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Good morning. The weather here in Yorkshire hasn`t made its mind up if its going to be sunny or not. Very humid sort of day. Well how is everyone today. Simba I hope your not struggling today, if you are come on here and scream. Try and stay positive. :) Jonathan hope you are having a lovely NOPE day . :) David stay positive your doing great. :) Anyone else who is finding it hard to quit or just need advice just pop on the site , someone will help you. For starters if you go into this link or pop it on your address bar you will see what cigarettes contain over 597 ingrediants.


Have a great day everyone. :)

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Hi Jillygirl and everyone,

I have the same weather as you Jillygirl, I hope the sun comes out later, i hate when it's humid

I hope your having an easier day today Simba, like Jillygirl said, come on here and scream and shout if you need to, we're all here for you.

You may all know this already, but i just found this, just shows how terrible old nic is


I hope your all having a great NOPE day :

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Hi Sue. Wow that picture is a real eye opener. that's how awful it is. None of us thought about what we were doing when we threw tab ends out. Yuk!


Yeah but that's not really the point of the picture, its pointing out how clever birds are. How the hell do they know when they're strolling along the pavement, like when did they have that lightbulb moment of "I know, if I stick these things in my nest it'll keep all those pesky mites, lice and fleas at bay". I think that's pretty clever for a bird, the appliance of science doesn't just apply to Zanussi washing machines it would appear.


Hi Jillygirl,

I know, i couldn't believe my eyes when i came across it, i'm gonna use to try help my neighbour stop using her e cig.

I hope you've had a lovely day :)


Hi everyone

Just checking in and thanks Jilly - "yes" having an okay NOPE day today - could be better & maybe it will get better !! Anyway NOT smoking and that is one BIG PLUS. Well done to Chris & hope you are still with us and today has not been too difficult, I found day 2 & 3 a bloody nightmare !!!

Good luck to everyone else & stay POSITIVE & let's kick Mr Nic's butt.

Vee keep going & keep strong & WELL DONE

Best wishes to everyone



= Not

= One

= Puff

= Ever

Ever again........


Aup Jonathan, am glad your still saying NOPE :) keep in there pal, cos your doing so so well :)

Yep am the same as you, the first day is quite easy, but then it goes downhill for the next couple of days :( but it does get easier after that :)

Tooooooo flippin rite Jonathan, kick mr nics arse outa that window :)


Hi everybody, I hope you have all bin good and smoke free today :)

Ermm am just wondering, how fast do you think a snail can go ?? a Derbyshire one that is !!

Ha ha ha our Derbyshire snails can do about 85 ermmm 70 mph :o :D :D :D cos I had one stuck to my side window on my van !! I bombed down the A38 and the M1, I thought any minute now it will fly off !! but no !! it was stuck there when I got to work :D :D It was even moving about while I was driving along :D :D and it didnt have a crash helmet on either :o


Jillygirl, luv your opening and the quote in the pic :) :)

I hope you are feeling better today :) and your migraine has done a runner :) :)

Take care gal and speak soon :) :) xxxx


Hi Pete, Migraine gone thanks. Bit of a headache but that's with the heat. Anyway sorry I missed you last couple of nights. hope your doing ok. :) As for snails I don't know how fast they go. The Yorkshire ones just stick around waiting for the post. :D



Hey Jillygirl, am sorry tooooo gal cos I aint bin on here much either :( Yes Jillygirl, ave had a good day today thankyou :)

Here's a pic of our Derbyshire snail :o :D :D :D



Going to get my shower soon. So everybody have a good night. Stay strong and positive and most of all happy.

Will try and get on site tomorrow night as long as I have got my packing done.

Night night , sweet dreams. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx :) :) :) :)


Nite nite Jillygirl, I will try to stay strong and positive and be happy toooooo gal :) Enjoy your shower and your kip, and I hope all your lovely dreams come true, especially if you do the lotto eh :D :D :D Luvs ya gal :) xxxxxx

Nite nite to everybody, got to go myself now, so all have a lovely sleep tonight :) :) xxxxxx


Night night Pete. luvs ya. xx


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