Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all well and slept well. Unfortunately I didnt sleep much last night, due to aches in legs. hence the reason this blog was posted early. Anyway may get a nap this afternoon.

Andi hope your ok and foot getting better and managed to get all the household jobs done. :)

Ken you seem to be doing really well now . Keep thinking positive. Hope you enjoyed the cinema last night. :)

Pete hope your not too tired with all the work your doing. Did you see the piccys I sent you yesterday. :)

Hope you all have a lovely smoke-free day. :)

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  • Good morning Jillygirl, :)

    Aup just been looking at them pics you sent me !! huh what sort of a driver do you think i am ?? :o I bet the only thing you can drive is your poor Hubby up the wall :D :D

  • May be your right. :O But he can "drive" me mad at times. :D

    How do you feel this morning apart from being overworked.? Your doing pretty well now. is it 2 weeks. got a good piccy of a smoking pig which I thought was rather good as we call them piggies. will try and post it. might be a new blog though.

    luvs ya. xx

  • Oy Jillygirl, now that you've cleaned Jilly's cafe up, dose that mean i cant go and hide in it ??

    :o :|

    If you like Blackpool, then go and live in St Annes, or somewhere near :) :) I would luv to live near the coast, very nearly bought a guest house in Southport some years ago, wish i had of done now, but thats how it goes :)

    If you want a van with a man, then give us a nudge gal :) :)

  • Oh Pete still dont know what to do I like both places. Thing is I can get a detatched bungalow here. or one in st annes would be a semi and not as big. plus I am not sure of the areas over there. If that makes sense. Plus I wouldnt be as near to my girls.

    I am sure the cafes open for you especially if you bring one of those super recipes with you. :)

  • Wakey Wakey's Andi, flippin lazy so & so :o :)

  • Good morning Jilly, Pete and everyone else. :)

    Yes I am awake and haven't been up very long. :) I think I am finally starting to sleep a bit better - still wake up 2 or 3 times a night but can't always get out of bed so early. :o :)

    Heard the binmen this morning but have now lost count of the weeks! am only counting in months now. :|

  • About flippin time anall Woman, some of us have been up for hours you know :o ;)

  • Morning Andi, Wow sleeping better thats good. I feel shattered today must have woken up every hour last night. never mind, catch up later maybe. I cant believe that your talking months instead of weeks or days. How it goes so quickly. keep up the good work. :)

  • Hi Pete and andi, I cant believe we all replied to jodie within seconds of each other. Nearly said the same thing. Three musketeers comes to mind. :) :) :)


  • At least I didnt say 3 brass monkeys :D

  • Its getting colder :D :D

  • Sorry can`t hear you :D

  • Jillygirl you sound as if you have made your mind up about the bungalow that is, you stay near to your gals, cus i know that you would miss them, and especially them Grand kids of yours.

    Go for it gal, go for it :) :)

  • Think your right once my house is sold. fingers crossed.


  • morning peeps,all good here,had a silly dream about an octopus and partaking in the evil weed,no problem on waking though so i'l just call that a nightmare :)

  • Aup Ken, nice to see you pal, hmmmm just thinking, i have a job finding things to do with my 2 hands, now i've quit, wonder how an octopus would go on :D :)

    You sound as though you've got this quitting lark sorted, keep strong and focused, speak soon Pete :)

  • Hi Ken, its strange what dreams you can have when you first quit. Emjay put a blog on dreams somewher will have a look. I dreamt emjay was telling me off for smoking. :) Enjoy your smokefree day.

  • Where you all gone now then, cant turn my back for a minute, huh av had my shower, dont smell :(

    Done my sarnies, i'll just go and play in mi garage then, on my own !! :P not bothered :(

  • What on earth do you find to do out there all the time? :o

  • Lots of things :)

  • Such as?............ (Cos you're not doing them now!!) :o ;-)

  • Unless that's where you keep your computer.

  • My garage is my workshop, were i fix things, including myself sometimes :o

    Rite time to go now, get some shut eye :(

    luv ya gal, enjoy your day and speak tomorrow :)

  • Morn, morn, sleep well!! :) :)

  • are you painting your garage ready for the white van. ? :)

  • Don't be daft, you don't put things like cars and vans in them these days!! :o :D

  • Yeah but I`m an oldy , like Pete. :D

    When does he get this Van do you know.

  • I'm sure he said Friday.

  • cheers got a ditty for saturday morning. :P

  • Right, off to get my holiday haircut now. :)

    Don't know where Emjay's got to today - either slept in or doing training again maybe. She did say she was coming back yesterday but I didn't see her. :o

    CU l8er. :|

  • Hope weather better where you are, hair do s would be a waste of time in the pouring rain. At least you will be smart and trendy for your hols. :)

  • Afternoon Everybody :-)

    Lovely weather for ducks here! This rain has been on all day.

    I don't know what happened to me last night, I got home sent a post and then when I cam on this morning, my post was still sitting there and hadn't been sent!

    Here I am now anyways :-)

    Jillygirl, your cafe is looking great, I really am looking forward getting back into baking again and trying out and sharing some recipes. Was thinking about when and wherever you choose to move to, your new neighbours will never know you as a smoker :D

    Pete, can just imagine an octopus trying to keep his hands (tentacles) busy ha ha. I think you could use your garage and your greenhouse as a safe place if you feel that you need to take yourself away from any smokers at home if you feel it's getting a bit tough for you. Do you have any smokefree rooms in the house? You really are doing well and just have to remember that the longer you go without smoking, then the easier it will become :D

    Hey Ken, have you read our blog about vivid dreams? Have a look at the following link just in case you haven't; quitsupport.healthunlocked....

    Andi, it's a real good sign that you are now counting your quit in months. A positive sign that you are distancing yourself from recognising yourself as a smoker. I'm loving your "Morn Morn" to Pete too :D

    I hope everybody else is okay. I am just in the middle of writing up a blog about a new campaign that is running up and down the country called Stoptober... Anybody heard about it?

    Speak to you in a bit :-)

  • EmJay Hi yes I heard about the campaign at the weekend - I was reading that if you can stop for a month you've a better chance of staying stopped - so I was taking heart from that! Having a better week this week - just vow every day to stay stopped. Thinking less & less about it

    Hope everyone's doing OK out there - have been reading the posts. Hope you enjoy your holiday Andi - going anywhere nice??

  • Hi Chris, wondering where you'd got to lately. I hope so - it might help with the diet though :o - I'm off to Bhutan, Nepal and India for a month. :)

  • Afternoon, back now. :) We've been lucky with the weather - was supposed to be raining this aft but just had a quick sprinkling of drizzle about 1/2 hour ago and that's all. I don't go mad in the hairdresser's, just have a wet cut then he blasts it - I hate it when it's all pouffed up - as I told Pete before, that blue picture is just like me! I might find a photo and put that up one day and shock you all! hahaha :o

    Whilst at the hairdresser's he mentioned this Stoptober thing so I have actually heard of it.

    Btw Emjay, how's your running coming along then? You haven't been talking about it much this week! :D :D I managed about 14 miles on my bike yesterday and found a few hills to go up - only trouble is my bike doesn't like going into the bottom gear on the 3 side (if you know what I mean) so I had to get off and push a few times - it's really good for the glutes if you can ride up though! :D :D

  • Hi everyone, Just let you know Sue52 sends her love to you all. Sue hasnt been on site as she has had a few problems. I am sure she will get in touch when she feels up to it.

  • Hi Emjay , how about Pete doing the decorating for the cafe. Could use his van to get the supplies too. :P


  • Hey Chris, great to hear from you and that everything is going well. Stay strong :-)

    Ooooh Andi, I've been shying away from the running and more so from you asking me about it! I can only give the excuse of the weather... I have no reasons, just excuses sadly... Need to get myself motivated and be brave enough to set a date! Maybe even think about cycling instead? Now there's a thought I feel more happier with :D

    Jillygirl, love the idea of getting Pete in :D I'll supply the (healthy) bickies to g with a cup a whilst we watch him :-)

    Love and hugs being sent to Sue, we're here for her when she's ready xx

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