Good morning everybody, Hope everybody slept well last night. Well its Yorkshire day todays 1st August. The start of another month and still smoke free.

Hope the weather is ok for you all , overcast here at the moment. Anyway Enjoy your day whatever you are doing.

I wont be on much after 9.30am as going out for the day with hubby. Its his birthday today so dont know what plans we have. probably a ride out then a meal.

Better go now and get his pressie and card out before he gets up.

See you later. xx :)

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  • OK seeing Ii have done my flask and sarnies i`m off to blackpool. see you all this evening. hope you all have a good sleep in today. :)

  • Morning all, have a lovely day Jilly and Happy Birthday to hubby!

  • Good late morning everybody,

    I feel like I haven't had much of a presence here the past couple of days... lots of catching up to do I see :)

    Happy Birthday to our lovely Jillygirl's hubby. Hope you have a great day :-) Wrap up warm as I think it might be a bit windy and chilly down Blackpool ways. Speak to you tonight Jillygirl :-)

    Good morning Dawn, how are you doing? It's almost 2months of being smokefree to you, I bet you are well chuffed :-) Are you being busy at work today? :-)

    Congratulations to Sure2 on reaching your first month as a non-smoker, now heading into your 2nd month, well done :-)

    Windylindy has also made it safely into her 4th month, that 5 month mark is just a matter of weeks away, congratulations :-)

    I'm off for a catch up on everything that has been going on here the past couple of days :-)

  • Good afternoon everybody (or nobody! :o )

    Jilly, I hope you had a great day out in Blackpool and the weather was kind enough to let you sit on the sands and eat your sarnies!

    Emjay, nice of you to put in an appearance today, have you finished training for this week?

    I got stuck in front of the tv watching the 'lympics today - didn't feel quite so guilty when it started raining earlier.

    Look in later. :)

  • Hi everybody been busy with the house today, should be finished soon, hopefully

    hope u had a great day in blackpool Jillygirl and happy birthday to your hubby :)

    Gonna watch some lympics now Andi, need to catch up on everything, we had rain earlier then the sun came out, and i was stuck inside......typical

    hope you all have a great night :) x

  • Hi Sue, you still stuck inside gal, mind you to make a good job it does take time, and i'm sure it will be all worthwhile, when its finished :) :)

    Speak soon Pete :)

  • Hello everyone. just got in. went for fish and chips on way home. rained a little bit but the sun managed to get out just after dinner. Had a big thunder storm on the way home.

    My Hubby says thank you for all the birthday wishes.

    Hope evreyone had a good day to today,

    Just going to have a cuppa then I will call back later. :)

  • Hi Jillygirl, give your Hubby a big hug from me for his Birthday, gosh he must be 26 now !! :D :D mmmmmm fish n chips, :P :P maybe i will get some Friday night, havent had any for a couple of weeks. I hope Blackpool was ok, just wondering if you and Hubby went on the big dipper !! :D :o

  • Hi Sue and Jilly, glad you've had good days. Just had a little walk with my friends and dog around the golf course as it turned into a nice evening. I needed a bit of fresh air as I was getting a bit stir crazy watching the box! :o

    Better lurk about a bit cos the old man should be in shortly and don't want to upset him if everyone's gone to bed already. :D :D

  • Aup Andi, i hope you are well, huh can see you havnt done much today !! thought you lived on your own, tut must have got the wrong end of the stick again :o :D

  • Good evening Pete. :)

  • Good evening to young Lady :)

  • You cleaned that car yet :D :D

  • No, I don't do that any more, I take it to the supermarket. :D :D

  • just wrote back to you but lost it :X

  • Isn't that just sooooo annoying? It's done it to me twice today but told me that my post wasn't saved. :X :D

  • It didnt tell me anything, it just disappeared :X :P

  • Mind you it was perhaps a good job you didnt see it :o ;)

  • Anyway Andi it your bed time gal, you dont have to stay up for me you know, although it is nice just to have a little chat, thank you for that Andi, luv ya gal, and nite nite with lots of sweet dreams :) :)

  • Was just thinking it's time for byebyes. So am off up the wooden hill. Nite nite and sleep well - same to anyone else still up and about out there! :D :D :)

  • Night night andi and Pete. sweet dreams.

    Oh Pete the only ride we gor in blackpool was the traffic calming humps in the road. :D

    take care luv ya!

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, and sweet dreams to you as well, luv ya too xxxx

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