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DAILY CHAT / TUESDAY/ 21/08/2012


Good morning everyone,

I hope your all ok, slept well and ready to go.

Well Claire I hope today isnt as quiet as yesterday. I do think the gremlins had a lot to do with that. :X

Where ever you are and what ever you have plans for have a lovely smokefree day.

I shall be getting my brekky soon, then I promised to make it for a certain night worker. :P

I am child minding until about 4.30pm so may not be on here until later, same again tomorrrow. Got to get my monopoly head on later. :)

See you all soon .xx :)

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Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

andi22 in reply to andi22

Tried earlier but gremlins timed me out (and I hadn't copied it! :P )

andi22 in reply to andi22

Yes Jilly, I gave up trying in the end yesterday! Thought I'd just let them get on with the job of trying to fix the site. :|


Ahhhhh so you've got the coffee pot Jillygirl, thats why i couldnt find it in the cafe then !! :P mind you havent found any muggs yet !! :o

The gremlins are still about, just got loged off the site, so went to the nhs - health Unlocked - and onto you other site Jillygirl, and that was the same, going dead slowwwwwwww

Have a nice day playing with the kids toys :D :D

I will try to have a quick chatt before i go to work gal, luv ya

Chris i hope that you are having a good day today and staying focused pal, the cravings do get easier :) :)

Lisa-Jane, i hope you are coping with those long and crappy shifts your on gal, god they are worst than mine :( Keep your chin up gal, and please please dont fall over and bruise or break anythink, mind you i havnt had a laugh for a bit :D :D

Think i'd best get out a here

chris226 Months Winner

Hi, hope its sunny where you are today - cloudy here in London & muggy. Still doin OK here, tryin to keep busy doing all the menial jobs I don't nmormally do eg weeding the patio - what fun. Yesterday was OK defo feeling like cravings are slowly diminishing but still there & I do think about smoking quite a bit surprise surprise. Tried to post a few times yesterday but site kicked me out so here's trying today. Hope you all have decent smoke free day out there

Yes, grey here too and thinking about doing a bit of weeding - they're all growing like triffids this year! :o

Chris, what are you doing to help your cravings?

I thought I'd try my first joined-up run yesterday. I managed 30 minutes less 20 seconds as my front door got in the way! :D :) Not sure when I'll manage that again though. :o

In the afternoon I had to see the nurse for my injections for my holiday. :( Could feel my arm a bit by the evening and hope it doesn't get worse as the day goes on. :)

chris226 Months Winner

Andi Hi just drinking a lot of water basically - I find that helps me a lot and staying away from coffee. Gradually thinking about it less though

andi22 in reply to chris2

Crikey, you're doing REALLY well if you only need water to get you through! :o

EmJayFounder Quit Support

Hola! Good afternoon everybody :-)

I cannot believe that I've not been able to get on here due to so many unknown gremlins and their family! :-X HealthUnlocked appear to be onto the problems and doing their best to fix them. Just a little tip (and it hasn't worked all the time for me - but is worth giving it a go) is to try and log in through 'chrome' rather than Internet Explorer.

Hopefully it won't be too long for my hair to grow back after almost pulling it out over the weekend. So many missing posts, lost information and plenty of swear words!!!

Chris, sounds like you are doing great, Drinking plenty of water will also help to curb any unnecessary urges to eat. Especially foods of the wrong sort too :-/ Which will then help deter any excessive pounds that can be gained! Keep up the good efforts :-)

Andi, well done to you on your joined-up running :-) I'm still only thinking about doing something... who knows, by the end of the week I may have taken the plunge! Where and when are you going on your jollies 8) Has stopping smoking helped to pay for it? :-)

Hope you are having fun playing monopoly Jillygirl and whilst buying lots around the board, I hope you get a nice call from the estate agents about your weekend viewing :-)

Pete, you have come such a distance now and even though you may have relapsed, it's not the end of the world. You just need some encouragement to get back on track again :-) You are probably sleeping now and getting yourself ready for your night shift, and we all know how much you love this shift... not :-( Leave it with me for now and I shall pop up a post in a little bit that may help you and others who are going through the same thing. Relapsing isn't always inevitable, but it does happen. It's all about staying in control and refusing to be beaten. Let me have a think and see what we offer to help you. You have been so encouraging to others and I know that everyone wants to see you skipping though this journey and coming through the other side :-) I'm sure you will have learnt quite a lot from past attempts including your most recent. Each time you are getting stronger, you just have to recognise that in yourself. Together we can do this :-)

I hope everyone else is okay and these computer gremlins haven't got to you all too much :-/

Remember to stay positive everyone :-)

andi22 in reply to EmJay

Hiya Emjay, I'm looking forward to the end of the week - can't wait for your blog!!! :D :D

I'm going away in a month's time for a month to Bhutan, Nepal and India with one of my American friends and no, stopping smoking had not helped to pay for it! :o I was able to afford it from an inheritance. :)


Hi everyone, Well its nice to see the site busy again , dare I say back to normal (dont want the gremlins to hear me) :) Lovely to hear from you Lenne , missed you. Shall look up a recipe for those american pancakes. :)

Chris your doing well love , like you I drink loads of water it does seem to help. Andi I just can`t keep up with you . Your super fit . (jealous again :D)

Pete sorry I drunk most of the coffee, and the gremlins had the rest. glad you likes the brekky though.

Emjay lovelyt that your back. Yes I played Monopoly came 2nd. out of 3 of us. :)

As for the viewing on the house the Estate agents made a c... up of it. The person going to view was waiting for confirmation from the estate agent, and I was waiting for this person who wasnt even coming. At least the house got tidied up.

OK going to start getting tea ready, healthy prawn salad.

Glad the Cafe was a hit with everyone..

OOOOH! just got a big flash of lightning and thunder. startled me. see you soon. xx

EmJayFounder Quit Support

Hey Jillygirl, we had the thunder here too, and a complete downpour too. The sun is shining beautifully now too :D

Have I missed Lenne? I can't see any posts from her.. blinking gremlins!

Off for a double check!


Hi Emjay, Yes Lenne called in to the cafe this morning. :)

Evening all, I've just come back from a funeral which was quite a happy occassion. I was in the garden with this young man (30s :o ) who was smoking. He said that he had given up before on a number of occassions - even for 3 years once - but always seems to get back on them somehow or an other. (Probably after a bout of drinking! :o ) He wished he could stay quit but finds it really difficult as his partner still smokes. His quitting experiences have covered most of the aids/nrt/electronic cigs etc but his most successful way was going cold turkey! I told him about this site so maybe next time he'll manage it with the help of everyone on here. :)

andi22 in reply to andi22

ps both he and his partner started smoking at the age of 13.

Hey Jilly, just logged on and email says Jilly left a comment on Jilly's blog! Result! They must have been working late to try to get the last gremlins fixed - bless 'em! :)

It's gonna be interesting to see what the next batch of gremlins do to us! :o :D :D

Am gonna sign off for tonight, Nite nite everybody and sleep well. :)

jillygirlAdministrator in reply to andi22

Nite nite andi. Now I know what they mean about talking to yourself. :D

See you tomoz. xx

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