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WEEKEND CHAT/ 18th and 19th August 2012

WEEKEND CHAT/  18th and 19th August 2012

Good morning all,

Another weekend hooray! Looks like the weather is going to be ok.

Big well done to Lisa-jane on reaching 2 months. :) Anybody got any plans for today? I think We will go out somewhere but where I havent decided yet.

Somewhere peaceful and relaxing. ( didnt sleep for long last night due to Nora Batty)

Whatever your plans are enjoy yourself and stay happy and smokefree.

Catch up in a while. xx :)

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Big well done to Shoegirl on reaching 5 months. :) and Kazzachoc 2months. :)

Sue52 and Garry G reached 4 months last thursday.



Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

When I got up and looked out of the window it was like there was a hole in the grey sky and the sun was shining down on my house! 8-) :) Then the hole filled in. :( Forecast - chance of a shower but getting hotter.

Off out on my bike again this morning to the New Forest then if nice enough might go to the beach otherwise no plans.

See you later. :)


Good morning Jillygirl & Andi, yeah dull here too :( but forecast sounds good and getting hotter 8-) 8-)

Andi - see what you mean about the emails now, got some new ones this morning ha ha never heard of some of the names !!!! i should think that they are all on this site :)


Rite i'm off to see a man about some wheels :)

Andi enjoy your bike ride gal :) :)

Jillygirl you enjoy your mystery tour !! :) :)

Speak in a bit :)


Hey guys I`ve just won the lottery. WOW! £2.90 do you think I should blow it all at once ? :D


Hey andi and Pete just had a thought about the emails, keep a note of the names, I wonder if they are from the RA site that I joined and somehow go on the same as quit support. I have deleted mine but if we get anymore will check. Hope that makes sense to one of you.

Andi enjoy your bike ride.

Pete good luck with the wheels this time. let us know.

have a good day going to Masham in the Dales now. see you later. xx :)


Aup Jillygirl, soooooooooooo you've had a winner :) :) giv-us-some !! cus your loaded now gal, you rich Missy you :D :D

mind you, it wouldnt buy a pack of erm you know what !!

Have bought some wheels, just a couple of minor faults which he is getting fixed, and gave me a good deal part/chop on my van, so yeah a good days work i think :) :)

Hope you have a good day at Masham in the Dales, hmmmmm is that where grow loads of spuds ?? :D :D


Afternoon all, you pinched my joke Pete! :D So they either grow loads of spuds or they breed prize fighters! :o :D Glad to hear you've got some new wheels - is it another van? (Are you one of those called 'white van man'? :D :D I guess our Jilly's still yomping round them thar Dales. :|

I had a lovely bike ride this morning - did 28 miles and am feeling a tad knacked now. Sun didn't come out til later on this aft so went shopping instead. Got to cook dinner then I'm flaking in front of the tv! :o

See you later. :)


Hi Andi, sorry for pinching your joke gal, but first come first served :D :D :P :P

No its not a van, its a Reno - grand - espace, i had a test drive in one the other day, but the turbo had erm gone to sleep !! :D but this one ( shifts ) it does what i ask it to do :) :) which is very rear for a female :P :P

Hey you rode 28miles on a bike, gasp - faint - burp - trump - lay down, 28 miles, thats a b----y lot of peddling gal :o you must be rite fit, or do you drink lots of lucazade :D :D

Yes Andi, you sit down and flake infront of the tv gal, cus you deserve it :) :)


Hi folks just got back will catch up soon. xx


Hi problems tryin to post today - glad to hear you're all OK out there. Fought my way through day 6 - not been easy today but somehow I'm there so lets see what tomorrow brings. Hope you all have a good evening and speak tomorrow


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