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Good Morning ! Emjay and her non- smoking gang.

Monday again, Start of another week , Another week of smoke free enjoyment. Hope everyone is feeling fine and still focused.

I thought I would open the site a bit later today. Still got up at 5.45am watching the pouring rain. Seems to have stopped now.

I`ve nothing major planned for today.

Anybody doing anything exciting today or is it back to work as usual.

Whatever you have planned stay focused, and dont let those white sticks into your day.

Will bob back later and see who is around.


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I woke up with a bag on as only asked my 15 year old daughter to make a cup of tea ... and she doesn't have time. I spent the whole weekend ferrying her around and she doesn't have time to put the kettle on. Oh the joys of being a parent.


Hi wonder, Poor you 15 year old, I remember my daughters at that age , seems nothing is important to them except them. Doesnt matter what you do for them its never enough. My 2 girls are 38 and 40 now

but can still wind me up at times.

Like Emjay says We still love them to bits. :)

Make yourself a cuppa love, and chill for 10 minutes. forget the kids.


see you soon. xx


Good Morning, Good Morning :-)

It's been raining here overnight but looks like it could go either way.

Wonder, kids are funny articles sometimes aren't they? Parents become taxi's, nurses, counsellors and self employed Jack/Jill of all trades. Funnily enough though, the challenges of bringing up these little treasures are quite often the things that you will miss when they fly the nest... Saying that, there is still an element of expectation from them at this point too! :-/

Jillygirl, I really can't believe how early you get up and are not in bed by 7!

I'm working from my desk for most of today. If there is anything in particular you lovely folks want, just let me know :-) Meanwhile, I'll have a little mooch about and see if I can find anything for you.

I'll also repost some breathing exercises and some past blogs so that you can either re-read through them as a reminder and refresher of how well you are doing, or if you are struggling, hopefully they'll help you to understand why and that it will all be worth it in the end :-)

Remember, together we can do this :-)


Morning Emjay, there is a young Lady called MaggieMaybe that needs your help !! speak soon

Pete :)


Like Pete says sound like Maggie Maybe definately needs your advice.


Morning everyone..

The weather here is absolutely horrid.. Non stop rain can't believe we are into July!! And what ever happened to the hottest summer in 500 years... Boy did they get that wrong!!

Well I've spent the whole weekend washing clothes curtains and bedding.. Anything to get rid of the stale smell of smoke. My sense of smell has improved I'm sure.. Not so sure about my taste yet though.

But last couple of days Ive been struggling a little not sure why ?? I've avoided going out with my smoking friends just till my will power strengthens as Yesterday was defo the hardest day this week and had I have been offered one I think I would have struggled. But more positive today.

Also I wanted to ask in my first week the chemist gave me minis along with my patches .. Yet last week he wanted to give me gum instead which I've tried before on previous quit attempts/practises!!! However these gums are making me literally dribble more than my big dog and that's really not a good look!!

I use them as per instructions but then end up either having to spit them out because of the excess saliva or end up with hiccups?? As much as I'm not a fan of the minis as they seem to irritate my throat right now they seem like the easier option. Any suggestions??

Well I'm off to go and do a couple of hours worth of ironing !!


Good morning Lisa, yep weather the same here gal ;( ;(

I use patches and have got a inhalator for the hard times, which dosnt seem to irritate my throat or anything, maybe ask your chemist for one of those !! :) it seems to work for me. Oh and by the way happy ironing :D :D

Pete :)


Hi Lisa -jane,

Like Pete says I think it might be worth you trying a inhalator. Thats the only nrt. I use. I find it works for me. I know everyone is different but please stick at it . You can do it.

Have a look on some of the past blogs that Emjay has put on you may find some hints there. xx :)

Hope the ironing is done! :O


Aup Jillygirl, it sounds as if youare on top form today gal, i hope those Nora Baties are better today :) :)

Pete :)


That was creepy You just sent your post as i was just finishing writing to you.


Nora battys seem not too bad today thanks love. :)


Hello young man, Yes I mean you Pete. :)

Hope your ok love. Have you seen the pics yet off Lennes kittys. :)

Thought you might have offered to do Lisa-janes ironing. :D

Or is it cos your off to work. what hours are we on this week.

You take it steady Love from nora batty. :)


Lenne, The post you set to maggimaybe, was really really good, I do hope she listens to us all, but especially you as you seem to understand her more than the rest of us. catch up soon. still love your kittens.


Cheers Jilly, we all know how it feels to be trapped as smokers and we all took that scary first step but we are also not doing it alone, we got eachother to pull ourselves out of it :) Thanks my cats keep me smiling and they are like my children! xx


Aup Jillygirl, yep i have seen the kitts, just beauties arnt they, am glad your Noras are ok today, and as for ironing i dont go there !! unless i really really have toooooo ;( ;(

I'm working nights this week ;( my fave shift, so will get home about 7.30 tmoz morning, so you make sure your fully dressed by then ok :D :D

Pete :)


I promise! :D :D


Jillygirl you are just gorgeous gal ;) ;)


Andi where are you today gal ???? you didnt lose at scrabble again did you !! :D :D


Hello everybody, just got a few mins to look in as my friend's gone to the chippie as she saw a bogof for today.

Yup, weather the same here - s... from getting up and still going - yuk :P :(

Had to mooch round the shops just to get out - boooooooring!!! ;-)

Last night - one all, earlier this morning started on a flooky blinder - I started with a 7 letter word and pulled out letters to lay a second 7 letter word next - how amazing is that? :) :D :D

Catch up with everything tomorrow afternoon - have a good evening. xx :)


hey andi you`ll be getting big headed now.

No stopping you now. :) :D :) :D


Well another day nearly over. Hope everyone is still happy, and focused. I hope Maggie joins us tomorrow, sure we can help in our own little ways.

Lisa - jane hope the ironing is al done love, and you still ok.

Andi bet you get a great score at scrabble tonight. let us know.

Pete dont work too hard.

Lenne, you give those kittens a big cuddle from me. and one for yourself.

Emjay, hope your ok love. will be up tomoz probably early. Might not stay long as I may be needed at my daughters. little girl didnt feel too well today. So I am on standby.

I am signing off now . love ya all. xx :)


hey pete,

I have tried the inhalator on previous quit attempt and wasnt over keen. however I am due back for my appointment on Thursday so might give it a go for next week. My chemist is all for trying me on anything and everything he can throw at me I think!!

jillygirl ... Im still ironing but at least i can no longer smell stale smoke and im still hanging on in there!!


I only have to say one thing to you all before I go to bed- you are all awesome.

*hugs* xx


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