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DAILY CHAT. / TUESDAY / 11/09/2012

DAILY CHAT. /  TUESDAY /  11/09/2012

Good morning ,

The weather here in Yorkshire doesnt know what to do. Heavy rain nearly all night and now its calm and a few grey clouds but the rest of it is blue sky. It looks nice and fresh.

I am off to the shops today , apart from that nothing planned.

Have you anything exciting you have planned for today?

Whatever your doing enjoy yourself ..

See you soon. :)

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Good morning Jillygirl, Weather sounds about the same here at the moment gal :o

hey hows your norra battys doing gal and are those pain killers still doing there job ?? i hope so :) :)

Hmmmmm what have i got planned today thats exiting !! :o bed and work :) :(


Morning Pete,

I`ts a horrid shift your on isnt it. I know I`ve done it in the past, like you say its all bed and work. Well you have some sweet dreams today.

Nora Battys not too bad, These pain killers have certainly helped. See what happens on 1st october when I see the rheumatologist. flippin eck thats a big word before 8.00am. you take care love . luv ya loads. :)


Aup Jillygirl, your as bad as Andi, using them big words this time in the morning, give us poor old boys a chance eh :o anyway i know what that means so there :P :P its a leg bloke, hmmmm i wonder if he wants an under study :) :)

Sounds like your hubby's got to get his wallet out yet again today then :(

Luv you more :P


Ok Pete, not buying today just taking a faulty kettle back. Only had it 2 months and it switches itself off after about 10 seconds. Normally I wouldnt take it back but still got receipt which I would normally have thrown away by now.

So your having a break from us girlies on the 22nd. what are you going to do without us. :( :)


Good morning Jilly, Pete and everyone else.

Weather looks the same here - clear blue sky and sunshine - freshly washed overnight! Not too cold and wind not arrived yet. 8-) :o

Got coffee morning today (not mine) and have to do shopping so nothing very exciting there.

I suspended my gym membership yesterday til after my holiday (cos I can). With my foot problem I went spinning last week and couldn't even stand up on the bike without it hurting so will have to reduce my activities and hope that everything's alright by the time I get back. :|


Good morning Andi :)

Gosh gal its a shame about your foot, can't you see a bruise or anything ?? i will try and find the name of this cream i used, and it bought the bruising out and it felt a lot better after that :)

Anyway i hope that you realise that you are the same age as me now :D :D and will be until next February ;)


Hiya, was doing research on here yesterday and think I have worked out what it is. Not a fracture as I would have had bruising and maybe felt worse. I'm sure I should have rested it more at the beginning but of course that was impossible with going to London and all the walking you have to do there. :o I think it's extensor tendonitis which links in with tight calves which links in with a dodgy lower back so I suppose it was all a bit inevitable in my case. As I said before, I'm now going to give up the running til after my hols and hope everything's back to normal by then. (It bloomin' well should be after another 6 weeks!! :o :o ) Will then have to take it slowly and do all these extra exercises in between. :( Am currently in the middle of doing some home training, hoping the wind stays away til later then maybe get on my bike this afternoon! :|


When do you go on your hols, if you dont mind me asking :)


Am off on the 22nd.


22nd eh, that will be here before you know it gal :) :)

Erm if you need a hand carrying your luggage, i could do that you know :) and i know how to use a fan to coooool you down when you get toooo hot :) :)


Umm, now how did I guess that you would have made a reply like that? mmmm! :D :D


Surely you cant knock a man down for trying :D :D cant help it :o


Course not you silly b. :o :D :D


Aup this sites getting quicker !! just got an email, telling me that you had commented on here. WOW :) :)

It was a day behind wasnt it !!


Yeah, me too but shh - musn't shout about it or something will go wrong!! :o :D :D


Morning andi, Hope you get the foot problem sorted out. It can really be painful, I go on Friday to the podiatrist about my heels form of tendonitus had a fancy name but have to look it up every time I want to be precise. Anyway looks like its cortisone injections next, fancy trainers didnt work or the exercises she gave me to do.

Poor Pete whats he going to do when your away, :O I too go away for a week on the 22nd. Suppose he won`t get nagged at. :D

See you later. :)


Hiya, where did you pop up from? Where are you off to this time? :)

At least I managed to get on a bit in between last week - suppose he'll just have to keep check of his shoulders. He needs to start building the muscles up even further before then with press-ups and maybe a bit of flinging things around in his garage, shed or greenhouse (or one of his other outhouses :o ) so he can take all that extra weight there!!! :D :D


Off to st annes blackpool same place. house hunting. :)


Oy Jillygirl, you going on your hols again !! :o :| huh its alright for some :P god your Hubby must have a rite fat wallet, i aint got a wallet now after paying for them wheels :( :(


Btw did you tell us what you're getting this time? :)




I wish he had only thing he`s got in his wallet is his bus pass. :)

Hope the wheels are good .

see yoou later going out now. :)


Bye Jilly :) :D


Andi am sorry gal, i've opted for a van, its a Vauxhall Vivario, a white one this time, so now will probably be classed as a white-van-man :D :o

Rite am off to get my packup done, speak soon :) :)


:D :D :D :D


Got to go now, sleep well and see you tomorrow. :)


Good Morning Everyone,

a busy morning here already and it's not even 10 bells!

Pete, 2 weeks today and your halfway into your one month of a smokefree lifestyle :-) I hope the person you bought your van off had it all nice and cleaned out for you. Don't forget to keep your emergency supply of boiled sweets or mints in the drivers door. Hope you have some nice healthy snacks in your carry out too Pete, something that you can nibble on and help keep them cravings away. Speak tomorrow :-)

Andi, be careful whilst exercising with that injury. I'm not sure whether cycling will help it... How about going for a swim? Or doing swim aerobics? Just take care of yourself :-)

Jillygirl, do you still notice any money that you save from stopping smoking? It's important that you keep putting those pennies away. Especially as you may be wanting to move to Blackpool, I believe the fair there has expensive rides :D

Kengreen, how are you feeling today? Are the patches that you are using 16 or 24 hour? Let us know how it's going and we'll see you through safe and sound until you make it through to you next appointment :-)

Lisa-Jane, you have your next job starting tomorrow, I hope you managed to sort your pups out so that you have a stress-free time as well as a smokefree one too :-)

I'm around this morning then away from the office for the afternoon but will be back after 5 :-)

Stay strong and stay positive everybody :-)


Hi Emjay, dilemma set in ! :O A bungalow thats near where I live now is on the market its where we fancied living before, but we also like cleveleys and st annes. Oh well sure if its meant to be it will happen one or the other. might have to borrow Petes white van when it comes to moving.

As for the pennies yes we are noticing the difference when we try to plan our out -goings. As we only have a pension we have to budget accordingly. As for rides in Blackpool only rides we go on are trams and buses. :) I`m dizzy enough without the big dipper etc. :)


hi peeps all good today,went yesterday with Sundays patch still on, that's not my plan of doing things just making sure i got enough to last witch i have now. come over all very tired and went to bed early last night,have been having the odd tired day since i stopped but not to many to worrie about.going to cinema tonight everything is good right now :)

7mg 24 hour patch.


Hi Ken, glad to hear you're managing ok with your patches. I'm sure you'll enjoy the cinema tonight without looking at your watch and wondering when you can get back outside for a fag! :) And you won't go back in breathing that horrible stinky dog-breath over everybody! :o :D :D What film are you going to see?


Hi Ken, Glad your ok. and the patches worked out. I know when I first stopped I felt really tired, that went on for about 3 months. Find I am fine now. Enjoy the cinema tonight, at least you wont be gagging for a ciggy when you get out. take care. :)


Good afternoon everyone

The suns trying to come out, quick get your sunglasses and suncream on 8-)

It’s been a busy morning on here hasn't it!! I think I've caught up now ;-)

Hi Jillygirl; oh dear you’ll have to do heads or tails to pick where you'll live! I wouldn't like to be in your shoes. At least you can take the money for cigarettes out of the equation which helps a lot.

I’m with you, I don’t like fair rides!!

Hi Ken; you’re a little star (*) Well done you. I love your enthusiasm. You may feel tired at times, your body is trying to ‘recover’ from all the toxins leaving and repairing itself. Plus an early night always does us good. Enjoy your evening at the cinema, but DON’T fall asleep :p Have a little look at this link, it may help a little stopsmoking.org.uk/content/...

Hellooooooo Andi22, sorry to hear your still suffering with your foot. Maybe swimming might help like Emjay suggested. I hope your foot is better soon.

Not long till your holiday. How do you feel going on holiday smokefree? You won’t be looking around for the nearest exit for a quick cigarette and more pennies to treat yourself, after all you do deserve a treat!

Peeeeete I hope work treated you well and you didn’t work too hard ;-) Well done Pete; you’ve been quit for two weeks. You’re doing brilliantly.

Don’t forget; any probs please give us a shout.

Speak soon lovelies 8-)


Hi Claire , Your right at least I dont have to worry about finding ciggy money.

As for fair rides I used to love them, I think its an age thing, not for you though YOUNG lady. :)



Just finished transferring recipes on questions blog. signing off for now . may bob back before bedtime, :)


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