DAILY CHAT               THURSDAY                   2012

Good morning everyone,

I hope you all slept well. Thursday and getting past halfway into the week. Soon be another week of being smokefree.

Special good morning to Betts if she can manage to join us today. , and anyone else thats new to the site.

Glorious blue sky today in Yorkshire, But how long it will last is the question.

Whatever you have planned for today stay positive and enjoy another smoke free day.

Piccy is just to remind myself and everyone else why we are quitting.

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  • Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

    Glorious blue sky in Dorset at the moment as well - I think it might last til lunchtime. My thermometer was reading 9.9c when I came down earlier - brrr!! :D Pah! they call this summer! hehe :| And we're getting torched down here this week - it's going to Weymouth today and coming to Bournemouth tomorrow (yes, on Friday the 13th! :o ) :D :D

    Not a pretty picture Jilly but yes, it is a good reminder. That goes back to my question in May as to how long it might take to get from right to left? It must be one of those 'nobody knows' things. (Unless you're dead and they've cut you open!)

    On that happy note I'd better get on. See you later. :)

  • Hi andi I saw something the other day on the difference in lungs and how long it took. I will see if I can find it. thats my daily challenge. Getting a few clouds starting now. like you said might manage until lunch.

    see you later. xx :)

  • Good morning Emjay, Please look on betts questions yesterday, mj may need your advice. see you soon. :)

  • Morning everybody, yes the sun is shining here this morning also, we really should'nt be surprised, it is after all JULY! LOL! Anyway another smoke free day for all of us - it's getting better all the time, to quote the beatles!! Have a lovely day everybody.

    Dawn x

  • Morning dawn, Well got my washing out so fingers crossed. When we get a craving may be we should sing the Beatles. Help! I need somebody,

    Have a good day and see you later. :)

  • Morning Dawn, hope you're coping well at work - has it calmed down a bit yet? I bet it feels good not having to go out for fag breaks and feeling that some people are looking a bit daggers at you. When I was working the manager banned smoking in the office years before they changed the law and the worst time was when it was peeing down with rain. Mind you, I would have some of my best ideas and solutions whilst out there away from the office (if it wasn't on my fag break then the solutions usually came to me on the loo!! :o :D ) (TMI ? ) ;-)

  • Good Morning Everybody :-)

    Jillygirl, I'm loving the picture to start the day :-) It's funny how kids see smoking and smokers... look at the unhappy face on the smoker in the picture :-)

    Andi, the sun is shining here too, fingers crossed that it stays :-) I never could find any research related information in answer to your question, I thought I'd answered you sorry. Helen (here at the office) even looked into it and couldn't find any research that had been done. If Jillygirl finds anything than that would be useful :-)

    Morning Dawn, lovely to hear you say that being smokefree is getting better all the time. It really does make a difference with the right attitude :-)

  • LOL! x

  • I think by being on this whole stop smoking journey is like being on a 'Magical Mystery Tour' ;-)

  • Morning Emjay (or maybe we should start calling you Mel from now on - it may become a bit confusing. :o ) It would be good if Jilly could find that article. Good for your office too if it sends them in the right direction to do more research.

    Perhaps this could be something that a university looking for a research project could undertake in view of the technology that we have these days.

    The sky's now white with fluffy little black clouds coming in. :|

  • ,Like andi,myself and Pete say " it`s been a hard days night. "

    After been quit for a week or more we can all sing " I feel fine"

    But with Emjays "HELP" "we can work it out"

    :D your turn ha ha!

  • You're funny jillygirl, this time next year you can say that you'll be smokefree "when I'm sixty four" :-)

    Andi, I answer to most things :-) Call me what you like... but I'm sure Pete will be the first to say just don't call me too early in the morning ha ha ;-)

  • Brill! Emjay. thats set the theme for today. Better do some housework first.

  • Morning everyone..

    After being woken up at 4 am by a certain son on mine forgetting his key AGAIN... I've managed to over sleep this this morning!!

    But on a brighter note I think I can see the sun.. I say I think !!it's been so long since I've seen it I maybe confused!!

    I hope it stays as I'm off to see a dog owner today who's asking for my help .apparently he thinks his puppy is deaf... Apparently the only thing the dog can hear is a crisp packet popping!!Haha this has had me in stitches since I got the call yesterday ! I shouldn't laugh really but clearly if he can hear the crisp packet he's not deaf!!

    Just off to try and buy some new wellies and a packet of crisps!! then off to see this guy!! I can see this being a fun filled day!!

  • Morning Lisa -jane. yeah sun here too at the moment. Enjoy your day wellies and crisps. They say animals are dumb. They are more intelligent than us humans.

    At least they dont smoke. see you later. :)

  • My phone has gone slightly crazy there excuse the double words etc!! Or maybe it's me still asleep!!

  • Keeping up with the beatles theme - 'I get by with a little help from my friends' !!!

  • brill! like it.

  • Of course . " all you need is love"

  • Hiya all, you're lucky up north today - started raining about an hour and a half ago. :( Apparently it's put the torch out twice already this morning. ( :D :D )

  • Still managing to be sunny here, At least you dont have to stand out in the rain to have a fag.

    Anyway andi come on make your contribution to the Beatles theme. sure you`ll come up with something.

    got a 3 course meal ready for you know who. :D

    Right off for a while going to get my hair trimmed.

  • My mind's gone completely blank. :o

    I've got an ex-student coming for dinner tonight with a friend. She ordered english food so we're going to have lamb shanks, cauliflower cheese and roast pots. Think I'll open a tin of rice pud for afters. Right, better go and start prepping before I have to put the heating on! (Brrr - 15c outside now!) That should warm the house up a bit. :D


  • Another brilliant one. :)



  • THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD (of our stop smoking journey)!!

  • wow Dawn you are clever. I suppose Pete is the NOWHERE MAN.

    Em jay must have given up. ha ha. :)

  • You're good too Jilly! Yes Pete is the NOWHERE MAN in STRAWBERRY FIELDS LOL!!!!

  • I think later we might be asking THE FOOL ON THE HILL to COME AND GET IT!!!

  • Poetic license - I don't know any 'fool on the hill' myself.

  • that made me laugh. cant get up the hill though

  • SSShhh!!!

    (Do you want to know a secret?)....

    I AM THE WALRUS!!! Hahahahaha :o :P :D

  • Jilly when you went to get your hair cut did you go to the barbers on PENNY LANE!!! Can't stop giggling about this - I feel like LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS!!!

  • Hey, LADY MADONNA! I really think it's time to LET IT BE or I'll have to buy you a TICKET TO RIDE and pack you off in that YELLOW SUBMARINE!!!! :D :D

  • I'm going home now guys but before I go just wanna send you ALL MY LOVIN!!!

    Dawn x

  • You are all properly bonkers.... I'm not going to tell you the answer now.... But can you find a really apt Beatles song from about 1968 that will make you just laugh your heads off....?


  • Reading all those comments I dont know if i`m HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE

  • Well with Emjays help to quit WE CAN WORK IT OUT! :D

  • Pete enjoy your dinner , I will call back in a while. when you`ve read all the posts and seen how daft we have been today. :)



  • HELLO GOODBYE :) although that was 1967, close :D

  • Hiya Pete, hope you had a good day. You'll have to be careful though or before you know it they'll have you working 8 DAYS A WEEK. I guess if that ever happens you'll have to get ALL TOGETHER NOW and have a REVOLUTION! :D :D

  • Okay Pete, just have to wait for Emjay and her answer. could knock on her door with maxwells silver hammer..

    Anyway love going to sign off now . take care and see you tomoz. She luvs ya, Yeah yeah yeah . xxx :)


  • Nite nite Jilly. x :)

  • Hi Emjay, here's a message FROM ME TO YOU. (this is something YOUR MOTHER SHOULD KNOW) I think it might just be GETTING BETTER all the time! Right, it's now time to GET BACK to catching up with today's Tour de France now my student's gone! :o :D

  • Yeah nite nite everybody, you all just lay back in your bed, and just relax - and let them beatles walk all over you :D :D

    Pete :)

  • This is sooooo funny.....

    Hope the link works....

  • Just in case it doesn't work.... It's called 'Piggies' was recorded by The Beatles in 1967.... Way before my time ;-)

    You lot just crack me up completely!

  • OMG - hilarious - where on earth did you find this? (a bit before my time too :o ) :D

    Yeah - even madder today eh? Who started this nonsense today, was it you or Jilly? ;-)

  • Yes, it was you, going on your Magical Mystery Tour that kicked it all off. :D :D

    I've had it for today, off to bed, g'night and sleep well. :)

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