Daily Chat : Thursday 17th May 2012

Good Morning Everybody :-)

The weekend is almost upon us which means we have another couple of days to practice at staying stopped. You can do it I'm sure, I have every confidence in that you will all continue to give it your best shot :-)

Lenne, hope you had a good 'bop-a-bout' last night, sounds as though you were having fun :-) How do you start your mornings off to continue being smokefree?

Jillygirl, hope you managed to get some shut eye in the end and not feel too tired today. Keeping chopped melons at the ready is quite a good tip, especially if they are nice and cold from the fridge. A fresh new day for you heading towards a healthier smokefree future :-)

Pete, (I know you'll be working an early shift as I type) you have quite a drive to get to your workplace and so I was wondering what top tips you have for anybody else who are used to smoking whilst driving? :-)

Sue, hope you are feeling more well rested today and your other health issues aren't bothering you too much. I really admire the fact that you put that extra bit of effort in to stay so positive, especially whilst everything else can have such a huge impact on you. You are a true winner :-)

Andi, hope the spinning class went well, I've never tried it before but do believe it is a fantastic workout. Think about how well your muscles, lungs and heart are working so much better now that you've stopped smoking :-)

We have so many new members on here now too, I hope they are finding our site informative. However, if there is anything that anybody would like to see more information on, then please give me a shout and I'll see what else I can put up for you.

Together we can do this :-)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away!

26 Replies

  • Good morning Emjay, Good morning everybody. So it's a bit of a grey one today but I slept much better last night so it doesn't seem as bad today.

    Just have to push all those thoughts away when they creep up on you. I must admit I have considered trying one to see if I don't like it any more but I think it's too early days for that and I really don't want to do it any more and also no way will I buy any in this country! An occasional 2nd hand sniff is all I allow myself - did this in Salisbury the other day and my friend went into hysterics (laughing) and shouted "What are you doing?" She'd given up years ago and said she didn't remember doing that herself.

  • Hi Andi, just a quick word of warning for you; Curiosity is one of the most common reasons why people return to smoking. The best way to look at this, is to see this curiosity step as another type of craving - sneaking itself past you in a way that you just wouldn't expect! Stay strong and stay positive :-)

  • Hi Em, realise that so will stay strong and not allow it to happen cos I know that's the route to the slippery slope downhill.


  • Yaye, thats the spirit. It's just a test! :-)

  • Morning everyone thank you for all your kind words :) i feel much better today, just wish the weather was lol, glad your all still going strong, i got a good nights sleep as well; glad you did as well Andi it makes such a difference, need to go eat now, i'm starving lol :) xx

  • Good afternoon to you all, I hope you're well and happy!!

    The sun is shining so I am planning on meeting my sister-in-law at the local park to push my nephew on the swings. I really don't understand where all this energy has come from- the depression normally sucks it out of me and some days I couldn't even get out of bed and I feel so bouncy and annoyingly hyper like one of those small bouncing dogs. I guess quitting smoking has given me a lift and made me feel motivated which is the complete opposite of what I was expecting which was to feel deprived and missing my friend the cancerstick. Strangely where I was doing so well on the cravings yesterday and today have been much harder and I find myself reaching out for something sitting at my desk but obviously they aren't there anymore. So annoying, really thought it was gone :( Still, gotten this far I refuse to give up now!

  • Hi Lenne, I bet chatting to everyone here has got a lot to do with making you feel more energised - I'm sure it does me.

    Re last night's comment about everyone going to bed so early - I think most of us are 20 plus years older than you - not that that means a lot these days. I'm sure that when I was your age 50 something people were like oaps! (haha)

  • Hi Lenne good you've got energy back, have a great day in the park, it's a rare treat round here with all the rain we've been getting lol, know what you mean about the cravings, they pop up when you least expect it, just tell them to shut up and go away lol, keep strong you can do this :) x

  • Hehe Andi I normally go to bed around 10pm most nights, I just don't get why I am so hyper around sleepytime it's getting almost annoying when I want to go to bed. Might try some Horlicks or something- or maybe the patches might make my sleeping patterns a bit dodgy. Most of my friends online are over 50 (I am a huge cross-stitch fanatic) :)

    Cheers Sue, yup I normally say a stern "no!" and that works most of the time. Just got back from the park- my mum, sister-in-law and boyfriend where there too with my nephew, Josh. He's just over one year old and has started to walk (and run phew took a lot keeping up with him)! Was a wonderful time, I feel very happy but cream crackered so I am going to put on some telly and relax.

    Hope everyone is having a good day today, no nasty cravings!

  • Aup Suepagal, i'm glad you are feeling better today gal i really am!!!! hey just had my hair done, what do you think????? makes me look younger or what??

    te he. :) you keep in there gal, you are doing so so well.

    Andi tried some of that spinning on my rowing machine gal, to Rock around the clock ha ha good job nobody could see me, think i've pulled a muscle now though!!!! :o Dont you dare try one!!!!! gal, you will kick yourself all around your settee if you do, i know you can do this, i know you want to do this, and i know that you are a strong Lady aswell!!!! keep focused on why you want to quit that piggie!!!! and you know that i am with you all the way gal, i am. :)

    Hi Lenne, glad to hear your ok and had a nice EASY stroll in the park!! hmm

    i like cream crackers too, i might have some with a noggin a cheese on gal, and if you want to bop d bop d boop!!!! you do it gal, let it all out and give it some!!!! :D

    Hi Emjay, might write a blog on smoking in the car and boooore everybody into quitting the dreaded piggie, what do you think????

    Erm just a thought, i'm working nights next week, flippin hate em, but anyways, i get home about 7--7.30 in the morning, would you like me to open the daily chatt for you ?? so then you can have a layin cant you!!!! :) if you do then what do i copy and where do i paste it????

    Speak soon everybody and big huggs. :)


  • Hey pete, wow! hair do very nice. 10 years younger. I could do with something like that.

    Take care. Jillygirl.

  • Hiya Jillygirl, lovely to see ya gal, do you like it then, hhmmm maybe i will keep it then ha ha , as for you gal , you dont need a hair job, you look young enough as it is. Hey have you got a pic of you in your late 20s???? :D

    You know that i'm nuttttts but dont you get any nutier than you are gal!!!! and keep a look out for those piggies!!!!

    Pete :)

  • hi pete , thats given me a challenge looking for photos.

    see what i can find. have a good day.


  • Hi Pete that hairdresser did a good job lol i'll need to go myself :) hope things are going great with you, just take it easy rowing, don't hurt yourself, i haven't been to the swimming pool cause it's shut, a new one's being built, old one's getting demolished, aw well i'll just have to wait, thank goodness the cravings have gone for now but keeping a look out for more of the blighters hope things are going great with you, stay safe and stay strong :)

  • Aup Suepagal, do i look better now then???? mind you i had a bit of a face job done aswell ha ha, i was about 28 then i think at one of my sisters weddings, see the expresion on my face, ha i did not like my pic being took in them days!!

    Hey and dont you bother about me gal i'm alright, just a bit to much jiggin thats all, thats bad about the swimming pool gal, you would have thought they would have built the new one before demolishing the old one!!!!!!eh

    Yuo will have to join one of these exercise clubs that has a pool, maybe your doc will be able to help!!!! I know it would do you good, and you would get to enjoy it as well, speak soon. :)


  • Hi Pete i still hate getting my picture taken, try to hide from cameras lol, think they've demolished it now cause the whole water front is being developed new one is nearly finished though, can't afford private ones the prices are ridiculous, you'd think i was trying to buy the place lol. hope your having a nice restful evening :)

  • Hi y'all, just taken a friend home who can't drive any more. He lives in the New Forest so that was nice. Saw a few ponies but no pigs!

    Well, what about that hairdo Pete!!! I'm speechless.

  • Aup Andi, wondered where you were!! hey and no sniffin them pigs if you do see any, eh!! that pic was took in the 70s, mind you, you probably wont remember them days!!!! and spot the tie!!!! ha ha :o I hope those piggies arent getting to you too much today gal, you keep snackin cus you do plenty of exercise to burn the cals off gal :)


  • 25 days of being smoke free now. I dont write much here, but I have been reading the comments daily! great site & great support.

  • Hiya Darren, glad to see you're still with us all. I bet Pete will be glad for a bit of male support. Great you've got to day 25 but checking back on your blogs, as you've been recommending that book to everyone I guess there's no way that you'll be quitting quitting!

    Keep up the good work, Andi x

  • Aup Darren, sounds like your doin great pal, you stay with it and keep focused, and kick them piggies out a that door!!!! You ought to come on here more often, cus i aint half gettin knagggggged at pal, maybe you could give me a rest eh. You keep up the good work Darren !!!!

    your getting there, as we all are. :)


  • You are doing fantastic Darren. 25 days is great. Keep up the good efforts :-)

  • Hi Darren, Take no notice of pete. we wont nag you. He really makes us laugh. You seem to be doing great. take care.


  • Reading Pete's blogs, he is holding his own & certainly doesn't need any male support!!

    Also Petes blogs are good for entertainment, why ruin something thats good!!!

  • ... He doesn't need anymore encouragement either! Ha Ha :-)

  • Good night everybody and dont you forget,

    if you see them piggies give them whatforet,

    sorryyyyy tooo flippin late for me, noddin!!!!

    Pete :)

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