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DAILY CHAT / SUNDAY/ 09/09/2012

DAILY CHAT  / SUNDAY/  09/09/2012

Good morning everyone, Its lovely to be back on site. Hope you are all ok and enjoying this glorious weather.

Well I am busy today washing and ironing and trying to get it all done before 1.00pm as I have a viewing on my house. Cant believe the dust that settles when your away,

By the way andi hope your birthday went well, my niece had a baby boy on the same day. So wont forget you next year. :)

Going to go now and get some tidying up done. see you all later. Have a super day.

Brought back some rock for you all. better than ciggys. Nearly got Pete a rock dummy. :P

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Oy flippin Jillygirl, you've just told me off for being cheeky, now what would i do with a rock dummy ?? :o ;)

Suck it till its gone :P :P tar luv :D :)


You said it. Where is everyone today have I frightened them off? :O


Good evening Jilly and Pete and anybody else.

Veeeery quiet here today - I guess everyone's been taking my advice and making the most of the good weather for the (possible) last time. 8-)

Jilly, lovely to see you back and glad to hear you had a great time - cor, you couldn't have picked a better time! :| Pete's been really missing you as I've been a bit busy this week with having my sister to stay. Have managed to get on most days though. :) Sis leaves tomorrow on the 5 am bus so I'll be up early to take her to the bus station. :o Will probably go back to bed then as it doesn't get light til after 6 now. :(

I'll catch up more tomorrow as din's ready now. :)


Brill to hear from you. enjoy the rest of your time with your sister. May be you can manage a sleep in . see you tomorrow. :)


OK folks signing off now have a good evening and sleep well. nite nite. xx :)


Good night Jillygirl, dont half luv ya gal, and dont you ever forget that :) :)

Sweet dreams xx


Hi Jillygirl

I hope you've had a lovely holiday. Are the illuminations any good? I'm considering taking the kids but can’t get over how expensive the fair is now. Maybe if I gave up chocolate and save the money I could take them in a couple of years!!!! ;-)

Lovely to see you back and still smokefree, well done. We have all missed you, not just Pete!! :P





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