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DAILY CHAT/ TUESDAY / 31/07/2012

DAILY CHAT/ TUESDAY   /  31/07/2012

Good morniing everyone,

Hope its a fine and sunny morning where you are. Dont think its made its mind up here in Yorkshire.

Nearly the end of July and another month of no smoking . Like I said the other day those piggies are not as persistent now but will still keep trying.

Remember to get your healthy little snacks at the ready. (dont want to be like our piccy. :O

Have a lovely day and will catch up later. :)

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Good morning Jillygirl

I hope you had a good well earned sleep last night! Sounds like a very busy day with your grandchildren. We would all be lost without our parents (I know I would be) ;-) . You’re doing amazing and noticing more and more of the benefits to staying quit, well done. :-D .

I’m loving Pete’s car, he’ll have to watch he doesn’t speed in it :P !!

Morning everyone; Emjay is training again ? but I’m sure if she has time she will pop in and say Hi.

Like Jilly says, preparation is a big thing in quitting smoking. Get your healthy snacks ready, if a craving hits the last thing you want to do is start chopping veg and fruit! Try chopping it all and popping it in the fridge, otherwise the biccies will get the better of you….



Morning Claire.,

Lovely to see you on site. Sure Emjay is training or like Pete said has she nodded off. he he. :D

Just been to buy some more fruit for my nibbles. yum yum.

Love the piccy looks really inviting. :P

see you later . :)


Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

Grey and drizzly down here today. Nice, hot weather didn't last long did it? :D :D Typical!

A good day for shopping maybe? :o

Se you later. :)


Hi andi, weather same here.

Off for lunch later with hubbys brothers. So best not nibble too much now.

Hope your car is ok now. Otherwise Pete got one through the post today. he he. :D

see you later on. xx :)


Morning everyone - 8 weeks today!!!!! I'm so happy and my smoking advisor says I'm now officially

a non smoker. Anyway really busy at work so will check in later!! xxx


Congratulations and good on you..


Morning jilly and everyone..

I'm starting to resemble that piccy!! Feel like I've put quite a bit of weight on, especially after I nearly took out the dogs eye when my button on my jeans exploded off me as I say down yesterday!!

Hope everyone is well.

Weather is a bit confused today over here hope it stays dry at least till I get my stuff done!! I keep hearing people say that's all the sun we are getting??!! I don't even look at the weather forecast now-- it's too depressing!!

See you all later


hi lisa-jane.

Hope your ok. know what you mean about the weather, if you listened to the forecast I dont think you would ever go out. Its like this ciggy thing one day at a time. I havent been too bad for putting on weight but I am wary of what I eat, cream buns are my downfall. :P

catch you later on. xx :)


Good evening whoever's out there in Cyberland. It's been a bit quiet on here today - it looks like even Jilly gave up and went to bed with her cream bun! :o :D

Congratulations to Dawn on 8 weeks now - I bet you think they're flying by now - I know I did. I've just put the rubbish out! ;-)

Lisa, if you've got over all your injuries I guess you'll have to start doing something about the belly! :o :P I know mine's the biggest it's been for years and I'm trying to up my training a bit from now on, especially as my calf seems better (although I still need to be careful with it as I don't want any more injuries on that front thank-you very much! :o )

I've just come in from circuits :X and thought I'd come on and give Pete a bit of support when he comes in from work. Better not be too late or I'll have gone to bed! :D :D


Hi andi not gone to bed yet just making a drink before I get ready. Hope you had a good day. is your car fixed yet. :0


Hi Jilly, yes got the car fixed today. It now needs cleaning again so better get that done in the next few days. :P


Aup Andi, you gone to bed yet gel, its been quite on here today hasnt it, even Jillygirls done a runner :D


Speak of the devil !! where did you come from????? :o


I havnt made a drink, just opened it !! :o :P


Ok Pete, you deserve a drink with the hours you work. This time I am off to bed

so night night Pete and andi . luv ya! :)


nite nite Jillygirl luv u tooooo :)


Looks like i missed you all, so i will say good nite everybody and God bless :)

Pete :)


No you haven't


Where you been hidding ???? :o


I got stuck on the phone to my American friend. Just got rid of her and now it's bedtime. Will say nite, nite to all of you and sleep well. :)


Nite nite Andi, you just dreammmmmmm about cleaning you car :D :D

sweetdreams gal :)

Pete :)


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