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Good morning everybody,

Hope you all slept well, unlike me I didnt sleep very well last night. I tried the breathing exercises , but even that didnt work. Now I seem to have developed a tickly cough which is most annoying, when you start nodding off, and it wakes you up. Anyway these things are meant to try us. :O

Less of my probs. Hope all goes well today Sue. will see you later.

Ok andi thursday again are you training. hope weather ok for you.

It was lovey to hear from Windy lindy really doing well.

Like linda if your on quit support just let us all know your ok, you dont have to join in everyday . A message to Emjay just to say how things are with you.

Whatever your doing today stay focused, but mainly stay a happy non smoker. :)

Like the picture shows life is beautiful! :)

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Morning Jilly and everyone else.

Weather looks very promising at the moment. Am really hoping it will turn into beach weather! 8-) :)

Yes Thursday. Off even earlier today - booked in at 7.30. :o

I didn't sleep very well either. I think it was about 3 when I turned the radio on. There was this aussie scientist answering all sorts of questions and it was really interesting. Don't think I started dozing in between til at least 4.30. C'est la vie!! :|

See you later.


Andi we will have to stop this copying each other with sleep patterns and radio programmes.

So weird doing the same thing. :O

Anyway love lets hope the weather stays good. and you enjoy your day. :) :l


Morning all :)

Feels like it's going to be a hot one today, it's already 27oc in my room and only 9am. Ridonkulous! My temper is horrific today, only been awake an hour and I have managed to scream at everyone in the house... I just see red and ARGHHHHH Hulk smash! What is frustrating is I don't want to smoke, I don't identify that as what I need and want to make me feel better, all I want is my larger patches. Tough! Deal with it, Lenne!

Love and hugs to you all, don't get crispy fried under the glaring sun. Thinking of you all knowing you're all here makes me feel so much better. xx


Morning Lenne, well love you may be in a temper but at least the urge to smoke has gone. You will have to do a julie andrews and instead of singing on top of the hill just scream . keep strong. your getting there love. xx :)


Another special post for you Lenne. :)


Aww Jilly, you're so lovely thankyou! xxx


Hey there you lovely people :-)

Meetings and busy, busy, busy this morning, so that's why it's taken so long to reach our daily chat. Hope you are all okay though and enjoying this lovely weather that seems to be all I can hear about :-)

I may take a moment to look up from my desk and have a nose out the window :D

Hope you are feeling better Lenne, these feelings are only little reminders of what you will have to go through all over again, should you take smoking back up. However, we have faith in that we know you are stronger than that :D

Andi, wowser - that was an early session! How did you get on? It really does make me feel that you live abroad when you talk about the lovely beach in the way that you do 8-)

How's your cough feeling now Jillygirl? Is it constant or was it just an early morning thing? If it continues, have a couple of sugar free boiled sweets at the bedside (not good for your teeth I know but you can brush your peggies when you get up!). However, if it does continue, it might be worth getting it checked out by your doctor.

I hope everybody else is having a lovely sunshiny day, would be lovely to hear that you are and if you're not, pop on and lets see if we can cheer you up :-)

Speak soon :-)


Hi Emjay , by gum your certainly busy at work, poor you.

Yes my cough isnt as bad now . I think I was too warm last night.

Anyway off to docs next week so will mention it if it re -occurs.

Pete didnt mention the choccy hammer, I think he ate it and played dumb.

see you later. :)


Hi everybody just got back, the weather is sweltering up here today :) didn't get much sleep last night because of the heat, hope you all getting good weather as well :)

Andi how do you manage to start so early, i wasn't even up at that time, good for you though, you must be starting to feel a lot fitter :) i need to start my aqua aerobics soon or the doc will be on my back :D :D xx

see you and Andi are the same as me Jillygirl, no sleep, we should get air conditioning :D

hope its better for you tonight :) xx

hope you feel better Lenne, nothing like a good scream, i do it all the time :) it doesn't half frighten the cat though :D :D xx

are you getting the good weather too Emjay, hope so :) you should sneak outside for some sun :D :D xx

hope everyone has a great day whatever your doing :) xx


Hi Sue. Bet your glad thats over. Yeah the weather has been lovely in yorkshire.

enjoy the rest of your day.

We will have to see what Pete has in store for us tonight 2 against 1 he he. :P He loves it. .


he sure does :D :D glad you got good weather :) x


Evening everyone, back home now but starving so will go and eat then settle down and let you know what I've been up to! 8-) :)


ok andi just finished my tea and washed up. see you soon. :0


Good evening everyone, :)

Hmmmmmmmm 2 onto 1 eh :P :P i can take it no probs :D

did i see Emjay on here earlier ???? Emjay busy :o yeah busy flippin noddin :D :D and have noticed no - Clair either, huh she said the other day that she sat opposite Emjay, i bet they nodd in stereo :D :D


Hi Pete what do you mean me saying you got a big hooter. post awaiting for you he he! :D


Hiya, What on earth is this hooter thing all about? :o

I've had a lovely day. Training went well this morning, started with a run along the prom. With a morning like this one it was like being abroad - beautiful, dead flat sea, hints of mist along the coast in the distance. Went down the beach later - wonderful - sea was like silk and so calm - beautiful to float around in. Who's coming down for the weekend then? :D :D

Had to do some shopping for tea etc and suddenly the phone's ringing off the hook. Typical, you don't hear from anyone for weeks then they all get in touch at the same time! ;-)

Fixed up to go over to Studland for the beach tomorrow (if there's no mega-queue for the ferry! :o ) with a mate. It's a place where I go very occassionally out of season but never go to in the summer. Just hope the mist isn't hanging over there or we'll have to go somewhere else like Swanage - or even Weymouth! :D

Glad to hear you're all having the lovely weather too and making the most of it. :)


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