WEEKEND/ CHAT    SATURDAY    28/07/2012

Good morning,

Hope everyone had a good nights sleep. Those that didn`t warch the olympic ceremonies.

I was too tired to stay up so went off to bed at 11.00pm. Should have stayed up, next door had her 3 grandchildren to stay ages 5 , 8 , and 11. They were noisy and didnt go to bed until 1.00am. :X By then I felt awake again. at least I didnt want a piggy like I would have done in the past.

Anyway thats my moan for today.

Might go out today for a ride if it stays fine.

Anyone else got any plans. Suppose Pete is still doing the challenge. I have done him a seperate post which I thought he might be amused by. :P :D

catch you all later.. :)

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  • Morning Jillygirl had a nosy at the pic, it's hilarious :D :D, where do you find them, sorry you didn't get a good sleep :(, i know what it's like to have noise from neighbours, but these kids should have been in bed long before that, don't have anything exciting happening today, the usual shopping, housework, real fun, not, waiting to see what the weather is doing at the moment, might go down to the beach later

    have a great day will chat later :) xx

  • Morning Sue, when I look for pics. I type in whatever I think I need then go on to images brings up loads. Petes pic was found by typing in weekend. I should do some housework too , but going for a ride out instead. Just going to do my flask etc.

    Enjoy your day, hope you get down to the beach. see you later on. :)

  • Good morning Jilly, Sue and everyone. I couldn't stay up either and my neighbours must have been watching at full volume with the windows open. :o If they had the lights on they should have been bitten to death! :D :D Will catch up with it on speedy dvd recording.

    Just back from a run - legs a bit tired today after running 2 days running on Wed and Thurs so didn't do so much. :)

    The sun's out now and I really don't want to be stuck in a coffee morning with a load of old fogeys so I'm not going! See you all later. :)

  • Hi andi , seems neighbours dont consider other folk do they. You take it easy and rest your legs. Your as bad as me calling them old fogeys. Trouble is my daughter keeps reminding me I should be classed as one. Think its in the mind. Your as old as you feel. errrrrr ! 102 . :O

    Catch up later. Bet Pete thinks you`ve been running non stop for 2 days. :)

  • Good morning all you lovely folk :0)

    The sun is shining here, thankfully 8) lets hope it stays, not just for a cuppa but for lunch and dinner too :-)

    I watched tge celebrations and the whole story behind the show was absolutely amazing, really is worth a watch. It took us all through the years with the most amazing stage show. Loved it! :-)

    Today is a lovely day to be fresh and ready for any unexpected sneaky visitors craving for some attention and wanting to be back in your life again that may pop in and try and catch you out. Show them how well you are all doing and then show them the door :0)

    Speak to you later :0)

  • Morning Emjay, just catching up with some chores before making the most of the last day before the forecast rain returns. Seem to be having lots of cravings this morning though so will get on my bike and go to the beach!!! 8-)

    Have a good day and enjoy that sunshine while you can! :)

  • Morning Emjay. Bet you didnt disturb the neighbours watching olympics. We recorded ours. Off out now before Pete wakes up to his fab girly. see you later on. :)

  • Good morning everyone, yes you had best scarper off out Jillygirl :D :D that pic looks a bit like me first thing in the morning, before i've had a shave :o :D

    Lovely and sunny here too 8-) 8-) at the moment anyway, gives showers later so will go and get the grass cut before it comes, speak later.

    Pete :)

  • hi Pete, Glad you saw the funny side of the piccy. I just couldnt resist it. Anyway you cheer up sweetie we dont like seeing you down and fed up. catch up soon. xxx


  • So for that pic you googled something like 'what Pete might look like on a weekend' and it gave you that? That's SOME search engine!!! :D :D

    Better get outa here! :o

  • YES flippin Andi, you had best get outa ere, you cheeky young flippin whippasnapper you, :P :P cus when i catch up with you, you aint half goin to get some hammer :o huh younguns nowadays :P :P i will get over it, somehow !! :o :o

  • tell you what he must have nodded off again, hes not responding. a bit like my computer. long as the gremlins havent got him. :D

  • Hey Jillygirl, what you saying ?? you sayin that i i i go noddin, huh :P :P your as flippin cheeky as Andi is youngLady, i think you both want a flippin gooooooood thrashin over my knee.

    I see i will have to put my master plan into operation :o :o

    Pete he he he he :P :P

  • Morning everyone..

    Been ill this week which is why I've not been on! I didn't watch the Olympics but I will catch up on iplayer later. I've heard mixed reviews. Seems like a lot of us have "very caring" neighbours!! Mine were up till all hours I think they held their own Olympic opening ceremony!!

    Got nothing planned today other than trying to rest.. And watching the weather try and make up its mind!!

  • Hi Lisa-jane, sorry to hear you were poorly. Hope your on the mend now. Its lovely to see you back. Amazing how these neighbours make any event into a rowdy all nighter. Never consider other people. Bet your like me I put up with so much but then it gets beyond a joke. never mind we are all still staying strong and smoke free. even when times do test us. Enjoy your day and take it easy. xxx :)

  • Hiya Lisa, sorry you've been poorly - and with that fab weather too, poor you. :(

    (Hope it wasn't a touch of skivyitis like half the country seemed to have on Wednesday when they all headed to the coast! :o :D ) And on top of all your falling down injuries. Hope you'll be back up to speed quickly. Hugs, Andi :)

  • Hi Andi and Lisa-jane just look on the posts I found Pete.

  • Uh-oh, what's he up to now? :o

  • Post for you Pete. from Nora. :P

  • Hoc eh th new !!

    got your message Pete, and a c wot ya meen aboot tha weeeeee gals getin at ya!!!!

    av sent 4 fred tooooooo elp usssss


  • OK Jimmy, dont forget tomorrow evening Emjay wants to know how many words you got on the challenge. Maybe you can get fred to help you. :D

    Ethel. xx

  • Hoc eh th new, Jillygirl, haaaaaa haaaaa a can c rite throoooo ya gal, ''Ethel indeed'' wot da ya take mi 4 , a dombo ah wot woman!!!!

  • Hey you pair of daft so-and-sos, think I'm going to call it a night so signing off for today,

    Nite nite all and sleep well,

    Andi :)

  • Nite Nite andi. I think I will be soon when petes seen my latest post. I will have to go into hiding. :D

  • nite nite you two, love you both to bit, i doooo, take care and count them sheep jumping over the fence !! :D theres 40,000 of them :D :D

    Speak tomoz and love you both :o :|

    Pete :)

  • Nite NIte Pete , luv ya too. I think you will be counting monkeys not sheep. :D

    Nite nite Tom , Dick, and Harry! xxxx :)

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