DAILY CHAT.                    FRIDAY          27/07/2012

Good Morning.,

Hope everbody is feeling ok and managed to get some sleep last night.

Weather is`nt too bad at the moment. may even get sunny. (whispered that) :O

Andi it must be annoying for you when you get all the holiday makers, filling up car parks and restaurants. Suppose you have got used to it.

Sue I hope you not still writing down those words and managed to get a break. :D

Pete where did you get to we are all wondering. :O

May be you went to look for Lenne, Dawn, and Finley.

Going for my brekkie now . catch up in a bit. :)

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  • Good morning Jillygirl i need to celebrate cause i managed to get on here :D, my computer decided to play up last night, so thought i'll use my phone, except i couldn't get a signal, i was ready to throw them both out the window :D, it's nice and sunny here hope it keeps up, that list is put away now, just used it back then when i was under all that stress, hope you get great weather today, going to docs for test results this morning, will chat when i get back :) xx

  • Moning Sue, Yes its sunny . Hope you get on ok at the docs. sure you will be fine. My pc slow last night too. see you later love. xx :)

  • Good morning everybody and Happy Friday. It's cloudy down here this morning but I'm not too sorry cos there' jobs I really need to do today and I need a day off from the sun - hope it's not another 6 weeks though! :o :D We may get a bit of rain this morning.

    Anyone hear the bells this morning? The only ones I heard were on the radio.

    Had a really good night's sleep for once - only woke about 3 or 4 times and got straight back to sleep and finally got woken up by the phone at 7.30. Must have been all that sun and ozone! :) :)

  • Hi Andi. What bells?

  • The Olympics start today (just in case you haven't heard :o :D ) and some bright spark came up with thi idea of everyone ringing bells at 12 minutes past 8 a.m. for 2012! They even rang BIG BEN.

  • only bells i heard was our town hall clock but that was 6.00 am this morning.

    Olympics no one told me! :D :D :O

    Do you think it will be on the telly? lol. :D May be Pete is taking part. :)

    see you later.

  • Don't think I can stay up long enough for the Opening Ceremony tonight - timing's for the yanks - I thought it was supposed to be the British Olympics!!! :(

    Got to go to a coffee morning tomorrow at church and make a cake for it later. Won't have time for the gym then so want to get up early for a run instead.

  • Blimmin bells woke me up, RUDE! *grins*

  • I like it Lenne, that made me chuckle. :D how are you love. apart from tired.

  • Hey flower, been okay thanks just lurking *peers over your shoulder like a creepyperson* hehe. xx


  • Good morning everyone,

    Just driving home from work, coming off the M1 and onto the A38, and this car in front erm well it turned into a cloud of smoke !!!! I slammed my brakes on, cus I just couldn’t see anything !! this car had stopped on the hard shoulder, so I stopped a bit in front of it, got out and grabbed the fire extinguisher ran down to it, to my amazement the young gal hadn’t switched the engine off !! so I opened the door and turned it off, a wagon driver also stopped and came down with a fire extinguisher, I helped her off with the seat belt and got her out, just in case it court fire !! but as it was , it didn’t it was just the engine that was erm very poorly :( so I took her up the bank abit, out of the road of the traffic, we sat down and she asked me for a fag, I looked at her and said, I could do with one as well, but I hadn’t got any cus I had quit, she said that she had quit about 18 months ago. We got chatting and while we were waiting for the RAC to come, I thought of you Jillygirl and your games, so we started playing ‘’ I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE ‘’ ha ha luved it and it calmed her down too :)

    So that’s why im late on parade today, very sorry Girls, rite will go and have a look at yesterdays blogs, speak soon :)

    Pete :)

  • Andi -- Jillygirl, What you 2 like eh ?? do i have to ex-plane every thing to you !! :o :P If i set my alarm for 6, but didnt hear it !! and got up at 7, then i would have overlaid, as in having a lay in, have you got it now !? :D

    Andi - ''inimitable'' hmmmmm yes i do know what it means :P :P just going to google it to make sure thats all, :)

  • OK whats an ex-plane a dead aeroplane or an old joiners tool. he he :D :D :P

  • Hahahahaha good one Jillygirl xx

  • Yeah Sue I can see its taking Pete a while to come up with a witty answer. :D

    Just chatting to Betts on the questions blog. I do hope she joins us all.

  • Good morning Knight in shining armour. :D Things you do to get a young lady eh! :P

    Good job you nhelped her. Well done with the quick thinking to distract her from ciggys.

    Your a star.

    Now don`t get too big headed, see if you can beat Sue on the challenge (yesterdays blogs)

    Missed you yesterday. :(

  • Good Morning everybody,

    how lovely to see so many of you about already! :-)

    Yep, the start of the Olympics today, well the opening ceremony anyway :-) I don't normally bother but I'm going to make an effort to get caught up in it this year. I am going to be on the look out for the rowers. We have Pete Reed, Olympic Champion and Gold Medallist who is also one of our patrons. Pete also holds the world record for having the largest lung capacity ever recorded. It's also his happy 31st birthday today :-)

    Lenne, lovely to see you back, you lurk away missus, just as long as you are doing okay. We've all missed you :-)

    Andi, you sound like you have a busy calendar :-) What cake are you going to bake for tomorrow then? I love baking but just haven't had the space or time lately (house is like a building site whilst getting the basement sorted) Once I'm back in the land of baking, maybe we can share some recipes :-)

    Sue, positive vibes being sent to you for your visit to the Dr's this morning. Let us know how you get on :-)

    Jillygirl, the sun is shining here, did have a bit of rain but think we needed it :-) How are your legs today? Are you having to Nora Batty it at all? Loving the puppy dog profile photie too :-)

    Pete, you are a lifesaver, I bet you cheered that poor lady driver up no end :-) Aaaaah she must have been really scared. I love the ex-plane chitter chatter ha ha :-)

    I'm just off for a meeting now but will be back soon :-)

  • Hey Andi and Lenne I must tell you this , about a minute ago I heard a bell ringing, looked outside couldnt see anything. Then it rang again from round the corner came this scrap mans van and a bloke inside ringing the bell shouting rag bone. May be got the Olympic spirit. :D

  • Hi everyone just got back, thankfully just really low on iron so got loads of high dose tablets, go back in 2 weeks,

    love cakes Andi, might have to come get one :D, have a great day :) x

    Hi Pete good for you helping that lady out, that must have been scary for her :)

    I didn't hear any bells here either, church bells may have sounded but i don't live near any

    Hi Lenne nice to hear from you :), hope everything is going great for you :), i did a bit snooping a while back myself :D, hope you all have a fantastic day whatever your doing :) xx

  • Hi Sue , good news about your visit to docs. lets hope the tablets do the trick. Enjoy the rest of your day. see you soon. :0

  • Hi Suepagal, i hope that the results are ok at the docs this morning, and as for your computer and your mobile phone, just wondered if you had tried jumping on them :D :D

    Jillygirl , ex - plane - you trying to take the micky or what ?? :P :P And yes Jillygirl, i'm onto the challenge, and have got loads more than Suepagal has, mind you some are a bit iffy !! if you get my gist !! :D

    Andi , inimitable -- it says -- incapable of being imitated or copied - matchless - or was that brainless !? :o does that mean there is only 1 of me then???? huh and i suppose thats too many :P :P not bothered, am not :(

    Morning Emjay, your up bright and early - again - thats 2 days now, so you see there is hope for you yet gal :D :D

    Pete :)

  • Okay Pete I confess Yes I was taking the Micky. :P

    Anyway enjoy the rest of your day. catch up later. xx :)

  • I guess that's taking the Micky and not taking the Monky. :o Whoops - out of here!!! :D :D

  • hi andi , wait till tomoz got a good piccy for pete. :D

  • Afternoon all - Pete being every girls hero, as usual! Good on yer mate! Good that she'd also given up wasn't it? so neither of you could smoke! :D :D Inimitable - I was talking about myself at the time, not everything revolves around you! but yes, basically everybody's an individual anyway. (heheh) :) :o :D Bet you'll win the word game - but no cheating mind! :P :D

    Sue, great news at the doc's, bet your mind's a bit more at rest now! I'm going to make a Dorset Apple Cake - well, I'll probably make 2 while I'm at it then I can keep one. (Think belly!) :P :D

    Jilly, just loved the ex-plane gag - really made me giggle - and do you really still have rag-and-bone men? Wish we did - rather give it to them than some of these so-called charity sacks! :)

    Well the rain never materialised and now the sun's trying to come out. 8-) :)

  • Hi Andi, sorry i've just read through the inimitable bit again, i must have got the wrong end of the stick yesterday :o :o sorryyyyyyy

    Pete :)

  • Yum Yum apple cake is my favourite Andi, soo jealous now :D, haven't had a good one in ages, i buy one to play hunt the apple :D, i'm glad the docs went ok, should be much better soon, have a great day :) xx

  • SUE, special friday treat for you. just posted . :)

  • Thanks Jillygirl heading there now :) xx

  • I think that cake looks like it needs a big dollop of whipped cream on top at point of entry! :o :D Mmmm, yummy! ;-)

  • Yummmy Andi, it's not half making me hungry though brilliant :D x

  • ok guys and gals. signing off now . nora battys are playing up now. nite nite. xxx

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, you've worked so hard today gal you deserve to put your feet up, and rest them pins of yours, speak tomoz.

    Sweet dreams gal luv ya xx

    Pete :)

  • Hi all, gosh you have all been busy baking i see, while i've been noddin, huh i bet its nearly all gone now, :( :( especially with whipped cream on top yum yum :P :P think i had best go and find out.

    Yawn yawn, soon be my bed time !! :D

  • Getting tired myself nite nite everyone sweet dreams :) xx

  • Also considering that myself,

    Nite nite all and sleep well. :)

  • Good night Sue, and sweet dreams to you tooooo gal :) :)

    Andi nite nite gal, and i hope you have a good nights sleep, and lay in if you can, because rest is a wonderful thing, and helps your body noend !! :) talking about body, just weighed myself -- 11st 4lb now :o put some weight on this last couple of weeks, and nooooo its not the lager :P :P

    Rite off up the wooden hill for me now, speak tomorrow, nite nite everybody :)

    Pete :)

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