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Good Morning: Daily Chat ~ Tuesday 24th July

How is everyone today? Have you all got your sunglasses at the ready and sun cream applied 8-) . What a gorgeous day we had up here yesterday ? .

Jillygirl sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday. I bet you had so much more energy for the scooter than if you was still smoking. Hope you enjoy your dancing today ;-) .

Good morning Pete, I’ve never started a daily chat thank you ;-) How are things going Have you recovered from the drinking session the other night with our other quitters ;-) ;-) .

How did you sleep this morning Sue, another lie in :o

Andi have a fab day at the beach, honestly I’m not jealous ;-) ;-) ;-)


Mel and I are in and out again today, delivering more training.

Speak soon.

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Good morning Claire and everyone else. Yes another beautiful day. Really looking forward to the beach and just managed to find some friends to join down there. :) I'd better kill two birds with one stone though and cycle there then I'm getting some more exercise. :| (And no, Claire, I'm not running today and practicing for a triathlon!!! :X :X :o :D :D )


One of these days Mel and I will turn up with our pompoms to cheer you ;-)


Yeahhhhh, your first Daily Chat eh andddddd before dinnssssss :D :D and yes thankyou Claire i have just about recovered, think i may have had one to many eh, hik hik :o

will be going to bed soon so probably speak tomorrow, you and Emjay have a good day :) :)

Pete :)


Hi everybody hope you had a great day at the beach Andi, we we were meant to get rain today but it never came, hooray :), not to sunny but warm, didn't get a lie in Claire, i think that was a one off lol, been busy trying to clear my room so hubby can start decorating on his day off, not easy when i'm feeling ill, but it needs done; so now putting my feet up for a while :), have a great day everyone :) x


Hi Sue, glad you're up to doing something at home - I bet you're getting really fed up in limbo land. (Hugs) :) It will be nice when it's decorated though - and I suppose the smell (smoky?) will finally go away! :o

Just got home to them saying hottest day of the year so far. :X Beautiful on beach and in the sea 4 times - still a bit chilly but lovely once your in!! :o It feels soooo good getting a bit of sun on the back after all this time. :) Mind you, every time I came out of the sea I had to have a mint as that was one of my favourite times for lighting up! :P Still liking the smell though when other people light up - don't think that's ever going to go away. The main thing is that I'm no longer doing it myself. :)


Hi Andi glad you had a great day at the beach :) i know what you mean about the smell of smoke, i'm the same, but as you say we're all non smokers, we should all be proud of ourselves :) i can't wait till Friday and hopefully get this sorted with some tablets, but i still party anyway, that's what life is all about :D x


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