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DAILY  CHAT.   TUESDAY  03/07/2012

Good morning everybody,

Hope you all slept well.

Remember what Emjay said the other week it`s Choose-day (tuesday) choose to ignore those white sticks and stay positive.

Whatever plan you have to help you quit, stick at it it will get easier eventually.

Last night I woke up at 3.30 with my oedema (swollen legs) think it was the warm weather that set it off. I got up and one of those cravings kicked in, but I soon kicked it out again. I thought it will be 3 months on Thursday I am certainly not spoiling that. Had a cuppa instead.

Well I am going to get ready now , as may be off to daughters , but I did promise Pete I would be up dressed and ready for him when he gets in from work. ha ha. :D

Call in later. :)

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Morning Jillygirl--- where you found that ha ha :D :D just magic gal, you get dafter, but i luv ya ta bits i do :) I 'm glad that you kicked them piggies out, they were nibbling at me last night for some reason, they dont usually bother me at work, maybe cus i was on my fave shift :P :P see you in a bit.

Pete :)


Morning Pete, when I`m up early and dont want to wake hubby up, I go on line and search for stupid stuff. This morning I typed in Happy and came up with that. :D makes a change.

Well its a bit sunny here, but we have decided to go to Morecambe for a ride. My daughter always says its the only seaside thats always closed.

She is right theres not much there but we will look around the market . At least its a scenic (might need andie for spelling again) ride.

So Pete I will leave everyone in your capable hands , :O with Emjay in charge of course.

see you later on. luv ya tooooooooo! :)


Morning Emjay, i will only whisper incase you are still noddin :D :D i found the post that you sent me yesterday thankyou very much, but not sure what the others will think about it !! :o

Who's been messing around with this site then ?? looks different, or is it cus i've cleaned my specs again ;) speak soon.

Pete :)


Pete, as you only had 'the one' and didn't return back to smoking, then don't worry about what everybody else thinks. We are here to help you and keep you on track. From time to time, you may venture a little off course, thats when we have to step in to help. Having one cigarette is simply a set back and something that you, or anybody else can afford to let set them back on the road to being a full time smoker again. So there! :-)


Good Morning Everybody and Happy Chooseday :-)

Jillygirl, I love it! I need to learn how to put photies and pictures up as I'm sure it would make things more interesting :-) Roll on Thursday, 3 months is fantabulous Jillygirl, you are doing marvellous :-) Have a lovely drive today and enjoy your time with your daughter :-)

Pete, you have done really well so far and it would be such a shame if these shifts are what may turn everything back round for you. How often do you work this shift, I think you've told me this before but I can't seem to remember how often it is... sorry :-/ The more smokefree shifts'that-you-hate that you get under your belt, the more normal they will seem to you. Lets see how we can help you through this, you've been such a help to everyone else :-)


Hi Emjay,

Shifts that i hate- erm allllllll fo em :D :D no erm nights are the worst, not because of the work, infact its better as in no bosses looking over my shoulder, so can get stuck in and get the job done, but its just that i dont eat or sleep much i think, it puts me on a bit of a downer, perhaps thats why the cravings have a go at me !! :(

Other shifts they dont seem to bother me.

The other times they get to me are when i crack a can open, of lager that is, but after the first one, they seem to get less, just get the odd time when they really have a go, but so far so good, as they say :) :)

I hope this has given you an idea of what i'm going through !! erm does that sound right ?? :o

When i've mastered this, i hope that there is a site like this for quiting drink !!!!! :)

Pete :)


I meant to mention about the look of the site, I logged on using my phone yesterday and thought it was just that. I think HealthUnlocked are having a bit of a clean up. Apparently they've fixed a few glitches too. I'm still using Google Chrome though so haven't had any problems anyway :-)


ANDI !!!! can you hear me gal, arrrr you havnt court the nodd off Emjay have you ?? :D :D

or are you still playing that game of scrabble !!!!! you only come up with a 7 letter word ha ha i can come up with 9 letter words :P :P and thats one handed :D

I hope you friend has had a nice stay with you, and you too have enjoyed it :) see you soon gal, and dont get tempted and have a sniff !! :| dont forget our Emjay is on your left shoulder, just waiting to pounce :D :D

Will have to try and get some shut eye in a bit, ;) well i've got one eye shut anyway :P

Pete :)


Just to let you all know, I have re-posted some old information so that you can either have a read through as a refresher or so that some of our new members can access it more easily :-)

Just in case you are all wondering whether I've gone mad! :-/


Hi Emjay , Had a lovely day out. and it didnt rain. :) glad you like the pic. I found it on the internet, saved it on to my pictures folder. then where it says add pic and browse i go into my pictures and open it. Dont know if you can do it on ordinary posts. I will leave tomorrows for you to open . See how you get on. I just tried adding to this box , but no joy.


Hi Pete, hope your ok love. had a good day out . probably missed you now as you will be working. take it steady. When you get a craving why not go absolutely mental and sing yourself a rhyme. Like Our Pete , wont be beat. If he sees a piggy , he stamps on it with his feet. :D :D :D or summat like that. :O


Okay folks. tired tonight so signing off. Wont be opening the daily chat as leaving it for Emjay to see if she can put some piccys on.

Take care and sleep well nite nite. xx


Ooooh it's been quieter than usual on here today....

Glad you had a nice day Jillygirl, I'll do my bestest to look for a photie as soon as I'm up and about in the morning and see how I do :D watch this space....

Hope all is good in the hood with everyone else :-)


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