sure Mr Kitten will come home feeling slightly lighter but it's all for his own good (I'm think I have the right idea of what his "little operation" is!). I hope your garage brings to you as much joy as Pete's does to him :-) Remember to stay positive as you know you can do this.

Pete, the kettle is on so get those paint brushes out :-) Glad you've got next week off, you deserve it. It will be a nice reward for you whilst heading into your monthly quit :D

Andi, have a good session but take it easy as you don't want to set yourself back, especially before your jollies :-)

Enjoy your smokefree lunch Jillygirl. It's good that you still don't have to leave to nip out for that sneaky smoke and miss out on any conversation :-)

Kal69, positive vibes being sent to you, stay strong and positive as much as possible. Champix is really good but remember that it is you who works the Champix, so please take some credit for the efforts that you are putting into quitting :-)

Remember, that nobody said this stopping smoking malarkey would be easy, but everyone who does says it is worth it :-)

Speak to you all in a bit :-)


Hi Emjay, i hope you are feeling well :)

As for any smoke free rooms in the house, well there isnt really, but i'm just making a small bedroom into my study, as i've enrolled into a plumbing course so will be able to keep the door shut and maybe smoke free :) :)

It is nice to get out and into the 2 gs, plus it gives me something to do, keeps my mind occupied :o

Have you read the reply from Kal69 on my champix question ?? its very nice and helpful :) :) speak later :)


Hey Lisa-Jane,

I seem to have taken ages posting and then missed yours in the process!

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Stopping smoking can give flu like symptoms but it's usually at the very early stages of quitting and so it sounds as though you have actually come down with something at this point. You've done the right thing, wrapping up warm and getting back in bed. This is probably your body's way of telling you that you need a rest from the hours you've put in lately!

Did you not manage to speak to anybody at your local pharmacy? If you need to use your gum, then do so. I'd hate to think that you might put yourself at risk of relapsing after coming so far down the line.

Get well hugs being sent to you :-)


Blimey, it's busy on here this morning already! :o

So, we welcome Kal to our community today - sounds like your life is a bit manic with all those kids and animals and working too! I think you should definitely get the car cleaned inside asap. Good luck for today, day 1 - we'll all be rooting for you. :) :)

Lisa, the saga continues! :o I think there's a lot of this cold/cough thing around at the moment - unlucky that you've now got it. :( Hope it doesn't hang around too long - just had a thought - it might put you off food a bit? (that would be a big plus for you!!) :D :D

Pete, why don't you nip off to the sun next week - you deserve it, then you could completely switch off from work and all your other distractions! 8-) :) (there must be only so much re-organising you can do in your shed/garage/greenhouse/outhouse) :D :D Or you could come down here and re-organise mine for me! :D :D


Aup Andi,

As for a holiday, i dont think so gal, not this year anyway, as i said to Jillygirl, i aint got a wallet anymore cus the van cost me a bit more than i had budgeted for and i've enrolled on a plumbing course, which cost me nearly as much as the van did, sooo i'm super skint at the moment :( plus i've got to get the guttering fixed for the winter, and i just cant go and buy new cus its concrete, so will have to reseal it, plus Lin next door needs hers doing as well, so i need a couple of good days next week :)

How did it go with you pt this morning ?


Started with nice walk to the sea front, did a bit of rowing then a few hard exercises. :o

Concrete gutters - wouldn't have a clue where to start on them! So do you want to become a plumber now? There are just so many bad ones out there now cos they do a few days at college and assist someone and call themselves qualified! (No, I don't think this will be you! ) So-called apprenticeships aren't what they used to be! (God, I sound like my granny! :o ) :D :D


By the way your hair looks nice gal :)

Rite Plumbing -- the course i'm on is through the internet mostly, but will have to go to Manchester or Birmingham to take my exams :)

I assure you Andi, that i will be a good and honest plumber, and i wouldnt dream of diddling anybody :)


Wow! it is busy this morning. Pete and Ken enjoy youselfs in your garages. Pete thats fantastic for you having a week off. :)

Lisa hope you soon feel better love.

Kal lovely to meet you and well done on joining us. You will be fine.

Hi Emjay , hope your ok . Dont work too hard. :)

Andi do you really trust Pete in your garage. :P I`m off now Whizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Well -- luv you too flippin Jillygirl, of course Andi trusts me :o :P yeah you'd best scarper gal, cus otherwise it wont just be a pink piggie smoking :D :D

Huh its alright for some going out for dins, and i bet poor hubby's paying :P :P


Will have to put one of those 'No Smoking' signs up first. :o

Enjoy your lunch - don't eat too much! :|


Ken, Hope your pussy doesn't have to walk too cross-legged when he comes home! :o

Emjay, see you're about early today - have you pumped up those tyres yet? :D :D

Well this weather's just too nice so I'm off out on me bike. See you later. :)


All you people with bikes, I aint got one. only grandaughters scooter. :D you ought to have your own cycle club.


i Jillygirl sorry i've not been on, i have been thinking about you all, but i've had a disaster

I had a major row with my brother which left me trembling in fear, literally, he has a violent temper and is unpredictable, the result of this was that i had a cigarette, and that started me smoking again

This is not an excuse, just a reason, i feel i've let everybody down, and myself, i just couldn't face everybody, not after all the help you've all been

I'm so so sorry

I hope that everyone else is staying strong, send them all my love x


Hey Sue, I hope you are feeling much better since this all happened for you. You have not let anybody down, you've simply picked up an old habit that you were used to turning to in the past when something like this has happened to you.

You just take care of your lovely self and when you feel ready, we are right here to help you get back on track as soon as you feel that you are ready to xx


Hi Emjay I do feel a little better, not much though, I think things just got on top of me and my brother was the last straw

my health hasn't been great either, need my thyroid meds looked at, but that's an uphill battle

was thinking of trying the inhalator this time, i keep thinking if i'd had that i would have used that instead, what do you think? xx


The inhalator works really well Sue. How many a day are you smoking now? After waking up, how long is it before you have your first cigarette?

We'll help get you there, we'll just plan towards a new date :-)


I'm smoking about 10 a day now :(

my first one is about 30 mins after being up, which is really bad

one thing i know is i have to get out of this depression, and start to think more positive, only thing my thyroid might be causing it

either way i'm gonna try really hard to change my mood, and kick this awful habit into touch x


Sue so glad you nmanaged to get back on site, after our chat. I think you should be so proud of yourself admitting about your slip up. That takes a lot of guts.

Anyway need you back on form , as Andi and I are away from 22nd. me for 1 week and Andi 4 weeks. So someone has to keep that Pete in line besides Emjay. :D

Good luck this time and I am sure Emjay will help you. :)


Thanks Jillygirl xx


Hiya Sue, been wondering where you've been. :( I'm pretty gob-smacked that you managed to get through everything you've been through since you quit without caving in before!!! :o ;-) I'm sure you'll get back on track soon, you've been such a great help to me and all the others and hopefully we can help you through this. If you want some inspiration just look at Pete (well, maybe through squinty eyes :o :D ) he just keeps on practising that giving up! (hehe) He just gets himself a new date and off he goes again!! ;-) :D :|

Good luck and I'm sure we'll speak again soon.

Andi xx :)


Hiya Andy that made me laugh :D :D :D first time in a long time

thank you for your kind words, was dreading coming on here but Jillygirl helped me with that

i am gonna beat this this time or die trying :D xx


As the old saying goes - s*** happens! :D :D


Sure does, think i've had enough of that now :D :D x


Sue its great to see you back. have a look at the link I have just put on for Emjay, make you laugh.

P.S, got any good healthy recipes for the cafe on the questions post.

:) :) :)


Hi Emjay, just let you know been looking at your blog about dreams. Dont know why but this week since I came back from blackpool I keep getting dreams that I am smoking , then realise what i am doing and wake up with a sudden start. weird. Oh ! like the dreams I had when I first started to quit you appear in it ready to tell me off. :O


Nightmares. :D


OMG - where on earth do you find them? :D :D (It even has a smoking nipple :o ) Is it the whimple that reminds you of Emjay? :D :D


Your as daft as me. :D


:D :D :D good one Jillygirl bet Emjay will love that :D :D

funnily enough she was in a few of my nightmares too he he x


Like being back at school, hiding round corners so Miss doesnt see us .



Yes :D :D :D looks like my teacher from primary school lol x


Hi everyone i'm off now, not feeling to well

i'll try get a recipe for your cafe Jillygirl and put it on tomorrow

Nite nite all, sweet dreams :) xx


Nite nite Sue, see you tomorrow, sleep well. xx :)


Nite Nite Sue Sweet dreams Not nightmares. :) xx


Going to call it a day now. nite nite andi, and everyone else. :)


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