Morning Emjay , and everyone else.

Got up early again 6.00am. thought I would have some brekky, do some ironing, before hubby got up. Changed all bedding ready to wash. All I need is some sunshine. Cant tell what its going to be like at the moment. :O

Andie have you finished your ironing yet, or are you sending it off to Pete to finish it off. He may say that fellas do the job properly, but !!!! can he multi-task like us women. :D

Lisa-jane I too had a weird dream last night dreamt, i lit up a ciggy , coughed and threw it away. Then told emjay to start a new quit date. luckily it was a dream.

Going to go now and will catch up later , with everyone else. xx


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  • Good Morning :-)

    I'm surprised you're not in bed by 8.00pm Jillygirl, you've put a full day in by the time I make it on here :-)

    Today is a lovely sunshiny day here, hope it carries on through until the weekend.

    Wednesday means that we are halfway through the week already, the summer months are up and running which means everybody is fast getting even more smokefree days under their belts :-)

    I shall put up some information about weird / vivid dreams later. Give you some reading material that I hope will be of interest to you :-)

    I hope everybody has a lovely and easy day ahead, any concerns, questions or worries, or even just to let us know how well you are doing... then this is the place to share :-)

    Speak to you all in a bit :-)

  • Morning all - Day 22 for me. The start of week 4 yay yay! My sleeping is so much better now I thin k my body is getting used to not having those horrible piggies. Have a good day everyone.

    Dawn x

  • hi dawn, day 22 your doing great. hope your day has been a good one. xx

  • Good morning everyone - a bit cloudy/misty down here, not sunny like up north! ;-)

    Jilly I thought you usually got up at 5.30 - so 6 was a lie-in? :D :D That's very clever of you - changing the bed while hubby's still in it!

    Dawn - start of week 4 - brilliant - :) (me - week 9 - so nearly 2 months! :o )

    Hope you all have a lovely fresh air day.

  • Put hubby in the wash too ! :D :D :D I wish. luv him really.

  • Hi Jilly, yes, Mission accomplished! Spinning this morning so now ready for the day. :)

  • Where is everybody today??????!!!!!!!

  • Oops - you've woken me up - was just nodding off in front of the tv! :o

  • Afternoon all ..

    Jilly thanks for the info about dreams!! Last night I also had yet another weird dream .. I went shopping and then went for lunch with Fatima (??) and Incase your wondering she ate salad!! Thanks for the info had read similar to that online last night but wasn't sure how long it was going to last!! Interesting reading though!

    But another ok day today and have coped without needing to use anything extra other than my patch!

    Hope everyone's having a great day

  • hi Lisa - jane, you seem to be coping really well. As for the dreaming hope you didnt have the cockroach for starters. lol. :D ( I take it you watched celebrity)

    Anyway hope your day went well. xx

  • Hiya Lisa-Jane, you're so lucky to be having dreams - even if they might actually be nightmares! :o :P I wish I could get a solid night's sleep and don't seem to do any dreaming lately. :( Am getting a bit fed up with it at times. Then today, it turned to rain this afternoon so I just vegged out in front of the box and dozed on and off all afternoon. Liked Jilly's comment about the cockroaches though. :D :D

  • HI EMJAY, yet another newbie (eizzy) asking question. not replied yet as my tea is nearly ready, but will answer later

  • Hey Everyone, I've been away from my desk for most of the afternoon, sorry ;-/ Still trying to catch myself up from my jollies :-)

    Glad you all seem to be okay, well apart from Lisa-Jane dreaming about a salad eating Fatima Whitbread!! :-)

    Dawn, this time next week you'll have a month completely under your belt :-)

    I've just popped a reply over to eizzy and am away home now. Will pop on later and see whose about :-)

    Speak to you all in a bit :-)

  • Hi Emjay, Good reading about dreams. Our brains are really complex things arent they. Trouble is when I wake up from a dream it takes me about 10 minutes to realise its a dream and not real.

    Good job really as they can be frightening. :O

  • Hi Everyone, been out with hubby today ( yes andi thats why he went in the wash :P ) so only just logged on. Bought him a new jacket, if I didnt go with him he would never buy one. Cos he`s a tight fisted Yorkshire man lol. :D Anyway I got a new top out of him so not a bad day after all. :D

    Will call in later to see everyone . xx :)

  • Mmm, wonder where they got that reputation from! :D

  • wonder if Pete`s like that. :)

  • But he's from Derbyshire (at least that's where he lives) :)

  • Aup you lot , flippin talkin about me again when my backs turned. :P And no i'm not tight with money, just aint got any !!!! :(

  • Jillygirl- you say us blokes cant multi-task !! well i can :P :P cus i can 'iron' and sunbathe at the same time :D :D

    But i cant put lipstick on while i'm driving, not like you Ladies can, i have to put mine on be for i drive :D :D

  • Hi there Pete, Knew you`d fall for the being tight comment. Ok I`ll let you have the multi task one. :D

    As for putting lippy on whilst driving, bet you used to have a ciggy when you drove.

    Hope you didn`t work too hard today , got a bit too warm this aft. So glad I have retired now. Hated walking round to the patients when it was humid weather.

    Hope your okay love, missed you yesterday. :(

  • HI Amiechaz, Are you back yet? Hope you got on ok with nurse. Keep us informed. xx

    Will check in later on.

  • ,Emjay , I probably wont be logging on tomorrow morning, got an early appointment at the dentist. Unless Andie decides to wake everyone up.


  • Jillygirl, you goin to the dentist again, rite then i will don my sunnies tmoz just in case 8-) cus i remember last time you went !!!! :D :D

    Do you think Andi could start a Daily Chat then???? :o :|

    Sorryyyyyyy Andi, cus i know that you can do it while you are ironing eh :D

  • Good evening Pete! Not altogether sure you're gonna need your sunnies tomorrow! :o

    Sure I might just be able to manage to start a chat but not at all sure what I might say. :D (haven't got quite the sam gift of the gab as some on this site!) ;-)

  • Just going for a check on a crown feels a bit loose. got to be there for 7.50am.

    interesting to see who starts the chat.

  • Blimey Jilly, does your dentist start at 6 or something then? :D

  • he does start at 7.30am. mad man. :D

  • Hi ya Andi, 21 t-shirts eh, bet you've got a walk in wardrobe, huh must have with that lot, unless of coures you've got a big cupboard to put the unironed ones in :D :D How many shoes you got, about 41 cus you Ladies always seem to lose one somewere!! :o

    I have lived in Derbyshire all my life, and am proud of it, cus nobody else wants to live here!! :( but saying that, all the small farms around here have been bought up, demollished, and built on, dont know half the people around here now days, alot of them just come at weekends :(

    I hope you had a good spinnnnnnn this morning and are keeping that calf rested gal, is it tmoz you go back to the the______erm- the bloke that makes you fall of the couch :D

    Pete :)

  • 21 tshirts folded up fit in one drawer. Physio. Speak tomorrow - mind now gone! :o

  • I've got trouble keeping my eyes open today so have got to retire extra early!

    Nite nite everyone and sleep well. :)

  • OK. i`m off now. night and god bless. xxxxx :)

  • Goodnightingtons Jillygirl and Andi :-)

    I'm only just home. Just about to put the kettle on if anyone fancies a cuppa :-)

    Are you on your early shifts at work this week Pete? I bet you feel like you've not been off now! Hope you're feeling as determined as ever to stay smoke free mister and have as much confidence in yourself as I have in you :-)

    I'm in the office early tomorrow so if nobody has been on already, I'm happy to start the day off :-)

  • Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know I hit my 2 month mark today gracefully by dropping to 15mg patches. It felt no different! xx

  • Hiya Lenne, its just great to hear from you and 15mg patches, just fab gal !! just fab. :) :)

    Your geting there Lenne !! just wish i was :( :(

    Dont you ever forget, that i love you to bitttts gal, cus you know i do, and allways will, knowmatter what happens ?! :( :(

    Stay strong, I know that you can do this :)


  • Well done to you Missus, stay cool, stay calm, stay in control. At the end of the day, it's you who works the patches. Congratulations on getting this far. I'm soooooo proud of you and you're so heading in the right direction :-)

  • *hugs* Thanks Pete and EmJay! :D I've found stuffing my face with mints is working a charm ;)

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