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DAILY CHAT / FRIDAY/ 17th August 2012

DAILY CHAT /  FRIDAY/  17th  August  2012

Good morning,

I hope its a good morning where ever you are. The weather here hasn`t decided what its going to do.

Well I have a busy morning today, wait for a parcel delivery at my daughters house, then off down to the hospital to get my xrays done and see the vampire nurse. May just have a walk this afternoon.

Has anyone got any plans for today?.

Ok andi whats this about poets ? have I missed out on something? :O

whatever you are all up to enjoy another smoke -free day .

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Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

It's been raining overnight, drizzling now but supposed to be clearing up this morning then maybe a bit of sun this afternoon. :)

Planning a little run this morning (when it dries up) and arranged a bike ride this afternoon with friends - won't be as long as the last one. :o so forecast pretty good all round for that.

Can't believe you haven't heard of poet's day either - Friday is poet's day - 'push off early tomorrow's Saturday'. :D :D

Look's like you've got another busy day - what a pain having to hang around the hospital though. :(

Enjoy what you can, see you later. :)


Morning all

Blue sky at moment in London, so hopefully will stay nice. Another day here in the office with my spreadsheets - still, stops me thinking about them ciggies - well some of the time at least. Still hanging in there - some cravings but quite a s bad as yesterday. Hope hospital visit goes OK Jilly and enjoy your bike ride Andi. Looking forward to another smoke free day for all of us here


Hi Chris , think I will have to move to London, better weather there. :)

Hope your day goes well and those little white sticks dont come nagging you. It really does get easier so think positive your doing great. :)

Not over worried about the hospital. pity they dont give you results straight away. Dont get them for another 2 weeks. Mind you if the doc is right it looks like quitting is easy compared to controlling Rheumatoid arthritus. anyway got to think positive. :) You have a lovely day. xx


Hiya Chris, wanted to reply earlier but the gremlins are out in force this morning - I tried replying to one of Jilly's posts and gave up after 11 goes!!! Grrrr!!! :o

I was wondering, you only post from work so does that mean you don't have a computer at home? :(

So you're now 4 days in and the weekend ahead to look forward to and all the temptations that may bring! :o We all found that we couldn't stop eating mostly rubbish to try and stave off the cravings, especially in the evenings. I think that 3 months in most of us seemed to have calmed down a bit on that front. If you get like this, just give in to it, better that than back on the fags! Then you can deal with the weight gain at a later date (hopefully not too late! :o ). ;-) :|


Morning andi, raining now hopefully not for long. Hope you manage your bike ride.

Thanks for telling me about poets day. What an educational site this is! :D

catch up soon. If the gremlins let me.


Good Morning everybody :D

Weather was sunny when I left this morning and then it danced down for about half an hour. Seems to have stopped now though :-)

Welcome to another smokefree day Chris, 3 more days and you're a full week in :D It really does help if you look at this whole stopping smoking experience as one of the craziest, most enjoyable, most frantic, most aggravating and once again, most enjoyable fairground rides ever! :-/ It has so many ups and downs. Just be sure to stay positive and remember that whether or not you smoke, the feeling will go away. Sometimes within seconds, sometimes it may be minutes. Just acknowledge how you are feeling and go with the flow :D

Jillygirl, nice to have you back first thing in the morning :D Andi has looked after everybody in your absence. You seem to work it well between yourselves. A cracking team effort all round :D

Lovely to hear from you Lenne. Glad to hear how well you are doing, keep smiling and marching on. You are doing fab :D

Hope it stays nice and sunshiny for both your run and your bike ride Andi. I would love to have the motivation just to pick up your book before taking a leaf out of it! You really do inspire me.... I think I may have just moved onto the next stage of thinking about taking up exercise again... watch this space :-/

Pete, it seems forever since we have chatted properly :-( I hope all is going well for you and that you are staying strong :-)


Good morning Emjay, and it's turned out quite nice now. :) Just got back from my run full of good intentions to do some floor exercises but felt too knack'd to do them! :o I guess it's easier doing what I do cos I don't have all that other life stuff getting in the way! (y'know - work, family, etc. etc. :D ) Claire's a bit of a runner - maybe you could go out together - hehe. (Or there's always C25K - lots of them go out at 5.30 or 6 in the morning just to fit it in! lol) :D :D :D


Happy mid-morning everybody :D

Just wanted to let you know that HU are busy working away on those little computer gremlins. This is all thanks to the lovely Andi, She's cracked the whip with them and they've even mailed me to let me know :D Hopefully they'll get this sorted as soon as possible

Thanks again Andi, you've been on it like a car bonnet! :-)


I didn't know there was such a time in the morning Andi ;-)

Watch this space and I'll keep you updated on my progress. At the moment it's progressing (slowly) in my mind ha ha


I meant to say that it's also about me trying to get the extra half stone off that I've put on since quitting! :o :|


Hi all, I am still going strong 47 days and it does get easier i find if you change to a new routine it helps. Yes like the rest of you I have put on some weight which needs attention later, but for years i did not stop because of the danger of putting on weight how silly was that !!!!


Hi sure2, that's great to hear :D It's a great way of looking at it too, I don't suppose anybody realises how funny their reason can be for carrying on smoking are :-/

47days is almost 7 weeks, that's brilliant! You'll be at 2 months before you know it :D


Andi Hi, yes I don't seem to get much time to post in the evenings normally busy with sorting son out, then the garden and fixing what ever is the lastest thing to break in the house. Think I will post a bit over the weekend as can I see I may need some help. Planning to keep myself busy + food & vid for Sat eve. Hopefully weather will be OK - forecast for SE looks OK. Hope your bike ride went well. Sure 2 - 47 days thats great. Feeling better today, so hopefully can stay this way of w/e. Hope you all have a good one


Hi everyone, Got back home at 1.30 but only just got on site. Hu said 24 hrs yesterday to get rid of those gremlins. I think they are breeding them :P

Anyway hospital done with for now. just to wait.

Emjay I think andi and I will have to get you an alarm clock for christmas. :D :D

Its nice to know I am not the only one awake early. I dont go cycling though. cup of tea is my priority.

Sure 2 Big well done on staying quit 47 days thats brill! :) keep up the good work.

Chris nearly the weekend I know you like to keep busy but why not treat yourself with all the money you would have spent on ciggys. You deserve it. :)

Got to go now got Emails for the RA site now. phew! what a busy bee I am. see you soon. :)


Oh dear, I've started something there Jilly! :o :D

Just got back ahead of a big black anvil shaped cloud starting to cry! Am going to clock how far I went today (not as far as the last couple of times).

Sure2, good to see you back on here - 47 days - excellent - well on the way now! :) :)

See you later. :)


Right, clocked it now, it was a very easy, slow ride and we covered 16 miles. :)


Andi Well done ! hope the weather stayed fine for you. I have just done 2 miles around the tarn and that enough for me. There again my ankles are swollen and my knees hurt like h....l . But they hurt more if i sit for more than half an hour. Sorry didnt mean to moan. :( Think I am jealous , wish I could ride that far. I really do admire you. :)


I bet you're really fed up with your legs and feet Jilly - must be a bloody nuisance! :( Still, at least you can walk round your tarn - will it be a criteria for your new place - to have a tarn out the back? :D :D or maybe you'll head for the coast! You come and moan on here as much as you like - after all that's what we're all here for - you just get it off your chest. :) :)


I would prefer the coast. thanks andi nice to moan to someone. :)


Hi everybody, got an early finish tonight :) ;) no work until 6pm Monday, yipi dipi doooooooo

Rite will go and see what you all been talking about, see you in a bit :)


Wayhay!!! :) :| :D Who's a lucky boy then? Weekend will whizz by though - at least it should be pretty good weather-wise! :) 8-)

Don't worry, we haven't been talking about you today. ;-) :D :D


Aup Andi, i see that you have been busy workingout !!!! :) :) bet you aint done the ironing yet though :D :D

But like Emjay said, i also admire you gal, cus all i seem to be able to do is row !! just cant seem to get motivated to do cycling :( :(

I did order sunshine for us all, but the gremlins are getting at me !! so will just have to keep fingers crossed :) 8-)


Well actually......whilst waiting for it to dry up this morning.......I got the ironing board out and..............I DID THE IRONING!!!!! HURRAY!!!!!! :D :D Don't faint - only 12 tshirts today! :) :)


Jillygirl ----- you flippin moan to me any time you want toooooooo gal, i just wish that i had a magic wand for your legs and ankles :) :) you keep in there gal.

I hope that the xrays turn out to be alright, just thinking though, good job it wasnt your head that they were xraying, cus they wouldnt find anything !! :D :D

Think its time i went, while i can still walk :)


Hi Pete, Always tell when your home, you always manage to make me laugh. :D

Hope your ok love and bet your glad its the weekend. I told you I have joined the RA community site and believe it or not I havent seen one single smiley. Except the ones I put on. Daren`t joke or laugh yet . still a newcomer. :O

Bet in another few weeks I will change it. dont know about for the better though.

Probably ban me if I show em my pics of Nora. he he . :D

Anyway off to bed soon so chat tomorrow. nite nite. xx luvs ya. :)


I see we've got some new gremlins for the weekend - have you noticed your emails? They're all on strange, imaginary blogs and the links bring up an error message. Still, you can then go home from the error message. :)


Yeah noticed the gremlins, andi. strange. :O

Off to bed soon. see you tomoz. thanks for the chat andi. nite nite. xx :)


Nite nite Jillygirl, sweetdreams gal and love you loads :) :)

Speak tomorrow xxxxx


Nite nite Jilly, see you in the morning, sleep well. :)


Chris2 - whooooooooops i think i called you gal last time i spoke to you, sorryyyyyyyyy just found out that you are of the same gender as me 'PAL' i made the same mistake a couple of weeks ago !! :( its the pics you see!!!! or maybe i need to get my eyes tested :D :D

Come and join us tomorrow, and have a chat, cus i tell you Chris i wouldnt have got this far without the help of these lovely lovely people on this site. :) :)

You can do it pal, you know you can :) :)

Pete :)


Aup Andi, just been on my emails, cliked on one of yours, was ok :) clicked on one of Jillygirls, came up '' oh snap we couldnt find that page '' weird or what !! :o :o

Mind you they are a day old when we get them now !!!!


See my comment a short while ago! :o


At least i can post tonght and do it in one go !!!! :) whats the saying -- erm -- thank god for small mercies ???? :D :D


Right, my eyelids have started drooping so I'm off to bed. Nite nite, sleep well and speak again tomorrow. :)


Nite nite Andi, sleep well, love you toooooo gal xxxxx speak tomorrow :) :)


Well Emjay, just got to give it to you, you've done loads of work today gal, just did wonder though, erm has your boss been visiting today :D :D

or is it that Claire hasnt been in to watch for him while you are noddin ?? :D :D

As for not having a chat with you, yes it does seem ages since we did, :( :( managed to get down to step 2 patch, but hurtin !! had a bad week this week gal, not feeling to bad now though, will see what tomorrow brings. I'm supposed to be on step 3 now, havent even got any yet !!

Enjoy your weekend gal, and i luv ya ta bits gal, for helping me :) :)

Nite nite Mel and i hope all your dreams come true xx


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