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Yesterday we had beatle mania , which really turned out fun. :D

You can`t blame jillygirl she wasn`t the only one. :O

Emjay you started it , so whats on today ? :O

What is the theme for us all so we can start to play. :P

I know we have a laugh, and we are always joking, :D

but the therapy behind all this is to stop us smoking. :) :) :) :) :) :)

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Morning Emjay, hope you slept ok after yesterdays hilarious day. Piggies were so funny.

Anyway back to business Busy lizzy has posted a question for you. So you`ve got a job straight away.

I am praying that it doesnt rain till later this evening as off to grandaughters sports day after lunch.

Will catch up later. :)


Morning everyone.. Thought I'd come on early today as I have a seriously busy day and not even started yet and I'm behind!!typical really!

Today marks 3 weeks since I quit to smoking. Whooooooooohooooooo. Never thought I'd manage it.. But it's seriously got a lot to do with everyone here. It's such a lovely community.. So much support .. U guys are fab and have kept me going.. So thank you for helping me get to 3 weeks!

A little report on yesterday ... Diago the dog was not deaf as we knew from the crisp packet! So many people were shouting commands he didn't know all at once!! However it saddens me the reasons some people buy dogs and the certain dogs which they are buying. I won't go on or I shall be here all day!! Tyse came with me yesterday first time on the train and he was amazing... Loved it all and behaved so well! We got home after 12 last night he had a drink flopped on his bed and was snoaring for England!! He's the still sleeping now!!

Well the forecast is rubbish again today and I'm not looking froward to getting soaked and muddy again today!! I've given up trying to keep the dogs fresh and mud free so!! But I just can't keep washing them but that wet dog smell smells even worse now I'm smoke free!!

Anyway I'm off to go and pick up my niquitin minis the chemist ordered them in for me. Then off to get on with my day. Check back in later



Morning Lisa, this is 2nd time trying to reply to you. Seems like pc gremlins are back. mind you it is Friday 13th. :O

Anyway a big well done on reaching 3 weeks. Def a NON SMOKER now. :)

Glad Diego was ok. you said he would be.

Yes its pouring down here too. Looks like grandaughters sports day will be cancelled.

Never mind prob take her out for tea instead.

Catch up later. xx :)


Okay Andi, are you sleeping in ? or are you on another marathon around the sea front.

Feeling a bit lonely this morning. Anyway Lisa is up. and a new friend Bizzylizzy.

see ya soon. :)


Goooood morning :-D

How is everyone today? A BIG massive welcome to all our newies! I hope you find the site very useful, if there’s anything you need please give us a shout. Sometimes you have to shout loud, because we don’t always hear you ;-)

Please remember to enter your quit date on Emjays Wall of Winners

:-) :-) :-) :-) quitsupport.healthunlocked.... :-) :-) :-) :-)

I’ve been catching up on all the Beatles antics and it certainly made me laugh :-D

Thank you Jillygirl for starting us off with our poem today.

Well done Lisa-Jane, what an achievement, you’re doing amazing, you little google.co.uk/imgres?q=star&...

Remember you’re doing the hard work but people are here if you need anything. I’m glad Diego was ok and well done Tyse. 8-)

Speak soon



Good morning Claire,

Hope your ok today. Nice to hear from you. Whats Emjay doing today , is she still curled up laughing over those piggies. Think we all had fun yesterday.

Will see you later. :)


Good morning everybody, yes Jilly I am up. Decided to lay in a bit (managed til about 7-ish) and have been catching up on yesterday's Tour this morning. It was drizzling earlier but seems to be brightening a bit. Forecast showing possible showers so am seriously considering going out on my bike for a bit. Getting really fed up with all this inactivity! :(

Lisa, congratulations on 3 whole weeks - shame about the smell though! :o :P :D Most of us on here seem to come more from a cat background so don't suffer so much in that department. ;-)

Hi Claire, did you have the day off yesterday? Yes it was all Emjay's fault yesterday. :D :D

Hey Jilly, wondering if Pete has a 'poet's day' when he has to work all those dreadful hours - time will tell. Maybe you can have the night off and he can go down the chippie tonight! :)

Right, got to get out, see you all later. :)


Hi andie, I think there is something spooky going on. I was thinking exactly the same as you about pete going to the chippie. Do you think we should put an order in for a special .

Hey you did well sleeping until 7. that makes a change. I find I get headache if I sleep in too long. 7 to 7.30 is usually fine after that I suffer.

Hope you manage to get out for your bike ride. Daughter just called me and the sports day has been cancelled. Poor little love she was so excited that

her gran and grandad were coming to watch her. Perhaps next week.

See you later. :)


Hiya Jilly, I wasn't actually sleeping that long - had my usual hour lying awake about 2 or 3-ish. :o Decided not to go on the bike after all as it got really windy so just went for a blast down the seafront. Was thinking about going to watch the torch but everyone busy so came home. I see it's on tv on 301 red button at the mo but now trying to catch up with today's Tour.

Sorry your weather's cancelled your grand-daughter's sports day. Be good if they can reschedule.

Meantime, I'm just feeling a bit naff at the mo so speak a bit later.


Afternoon Everybody :-)

I've been away from my desk for most of the day so apologies for the absence :-/

Jillygirl, your poems and ditties are just getting better...:D however, I think you need to come clean and admit that it was you who started our Beatle mania off yesterday :0 Sorry to hear about the sports day events being called off, will you get to see your Granddaughter at all over the weekend instead now? :-)

Congratulations Lisa-Jane :-) :-) You are doing really well, now you can focus on hitting your 1st month :-) Hope you managed to pick up your NRT okay by the way. Great news about Diego, are you like Caesar Milan, the dog whisperer? :)

Andi, hope you had a nice day by getting out and about. Did you get up to anything exciting? You've just got another week under your belt haven't you, you must be looking forward to your 3 months soon approaching :D

I shall be popping on this evening to see how you all are, so if there is anything that you need, just ask and I'll see if I can help :D

Remember to stay positive as this leads to the best successes :D


Hi Emjay , and everyone. Been busy this afternoon not with my grandaughter, but my daughter. She fell downstairs and hurt her elbow. Very swollen and really really bruised. went to local hospital to get it checked out. Luckily it was just swollen and bruised.

So just nicely got in . Grandaughter (7yrs old) is playing at nurses now.

As for the Beatles thing i got so mixed up who said what i think we will call it a draw. ok boss! :D

Right just got to leave a note for Pete. :P back later. :)


What a busy day!!

Andi, i dont usually work Wednesdays and Thursdays. If i get time at home i try to keep up with whats going on here :-/ !!

Jillygirl i hope your daughters arm is better very soon.

Hope you're all having a lovely evening :-D


Thank you Claire She will be fine got a date tomorrow night so will soon pick up. Yep we are child minding. Think the 7 yr old is easier than the 38yr old. ha ha.

Have a lovely weekend. :)


Evening everyone, not been too busy on here today!!!! whats happened ????

Aup Jillygirl, love your poem gal and the pic, just great :D :D and yes got my fish-n-chips tar, had to get some mushy peas aswell, :P :P


I've got some good news and some bad news !! which do you want to hear first ???? :o

Its been a long flippin week :(


Oh come on then whats the news before i get my bath. better not be piggys.


Hiya, Week'd finally Finished!! :P

Go on then, Bad news first please! :(


Hi Pete, seems everyone must be worn out with yesterday, very quiet. Ah well your back now so perhaps you can get everyone active tomorrow. I may be out most of the day if its fine but prob rainy . Got a newbie on the questions post if you fancy a chat. NO!

I dont mean chat her up. behave young man. :D Her name is bizzylizzy, thats one of my favourite flowers. :)

Off for my bath now. see you later before bedtime. xx


pete hubby already run bath will call back. x


Good news is - yippeeeee ive finished now untill 6.00 Monday night :D :D

Bad news is - yeah working nights next week, just my fav shift :( never mind though, i only have to work 4 shifts :)

You have a nice soak in that bath gal, it will do your nora batties good :D :D

Speak soon Pete :)


Sorry Andi, got it back to front, just seen your post gal :o :|

I hope that you enjoyed your lay in :)


Wasn't really a lie in - just couldn't be bothered to get up.


Thats a layin then :D gosh i could have done with some of them this week !!


Just had another look at yesterday and it was DAWN who started the Beatles thing!


I thought it was Emjay, with her Magical Mystery Tour ????


Your flippin right Andi, then quickly followed by our Jillygirl :D


No, Dawn came on before Emjay saying 'it's getting better all the time as quoted by the beatles' or words similar.


Hi Andi i hope your calf's getting better :) and that you are RESTING it :P


Feet up on the coffee table at the mo, will be in bed soon.


Evening Everybody :-)

Andi, you've made me double check and you are so right! Big fat huge apologies to Jillygirl :D

Hope your daughter's date tomorrow is keeping her in good spirits Jillygirl :-)

Pete! Lovely to have you home at a decent enough time, especially on a Friday night :-) The ladies have really looked after you this week :D Just try and relax and enjoy the weekend now and not think about your shift until you get there :-)

I hope you are all up for a smoke free weekend. On a scale of 1-10 how is everyone confidence wise then? :-)


hi emjay, confidence level 10.

joke level 12. :D


Rite i'm off up that wooden hill, cus am cream crackered and got to go shopping early in the morning, then i can have a rest, and a catchup on here :) :)

Good night everybody, and Andi you have a lie in gal, it will do you the world of good, nite nite and god bless.

Jillygirl nite nite gal, and luv ya

Pete :)


Nite nite Pete, nite nite Jilly, nite nite Emjay, and everyone else.


Hi ya Emjay its nice to see you gal, erm 7ish i think at the mo, perhaps it will be higher tomorrow, when i've settled down, and thank you for all your help, good night and sweet dreams Emjay

Pete :) :)


Goodnight everyone. had my bath sat in jim jams. soon be off to bed. love ya. :)


Jim jams in the bath.... Hmmm :-/

Night night crazy folk xx


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