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DAILY CHAT/  SUNDAY/26/08/2012

Good morning,

Sunday again , another week of no smoking under our belts.

Chris it will be 2 weeks for you. BIG well done, carry on staying focused you can do it. :)

Well weather looks grey and rainy, But you may get to the beach andi fingers crossed.

Pete , wont matter if it rains for you always got one of the out houses to bob into,,,, :P

Think I will be busy later opening the cafe on to the questions page.

See you soon . Muselei for brekky today. :)

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Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

8-) Yes, the sun has well and truly got it's hat on this morning. Lovely and fresh in the woods and playing fields and dazzling at times. (I don't do sunglasses - only in the snow - could be why the wrinkles are worse too. :o ) :)

Not sure about the beach yet Jilly, it's still only 15 degrees - probably more of a forest day. Will go out on my bike at some stage though. :|

I had muesli for brekkie today too. :)


Morning andi, hope you manage to get out on your bike today. Weather still iffy up here, lots of grey clouds and a very tiny bit of blue sky peeping through in the distance. Will hang the washing out and keep fingers crossed.

Off to supermarket soon. Suppose Petes already there. :D Catch up later.


Morning Andi & Jillygirl, i hope your both fine :) :)

Weather cloudy here but the barometer a sun on it, and the trend is up, so looking good for maybe this afternoon 8-) fingers crossed :)

Jillygirl done shopping yesterday, :P cooking dins now :(

Andi enjoy your bike ride gal :)


Morning Pete. Glad your ok what you having for dins. owt good? put it on the cafe blog .. :)


Good morning folks, just wanted to pop by and send you all happy weekend hugs and check everyone was okay. So it's gonna be hot again I am guessing...?

Yay... lol! xxx


Good morning Lenne, How you doing love. hugs back to you. lovely to hear from you. :)


Hiya Lenne and Holiday hugs to you too! :)

Hope you're still managing ok, I guess you must be otherwise we'd have seen a lot more of you on here. The temperature has dropped now so I think it's safe for you to go out. :D :D (Mind you might enjoy the rain tomorrow even better! :o ) :D xx


Hey Lenne, lovely to see you again gal, and big big huggs to you too gal :) :)

Luv ya i do xxxx :)

Pops 2 :) :)


Cafe open on questions page.


Good afternoon all, hope you're all enjoying your Bank Holiday Sunday afternoon. Just come back from my bike ride and logged it as about 26 miles. Lots of traffic about but managed to find some nice and quiet country lanes in the New Forest - had to negotiate the ponies in the road at times though and got to a nice cliff top bench to eat my lunch. :) As I was sat there a big black cloud came over and just settled overhead. When I left it seemed to follow me all the way home and I thought I was going to get a bit wet! :( Somehow I got back more or less dry although the roads at home were wet! :o Now the sun's shining again! It also turned quite windy after my initial outing this morning. :|


Afternoon Andi,

26 Miles !!!! erm you dont hurt anywhere after that distance ?? :o your bike ride sounds lovely gal, i've got to kick my ass and do something, theres lovely countryside around here, bet i would see a lot more if i was biking, and no driving.

I will have to purchase one of those saddles with gel in it and give it a try again.

I hope that you wear your hvv whilst you are biking !! :o :)

Speak later :) :)


You said you were going to get one weeks - no months - ago!! :o ;-)

ps what's a hvv - er heavy ?....?..... :o :P


I forgot !!!!

Hvv = high visible vest

A reflective vest that you put on :) :) so motorists can see you easily


Aaahhhh! No, not got one of them! :( I do a lot of wobbling to keep the cars away from me - usually it works! hehe :)


Nice one gal, nice one, just love it :) :)


Glad you managed to have your bike ride. Had a little bit of sun, then the heavens opened. just stopped raining again. Been shopping for odd bits. as we are going away next saturday for a week . Off to st.annes near blackpool. So might have to rely on you and Emjay to keep the cafe open and of course keep Pete in check. :D

just debating wether to do some ironing or sit and have a cuppa. erm ..... yes the ironing will wait until tomorrow. :)


Hey Jillygirl, cant fault you gal, you put them pins of your's up for a bit, and have a cuppa, hey you never know your hubby might just do the ironing for you :D :D

Jillygirl, if you want somebody to carry your bags for you on holiday, then look no further, cus i'm your man :) :D


Hi Pete, you can carry my bags anytime. Oh dear better send out an sos

to Sue I bet she will keep you company. I know Chris will bob in to see you too.

Anyway Pete you need a rest from andi and me, cos when we get back boy will you know about it. :P

Better make the most of next week eh. :)


Hiya both of you. Oh dear, they're gonna get a bit lonely on here then, My sister's coming to visit for a couple of weeks from Tuesday. We'll be in London til Friday so I won't be on Wed til Fri then only sporadically until Monday 10th.

Let's hope that lots of new people come on site to keep Pete and Emjay company in our absence.

I know we always say it's ok to lurk in the background but it would be nice if a few more people came on and stirred things up a bit! :o Pete will need somebody cos he can't spend the WHOLE time writing recipes - it would just send him back on the fags again and none of us wants that - eh Pete? :D :D


Oooh Andi i thought you would keep me company while Jillygirl was away :) :)

But hey you enjoy the time with your sister, in London, dont you worry about me gal :)

I will manage somehow, not sure how but i will, i will get through it on my own, cus i'm used to talking to myself, i am :( :( you go off and enjoy gal, maybe i will be able to --- one day eh :( :( sob sob

Flippin glad to get rid of ya and your big flippin words :P :P

Gone in hiddin !! :o :|


Don't know what you mean by 'big flippin words'. :P :P Not so sure about some of your flippin words either sunshine! :( :D :D


Them words that come out of your No 3 brain cel, i'm on about, early in the morning :D :D

I dont use big words, so what you on about 8-) 8-)

I only use Derbyshire words myself :P :P


Ah well, and they want us to believe that there's no north/south divide? There's no getting away from it - it's just fact! :D :D

Melvyn Bragg made a tv series a few years ago called 'The History of English'. It was so interesting I wished I'd recorded it. It would have been really good for my students. He was explaining how we have so many words for the same thing. Basically cos a lot of the northern words came in with the Vikings and the southern words with the Normans.


Sooooo you were a teacher then !! :) :) that answers a few questions that i had :)

Melvyn Bragg, hmmmmm i seem to remember somethink about him, no sorry Andi just cant think at the moment, but you know how a name just clicks sometimes, !! :)

What words do i say that you dont understand, i will tell you gal :) :)


try this link if it works.



I just found the whole series:


As I said recently - haven't got a clue how you do what you did there re links! :o :)


Petes your man to explain , I just muck about and guess half the time. Errrr! did I just give Pete credit for having some knowledge? Nah. :P


Hey andi , I just got your link through. will read it later. I am re posting how to copy things and links what Pete put on yesterday. See if you make sense of it.

Just a thought !! if anybody wants to print any recipes off, this is how you do it --

Highlight the text -- it will turn blue

Right click on it

On the dropdown menu -- left click copy

Open M.S.Word

Right click on it

On the drop down menu -- left click paste

Hey presto there is your recipe

Click print & jobs done.

Any problems just ask, and i will try to help



Off to watch tv for a while. Think Pete must be studying all the languages and sayings, he`s gone very quiet. catch up later before bed. :)

Just thought may be he`s patting his head and trying to rub his stomach. :D :D :D


Jillygirl your just impossible, flippin Lady you :o you are gal, just cant catch you up gal, but am not giving in, cus i will catch up with you, :o :P and when i do !!!! dont know what might happen :D :D


Promises promises! :D :D

ha ha ha he he he he You can`t catch me.

signing off now. see you in the morning if your quick enough. :)

luvs ya.


Jillygirl, Andi,

Good night to you two gorgeous Ladies, and sweet dreams xxxx :) :)

I wont miss ya, when ya go away, wont so, :P :P

Rite time for bed, eyes shuttin, so got to go :) :)


Nite andi , nite Pete. xx


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