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Weekend Chat ; 1st September 2012

Weekend Chat   ;  1st September 2012

Good morning everybody, another month gone, a bit overcast here at the moment but gives it getting brighter later, we will see eh :o

As you probably know Jillygirl has gone on her hols this morning, so i am standing in for her today, hmmmm does that mean i've got to wear wrinkly stockings :o :|

Jillygirl you have a safe journey and i hope the weather stays nice for you :) :)

I hope you all have a nice and smokefree weekend, you know you can do it, just stay positive and focused :) :)

Pete :)

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Good morning Pete and everyone. :)

Back from London last night - great time - and dashed out to go to the fireworks. Lots of extra walking as a WW2 bomb was found on the beach and no-one was allowed to walk along the prom or beach!! Think they blew it up just after the fireworks - as usual a drama was made out of a crisis! :D :D

Off to the Air Festival today so busy, busy. Look in again when I can. ;-)

Andi :)


Morning Andi, glad you had a great time down the smoke gal, hope you didnt put tooooo much weight on :D :D and i hope that that sis of your's isn't bossing you about too much, huh i bet it's the other way around :o ;)

Time i was gone, speak soon :)


Morning Pete Andi and everyone!!

I'm still in bed!!(I did get up at 7 and came back) My body just won't move.. I'm late for work and I can't be ....... :)

I will get up in 5!!

It's a bit overcast here too Pete but we are forcast rain later .. :( I've actually had the heating on for a bit as I was a little chilly.

Well my lovely quit man wasn't in again either yesterday so I'm praying he's in today as as strange as it seems one thing keeps me going is my co2 reading being low.. Seems to give me that extra kick. I've not had it done in almost 3 weeks as he just disappeared!!

Anyway I'm going to drag myself out of bed go see my advisor then Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to work I go!!

Check back in later and Andi hope you have a lovely day


Welcome to September Everybody! :-) How fast has this come around then?!

Glad to hear you had a great time Andi, it's been really quiet without you, we missed you. Have a lovely time today :-)

How did you get on today Lisa-Jane? If you've not had any joy, message me which area you live in and I'll find somewhere for you that you can pop into and get your CO reading done . It may not be until Monday though, but I'll try my best :-)

Pete, how is today going for you? You're fresh new Saturday of being smokefree has almost gone now and we are heading fast into your first complete week! :-)

I hope Jillygirl is enjoying herself in Blackpool, will have to wait and here whether she visited the Donkeys on the beach or bought a kiss-me-quick hat :-)

I hope you are all having a happy Saturday and plans are going as you would like :-)


Thankyou so much for your support Emjay, you shouldnt be here at the weekend gal, cus you need rest, & noddins :D

Day 5 - went shopping early as usual, got home put stuff away, came on here did the weekend chat etc, all ok - went to my garage to get the paint out to finish the out houses off, -- as i was sorting the paint out, i kept looking at the astray on my bench, i tell you it was like a magnet !! drawing me to it, and god did those pi---- erm cravings start, so i had a good shout :X and kicked the mower a few times, then i heared Betty next door asking if i was alright, bless her :) i told her that i was quitting again, ha ha she just looked at me and said, get on that rowing machine of you'rs and b-----y give it what for !!!! :) so i did, it got rid of them alright, out of puff but so what, exercise did its job again, maybe Betty helped as well :) she is 76 now, she quit when her husband died, 5 years ago, and i tell you she is as sprite as i am now, and loving every minute of it :) :) she wished that she had quit years ago. she is one hell of a lovely Lady, and a very good friend too :) :)

Rite thats it for me boring you lot, will try to keep it shorter in future :o

Nite nite everybody, and god bless :) :)


Hiya, just a quick tip -


Then it won't be drawing you in and tempting you. :) :) :)


Oh bless you Pete, you never bore us :-) You're our little ray of sunshine 8-)

You're lovely neighbour, Betty had the right idea by chasing you off to your rower :-) There has been plenty of talk lately that exercise maybe the best thing for cravings. Have a nose at the following article for a little more info;


Thanks for opening up today Pete and looking after everybody, Jillygirl will be well pleased :D

I can't believe it's almost Sunday already!! Speak to everyone soon :-)


Thank you Emjay, as for being a little ray of sunshine :o not sure about that one gal, and as for looking after everybody, just doing what you and everybody else does for me :) :)

Speak soon Emjay and enjoy your Sunday :) :)


Good morning everyone, very quiet on here at the moment! :o

Pete, you keep hanging in there, we all know you can do it. You're gonna get fitter than me if you keep up that rowing cos I'm not doing much at the moment. Just think of Betty. :)

I seem to have a poorly foot at the moment - don't know what it is so was limping for miles round London with all the other tourists and also since I got back. Gave it some respite yesterday as we cycled to the Air Festival. Brilliant show starting with the Red Arrows and ending with the Vulcan roaring around. Amazing sight of the seafront and cliffs packed for miles with a great atmosphere - and all for free! You don't get that much these days. :)

Lisa, hope you don't have to work too hard and you keep hanging in there girl, you've come so far there can't be any going back now. :) :)

Nice to see Emjay popping in, see you all soon. :)


By the way, 4 whole months today! YIPPEE!!! :) :) :)


Aup Andi, well done you gal, :) :) am not jealous, am not, so there :P :P

I'm so glad you enjoyed the air festival, cus living where i do, they practice low flying !! and i tell you Andi, 2 jets came over this morning, a tremendous noise, just for a split second !! and i could almost see the whites of their eyes, as they banked left over my house, if i had been on the roof, they would have took me with them :o :|

As for the garage ashtray, took your advice, now binned !!!! :) :) job done !!

Have a lovely day with your Sister gal, and speak soon :)

Pete :)


Aup mate! I think they just flew over my house - they were Tornadoes - couldn't see them though as it's pretty cloudy and drizzly today. After that I heard the Vulcan again and that's that for another year! :( :) :) We certainly picked the right time for our viewing. :|

Sorry I shouted at you earlier but if it's there it's sewing seeds in your mind. Actually I've just been in my greenhouse and my old dirty ashtray is still there but I haven't been in gardening mode much this year. :o :D :D

Talking of Weston-Super-Mare, I guess you're back on nights again next week? I was thinking recently (that must have been brain cell no. 2! :o ) have you never considered going back into the horticultural world with your training. Down our way, if anybody's good at jobbing gardening they are always in demand. A friend of mine started up a couple of years ago, specialising in gardening for older people and is always having to turn away work. No-one to kowtow to then!


Andi - i love gardening gal, but there is so so many others doing it around here, it just isnt worth it :( :(

Hey if your freind needs any help, i will come strait down there gal :) :) especially if he is working for old people, dont know why !!:o just luv em, maybe cus i will be one in a few years :( :)

Thank you Andi for helping me, like i've said before you are one hell of a Lady, and i really really doooooo love you :) :)


Lisa - Jane,

I hope you had a good nights sleep gal, not sure whether you are working today or not, i hope your not cus you NEED rest !! :) :) money isnt everything, your health is worth a whole lot more gal :) :)

You keep focused on quitting, as Andi said you can do it, 'no' you will do it Lisa - Jane cus i know you will :) :) speak later

Pete :)


Day 6 -- absolutely S ___, i have never had a day like i've had today, before, :X :( really really dont want any more like this one just everythink , i looked at or touched :( it reminded me of you know what :X :X aghhhhhhhh , talk about pulling you'r hair out, there is no comparison :( :(

But i was ready for it, as in been there before, Emjay i think it was No 2 breathing exercise, which helped me, plus chucking things about in my garage. :( :)

Cant think of another day i have had like this one, :( :(

But i am going to do it this time, :) :) i've got too :)

Andi - 4 months eh, i will catch you up, and you will not know where i have come from, when i kick you up the backside gal !! :o :) :P :D


God i never thought that i would miss you and Jillgirl so much

Night nite to you all, and god bless :) :)

Pete :)


Sorry, was out this evening so missed you. :( You never told me which shift you are on this week. :o

Nite nite, sleep well. It WILL be better tomorrow! :) :)


Hola, a little late in the day but just wanted to check in :D

Pete, you are doing absolutely marvelous... You just have to keep on, keeping on and continue to build up on that will power of yours. We're all behind you... All the way :D

Andi, I bet you are well buzzing today :D well done to you :D

I'll catch you all tomorrow.

Night night everyone



The sun is shining and I'm happy cos the kids at back at school and I don't work Mondays. My sister has gone back to work so I have the pleasure of taking Daisy for a walk. Getting back into a routine will be nice. I've missed not walking the dog. I just thought I'd share this because it makes you think that you'd thought you'd miss smoking, I don't. Sometimes the simple pleasures in life ... like fresh air, singing birds, a gentle walk, being peaceful is much better than a quick stinky fag. Hope you are all well and have managed to replace smoking with more enjoyable treats. Bet I'd of woken up a miserable sod if it was dull and raining today....fingers crossed for a beautiful September. ;)


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