DAILY CHAT /SUNDAY / 15/07/2012

DAILY CHAT /SUNDAY /  15/07/2012

Good morning , Hope everyone is ok. It seemed a bit quiet on the site yesterday. Maybe I am the noisy one ,Hubby just said "you mean nosey one". :P I will get him later. Ha ha.

Well lets see if we can get Emjays weekend game going again. I think Pete is winning at the moment.

Anybody got plans for today.

Whatever your doing keep thinking positive thoughts. Dont let those piggies interupt you.

see you all a bit later. xx :)

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  • Where is everybody today ????????

    Jillygirl, been thinking about you in your jim - jams in the bath, i can remember in the 70s i used to get in the bath with Levi jeans on, ha ha they were shrink to fit jeans !! i ended up with blue legs, so then had to have another bath to clean the blue off my legs :D :D mind you, i know that all of you on here are toooooooo young to remember that :D :D

    Done dins, just got to make the lumpy gravy now, how many lumps would you like????

    Pete :)

  • AH !There is life . I thought i was left on my own all day. :( Thought you`d all gone off without me. Yeah I do remember shrinking jeans, my brother did that. I was being too glam in my baby dolls. (Bet you remember those) :P and mini skirts.

    lumps in the gravy will do , hope wev`e got Yorkshire pud too.

  • Hi ya Jillygirl, i hope that your legs are ok today gal, and yes i can remember baby dolls and mini skirts, them were tha days gal, wall to wall legs!!!! :) :) not like now, trousers and jeans, :( :( cus i'm a leg man, always was and always will be, so there!! :P :P

    We bought a dish washer a bit ago now, and its called Pete!! so got to go now and its very cheap to run :( :(

    Speak soon gal, hey you seen Andi ????? am getting a bit worried about her, thats all, sounds like she had a cra__ day yesterday!!!!

    Pete :)

  • Oops meant to say 5 lumps.

  • Sorry Jillygirl, cus i think you have about 10 lumps he he, my hand slipped :D

  • Not seen Andi today or any of the others. Hope they are ok. prob busy will check back later. xx

  • ANDI ANDI where are you gal, am shoutin as loud as i can :X :X flippin eck i think i've done myself a mischief now :(

    Andi have i said something wrong to you ????

    I will go back on the blogs and have a look, perhaps i spoke out of turn somewhere, look gal you know i dont mean it !!!!

    I will help you in any way that i can, i promise you!! :) just let us know that you are all right, or message me, that is all you have to do gal. :)

    I know for a fact that talking about it helps, cus i've been there and got the T-shirt :)

    Pete :)

  • Hot pants!

  • Toooooooo rite gal, cus you used to get legs in them as well :D :D

  • Andi i dont know whether you like music or not ?! but if you do, just listen to''Whistle Baby'' by Flow Rider, cus it might just cheer you up a bit, cus he will tell you how to whistle, and it gets me whistling, and perks me up :D

  • Ok Pete sent a picture for you , thank you for the sunday dinner and lumpy gravy. , :)

  • Andi , Pete, Everyone seems busy today . so going to sign off now. watch tv.

    see you all tomorrow. xx xx :)

  • Jillygirl, i luv ya to bits gal, you know i dooooooo :) but i have had a rite job trying to post pics for some reason, but have managed to post one, i hope it makes up for my stupidity, idiotic, thoughtless, irritable, dumb, and wey out ed that i have got. :o

    Please except my deepest apologies, i promise you that i wont let you down again.

    Pete :)

  • Pete I still luv ya. dont be hard on yourself . see you tomorrow. :)

  • Goodnite Jillygirl, and god bless you, love you tooooo gal, i will try again tomoz, please believe me gal :) :)

    Pete :)

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