Daily Chat: Thursday 24th July 2014

Daily Chat: Thursday  24th July 2014

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening Dearest All :D :D (maybe even a Good Night if your off your popping to bed now :D :D )

Another bright sunny day here in Liverpool today with everyone getting excited about The Giants we are having come to visit over the weekend. Grandmother Giant is now sleeping in her giant bed at St George's Hall. She seems really, really old - I wonder has she ever smoked and isn't as old as she looks - or maybe she hasn't smoked and has lived a good old healthy life, I shall have to look up her story :-)

I'm away into a meeting now but will hopefully only be an hour and should be around for the rest of the day, so I'll pop on and see if anybody would like a cuppa later ;-)

Here's to a smokefree, craving free and happy day :-)

Remember, nobody said it would be easy, but everyone says that it is worth it. If you don't feel this way, think about all those pennies that haven't been wasted on those little white sticks :-)

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  • Hello everyone, I do hope you all have a sensational day - with lots to smile about :) :) :) Feeling pretty happy making it through the first 4 weeks cold turkey :) :)

    Has anyone heard from suzie?. I hope she is doing ok

  • WOW 4 weeks cold turkey :) :) well done, you will be sporting a new badge :)

    Brilliant x

  • Hi Emjay and all,

    Sunny here in Kent too, and i finish for the weekend at 12 today wooohoooo :), cant wait!!!

    Hope everyone has something nice planned for the weekend :)

    Keep strong x

  • Hey Glolin, it seems that your shiny new Winners Badge is having problems sticking :o I popped it up for you yesterday so don't know what is going on, we had the same problem with Pete's badge. Leave it with me and I'll see what is going on. Great stuff regarding your 4 weeks and confidence levels, you're doing ever so well - stay strong though and just be ready for any unexpected visitors (pesky cravings) who may knock at your door when you least expect them ;-)

    Al, only one and a half hours left - keep busy and the time will fly :-) I hope the sun stays shining for you, inside and out ;-)

  • Thank-you, will wear badge with pride. This group has helped me so much. Most of my journey I have had hubby away so on lonely nights i could have crumbled easily at times came very close but i logged in and read posts and more posts old ones and new until i felt better within myself to get through the next hour.

    luv ya's all xxx

  • Glolin, just looooooving your new shiny badge gal :) :)

    You stay strong and focused now, cos you want to be smoke free and you WILL be seee :) :) xx

  • Hey my furry monkyyyyyy how you doing? hows your ear doing hun, you still lightheaded and dizzy? :O

  • Its a bit better, but still feel light headed :o thank you for asking DroopyJ :) :) xx

  • Its an awful thing to have as it makes you feel soooo yucky.... well you just take care of yourself you ear..... sorry couldn't resist it.... :D

    Make sure your doc keeps you off work until its fully cleared as you don't want it back hun :)

  • Thank you DroopyJ, thats a very kind thing to say :) :)

    Hmmm, what you after then, cos i got no money see and i aint doing your ironing either :|

  • damn.... you read me like a book :D :D

    Just don't like people to be poorly :(

  • What, even monky's :) :)

  • Monky- Ditto!!!

  • Congratulations Glolin, your hard earned 4week winner badge looks terrific :)

    You are one superstrong lady, well done :) x

  • Hi Emjay, Thanks for my shiny new badge, :-) and yes quitting is so worth it, I just can't imagine putting a ciggy to my lips now, even with hubby still smoking, :-)

    Glolin, keep staying strong, ' Because we're worth it ' :-)

    Pinkie, Have a great weekend. B-)

    Just putting the kettle on, got to have a cup of tea even if I am so hot and sticky after doing the ironing !! :-D

  • Well its badges galore on here today, I am soooo pleased for all of you :)

    You are an inspiration to us all so keep up the good work :)

    mrssunnyside, don't suppose you fancy doing my ironing do you??? I have loads and I really can be asked to do mine !! :O

  • Good evening DroopyJ, :) :) I hope your well and ready to get that flippin ironing done :o :D :D

  • Hi mrssunnyside, a massive congratulations on your 11 month badge :)

    Brilliant amazing and well done to you :) x

  • Im busy eating me nuts and watching the games, no time for ironing, that's why I wanted mrssunnyside to do it.... :)

  • Hey, I'm munching on nuts tooo :) :) a lot better than cake :P :D :D

  • I got walnuts, cashews & brazils..... in there raw state, no chocolate or salt to be seen :) what you got ???

  • I got peanuts and raisins with nooooo flippin choccie on them :)

  • OOH I forgot I had raisins.... :(

  • Ahhhhh and chocie chips toooooo :o :)

  • Er nope.... :(

  • DroopyJ, am sorry gal but my eye's are shutting so will have to get to bed me thinks :) I hope you have a lovely nights sleep and am sending you some sweet dreaming huggs tooo :) :) nitey nite gal, its very nearly the weekend toooooo :) :)

    Nite nite everybody and sweet dreams to you all :) :) xxxx

  • Nighty nite hun cant wait for the flippin weekend :D

    Enjoy a smoke free day =x=

  • The Giants look amazing. Have a good weekend

  • Hey Emjay...... I'm sorry but I didn't have a clue what you were talking about when you mentioned giants in Liverpool.... at first I thought it was some American football team, possibly a Canadian baseball team then I re-read your post and thought 'WOW Emjay you don't look particularly tall in your picture, but you obviously have a tall family but isn't it a bit rude to call your poor old granny a giant....!!!! :D :D :D :D

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