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DAILY CHAT     SATURDAY       07/07/2012

Good Morning everyone.

Start of a weekend, Hope the rain has stopped wherever you are. Still misty here but a bit brighter. They reckon the rain is in the southwest today. Dont think that includes Bournemouth.

Lets make it another smoke free weekend... Stay focused, and positive.

Whatever your plans are for today Enjoy! :)

see you shortly. x

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Good morning Jilly and everyone.

Mind, I don't know what's good at the moment - still chucking it down outside and has been all night - and yes Jilly, I think Bournemouth is included - 'amber' alert for Bmth/Dorset and only 'yellow' for everywhere else! :(

Are you off to a wedding today with that bouquet of flowers? You wouldn't smell smoke with those around. ;-)

Wanted to go for a run today but I'm not up for running in the pouring rain yet - I'm sure I'll do it one day but not today. :o (OMG! I think I've heard that one before - I think it's a bit of my Scarlet O'Hara mantra! :| )

Off to the gym soon so see you later.


morning andi, still misty here so could go either way. probably the wrong way. Just going to grab a slice of toast and a cuppa. then get ready to go to supermarket, before it gets too busy . and starts to rain.

Thought I would have flowers today. try and be cheery. Seeing Pete not sent either of us any flowers. lol. :D

catch up later. dont over do it at the gym. :)


AAARRRRGGGGG!!!! Nearly finished a long post and it's just disappeared!!!! GGGGGGGRRRRRRR!!!!!


Exactly what happened to me yesterday. :O

Where is everybody today. :O


Hope they`ve not drowned.


Afternoon everyone

Just deciding if I will manage to walk to town before it starts raining!! It's not looking hopeful! I have been drenched so many times this week I should just carry a bar of soap and a flannel!! Might save on my sky high water bills!! I'm thinking with all this rain we should be getting a discount!! ;-) ... Look haven't even finished writing this and it's pouring down yet again!!


Hi Lisa-jane, Hope your ok. amazingly its turned out sunny here. Some threatning clouds in the distance.. At least your up and about looks like there are only 3 of us today. :)


Hi jilly,

I wish I wasn't up ,I really do but my son woke me up at some ungodly hour after trying to creap in undetected at 7 am!! The funniest thing is he managed to get in without even waking the dogs up.. Managed to creap up the stairs again still without managing to make the dogs bark... He was literally at his bedroom door when he tripped on his pile of dirty washing that he seems to think that the cleaning fairy will come along and take and stubbed his toe!! And then that is when everyone was woken to a chorus of bad words hopping about and dogs barking!! Woke me right up!!


Great, can just picture this - and it reminds me of my youth many, many moons ago! :D :D


I was trying to say earlier that I didn't overdo it at the gym this morning. It was getting very busy as I left though. I really wanted to try running this morning. As I left the gym it looked like it was brightening in the south so had to pop home first as I didn't have the right shoes and undies on. Got changed and headed towards the seafront. The sky got darker and the rain came down even heavier. :( The sea was really rough - some body boarders were in - but I couldn't psyche myself up to get out of the car. Ah well, I'm sure it'll happen one day. :o

It's not stopped raining here since 10 o'clock yesterday morning. :P I think we're all used to a normal front going over in about 8 or 9 hours so all this relentless rain is NOT NORMAL!!!


PS All this rain is making me feel like going back on the fags - BUT I WON'T!! :| :D


You got different undies for the gym, and for running !!!! :o hmmmmm sounds a bit ifffffy if you ask me !! :D :D


Thought the mention of unmentionables might wake you up!! :D :D


Righto then, something else that's not normal (and get's me very worried) is:



Hi everybody, have been a busy little bee today, and no Andi, i'm not hiding so there :P :P


I've been to a meeting this morning with my Sisters, because my Mam is in a nursing home, a private home but very good one, and she loves it there, so we have decided to keep her in there, although it is expensive :X but what the heck, its my Mam, and in my eyes she will get the best :)

Andi dont even think about going back to smokes, please dont gal you've come so far now, dont chuck it away now :)


No Pete, I won't, just getting a bit down again with this b****y weather! :(


I know just what you mean gal, cus i'm the same, :( just wish i could do somethink about it for you, its quit nice here now, well at the moment that is :o erm do you play chess ??


Aup Lisa - Jane, its nice to see you again gal, so no ley in then this morning, :( just wondered if you had tried putting earmuffs on when you go to bed!! :D :D

As for the new picy, who's that then?? your daughter?? creep creep. Andi - JillyGirl i do not creep!! :| before you say anything, well not much anyway :o :o

Speak soon

Pete :)


Jillygirl, i thought you would like cake more than flowers, :) tut got it wrong again :( us blokes just cant do nothin rite sometimes, i will make it up to you somehow !! :o hmmmmm got to think now, my eds hurtin !! hmmmm no cake - no drink - no flowers - what else could a Lady want ????, chocs ?? noooo, makeup ?? noooo, a new car :o cough cough definitely not, will have to think harder now, gosh it urts :o :o


Thought I'd break out the chocs and flop in front of the tv a bit earlier. Couldn't believe it - it's blooming sunny in London again!! Makes it doubly depressing. :(

Popped out to the shops earlier - absolutely mad over there :P (people have no imagination about what to do when it's raining ;-) and thought I might make a cake when I got back. Only trouble with that is that I would then have to eat it and I really must try to cut back a little bit now! :o


Hey Andi, just calm down a bit gal, please please :)

I really envy you for living so close to the coast, i would luv to live their myself, but will never happen :(

If you want to break out the chocs !! then do so gal, anything but you know what!!!!

Luv ya gal, and will help you any way i can, i think that you know that :) :)


I would help you eat it, :P :P yum yum


Hi everyone, bit late back on site stupid pc just blanks me off when i have typed a post. Hey andi I think Pete is hacking into our pcs so we dont talk about him , what do you think? tee hee. :D

Anyway Pete, favourite eats at the moment are vanilla slices. :)

Lisa - jane, I am so glad I havent got my kids at home, I know exactly what your going through.

Pete I am going to try and find a rhyme someone sent me the other day on face book. Its about mums. Hope you like it. i`m off to find it now. xx


At 6yrs mummy I love you,

At 10yrs mom ,whatever,

At 16yrs mum is so annoying,

At 18yrs I wanna leave this house,

At 25yrs Mum you were right,

At 30yrs I wanna go to mums house,

At 50yrs I dont want to lose my mum,

At 75yrs I would give anything to be with my mum again


Share this post with your friends if you appreciate your mum, wether she is still with you or not.


Jillygirl, just super gal just super


Well it finally stopped raining a little while ago and I was considering going out for my run. Chickened out again - decided it was too cold and too close to my dinner time! :o Dinner won out! Was about to post then computer crashed. Grrr! :P

Now retired to catch up with the Tour de France with pistachios, yoghurt and fruit. (May have to finish with more chocs if still hungry) :D :D


Well andi we had sun most of today but its thunder storms now. Enjoy tv my hubby watching tour de france. I am going to join him . Got myself a tube of fruit pastilles.

Pete love , give your mum a cuddle from me. xx

Lisa- jane Hope you manage your sleep in tomorrow. take care.

See you super people tomorrow. Night god bless. :)



you take it easy on your hubby, do you hear me !! :) cus his a goodn, and you and Andi know that us blokes were put on this earth for one reason, and one reason only, --so you Ladies have got someone to NAG at :D :D

I love you all to bits :) and you know i do :)

I know this sh-- weather is getting us all down :( but look on the bright side of it, it cant get any worse!! can it ?? erm erm can it???? no of coarse not cus we all know that we wont get any snow untill august !!!!

Just thought i would cheer you up a bit Ladies :D :D


Well guess what? It's raining again!! :o At this rate perhaps we'll be getting our skis out for the Olympics!! :D :D

Jilly's gone off and I don't think I'll be far behind so I'll say nite nite to you all and sleep well.

See you in the morning. :)



I hope that you have agood nights sleep gal, you just have a dream about your hols :) :) eh which will soon be here :) :)

Good night gal, and you sleep well as well as well as well as well, oooooh forget it, cus i'm kn----- erm going to bed myself , sees you in the morning :) :)

Pete :)


did someone say chocolate!!

well finally I was able to let dogs take me for a walk !!, rain held off for long enough!! I still have the tiny one to walk as I cant take them out with the bigger ones during the day as he has an attitude problem with other dogs!!

Pete ...if my daughter heard you say that she would reply "Grrrr... come on thats an old woman in the photo!!

jilly.. it seems a never ending battle with late nights and attitudes!! i am defo hearing the "im leaving home" one.. i always remind him he better take his dogs and his snake too!!

well im hoping for a peaceful house with everyone out tonight so i am going to quickly walk the "lil rat" as my family call him then settle in front of the tv for casualty.... and it better be on tonight otherwise i shall start wanting a discount on my tv licence... i only watch 2 hours of tv a week and thats holby and casualty and I am fed up of them cancelling them for football,tennis,cricket,snooker or what ever other reason they decide!!! .....and breath....


You are magic gal :) :) just ace, and luv ya, good nite Lisa :) :)


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