Good morning,

How is everyone today? Well it sounds like winter here , there is a strong cold wind at the moment, and it looks like rain too. Spoke too soon it is raining now. Oh well at least wont have to go outside for a cigarette and huddle in a corner. :)

Busy morning as we are taking the car in for m.o.t. and I have to go to the podiatrist this morning.

Anyone got plans for today? Whatever you`r doing have a lovely day stay happy focused and love yourself. Have a good smoke-free day. :)

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  • Good morning Pete,

    Bet your glad its Friday :) Are you off for your wheels today? I thought I better give you something before you rush off:-



    There is a man ,

    With a big white van,

    Who we would love to meet,

    His name is monky, or should we call him Pete,

    He`s very witty and slightly mad,

    He cheers you up when you feel sad

    He`s happy with a tin of paint,

    Don`t get me wrong he aint no saint.

    He loves to laugh and have a joke

    And believe it or not he doesn`t smoke.

    He likes a pint or may be two,

    But I love him to bits and so will you.

    :) :) :P :P :D :D :O :O ;) :D :D

  • Good morning Jillygirl,

    Just love it gal, just love it :D :D and the pics toooooooooo :) :)

    I'm just lost for words gal !! :o thank you very much its lovely, and so are you :) :)

    Yes am off in a bit to collect it, fingers crossed :)

  • Good morning Jilly and everyone else. :)

    So, what are we today Jilly? I think you've excelled yourself with your latest ditty. ;-)

    Grey morning here but not too windy yet and no rain.

    Was woken up with cramp at 5 this morning and didn't manage to get back to sleep so thought I'd better get up and use the extra time this morning. :o

    See you later. :)

  • morning andi, Yeah I got up at 4.45am. got to stop copying each other unless of course we sleep in. :) Nothing to do at 5.00am dont make a lot of noise as dont want to wake hubby, hence the dittys and piccys. keeps me amused. Sad! aren`t I.

    See you soon. :)

  • Good morning Andi, i hope your well :) :)

    Grey - windy - wet here gal, just lovely it is :( :(

    What are you up to today then ?? anything exiting :o :)

  • Going to get ready for podiatrist now so see everyone in a while. bye. :)

  • I hope everything goes alright for you Jillygirl :) :)

    See you in a bit gal.

  • Hi Pete. Been to podiatrist, not done anything as going to arthritus clinic in October, and they will assess my feet too. Like they say "keep taking the tablets" Suppose it takes my mind off those piggies anyway. :)

  • Morning everyone your all up early, just up now, couldn't get to sleep for ages last night

    It's sunny here but really cold, not much wind though, that will probably change though :D

    love your poem Jillygirl :) got your poetic head on today, i lost mine when i washed it he he

    Glad your getting your wheels today white van man :D :D :D

    hope you don't get cramp again Andi, i know how bad that is, it's horrible

    i'm away out soon, gotta pay bills, hate doing that, will be back on later

    Take care everyone, have a great day luv ya xxxxxxx

  • Aup Sue, its just great to see you again gal :) :)

    I'm sorry to hear about your mishap, but i tell you i would have caved in months ago, if i'd had the troubles that you've gone through gal, dont you take it out on yourself Sue, do you hear me gal !!

    You have a rest, and get focused again, theres no rush :) :) and when your ready to quit again, and only then, set a date and off you go again :) and we will all be right behind you gal, well you know that dont you :) I know you can do it cus your a lot stronger than i am gal :)

    Bigg huggs going to you Sue & luv ya :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Hi Pete sorry missed this earlier

    thank you for that, your such a lovely man, if i could i'd write you a poem,but my brains gone on holiday without me :D :D

    how are you doing, still staying off the piggies i hope, you can do this, your stronger than you think xx

  • Hi Sue, hope your ok. Can do without bills pity we can`t quit those too. :P

    Have a good day , chat later. xx :)

  • Hi Pete, nothing very exciting. :( Maybe a bit of cleaning and gardening. Managed about 23 miles on my bike yesterday - it was just perfect weather for it and lovely cycling along the seafront. I was wishing I'd had my swimmers with me! :o

    I must start making lists for my hols as the time's just running away now.

    When are you picking up your wheels? :)

  • Blimey Andi you get about on that bike of yours, you'll be needing new tyres for it soon :) did i hear Emjay say that she might get a bike instead of running ?? :o :D

    Wheels erm got to give him a ring about 10, then hopefully go and pick it up :) and leave my old van there :( i bet you cant guess how many miles my old vans done ?? :o

  • Ummmm ............... 160,000-ish?

  • Nope -- 357,482 miles :D :D

  • Surprised it didn't fall apart years ago then! :o Well overdue! :D :D

  • Yeah but for saying its 02 reg, it only looks a couple of years old, very good body on her, just the engine that needs retiring :)

  • Ken if your not messin in your garage, just wondering how your little kitty is today :( :(

    Pete :)

  • Morning all....

    Weather doesn't really know what it's doing today I don't think. Hopefully it stays like this and the rain holds off as I've promised to help move some sofas today.. I don't want to cos I still have this cold,but hey ho!!

    Pete.. I couldn't get to reply back to you yesterday.. Stupid phone!!

  • Morning Lisa-Jane, hey dont worry about it gal, just one of them things :(

    How are you feeling today ??, a bit better i hope :) :) whats this about you moving sofas about then, thought that was a mans job, or is it the start of your new exercise regime :D :D

    Think i'd best scarper :o :o

    Just a little something, i think we have gremlins again !! {(

  • Hiya Pete

    Still feeling about as ruff as my dogs.. But anything a man can do I can do just as well!!! Haha if not better!!! Pass the matches I'm off to burn my bra!! :)

    But I defo have to start on some exercise before I turn into a weeble!!

  • Morning Lisa.

    Am just wondering what a weeble is? We don't have this word down south! :o :D

  • Have you got wambles down south Andi ?? cus if you have, there a bit like them :) only taste better :D :D

  • Wot's a wamble? :o We don't have them down south either. :(

  • You aint got note down their have you :o :D

    Do you have vans down their ?? talking about vans, best go now and pick it up, speak later Andi :) :)

  • Morning Lisa-jane, Hope your feeling a bit better today. As for moving sofas, I know a man with a white van he he! :D :D

    Try and take it easy . :)

  • Haha Jillygirl!!

    Feeling rough still but I will survive I think... Cough cough!! ;)

  • Heres a hug specially for you to make you feel better. :)


  • Good morning rmba, I hope you are ok and join in our chatting today. Good luck you can do it. :)

  • Hi Ken, Hope your ok. Hows that kitten of yours hope its ok today. have a good day. :)

  • Don't do this - I want two!!! :( (They look a bit like Lenne's kitties! :o ) ;-)

  • sorry love , I dont know what colour kens is. just want to cuddle them.

  • Hi there Emjay , Hi there Claire, come on now get off your chair,

    Pete is out with his van,

    Lisa needs help with a sofa if you can.

    Whilst I`m writing this little ditty,

    Ken is busy with his kitty,

    Andi`s in the garden picking out the weeds

    Perhaps she is planting lots of new seeds,

    Sue is paying bills today,

    Perhaps later on she will come back and play.

    The cafe is open I`ve got the key.

    So come in have a coffee and join me.


  • Good morning Jillygirl

    Loving the poems today.

    I'm off for two days and Quit Support reaches 206 members, wow :-)

    I'm going to try and catch up on all the news on here today but I am out and about this afternoon. If anyone does have any questions Emjay and I will keep nipping in and out.

    Enjoy your day 8-)

  • Hi Jarvo , have a good day. :)

  • Hi Andi special cuppa just for you. :)


  • That was a quick composition! :) As for the piccie - aaaaahhhhh!!!! :)

  • Aup Jillygirl your back then, as for them kittens, there just drop dead gorgeous :) :)

    I can remember my cat like that, but she was in one of my work boots :D

    Emjay and Claire are doing some flippin noddin today aint they ?? :o ;)

  • Actually I've just remembered a lovely pic of one of mine in my handbag. :D

  • Well go and get the pic out of your handbag then :D :o

  • Speaking of flippin noddin - isn't that where you should be by now? :o

  • Yep should be but am not, going to pick mi van up at 12, just looking around for some matchsticks to prop my eyes open :o :|

  • No, I said puss in handbag! :D :D

  • Wonder where Emjay is this morning - must have overslept! :o

  • Andi just wondering why you said that plumbing wasnt for me ?!

  • I didn't say that! :o I think you're twisting my words (again - handbag) I meant you wouldn't be like all those cowboys out there. :) Reasoning behind this: I think you, like me, are old school and like to do things properly. :) (Some people may think this is a bit sad but there it is.) :D :D

  • Hi everyone just got back from paying those flippin bills, love your pics Jillygirl they're soooo cute, i remember my daughters cat being that size, she's got him back now :( will have to get myself one now, might pinch one of yours :D :D

    away to get something to eat now x

  • Hiya Sue, that's a good idea, think I'll have lunch early and hope the rain stops so I can go out and do something in the garden. :|

  • hope you manage to get some gardening done Andi, we have no rain here and it's got a bit warmer, thank goodness

    i don't have a garden, used to love working in my dads, maybe i'll come help you with yours, i don't have green fingers though so hope i don't kill your plants :D :D x

  • Hi Sue, talking of green fingers, I have just noticed how my fingers and nails are actually pink and not nicotine colour. unfortunately thats where I have the arthritus worse according to the doc. Find out more on 1st Oct. when I see the consultant.

    Flippin eck sure all this has happened since i quit. Mind you I dont think I could go through another chest infection like the last one I had.

    Ok I`ve stopped ranting on now.

    Rain has just stopped here and I can see some blue sky. :)

  • Hi Jillygirl glad you have some blue sky now, even if it's cold it looks nicer that grey :)

    did the doc tell you you had RA, if so i hope you get good treatment for it

    you just rant away all you like, we all need that sometimes, it helps us get through the day

    think i missed a lot of posts on here better go take a look, that's what happens when my brain up and leaves :D :D :D xx

  • Hi Sue, Doc said its inflammatory , but not sure exactly what type until I see consultant. Hope got in early for treatment. :)

  • Hope it's not RA and it's easily treated, will keep my fingers crossed for you

    you must be getting excited about your holiday, i hope you have a lovely time :)

    nothing like holiday to recharge the batteries :) xx

  • Thanks sue. Doc did say he didnt think it was ra.

    Need to recharge my batteries, although It was only a good week ago I was away.

    At least we go out for meals when we are away. so can take it easy. :)

  • Hi Jillygirl. Why not, go for as many holidays as you can, that's what i say, even if it's just a weekend away :)

    A bit slow replying, i was adding a recipe to your cafe, brill idea by the way, i could do with trying to lose weight, so will be looking at that a few times :D :D xx

  • Hi Sue, My pc on a go slow today. Yes we were thinking of moving to st annes blackpool , but think we will stay put and like you say go for lots of breaks over there instead. :)

  • Hi Jillygirl, it sounds like a nice place, i've just been down there once, not st,annes, but just outside blackpool, can't remember the name of the place now :D but it was really nice,wish i could remember the name so i could go back, aw well i might one of these days D :D x

  • Afternoon Everybody,

    really busy on here today :-)

    Hope you are all okay and keeping those piggies at bay!

    Lisa-Jane, I hope you are feeling much better today and if you can relax and chill, then make sure you do :-)

    Jillygirl, where did you find that picture yesterday?! It frightened me off ha ha. I hope that's not what I look like in your dreams, you'd probably never wake up as it would surely frighten your life away! Roll on October 1st when we can see that you get some help from your Doctor :-) Love your little ditties by the way, fantastic :D

    Andi, I had to look up what a wimple was yesterday, I've learnt something ha ha and I never noticed the detail in the chimp picture until you pointed it out. You have to Google the "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down" song. It takes me right back to a wee nipper! I seem to have shied away from running and really do need to make an effort on the cycling front. :-)

    Sue, it really is nice to have you back. Lets get you started from the beginning, getting back to the basics again, building up on your willpower and getting that positive feeling back so that you can do this. Once you feel ready you can then set another quit date, maybe over the next month or so? :-)

    Pete, you are probably nodding now, but I hope you collected your white van and you are happy with your purchase. I hope it came from a smokefree home? IF not at least you will have something to do over the weekend :D

    Ken, hope your cat is home and is feeling much better. At least he won't have to put up with the smell of smoke any-more, especially since he is recovering from his 'op'! :-)

    Kal69, how are doing? Hope all is well for you and that the Champix is helping and you are not feeling as sick with it. :-)

    Stay positive everybody, together we can do this :-)

  • Hi Emjay, you finally woke up then? :o :D

    Now, about that bike of yours ......................... ? :D :D

  • Hi Emjay, I can assure you that you dont look like that. like you say I would never want to sleep again. ;)

  • Hi Emjay it's nice to be back :)

    I was thinking about stopping beginning of next month, that will give me time to get to my GP, i want to go with the inhalators and if i get them on prescription they won't cost me anything, monies a bit tight just now, plus i can discuss it with her, as well as all my other health issues.

    hope you've had a great day, and thanks foe all your help :) xx

  • Afternoon Sue, maybe you could be one of those Stoptober people. :)

  • Hi Andi,I never thought of that :D :D was just working out when i'd be able to get a GP appointment, there all really busy just now, and there's 6 of them in the practice

    hope you've had a great day so far xx

  • Thanks Sue for the recipe will have to transfer them in a few days. Sounds yummy, in fact Its made me feel hungry. :)

  • Well I've had enough of the garden for today so come in for a cuppa before doing a bit of shopping.

    Don't know what's going on with me the last couple of days but I've gone back into that eating thing that I had at the beginning! :o Have munched my way through a packet of pistachios this week and just attacked a packet of biscuits. Oh dear, just remembered a box of chocs I opened for my birthday - I think they'll NEED to be eaten before I go away! :D :D

  • Jilly just seen your post - does that mean you're not moving at all and have taken your house off the market?

  • No will still move to a bungalow. seen a nice one fingers crossed. :)

  • Hi everyone i really will have to go, have a major headache, i might come on later, if it goes away

    have a good night everyone luv ya xx

  • Hi Sue, hope your headache gets better. I like your new pic watching us all. :)

  • Hi Jillygirl thanks my headache is much better, had tablets and a lie down, am on my phone now

    the eye is for keeping an eye on Pete when you and Andi are on holiday :D :D :D

  • Like it!

  • I flippin heared that :P

  • Emjay this has got to be a record for the Daily chat - 75 posts :o :o

    Rite going to count up who's been on the most, chattin that is :D hmmmmm will have to think of a punishment for them :o :D just a good job i've got my ear muffs on :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D you know you love the banter Pete :P x

  • hi peeps,all good here today,little cotton kitty is home and well if not a little sore.got a day out pencilled in for Sunday it may or may not happen, Friday evening here 2 cans of beer and chocolate night :)

  • Hi Kengreen not met you yet, i was off here for a while

    I'm sue, away to start my journey the second time

    i'm glad your kitten is okay :)

    Don't know about beer but love chocolate

    hope you had a good day :)

  • Hi ya Ken, i'm glad little kittie is back home, i expect he will be a bit sore for a few days yet, but i'm sure he will soon bounce back :) :)

    Hmmmm your night sounds good to me :P yum yum :)

  • Sounds good Ken. Glad kitty ok. :)

  • Did you get your van Pete? :)

  • Aup Sue yes i got it, and she is now parked up for the night :) i've called her Snowy :)

  • You sound a lot happier Sue :) :) good on yer gal, you get back to normal and have a bit of fun :) :D

    Rite i'm off up that wooden hill now, speak to you all in the morning :) :)

    Sweet dreams everybody :)

  • Night Pete sweet dreams :) x

  • Good name Pete :) you must be well chuffed

    that's 81 posts now, just as well it's daily and not weekly, like it used to be, we'd never find our way to the bottom :D :D x

  • Ok folks signing off now sweet dreams nite nite sue, pete, andi, ken kitty and snowy.

    see you all tomorrow. xx :)

  • Nite nite Jillygirl sweet dreams, i'm signing off as well :) x

  • upload.wikimedia.org/wikipe...

    suppose with this it will be 88. comments. :D

  • This is 90 :D :D

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