Good morning everybody, Hope you are all well , and are feeling focused and positive for another smoke free day. :)

I just nipped on site as my grandaughter not coming till about 10.00am.

Dont know what plans are today , as its pouring down at the moment. Suppose will be playing scrabble or monopoly.

Whatever your plans are today make sure you enjoy them. will catch up later. :)

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  • Thanks jillygirl, will try my best! Dark and rainy here too, but off to an ice cream farm later - that should brighten up the day :)

  • How you doing with your non smoking ? must be getting on for about 4 months now. Let us know. :)

  • Morning all - sunny here in London but rain due at lunchtime for rest of the day. Rembered umbrella so won't get soaked again on way home, or at lunchtime. Have a good smokefree day out there

  • Morning Chris, well its now thundering and hailstone so you keep ther in London, lots better. :P Have a good day see you later. :)

  • Morning Betts , Yeah seem to be getting darker here too. Enjoy your trip out, ice cream yummeeee! Lovely to hear from you. :)

  • Morning Emjay, going soon, just found this web site thought might help pete and maybe others out may have to put it in address bar though.


  • Good Morning Everybody,

    Jillygirl you beat me to it :-D

    That article looks really good. I'll pop it up as a blog if you like? I think it will be of interest to everyone :D Have a lovely day, hope you've got your Monopoly head on :D

    Hey Betts, how are you doing? It's so far from an ice-cream farm weather here. Been teaming down all night! Hope you have a lovely smokefree day. Let us know how things are for you :D

    Hi Chris, enjoy your weather whilst you seem to have it. How are feeling today? On a scale of 1-10, (10 being the best) what are your confidence levels to remain smokefree today?

    I'll pop up Jillygirls link as a blog now :D

  • Thanks Emjay and jillygirl. Just had a lovely ice cream :). I'm feeling bad, because it is 2 months, and I am relapsing, That I have to get out of. Saw my counsellor yesterday, and she laid it on that I had just reduced my chances of quitting to 5% because of that, so I need a good injection of positivity from within, I guess. Kicking myself, it's down to me. Oh and having to go through this again! The sun is shining here now. That's good.

  • Hi Emjay, just sent post to your messge box. :)

  • All received, loud and clear :D I've popped it up in the blog section for you :D

    How did being 'minded' by your grandchild go today? Any Monopoly mad stories to share?

    I'm away home in a mo but will pop on later and see if all is good in the hood :D

  • Great day , did some drawing, played hangman, played monopoly. Chloe did cheat a little but thats part of the fun. :P

    Thanks for posting the blog for me, I laughed at the bit where you wear an elastic band to twang if you get a craving. Just pictured Pete doing that. Ouch! Ooooh! that flippin hurt! : D

  • Evening Jillygirl, ha ha you say Chloe cheated !! yeah yeah :P more like you cheated cus she is quicker :D :D

    Rite going to have a look at this elastic band thing :o :|

  • :D :D :D :D

  • I knew you would say it was me. being a grannie means not saying anything when you see her having a peep at what community chest says. Then she decided to stay in jail. She still won though. bless her. :D

  • :D :D spot on gal - wish i was a grannie :o :o

  • could buy a wig, there again you would have to shave off the moustache. Nanny Mc fee eh! :D

  • Huh should have guessed you would say something like that, you flippin girllie you :P hey take that - twang !! just got ya with a elastic band :D :D

  • Ok wont be long just going to find mi pea shooter. :P

  • You are just impossible :) :) i hope your not saying he looks like me :P

  • of course not he`s better looking

    see ya byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    :D :D :D

  • Hi Emjay . Your certainly in demand today. Ricardo needs your assistance on questions. :)

  • Rite going to make my packup now, done my rowing, think i've broke the digital readout though, hmmmm will try a hammer see if that does anything :) :) see you in a bit

  • Hammering your head wont do a bit of good. :P

  • Tried it -- my specks fell off :o :P

  • Got company so back in about an hour. Pete you behave. :) xx

  • Emjay,

    Gosh !!!! am i impressed with you today gal, what tabs you taking, could do with some of them myself :D :D you've been a rite busy little bee, luv ya for it gal, thankyou so so much for your help :) :)

    Day 2 - Easier today at work and driving, but as soon as i open a cannie, there at me, but i went on my rowing machine and that helps :) then coming on here, helps tremendously it really does, i think its just knowing that there is help just here !! :) erm does that sound stupid ?? :o rite i'm off to bed now, goodnight everybody :)

  • Nite Pete, sweet dreams. see you tomoz. luv ya. :)

  • Pete, exercise s a fantabulous way of combating cravings. Don't forget, the more cravings you overcome, the easier it will become :D

    Night night everyone thanks for all your help and support towards each other. You're a cracking bunch :D

    See you all tomorrow :D

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