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DAILY CHAT.             MONDAY           09/07/2012

Good morning ,

Thank goodness Emjay is ok and back with us today. Had us all worried yesterday. Hope your stepdaughter is ok now.

Got a bit of blue sky here in Yorkshire , so going to see how long it lasts. Hope I can hang washing out.

Andi have you managed to get out this morning? hope your calf is not playing ip.

Sure2 Your on your 3rd week keep up the good work.

Will call back soon to see who is up and about. :)

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Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

No blue sky here this morning, doing some washing but won't bother hanging it out - should have done that yesterday.

Calf is a bit better this morning thank-you but I couldn't go and run on it :o I can't even walk on it very well at the moment - it's affecting me more than last time and yesterday I was just hobbling and swearing all day. :o I've got my last physio appointment at 12 today so I don't know what he will say - probably have to go back again!

Anyway, decided to skip the gym this morning and catch up at home a bit.

See you later. :)


Hi andi, hope your ok and your physio went alright . Let me know. take care. xx


Good morning everyone :-D , Where’s Sally Sunshine 8-)

Sorry I’ve not been on all weekend, it’s been a bit hectic for me too. Poor Emjay and her step daughter. I'm sure she'll be back on here today.

How is everyone feeling today?

Poor you Andi, I hope your calf is better after some rest. I suffer with shin splints after training for a run. Plenty of rest has helped me. Maybe try swimming for now, a bit less impact?? It’s a shame when you find something that is really helping and you struggle on through injury. Look after yourself.

Jillygirl, your cake piccy looked very nice. If only I could bake :-(

Anyone got any questions???

Speak soon


Hi Claire, hope you had a good weekend. Yes sh** happens. Whe I started exercise years ago I used to suffer from shin splints. What finally cured me was doing a power striding course that my leisure centre did then. I remember I'd get in the car after and wonder how I could drive as my legs were shaking and it was really hard trying to move my feet up and down on the pedals. :o I was thinking about swimming but I have a low boredom threshold and the thought of going up and down does my head in just thinking about it! :D :D It would be all right if we had summer cos then I could go to the beach and swim in the sea!! 8-)


Hi Claire nice to hear from you. Like I have just told Emjay been out this morning . Will have to make you a cake whats your favourite.? :D


Just a normal sponge with lots of icing ;-)


Not a problem and butter icing too i presume. :D


After a brief tutorial from Emjay, like this ;-)

(fingers crossed it works!!) za.ebid.net/for-sale/mm-whi...


Hey thats brill. the one I did isnt quite as big as that. :D


Good Morning, Good Morning :-) All is good in the hood here and I'm sorry I've caused some of you worry :-/ You are all doing so well and the support that you offer each other is still as strong and as consistent as ever. You are all amazing :-) Andi, how about going swimming? Maybe that'll help your calf out a bit :-) Obviously check it out with your physio later though :-) I love today's picture, it's fab :-) Jillygirl, what's your plans for today then? With regards to stopping smoking, how often do you think about it now? I bet you are really pleased with yourself for coming so far :-) I hope Pete is doing his best to stay positive whilst working such a long shift. Come on folks, lets send a shed load of positive thoughts his way :-) Speak to you in a bit :-)


Hi Emjay, So glad your back. Well I`ve done the washing , hung it out and just brought it in all dry. Pretty jammy as its just started to rain. I went shopping to the butchers and then the supermarket. not exactly exciting. I decided to go into Leeds and I bought some more bedding plants for my front garden. Trying to keep it attractive in case we ever get a viewing on the house. Seems nothings moving around this area at the moment. At least it keeps me busy keeping the house tidy.

As for my quitting. Still got the inhalator but only put 1 x 10mg. cartridge in every 2 to 3 days. I know I ought to try and do without it but dont feel confident enough just yet. Am I being silly or is it ok . Hubby went a lot longer when he quit so maybe

I`m not doing too bad. :O


Morning all- going to jump straight in there and just say ARGH. I've been having some trouble with the 15mgs, in the beginning I thought pfft not much difference but now I am proper freaking out! I called a nurse this morn and she said to go back up to the 25mg but now I feel proper wobbly- is it all in my head or could it be too much nicotine? Feel like flippin' Goldilocks, this patch has too little nicotine, that patch has too much, where's the one that's just right! xx


Hi Lenne, so sorry you're having such a tough time at the moment. (hugs) :( Sounds like you need a 20mg patch - don't they do one of them? (Sorry, but you know I've not got any experience in that line. :o ) Maybe one of Jilly's inhalators might be the answer but I guess you might not want to start sticking a white stick back in your gob! What else do they talk about? oh, I know, there's that gum too.

Hope it makes you feel better just coming on here, speak later. x :)


Hey Lenne :-) How about staying on the 15mg and asking your nurse would she provide you with the inhalator? This way you would just get the extra top up as and when you really need it instead of continuously.

You probably do feel a bit wobbly for the change in patch, but once you are back used to it, it shouldn't affect you too much in this way. However, you are going to have to reduce at some point and as you've already made this (positive) step forward, then I would be more likely to say carry on :-) Obviously speak with your nurse again as I would rather compliment the advice that you are given by her.

You are right in thinking that it can also just be in your head, however this isn't to be frowned upon as some old wishy-washy-all-in-your-mind-behaviour, you've already learnt that the mind is a very powerful thing and is something that you need to work with to get it to work in your favour rather than against. That's why it's really important to stay thinking positive :-)

The good news (and the bad news) is that how you are is up to you :-)

Let me know how you get on :-)


Hey ladies, thanks for the replies! Feel so much better I can't tell you how much right now, like everything is right with the world again after nearly a week and a half of severe tantrums, stress, sleepless nights and overeating. I ate 3 packs of mints a day, was snapping at everyone and being a proper biatch :( I missed you so much, 25mg! *hugs patch* If this is all in my head I foresee huge problems because where my comfy blanket was cigs I managed to transfer to the larger patches, but the smaller ones are more of a punishment in my head than the bigger ones. Logic goes out the window with me :( I refuse to use the inhalators because of the old Freud oral fixation thing (I sucked my thumb then transferred to cigs). So if push comes to shove, what's worst case scenario with being addicted to the 25mgs or is it absolutely essential I step down to the middle ones at least? Surely remaining on the larger patches is safer than smoking? *hugs comfy blanket* So calm and happy haha! xx


Hi Lenne, So sorry youve been struggling. I think you are doing really great, as for it all being in your head, I think when your feeling low you can start thinking that way. Can I just say that youv`e got more guts than what you think, to come on this site and tell us all how you are feeling is a brave thing to do. I hope the advise Emjay and the rest have offered has helped. Whatever you do your a super person and dont forget that. lots and lots of hugs.xx :)


Hey Lenne, I understand completely why you feel that the inhalator is not suitable for you :-/

There is a 21mg patch available but there is a reason why the manufacturers work on a step down plan and depending on which patches you are using will determine which one you will step down to. So.... there is one programme with 7mg, 14mg and 21mg patches, these are the 24 hour patches, but you can take them off each night. Then there is the 16 hour patch which comes in 5mg, 10mg and 15mg.

Whichever one's are used, you are at some point going to have to move down to the next step. However, you really do need to see this as a positive next step in that you are ready for the next challenge and that you need less nicotine again now. Give yourself a good pep talk, a well deserved pat on the back and maybe keep a diary of times of cravings etc. just so you know how often you are feeling this way. Keeping a diary can even be your next comfort blanket ;-)

You've done really well and when you say that logic goes out the window with you, I have to disagree as the way you see things and put things across, I find you to be very logical really.

Stay calm, and happy as it's a nice place to be :-)


Afternoon Everyone :-)

How are you feeling now Lenne? Lots of happy comments for you to read :-)

Jillygirl, the house will sell when it sells and I'm sure it will be at the right time, although you are probably feeling that the right time is now eh?! With regards to using the inhalator, it's certainly not doing you any harm in still using it and as long as you are happy with where you are at, then just keep on doing just as you are. Which is marvelous :-)

I have a meeting tomorrow to talk about our (old and very dated) website and also our Quit Support project. Everything seems to be going quite well at the moment and so we are looking at how we can best help you folks on here and make sure we have everything to hand for you all, should you ever need it :-) I'm really excited about everything :-)

Anyways, I've just heard that there's cake about... off to have a look :-)

See you in a mo :-)


Cheers you lovely ladies, I really appreciate the advice! I'll try the diary idea when I go down to my lower patches, knowing my nurse as well as I do she will probably give me a fortnight to relax back on the 25mgs then drop the dosage again unless she sees the whites of my eyes haha- that's when I will start the diary for cravings. The stupid thing about what I recall of the cravings is it's when I see the blue shiny box, or a cigarette, I want it. I saw my mints just tucked slightly under my duvet when I was sitting on side of my bed, where my fags where before I quit and I didn't even think about it, just picked up the mints thinking they were my fags THEN realised they were mints and I threw them across the room in a full-on toddler tantrum. No cravings whatsoever on the 25mg, I feel great and energetic again no sadness. *does happy dance*


Hey Lenne, you deserve some of the cake that everybody is having this aft.

Your the girl to ask, what do you think Pete will want for his dinner when hes finished work. Thought we could get it ready for him. a little treat. :D


afternoon all

hope everyone is well.. so far no rain which is a bonus,just trying to frantically was an dry my huge washing pile.... its never ending!

I've been struggling these last 24 hours or so.. and eating like a pregnant woman expecting quads........ think i might go and pop and see my quit smoking adviser later..

last time I saw him he was reluctant to give me the inhalator. I thought about it and he was probably right.... Im with Lenne on that one!!. in the first week he gave me the the 1.5mg niquitin minis.. they really helped! for my second week he decided to try me on the 2mg nicorette gum, wasn't over keen on that as I was feeling like i was dribbling!! and on my third visit i told him about not liking this gum and could i go back to the minis.. Unfortunately he didn't have any minis other than the cherry flavored ones, and after having one as a sample i am staying well clear!! so with no minis he gave me the nicorette 2 mg lozenge... yuck yuck and triple yuck!! to me they taste like eating a chalk stick. hopefully he will have some in when I go later if not i will just have to find somewhere that sells them.

one thing i would like to know is my chemist is a NHS quit smoking whatever you call it... have they had to go on training first to be an advisor?? I didn't know I was going to quit till the day before although had thought about it. I really don't want to leave from there as I the chemist is literally 5 mins walk,but...... i feel its a pretty poor show when they don't have things in stock when you need them.. I know i am not the only person he sees. However I don't see why I should have to use stuff I don't like or doesn't feel like its helping me.

I know im having a glitch and i am not going to go backwards... I haven't spent 4 days in bed miserable and moody,and been anti social not to mention washed a whole room full of clothes for me to go back to smoking now. but surely your adviser is there to make it as smooth as possible???

I'm going to attempt to upload some pics of the muttely crew now.. try keep my fingers and mind busy!!!


Hi Lisa -Jane, seems your having probs with your advisor, If I remember rightly someone else had the same sort of probs. Emjay will probably know. I will see if I can find the post. Stick at it at least your staying positive which is 99% there.

See what Emjay advises. see ya soon. xx


Thanks jilly

thing is I like him,he doesn't bore me with facts that I probably wont listen too!! On previous quit attempts ive not had the best of advisers personally for me, I know the dangers about smoking and I don't need to be told like Im a naughty child!! My adviser is quite laid back.. infact so laid back he no longer sits on his chair.. haha he seems to half lay half sit across his table instead!! but hey it works for me!!


Yeah I know what you mean , some people can be very patronising (if thats the right word).


Patronizing is one word I could use!! lol


Now Lisa -jane your getting to sound like me, :D thats what my nosey neighbour was like yesterday if you read my post.. you`ll know what I mean.


yep I did!!


Hi Lisa Jane

Sorry to hear you’re having problems getting your Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), it can be really hard to swap products especially as you’ve found a product that suits you. It may be worth having a chat with your Pharmacist and ask if he can order the Niquitin Mini’s ? .

In relation to the Pharmacists receiving Stop Smoking Training, This would depend on your Local Stop Smoking Service and whether or not they offer Smoking Cessation Training.

But please remember you’re doing brilliant and keep positive. Keep checking on here for friendly support and advice and if you have a question put it on here. There’s lots of support for you :-D .

I hope this helps



I was going to go this evening but i feel a little sick so i shall go and have a chat with him tomorrow as yet another patch has fallen off so need to get more.

I dont want to offend him by asking and him thinking hes not doing a good job!!


I think it was Finley getting sold all the rubbish at her chemists.


Yeah I think your right.


As you can see I'm back now. Will report back later but have got to cut the grass before the deluge starts again! :)


Is that part of your physio :D ?

chucking it down here. But have had some sun.

Come on andi any ideas for Petes evening meal.

will call back later.


Well I've just puts spuds on for bangers, beans and mash! Haven't had it for ages.



How about a plate full of love, support and plenty of smiles and laughter :-)

Oh and maybe a few tinnies to wash it all down with ;-)


Oh Emjay he would love that . Got to work on how to post it all.


I love the last one.... We just need a big plate and then a few tinnies :-)


Emjay they are brill. will find a few tinnies etc. dont know how to post everything so perhaps will tell him to look on your posts. :D


Well, amazingly enough it's not started raining yet and I can still see bits of blue in the sky. :)

Physio said injury not as bad as last one and not related - just a question of too much too soon! Has given me more homework to do and will see him next week again for hopefully the last time. Meantime, no running again. :(

Hope Pete enjoys his dinner - he should be eating it as I speak! :D :D


Hi everybody,

You soft lot, you really really are!! :) :) you've bought tears to my eyes, an I love you all, i doooooooo, just wish i could find a kiss smillie, ha ha that would sort you out, bet you would soon scarper then :D :D

Jillygirl, yes i've cracked a can open and giving it some slurp right now, slurp slurp, but your cans look nicer than mine :( and Andi i will not drink all 4 either :P :P will save a couple for tmoz. Gosh it aint half been a long day, soon be flippin bed time

Emjay just luv them pics gal, thankyou, the last one is a beauty :D :D

Rite will go and look some more, theres been loads happening on here today !!

Speak soon Pete :)


Hiya Pete, Hope you had a good day (and not too much s**t chucked at you! :o ) :)


Aup Andi, sorry to hear about your calf again gal, perhaps running isnt for you, whats up with the bike then ?? :) or perhaps he he get a scooter, you could rest your calf then :D :D


Hi Pete, hope your ok. it will be bedtime by the time youv`e read all the posts.

SEE! we do miss you. will call back soon. my baths ready. xx :)


Sorry got to sign off soon Hubbys brother just called round . so could be a late night.

So night night love ya all.

Sent a special blog to you Pete. :D


Good night everybody and luv ya all

Pete :)


Nite nite everyone, sleep well. :)


Night night all you lovely folks :-)

Congratulations on getting another smoke free day under your belts xx


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